Pictures by James Chardon

AFTER THE SUMMER, THE COLD I must admit that so far, or more precisely as far as Paris fashion week goes, this has been definitely one of my favourite oufits ever… I know that it’s something very different, and at first sight doesn’t really look like something I would wear. But believe it or now, I would totally wear this look again and again and again. There’s just something about it that I am completely obsessed with, it’s simplicity maybe? It’s afterall a very classic, timeless and strict look. But this mix of print, the bold Wanda Nylon skirt from, the classic Hermès Kelly and collier de chien on the wrist, these perfectly minimalistic heels… And what about the hair? Well a lot of you guys wrote me on Instagram ”bleeuuuaa hate the hair!!” while I have been litterally obsessed with this style! No joke I could do it every single day. First of all, not that I am super influenced by the wet hair look (okay I totally am, I love it!!) but honestly now that I have bangs it’s so nice to have a clear face with nothing in the way. Somedays, I totally see the world cut in two… Which believe me isn’t that comfortable. I love my bangs, but gosh do they grow out fast. I have to cut them every week. So as you can see bellow, this hair style has also been adopted on the Elie Saab runway show (which by the way was absolutely stunning!). I dare you guys to try it, take your hairspray and brush your hair back while spraying tons of product!

And this time, I’ve also done a much darker make-up, darker eyes, darker brows, higher cheeckbones and nude lips. I think it looks so different and interesting! I love experimenting and trying new things out. Like I already said, that’s what fashion is about for me. It’s about re-inventing yourself, your style, every single day. So yes this look is most definitely ”me” and the state of mind I was in that day. I felt like it matched so well with Paris and the elegance of the city. Plus : the cold is yet among us again. The sky got gray hues, and the trees are geeting orangy/red which is so beautiful. The month of October has always been a pretty exciting one for me as I am celebrating my birthday on the 28th. This year, I will be celebrating my 20 years old, which is a really big deal from what I’ve heard (it’s freaking me out, completely…). It’s so funny how you guys reacted on social media when I said that I’ll turn 20 in October, most of you might not know my age and supposed I was older. Well guys, I believe it’s the make-up and the clothes! Because underneath the liner, I am just a little excited clam goofing around the whole day (you can just ask James, he’ll tell you all about it!). No actually, I am a real little old lady in the brain… Really boring stuff. So I am kind of thinking about plans for the celebration and absolutely don’t have a clue of what to do! Hopefully will come up with a plan by the end of the week. Meanwhile guys, enjoy the images!!

COAT : Mango
SHIRT : Zara
BAG : Hermès
RING : Vita Fede
SKIRT : Wanda Nylon


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Classy and stylish look. Esp. love the skirt :)


xx Mira

Very elegant! Really nice coat you are wearing!

Feminine chic dear, awesome hair with this plaid outfit. And excellent pairing with the patent skirt to make this outfit pop.

you looked super chic!

Love the outfit! It’s so elegant and classic yet it has a modern twist because of the skirt.

That trench is absolutely gorgeous! You look gorgeous! Great collection!

J’adore ! Très classe! et en plus la jupe s’appel comme moi !! :)
bisous bonne continuation et au plaisir de te revoir…

Super gorgeous, love the mash-up of different checks! You look fab. The only thing that’s not quite my thing is the pairing of sandals and a coat. Why? How? When? This kind of weather never happens around here and as far as I know, we live in the sam climate zone ;)


20? really? your look is so grown up. it would be so nice to see the 20 year old girl..

Amazing outfit! Love the prints together and the heels are simply perfect!

wow, so beauty <3

I absolutely love this look on you and actually it really portrays your personal style in my opinion! PS: I love the fact that we are the same age, also I love that you are a Scorpio <3 they rule!


J’adore la jupe vernie avec l’imprimé pied-de-poule! Joli mélange!

So elegant, love your skirt !

Love from Paris

Dear Kristina, again a lovely post and a great look! Funny enough, I think this look will look even better on you in 10 years when you turn 30 (which I am doing in a month, so tell me about freaking out!). I love your (and James’) work and can only say that I find it incredibly rare to see such ambition and passion in a girl (or young woman, I should say ;)). I know it’s not easy all the time, especially when you feel you need to do this and that, because of this and that… but it’s all part of learning for life and getting to know yourself better over time. And you, my dear, are on a great way! Best wishes!

Love the kind of photo you post of all the photographers around you!! :)


Lovely outfit! Your bag and bracelet compliment it really well.

