Pictures by James Chardon

A LITTLE POP OF COLOUR As some of you guys might have noticed, I have been taking the time these past couple of months to really put myself into the writing here on Kayture. While the blog has always been mainly about the photography content, I just felt like I wanted to share more with you guys and essentially bring you not only on a visual journey but also share with you a story, some thoughts, an adventure. And honestly? I l-o-v-e it!! It’s really therapeutic actually, you should try it if you haven’t already. Writing is so relaxing and interesting! I love how Kayture is growing, growing alongside with me actually, my interests and how they reflect on the blog is quite fascinating. It’s like I have a personal life track on the web that I can check anytime (is that creepy?). It’s also funny how my family can kind of ”stalk me” through my social media. During this Paris fashion week, I posted a selfie with a super serious face (I had a smokey and super edgy look on, the smiley face wasn’t appropriate if you know what I mean, selfie speaking you know) and so 3 minutes after posting the image, my mom wrote me a text asking me why I look so sad and if anything happened and if it did she wants to call me and how she’s worried and how I should take better care of myself! That was pretty amazing! And so if I posted an image of me smiling and all, that meant I was super duper happy and excited. Aahh, social media! You’re only as good as your last picture some say…

I have been dying to announce you guys that Kayture is currently under re-design. Yes! We are finally, after all this time, re-creating the whole design of the blog. And belive me : it’s going to be aw-some. I simply can’t wait to share it with you all so stay updated as we’ll be revealing, bit by bit some little details and news about it before it’s release! Kayture 2.0 here we go!! But for now, let’s have a little talk about the outfit of the day. Or should I say, the last outfit I wore to New York fashion week. I have been always really crazy about prints, and I find it quite difficult to find some good ones. When I saw these amazing top and trousers on Emeza from Cédric Charlier, I completely fell in love. Combined with some red lipstick and this adorable little Saint Laurent bag from Runin2, I was ready to go! Also big thanks to Piaget for letting me wear some of their gorgeous jewerly during the stay. I am in la-la-love!

TOP : Cédric Charlier via Emeza
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
LIPS : Dior Rouge


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Wow what an amazing matchy matchy look. I like writing too. Can’t wait to see the new Kayture!


xx Mira

I think you found the PERFECT place for shooting this outfit since the surrounding really makes it pop out! And girl, I couldn’t agree more on writing on posts – that’s one of the reasons I love your blog because you show your personality! There is no use in blogs that just show pictures because readers can’t know the story or inspiration behind it. That’s why I really don’t look at blogs that don’t write more than 2 sentences because it’s just not useful and in a blog I want to see more than a pretty face. Uh and you can be so cruel, haha – making us so excited for the new design :D I saw you telling about in somewhere in social media quite a while ago and since that I’ve been super excited about it! I’m sure it will be DEVINE :)


Your outfit looks really good! Thanks for inspiration!

Yesterday, I don¡t know why, I couldn’t wrote you a comment so.. I really loved your look!! And now this look is so cool, the combination is perfect, so colorful so new and different. I love everything!!! Those heels are so fancy and I need that handbag

this is amazing !! casual tee with pants in perfect print, gorgeous heels perfectly matched with gorgeous bag and your angel face! rock :-)

J’adore l’imprimé d el’ensemble, ça change!

As you said yourself in the post:
I love that you started writing a little more about what happens “around” those gorgeous pictures of you. Also, your style of writing is funny, there’s always at least one sentence that I have to laugh about. Keep it up!

totally adorable look. cant wait for kayture 2.0 website :)

Perfect , you are so beautyfull

Hi, I love your MakeUp! You are so amazing!


Hi! First of all, your outfit is awesome and you’re stunning <3
Second, I just wanted to say that your blog is my favorite fashion blog and I love that you’ve
started writing more stuff about your daily life.. You’re an amazing
person and you deserve the best of the best! Besides, your
adventures motivate me to get up and do stuff <3 You’re awesome <3

Oh my, Lincoln Center in the last pic <3 I miss it!
I know the thing about coming across sad/angry in social media etc, haha. I don’t know what people think of my personality or how it comes across in pictures, but I’m usually very stern in pictures and rather giggly and fidgety when it comes to real life (and a bit shy, but that passes pretty soon!)
I would love to write more – it helps so much to get across what kind of person you are and it helps with showing ‘fashion people’ don’t live in a bubble of clothes and luxury outside the real world…
I am very actively concerned with world politics, for example. And you would never even guess, based on my blog: All you get there is an attractive childlike woman wearing clothes. Haha. And that’s so what I am not.
Anyway – what I was basically trying to say was: I love that you write so much, even though I don’t always get the time to read it, sometimes I hang out around here and catch up on all your latest posts :) Keep up the good work, you’re on of the best out there!


Those jimmy choos…. heaven!

Gorgeous rich pattern contrasted with minimalist gold+white accessories. YESYESYES

That was interesting, very autumn-ish :D
so excited for Kayture 2.0 it’s gonna be amazing!

Wieder so ein toller Post von dir! :) Hübsch siehst du aus!!

