SEEK THE BEAUTY After an intensive fashion month, I’ve decided to summarize everything up in this Instagoodies post with some of my favourite pictures! Honestly, being able to travel so much in such a short amount of time was intense but so much fun. I am so happy to have my phone and camera always with me to document all this, I am sure all these things are going to be so fun to remember in a couple of years. We’ve lived some amazing experience and met so many cool people, which I think is definitely the best part out of all this. Also I got the chance to meet some of you guys outside the shows, which were also such memorable moments! 

As you know, social media has always been super important for me and directly linked with the content here on Kayture. Instagram (@kristina_bazan or if you want to follow my partner in crime @jameschardon) has for sure become like my second life diary and it’s so much fun to go on the quest of the perfect picture. Like the one above : it’s indeed a shot that I’ve taked with my Iphone, and not even the last one as I still have the 4S. And guess what, it’s become one of my all time favourite shot as it reminds me of this golden light on a parisian afternoon. It’s incredible how a spontaneous moment, captured on film, or phone can be so impactfull and beautiful as it is. Of course, then you can set things up a little but I love how Instagram gets me a little creative everyday of my life and pushes me to seek for inspiring elements all around me on a constant basis! So hold on for a second, and look around. Spot the beauty around you and take a picture! Have a lovely week-end guys x.

One of my favourite restaurants in Paris, Ralph Lauren’s famous ”Ralph’s” which has the most adorable little interior garden and interior itself : imagine dark wood, old school paintings and the best traditional menu ever with… wait for it… delicious burgers. You can even go for a chicked steak, tuna steak or beef if you like it classic. I personally always go with the chicked and absolutely love it. And the best part is that at the end of the meal you get caramel popcorn with your coffee, yum! A great way to indulge after a super strict fashion month.
Had a great night with these girls, Eleonora and Veronica, after a lovely dinner at Kong in Paris. Italians are the best!!
The traditional trouristical stop at the Trocadéro for a little fun! And to get that Instagram-worthy shot of course, d’uh.
The Chanel SS14 show was super colourfull with amazing artsy inspiration behind. The materials were flowy and very fresh, I would definitely see myself wearing these amazing prints. It was my first time attending a Chanel show, so it was definitely a really memorable moment for me, and super exciting one all above.
At the ”Beauty In Wonderland” event organized by P&G prestige and Vogue. Super happy to be wearing this amazing dress by Peggy Hartanto.
While in Paris, a little stop at Ladurée for lunch is essential! And these macarons with tea were the perfect way to cool down in the middle of a super busy fashion week day.
Found this picture of my love and I at the Louis Vuitton event in Paris. Such amazing memories from this month that I’ll always remember. I have the best man ever!!
After years of obsession, I finally decided to get my all time favourite dream bag from Chanel at Rue Cambon in Paris as an early birthday gift (I’ll be celebrating my twenties this month!!). I didn’t want the boy or any other “more special” version because I wanted a timeless bag, a symbol of elegance and which would represent the end of my “teen” years (can’t even believe it)! I can’t be more happy, thankfull and excited
The second look we shot for our new exciting high jewerly project with Louis Vuitton. Thanks to the hotel Fouquet’s Barrière for letting us use this amazing suite, it was the perfect scenenary for the shooting.
 Can’t believe what my travel bags looked like for a Milan-Paris for 6 hours train ride! Hermès Kelly and Valentino rockstud from Runin2. Talking about a spoiled little brat… (niahaha)
Little pleasure that James and I shared before Paris fashion week kicked off. Pierre Hermé macarons are even better than Ladurée in my opinion, so de-li-cious.
After buying the timeless! So SO excited.
Cooling down and being all smiles for some new projects and the end of the fashion month.
The third look that we shot for the Open Magazine editorial at the Fouquet’s Barrière, all Dior!
At the Bulgari hotel event, wearing this amazing black dress and feeling all chic for a night!
With beauty Dakota Fanning at Louis Vuitton’s Sofia Coppola event.
Travelling “light”! As always… as always
A new home away from home for us! Huge thanks to the hotel Fouquet’s Barrière for welcoming us in one of their wonderfull rooms during Paris Fashion week. Still can’t believe all those gifts!


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Had so much fun with this little Instagram travel trip! Wow the Chanel bag is a dream indeed!


xx Mira

love your insta :*

Love your instagram! Always amazing pictures!


All these pictures are so cool!! I particularly love all the food pictures :D
You are the proof that an iPhone can takes very beautiful pictures ;)
Good choice for the Chanel bag, perfect for you :)

Holy moly! Those were some gifts! haha, you two are AWESOME. Such a big insporation-source for someone struggling with what to do in live (points at myself)

These pics are so awesome! So fun to see!

it looks like an amazing month!


To be thin is of great advantage, a lot dresses are all fitable. the dress showed in your post is very hot.

Amazing photos! You are an inspiration for me

The first picture is simply amazing! Awh, I love all those macarons :3 Mina ♥
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Love each of these photos…but first one is I think my favorite! :)

Beautiful photo’s & post, you are such an inspiration to me!

Kirsten x

lovin’ every pic! the first one especially

Those Gucci sunglasses look insane!


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All thoses brands bags are crazy, so jealous <3


Amazing photos! The first one is a masterpiece!

