THE SATURDAY UPDATE Since I haven’t been very active on the blogosphere this week, I thought that I might as well catch up on some pictures that I haven’t posted yet from fashion week! I mean, that’s the least I can do right? Time really flies doesn’t it, I honestly can’t believe that it has been alrady several days since I got back from Paris. However, only now I can feel the pressure disappear as we had so much work to finish when we got back home from fashion month. It’s like for a total of 30 days, you have to pause everything you’ve been doing to concentrate on the shows and on running from one place to another. Your, e-mails, bills, friends, family all of that can wait! Even your sleep and hunger can. Fashion week is above all. So imagine us getting back home and opening the hundreds of e-mails (not that we haven’t checked them at all, but it was impossible to reply, if only to the very urgent and important ones). So we’ve spend this past week finishing up the planning of the upcoming project and are ready to take off to London next tuesday for a really cool shooting project I am really looking forward to tell you more about!

But since I got started on the fashion week subject, let’s at least finish the story. So why Chanel? The title must mean something right? Well it turns out that the day of the Chanel show, I had a very unfortunate adventure. James and I woke up early morning, 6am sharp. After checking out of the Fouquet’s Barrère we moved in our new short-stay parisian appartement thanks to Habitat Parisien, and so we enjoyed a cozy morning around a home made coffee and a parisian rooftop view. It was actually the first time that we didn’t stay in a hotel during a trip so it was quite an exciting experience! Habitat Parisien is this company that rents absolutely gorgeous appartements in Paris, well they have a very large range of locations so for your next trip to Paris make sure to check it out! It’s really an awesome deal. Our place was right next to Sonia Rykiel and 5 minutes away from Café Flore, talk about perfect! So here we are, getting ready to attend for the very first time a Chanel show, imagine the big deal for me! I mean… I am not a “fan” of the brand… okay? I live for Chanel (okay not literally but I feel like I needed to say that to make it sound more dramatic). Gabrielle Chanel has been an inspiration for me since so many years ever since I payed attention to the history of the brand. She is probably behind most my fashion choices and made me understand that elegance is timeless, that less is more and that classis is always good. She was such an incredible, inspiration and revolutionary personality that I even decided to do my senior year essay about her. Being able to attend the show was just pure magic! So you can imagine that I had planned my outfit days in advance of course. And you can also picture that the day of the show, 1 hour before heading out, I changed my mind… Which was a reaaally, really bad idea… So there we go! Drama circus. And of course once I finally got ready, there were no cabs left in all Paris. G-r-e-a-t. And Chanel has a reputation for never starting late. Total freak out. I think it was our lucky day since Karl Lagerfeld didn’t plan just a fashion show for this season, he also planned an incredible art exhibition with amazing art work entired thought and designed by him. So while the fashion crowd was discovering the master pieces, I was rushing to the Grand Palais in my 15cm high heels, dying completely and imagining myself missing the show. Finally…I MADE IT. I think it was my lucky day or something! The collection was so amazing, so colorfull, fresh, light and fun. Yes, it was fun!! And quite unexpected actually since black and white ensembles have been all over the runways. It’s great to see how Lagerfeld always manages to create statements and surprise everybody. The whole collection was really artsy and for a minute I thought “this time he’s going to come out a least with some colourfull gloves” but nope. Karl just sticks with the good old basics for his own personal looks. But we love him because of that, don’t we?


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lucky dear !!! this catwalk must be perfect !!! :-)

The Chanel collection looks fabulous as always!

xx Mira

Always love your posts!!
Looking forward to your new fqa Video ❤️❤️❤️

I love Chanel, I think is the most inspiring and creative fashion brand. The last fashion show was amazing, very original and , of course, very Chanel. I love your look for this event, you look very parisiene.

your look is so perfect!

xoxo from rome

Amazing photos & the collection is stunning as always. You can’t really expect less than perfect from Chanel.

The Fashann Monster

glad you made it afterall
beautiful appartment

A cool story :)
I’d love to recount a story like this , I’d love to go to fashion week!



Amazing photos !

I love your blog and photos.It is very cool :)

Your striped outift is amazing, I hope will see me more of it!

Loved the Chanel show!

wow! beautiful outfits!

Some lovely pics <3

That makes at least two who “live” for Chanel then! (I’m pretty sure there’s more of us out there though)


Amazing pictures of the Chanel show! You are so lucky!!
Your appartement during the Paris Fashion Week was so beautiful ! :)

What a journey! But I think Chanel is worth the drama. At least you got see the show in the end. Which makes your journey even more enjoyable.

awesome photos!
the chanel runway looks amazing

Lovely picture <3


Love the way you tell the stories, reading your blog is part of my morning routine!

Sandrine xx

loved this collection!


Amazing shoots!

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I am based in London and Los Angeles and my name is Teona Gabunia. Love handbags, adore black;)

I LOOOVE the whole collection! It’s something new and fresh!

I really like your outfit in that one picture. I would really love a little Chanel bag as well…

incredible pictures, Chanel is iconic!


Kristina, I just wanted to let you know that i LOVE the fact that you take the time to write such personal posts! I feel like a lot of bloggers who I used to admire when they first started blogging are losing their personalities and don’t even bother to write something more than what they wear and upload a couple of outfit pictures made ‘on the go’. So thanks for being so honest (and fun!) all the time and for being true to yourself, that’s the reason I keep coming here :)

Wow these photos are all so stunning!

Chanel show…wow… this should have been an amazing experience…Lucky You! :)

Great pictures! =D

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Absolutely loved this photo series of your Fashion Week experience. Chanel killed it once again – oh Karl! SO lucky you didn’t miss the show! It’s so hard to manage everything when you’re travelling, so I can definitely understand how busy you have been. Have fun in London!

So lucky to attend this show!

Bel endroit et le défilé Chanel était vraiment original.

Love your new bag!!

Chanel manages to amaze me every time!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Love your blog Kay but i think it’s getting way too turn for sales and getting “non affordable” if you know what i mean. Before you’re this awesome, gorgeous girl who wore total Zara with just a more expensive piece but now you’re expensive from head to toe and that doesn’t appeal to see your looks because now we can’t recreate them. Also, now everything is Shop the post, get the look…it’s everything about you should get this at and the link. And the advertising, it’s just too much. Anyway, love your and James work because your photography is terrific. Thanks and hope you get in consideration my personal opinion!

wow♥ the show looks amazing!:) and I just love your striped dress!

So lucky to have been to the chanel show!

Elegantesque Blog

I love your life so much!!!
give me only one day of yours!

Oh I wish I could make at least one Chanel purchase! Until then, I shall just dream about it!

Lovely post and you look beautiful!

Kirsten x

Love these pictures!! all!!!

I’m so pleased to see this kind of post by you, Kristina
you and James are the best team eveeeeeeeeeeeer!
♥ ♥ ♥

Chanel is chanel and I’m without word to house that you have in paris!!! In Italy the exactly word is “Figa”!!
do you follow me on facebook ( or instagram ( I follow on bloglovin yet!!

I always loved your pictures but this time they are even better!! Amazing!

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It will mean a lot for me!! Thank you for your support!!

The place is so beautiful and clean. Nice photos :)


what girl doesn’t love chanel?! great pics!

great post.

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