Pictures by James Chardon

THE COLD AFTER THE SUN After a long trip in India, coming back to Switzerland was most definitely a big change of atmosphere!!! When I woke up this morning, my balcony was literally covered in snow, such as all the rooftops and trees in front of my place. Honestly, it was such a stunning view, my heart just melted like a giant ice cream under the sun and the thing that popped on my mind right away was…….. I have to go bake some Christmas cookies for the whole family (oh and of course decorate them with glitters and colours and all these fun goodies, I already got my pinterest folder ready for some serious cookie-inspiration)!!!! Because that is just the thing that get in my head as soon as I see a single drop of snowflake. Oh my gosh… Christmas time is just the BEST. I love how in Switzerland we take it super seriously and already at the beginning of November all shops set their decorations and install the new window displays. It brings something truly magical to the city and leaves us almost 2 entire months to get ready for the actual celebration. Aaah… I love it. I won’t lie to you and say that I love snow and being all bundled up in sweaters and coats. Coming back to find this weather home was at first pretty dramatic especially since we got 4 days of pure hot summer in India. Imagine, bright sun the whole day, skirts and sunglasses as the only essentials… What more could I have asked for? Makes suitcase packing so much easier! Now that I am back I have to think layers… Gah. And a little hint, our next destinations are not going to be a lot warmer. So I’ll keep on exciting myself with the Christmassy idea of things otherwise I’ll drown in a terrible winter time depression and spend my days in bed with some hot tea, warm snuggly pyjamas and TV shows. Which woulnd’t really be a good thing…

As James and I got back in Geneva, we had so many things to do and actually had to rush directly from the airport to get our visas done for the next adventure. Then we hopped on a couple of meetings in town. My outfit was pretty simple that day but as we all know a little touch of leopard can make anything look more fun. But you know what else makes everything look better? Boots! My passion during cold days is to find the perfect pair of boots. It’s a whole quest. I’ve been raving over so many pairs and got a total crush finaly on these ones by one of my favourite brands Fabi (seriously what is better than some italian made goodness?), a brand that I’ve been talking to you about since the very beginning of Kayture. Indeed I had the chance to work with them since almost 2 years now and am such a big fan of their craftmanship. These particular booties are so iconic, modern and yet comfortable. I walked in them the whole day (and when I say walk, I mean it : train, metro, running from meetings to meetings… not sitting in a café kind of walking day) and never felt so comfy yet classy in a boot. If you ever run into me in town, please note that I rarely hang out without a high heel at my feet. I just feel like a good heel elevates you, your walk, your attitude. I feel like a different person and I love it. Those Fabi boots are just so sexy and chic at the same time, I absolutely fell in love with them and feel like wearing them for the rest of the season! What do you guys think? 

COAT : Zara
LEGGINGS & SWEATER : & Other Stories
BOOTS : Fabi
BAG : Gucci Bamboo
RINGS : Topshop
RING : Alimonada


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This look is very cute, I love this coat and the print is perfect, I need a coat like this. You face is so perfect, amazing make up and I want to know how do you take your fringe. Lovely handbag. Fancy heels

Amazing look. Love your leo coat and the heels are to die for.

xx Mira

I wanted that coat so badly buy it was sold and I couldn’t buy it. I couldn’t get over it because this coat is literally perfect and brings a life to every outfit! Simply stunning look xx

You are awesome, your boots are to die for!!
Amazing bag my lovely!


Adorable shots (lovely smile) and looovvveee those pointed boots and gorgeous coat ;)

fantastic look!

xoxo from rome

I love Christmas time too and I love also your beautiful coat!

The outfit is amazing and the shoes are a dream!

Àlex Burch

Very nice outfit, still love the ZARA coat!!

Oh my god, that jacket is so pretty! I would need that so badly in my closet… Too bad there’s no Zara in my town… :/

totally love the look! So simple and classy!

In love with the coat!!!! So pretty
Great pics


you´ve alreday snow. wow.
I love your coat and your shoes!