You have chosen my favorite bag ever! 2.55 is the best!

Wow Kristina I loveeeed the shot of your jewerly by Louis Vuitton and the shot of the Open Magazing is amaaaaazzzzing! And your look for the Bulgari event was so cool, I love the tone of your hair.

Love your photos, you meet so many amazing pictures! x


all amazing photos, loved the sunnies from Gucci!

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Love your photos…they’re really pretty! :)

Layla xx

I love your photos! Espeacially the first one!

Wow, veeeerynice pics and you look still peeerfect.

gorgeous impressions! i love the chanel bag! =)

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Such a glamorous instagram, so jealous of your chanel bag!

Oh god girl, you are living the dream! I so knew you bought that timeless bag when I saw the “oops I did it again” picture :) You deserve it <3


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Such amazing pictures! Have a great weekend! =D

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Thanks! xx

J’aime beaucoup te suivre sur Instagram, j’aime les photos que tu postes et c’est sympa de nous faire découvrir pleins de choses ! :)

wow! amazing shots!

It is definitly an incredible evolution of technology that lets us being with you in every moment, in every second of your life, around the world. Isn’t amazing we can follow your steps day by day just being in front of our computers? We can be deeply connect with others, knowing their dreams, their adventures just making one click, that’s is pure globalization.

I want to thank you for giving us the chance to be right next to you in some of your more important moments in life. Thanks for letting us take part through these years, because we not only have been able to see your journey but to know you as a real person with fears and dreams. Thanks again for that :)

PD: I just need to know where did you buy that beautiful kinda green top, that you’re using in a photo with a black skirt, with those lovely valentino shoes (I think).

Awesome pictures! I definitely also want to own a classic Chanel bag some day! :)

great instas! wow lucky you with those gifts ;) and i am also one day going to get that classic chanel handbag! Its a staple for every fashionista ;)

Hayley xx stuff on the bed! =D

the photos are so pretty!♥ you look gorgeous!:)

I want to be you. You’re so.. perfect! Your beautiful face and your perfect taste for clothes!
Gros bisous de Belgique!

I love instagram. it´s more personal!

The 1st shot is lovely….and the last shot is every girl’s dream come true!

So much great pictures, so much good memories… :)
The first one is my favorite!
Have a nice week Kristina. ;)

SO cute and fun!

Love the pics. Look like you had fun. Love the picture with the gold Gucci shades and the tower in the back. Great pic from

All the photos are so fashionable and memorable at the same time!!
Nice job, I’m so happy for you!

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What a great idea to have a summary in pictures! And totally jealous of your Hermes and Valentino purses!

love the photos :) you have such an amazing life <3

Amazing pics! You are great ^^

looks like you had a great time

so bright and colourful!
you are perfect! ♥

Will be glad to see you on my little blog :)

Very nice diary, love the first shot! xo Hanneke

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Wow, amazing pictures! the photo with Dakota Fanning is so great! <3 i love instagram :)

You are my inspiration! Thanks for that!

echt tolle insta bilder !

very nice pics <3

Lovely pictures, you are so lucky :)

have been loving following your instagrams! those macaroons look tasty and love the sunglasses looking at paris photo! xx. gigi.

The first picture is insane!! Love it xx

Love your photo …

Lovely photos!!! What did you get from Dior??!!??

xoxo, Diana

Lovely pics:)
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Kristina you lucky lucky girl! So many fab gifts! I’m soooooooooooooooo jealous ;) kisses

This might sound weird but i love to wait for your posts, it is actually better when you don’t post regularly! (me being really weird, haha) but it makes me want more and get excited for the upcoming pictures and content! And ah, Instagram, adore to follow you there and get curious for what’s next and your looks :) Big <3 for Kayture!

Super ce post *.* j’envie tous tes beaux achats :-)
Gros bisous !

I’m so glad you’re having much success. It is the power of a strong girl!!! Kisses ^.^

What a magical life you live… And to share it with your love makes it all the better!

All those beautiful pictures, WOW! Those moments will be forever, enjoy!

Kristina recently posted.. Lipsticks.

lucky girl..I wish I would be able to travel so much as you…;)



that bag pieces are adorable and timeless

I’m always in love with your insta-pics <3 Seems you had an amazing time in Paris!

Lovely pics, love the black dress!

Love from Amsterdam!


I love eiffel tower, and this article has lots of great picture <3
You are such a beauty blogger and fashion-lover, I knew it from the way you write this blog and the way you appreciate every little things you have..
Best wishes for you..

I really admire your blog! you’re such an inspiring person. I always wanted to start a blog but i don’t have the guts haha and besides that the competition there is huge.
Whats it like when you attend to some shows or festivals? the fashion industry is quite snobby i think, right? how do you deal with it?
and whats your shoe size? (haha i know this question is stupid, but im always wondering what the shoe sizes of others are, so that i dont feel like im such a big foot (41) :( )
greetings and love from germany <3

I love all your posts, plus the fact that you’re representing MANGO..

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Keep in touch,best wish for you.

Surprisingly, you can find stuffs that people often do not look at, or even overlook to do while submitting a job program.

Oh my god. You met Dakota?! That’s sooo great!

And the Burger at Ralph’s looks so delicious!

Sina from

This looks divine,

with love from Elise.