You dress very elegantly, I myself got a snap of one of your outfits in Milan, always looking very chic!

Stunning outfit! You look so elegant and classy and it suits you!

you look incredible! and that IS an incredible outfit!


Beautiful inspiration.Your look is very nice, elegant. Great day.

I really love that look you look absoulutely fabulous!!

xx Nicola

love everything as usual, just the eyebrows are a little too dark :)


A saia é magnifica! =)

Awesome and Congratulations! amazing style as always :)

you make monochrome beautiful

Wow, I’m absolutely head over heels in love with that hairdo (and the look too obviously). It’s like you always have great ideas!! Wish my hair were longer tough so I could do the same… but it looks amazing on you!

Sandrine xx

wow! this look is so gorgeous!!!

Gorgeous outfit and love your hairstyle.
xo, Petra

Beautiful shooting! This outfit looks great on you :)
I love your bag and your Hermes bracelet!

You are simply stunning!

With love,
My Fantabulous World

Loved the skirt, and I think the hair and makeup went great with the whole look. It’s nice to try something completely different from time to time.

Such a beautiful post!


mmmm, nice mix different checkered .


This look is really elegant! You look fantastic!!! The coat and the skirt are gorgeous!

I really like this look on you. The darker make-up just works for you. Enjoy your birthday!! Welcome to your 20s :-) Do something fun!

The Flair Society

Love it! So chic and girly! Your make up looks awesome!

what a stunning bag! and i’m loving your sleeked back hair! so fierce

beautiful show! love the outfit but love your hair more naturally styled!
kw ladies in navy

You may want to lighten the eye area in your photos. Otherwise, perfect. :)

So chic and so cute.

love it! your makeup and hairstyle looks great!!!

x Sophia

I really, really love the outfit!!! You look gorgeous! :)


perfect as always, this look is exactly the one for begginning this Autumn


You could call this Halfred Hichcock movies style…:)

I love the print, it looks so beautiful! x


Always classy and elegant ♥ human doll !

Really love this outfit and these awesome photos! You look great :)

Why are so pretty?! :D Besides that, absolutely in love with the outfit! The pictures from the show are great too. :)

Ru|Glitter & Blush

Amazing! You look so different with those bold eyebrows, but I love it!

I don’t like your eyebrows and your hair here honestly but you are beautiful anyway

Your skin is so magic! Do you do your own makeup?

You look so strong & beautiful! I love this look, especially on you!

Kirsten x

loving the whole clerk-like looking outfit! … and your hair are just speechless, nice!

Really liked the way you mixed the patterns! Amazing makeup! Great pictures =)

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I just discovered your website, I’m obsessed now, and thought you were like 16. I understand that your style, which is absolutely fabulous, is for a much older woman, but I can totally see your baby face. Congrats!!

Today’s makeup looks kind of too dramatic to me, but you still look gorgeous.
Love your bag and skirt.
I just started following you.

Really chic look <3 but I think you went a Little bit too far with the bold brows.


love your style! Its so classy yet different!
You also look like a doll!, so pretty!!


amazing look, love the skirt.


I really love your outfit, make-up and hair!
But don’t you use styling gel for your hair? Only hair spray?
And I would love to know how you do your eyebrows.
I have very similar hair colour and complexion and also want to do my brows a little darker :)

I think it’s incredibly admirable how well you take criticism. Some bloggers seem to get very offended, but you always stay true to your opinions and reply in such a classy way. Love the outfit too btw!

The skirt looks amazing, though, I could never pull that off :D You look interesting, I don’t mind the hair at all, it’s fun to see you re-inventing yourself :)

I really love your hair!! Perfect contrasts the gorgeous outfit. xo Hanneke

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You look like a doll. This collection of Elie Saab is amazing as always.

je suis assez partagée pour ma part, je te préfère vraiment avec ta frange et cheveux lâcher simplement mais je dois avouer que tu as raison cela te changes et cela te donnes une autre personalité que je trouve très intéressante.

The makeup is divine!

Have a great day!
♥ Oksana {new post >> September favorites}

The mix of black and white prints looks very sophisticated!! And I’m loving the smoky eye and dark brow!

As you say, it’s a nice style and it’s nice to try another one, I prefer you more natural but, it’s good to prove!

beautiful makeup!

Gorgeous photos! I love the skirt :)

Lovely outfit, looking classy and elegant!

xoxo, Diana

you are amazing ! Never thought that u were so young !

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