Hello! J’aime beaucoup & Other Stories et je voudrais acheter des habits de cette marque. Par contre, dans l’online shop je ne vois pas qu’ils livrent en Suisse. Tu arrives à te faire livrer en Suisse ou tu achètes quand tu es en voyage??? P.S. J’adore ton blog, et le fait que tu habites en Suisse, comme j’habite pas loind de Vevey, c’est assez drôle quand je vois des shootings à Montreux ou Lausanne….

You are a remarkably stylish young lady, I myself snapped you in a beautiful outfit in Milan during Fashion week, keep up the good style! I enjoyed your description of Switzerland and the snow, almost being able to imagine it during my last visit during 2012. You look stunning dear!

You look stunning in those pictures darling! I’m so in love with your Zara coat

Lovely outfit! It must have been such a shock to go from a hot country to a really cold one overnight! As usual can’t wait to see more :) brilliant pictures xx

As beautiful as always! Very nice photos.

OMG! You’re looking so beautiful hun! So sweet and chic! I absolutely felt in love with your boots, and the mix of the leopard coat with a black total look!


Lovely outfit!!! You look so pretty!!


You are so beautiful. Gosh I keep saying that haha. I love the coat btw and the pictures are beautiful too♥

Gorgeous, love the whole outfit !

Love from Paris

You look so good with this coat ! I also tried this coat on last year and I looked like a bag of potatoes hahaha!
Very nice classic bag xx

This is just amazing ! love you coat and shoes ! And I everytime admire your cool make-up !

Beautiful outfit. I really love your Fabi shoes and Gucci bag.

Beautiful like always! x Jana

That coat is just amazing! The shoes look so fab too…

Love the coat! Leopard print is one of my favorite!


beautiful pics as usual <3 your skin looks so perfect and these shoes are just amazing!!!

could u do another make up video? :D This look is stanning. ;)

Your coat! <3

Какие красивые фотографии :) мне нравится твой outfit!

Love the boots, this look is so elegant!

Sandrine x

Love the coats and boots!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Stunning outfit my dear. You look gorgeous in these amazing leopard coat and love these shoes.
Happy friday.
xo, Petra

PS: my blog turns 2 today and I celebrate that with a pretty outfit post + giveaway on

I seriously can’t get enough of your blog, you’re so pretty and the outfits you wear are so simple and chic! Keep it going and good luck with layering I’m having the same problem since it’s getting really cold in Portugal for some reason.

Amazing look! So classy! Great pictures!
Kisses from Germany, Tessa

love your coat!!
gorgeous outfit
you boots are definitely the perfect winter pair

Love, you’re cool. But you look tired. Worry about you.

Is that coat from the F/W 13 collection? It’s to die for!

Petite coucou de Sicile…great look…Artistic!

What I must do with my eyebrows to make they perfect?

omg you re so cute in these pics! very nice!! And I really like your coat perfect match!

el y ella fashion

el y ella fashion facebook page

really very nice to see u its very impressive!!

I love your shoes and your blazer, you’re always the top!
See my last post on my blog :)

Chiara from Vogue at Breakfast

Thank you so much for an inspiration that you’re giving! It’s totally priceless!

So pretty lovely photos just love the bag!

this post is seriously so beautiful! i am obsessed with your gorgeous coat and your amazingly beautiful eyes

That coat is totally gorgeous! It really adds a more interesting touch to every outfit, and it looks amazing on a total black outfit! Those booties are also fantastic!

Love the leopard printed coat so much and it looks great with the Gucci bamboo! look have such a beautiful glow! And those boots are amazing!!

What a great look! The leopard coat is so pretty on you! I finf leopard really hard to wear, but you really rock this look.

X Sara

This Gucci-Bag is so pretty!

Ces photos sont vraiment très belles, j’adore. Le manteau te va à merveille et tu es vraiment très belles sur ces clichés ! Fan !

It’s always great to be back home. Enjoy the weather and snow! I can only wish I’ve some here =)

It totally distorts your foot,,

My favorite outfit of yours so far. The leopard print coat and boots are gorgeous! You look fantastic!