Liebe Grüße,
Verena von

C’est vrai que c’est chouette que tu écrives plus! Ca me force à améliorer mon anglais haha. C’est pas plus mal!
Hahaha ta mère est trop mignonne! SI ma mère avait été à la place de la tienne elle aurait sûrement ameuter la gendarmerie hahaha mais ça va ta mère est moins impulsive!
Le sac est très très beau ..!
J’ai hâte de voir le nouveau design du blog, j’espère que ce ne sera pas pour y mettre plus de pubs (comme on a pu voir dans les modifs de design sur d’autres blogs et c’est affreux…)

You look so tall with these shoes!!!
Beautiful pictures as usual, your boyfriend is very talented! :)
Red lips look good on you!
Your hair are beautiful, which product do you use?!

Totally love it K!

Magnifique <3

Beautiful look! Can’t wait to see the new look of your blog!

I love your design and I hope the new one is not too different. but I am escited if you really share more but pictures with us

Love that print, is so cute! The sandals and the bag are amazing too!

love this look and love your bag! pretty! xx

Amazing post. Good job!


I love this look so much ! Prints just fit you so perfectly !

You are better than models !

Beautiful look. And I can’t wait to see what the new design of the blog will look like ;)


I agree with you. Ever since I started my own blog I noticed that when I write something new I feel so much better and all my troubles are gone. It is very helpful and just like you said therapeutic. :)

Oh yes…I love the suit. but the shoes….heaven


Oh I love your style so much ! Allways chic and fresh ! You are really cute and gorgeus girl !
I love this print and the all outfit ! Something really new!


Loved the prints in the outfit, I’d definitely wear it! :D
And I think it’s awesome that you share more about yourself and your fashion experiences on the blog, not every blogger has the talent of writing funny and interesting posts as you do. I can tell you I look forward to read your articles every day :)
*excited about Kayture 2.0*

Love that small clutch <3

I love this, that top is amazing.


Cet ensemble est vraiment beau, j’aime beaucoup l’imprimé et le gris.

wow! love your heels!

Oh God, that assemble is perfect! And those Jimmy Choos….


Loved the text, so funny!!! Beautiful as always!! :)


i think this is a bit too pajama for me! but so excited for the blog redesign
kw, ladies in navy

loving the combination of the print and your lip colour! gorge!

so beautiful! The print is amazing! And you look so good with red lips!


Gorgeous outfit! And seems to be so comfy as well!

Have a great day!
♥ Oksana {new post >> September favorites}

Something totally different! Really nice! x

i adore that bag!

The look is fab ! Love these shoes they are so freaking amazing !

You so inspiring person and I adore you street style looks, it will great to meet you in real life :)

Love this, that print is great!

Love the matchy matchy look!! And the red lips!

In general, I don’t like printed top + pants, but I have to say that this outfit is gorgeous. With the white purse and shoes, it’s perfect !
Maud :

Wow! This is amazing! Love every outfit you post! Such an inspiration!

Wow wow wow! Those shoes & those prints are beautiful!

Kirsten x

When I saw this article and saw Jimmy Choo heels I had in my head a title you wrote on stylight page: These Choo babies are too high! And I agree again and I still can!t believe how you can walk in them haha
I noticed you write much more now and I love it! Reading your blog is my little rutine at school about 10 a.m. I always read the post and then in the evening again. And it’s exactly what James said in the interview in Vancouver.. I read your blog because of you! Because Kayture is unique and that you really put heart to every word and James to every photo. Thank you for that because you make my day and I can picture myself in NY or whenever you are.
I can’t wait for Kayture 2.0. haha I like changes and although this still looks amazing I think that new design will be legen..wait for it..dary!!!
And this outfit is really nice! I love these heels of course but I really like the jewellry! I think this outfit is in details and these bracelets made a great job haha
With love
Anie Green :)

Si je devais qualifier ton look en un mot ?
Franchement, continue comme ça ;)

Beautiful!!! The heels are amazing.


Your makeup is perfect!! Love those heels too!

Please, check out my blog

Thanks! xx

wow! u look stunning!

What a beautiful style! :) Mina ♥
Visit my blog: The Style Fever :)

Your make up is perfect always!!!

Can’t wait for Kayture 2.0! I’m sure its gonna be amazing.


Loving all the print!!

xoxo, Diana

I really love how you’re writing more and more these days. Trust me, it’s more than the pictures. I honestly hate it when my favorite blogger don’t write about much how and when and why this blog post or this photo was possible. Idk about the others, but I really love it how you’re writing your thoughts, more than anything else, now.

Love you as always. xo

omg i really love this outfit. The top and trousers are so gorgeous and the print is amazing. The heels are sooo gorgeous aswell :)

Hayley xx

I love your stack of bracelets!

I like these pictures! Also, the outfit. The colors really popped =)
It’s definitely nice of your mom to do that. Family members are great. They give you all the support in the world and cared so much for you. You’re a blessed lady =)
I’m happy for you and to see how Kayture has grown and improved each day. Can’t wait to see your re-vamped blog.

so wonderful love you look xoxo

so beautyfull with white bag…
Jersey Grade Ori

Very sweet he story with your mom. :)

beautiful! so pretty!

You look soooooo stunning while wearing this outfit
It really suits on you!

Will be glad to see you on my little blog :)

You look gorgeous Kayture <3 I loooooove your style!

Cool! Your outfit really suits you.. I noticed you wear that bold pink lipstick.. Love it!

Fabulous! The only word for this outfit! xx

Great look, love the shoes!

xoxo Jessy
Kleidermaedchen Fashionblog

This outfit is amazing. I just found shoes similar to this, a killer strappy sandals rules.
xo Rachel

Major thanks for the blog article. Awesome.

Very neat article.Much thanks again. Really Great.