Love this outfit…cheetah is my go to animal print…cute! RoRo’s World

You look absolutely fabulous in animal print (:

love the bag!:) beautiful look!♥

AMAZING outfit, honestly, it’s insane! You are very beautiful and so is your smile on the 13rd picture! But some of the photos are a bit over-photoshopped, and i would love to see a post with less make up, just a bb cream, blush and mascara, for example. I’m sure you would look as well as in these!

Lovely pictures! Such an amazing outfit, I love leopard print! Also, your makeup is very pretty, I think you should do a tutorial of this makeup on youtube, I’d love to watch it! =D
Have a great weekend!!


Très jolie ! J’aime beaucoup la veste.

I have been following your blog for a while now and I must say that you look very sweet and cute when you smile… Maybe you should do it more often!! Just an advice ;)
Congratulations on your work.
Greetings from Bolivia.

Amazing photography, you look like a black swan! Love it when you pull back your hair!

Oceanwind Blog

I love your coat :)

Svetlana from Lavender Star

Très chic cette tenue :-) J’aime tout, tu es élégante, toute jolie, j’espère que tu n’as pas trop froid ^^’


You look so damn good in these shots! And I admire your for having stunning pics when the weather is so bad! We never manage to get decent pics these days and it’s kind of lame by now…
And I love that you chose black socks instead of nude or none – they’re that tiny little something that round off the outfit!

xo Sabrina

The boots look awesome, but I seriously cannot walk in them all day, you rock Kristina, Love the coat too :)

love the coat! the photos are amazing :D

My blog –

You look absolutely amazing!
P.S. Love photos! James is great photografer!

Perfect example that you can look good even on the icy cold weather :)

I am obsessed with absolutely every element of this outfit!!! I need all of it !!! :P

Cute outfit! Can you link me your pinteres account? Would love to follow :)))

wow, I just love the coat and the rings so much!
They are so pretty!

So photogenic! Love those patent ankle boots. So beautiful x

So beautiful
Love the outfit!!


Не перестаю восхищаться твоей красотой и обаянием! Отличный образ! Чудесные фотографии!

Great look!
Beautiful pictures!

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Wauw I love this outfit! You are really pretty, like your style.
We started following you on bloglovin, give us some love back?!

Lovely greetings, Sylvie from make me up pretty

Suchn a beautiful look, the coats and shoes are perfect xx

Amazing pictures! You are wonderful here, I love what you are wearing here, the coat is beautiful, I have a big crush for it! This type of make-up suits you so much! Plus the boots are very original!

you´re looking amazing. great pictures. great look. i really enjoyed this post ;)
groetjes ★
vreeni from freak in you

wow are you using a new lens?

wow!!! you look so gorgeous!! love everything in your look!

Not crazy about the boots, but love everything else! :) Have a nice weekend.


Beautiful, my ideal fall outfit! I always get so jealous looking at your nice clothing! I can’t afford such wonderful things. My favourite thing about your blog is how you dress for the weather, unlike other blogs that post Summery things in mid-winter!

Gorgeous outfit, love it Kristina!

Beautiful as always. Nice picture :)

Безумно красивый наряд, а обувь потрясающая, я просто влюбилась в нее.

great post. beeeeautiful makeup!!!!!

Those boots are amazing! I love this :)


You’re right: Christmas is one of the best thing in the whole year :)
I love the look, especially your sweater!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Stunning! :) Very beautiful pics :)

Radka from

You are so breathtakingly beautiful! I can never fault your style either, always so perfect!

Kirsten x

You bought that coat a long time ago?? I LOVE it!!

love this look its amazing! The jacket is amazing! the boots are super cool as well!

Hayley xx

Such beautiful shoes! Such texture and detail really make this look pop, aside from this fantastic leopard print coat. Great photos, per usual!

Awww, your smile is so gorgeous, that’s when I’m melting away!

Kristina please, smile more! :)

What bronzer are you using?! :O

it looks sooo good on you!

i like all of them.. gorgeous

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i like your blog and your job.. thanks. the style is good.