Pictures by James Chardon

INDIAN SUMMER IN THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER? And our super duper puper cool adventure in Mumbai goes on as I am really happy to share with you all the pictures of our second day in India! I have to say, our trip was definitely way too short (we stayed only 3 full days in the city, which is clearly not enough knowing AAALL the amazing things to do there, unfortunately we couldn’t extend our stay since a new trip is following up right away and we still needed to hop on a couple of meetings in Geneva) and there were still so many places we wanted to go to and especially… So many foods I wanted to try! Unfortunately I didn’t even had time to buy a proper sari but I managed to get some local beauty products like some organic body oil and soap that I felt so happy to bring back home. Now, from some of your comments I wanted to make my approach to this trip perfectly clear. James and I came to India without knowing what to expect if only listen to what other people could say, what documentaries, press and movies spoke about. So we had already a preconceived image of what was waiting for us at our arrival. In fact, we wanted to take another road that the one we’ve heard of and instead of that, bring emotion and sensibility to the content by showing you all the gorgeous things the country has to offer, the colours, the life, the beauty and above all the impactfull and oh so extraordinary human energy which is so special in Mumbai and hard to find in other big cities… I found India so rich, and I am not talking about the money that people have in their pockets, I am talking in terms of culture, in terms of heritage and especially in their values. I’ve rarely seen such humility yet generosity at the same time. Not to mention that their art and craftmanship is quite insane if you want to know my opinion! So yes, I am approaching this adventure in a super positive way, and instead of talking with you about the economical crisis going on, the social gaps and other issues that already so many people manage to document and point out so clearly, I want to show the beauty in the most simple moments that we had the huge chance to live in India and how much it affected both James and myself even if it was for a couple of days. No matter what, I still wanted to dress up, wear colours, enjoy the city while wearing some Cavalli sunnies as well, just because that’s how I am (I am a fashion blogger afterall) and I point out that Indian woman have some serious style!! I am super sensible to these kind of things and definitely payed attention to local fashion influences and clothing habits. 

At first, I was quite surprised to see how many women wore saris as an everyday look. I always thought that it would be their local traditional outfit for weddings, special ceremonies and thing like that. But I never considered that it could be as present in city life. And I found it actually so special and impressiv to see how close they stick to their roots and traditions, truly fascinating! Of course, when we went to shops and cafés, we also saw some girls wearing jeans and tops but still this mix of traditional wear and modern clothing was so surprising and interesting. Some of you said that it wasn’t appropriate for me to wear designer garments while in Mumbai. Well I can tell you one thing, as I was walking in the streets (and of course we didn’t have time to go as far as the real slums but we exlpored quite a bit of the sounth of Mumbai as well as the center) I didn’t feel at all stared at, or being “disrespectfull” with my little fluo purse. The thing is that, sometimes I hate to dress up when I am in Switzerland because I know how conservative people can get even thought it’s a super wealthy country. In India, I saw all these colours in the streets, women wearing tons of jewerly, khol on their eyes, who had super long braids or simply curles. They looked amazing!!! And I got some absolutely adorable comments from some of them regarding my outfit (that htey loooved) which made me smile like a real happy clam!

I won’t hide it to you and say that I wasn’t affected by the poverty in the streets, that it didn’t strike me and that it didn’t make me think… It most definitely did. I mean, how can this be fair? But I stopped for a second and thought : I am tired of hearing all these pitiful speeches about how terrible things are and so on. I think we’ve hear enough of all this. And I am not saying that we should just close our eyes on all the issues. No. What I truly deeply think, is that a positive approach on things can change everything. Really everything. From how you’ll perceive your journey to how you affect people on your path. And even though yes, I had the opportunity to stay in a nice and clean hotel, I didn’t close my eyes on what was going on next door. Because it is like that in Mumbai, you’ll be in a 5 star hotel and a couple of metres away you’ll have children sleeping in the floor and their mother begging for money. And so far that’s how things go and it would be so great to see it all change for the best and solve this problem. As far as my journey went on, my goal was to explore all things beautiful and get inspired while inspiring you guys as well through all these pictes we brought back! As you know, we were in the city with Love Gold. Thanks to their awesome team we spend the day meeting talented jewerly designers and I got to see some fantastic high carat golden jewels that I was completely mesmerized by. After discovering Amrapali, Azva 7 Vows, I had the opportunity to try some pieces from Gehna and Tanishq. The pieces were all so crazy beautiful and I must say that I kind of wanted to bring them all back with me in my suitcase! I love the extravagance of certain pieces and how in India, when you ask them to show you some of their jewerly, they won’t just give you a ring, one necklace and two tiny bracelets. They’ll give you 10 of each! It is all about abundance (something I’ve noticed in their food as well,  gosh all these yummy currys!!). A gigantic thanks to Love Gold again for allowing us to live such a unique experience!!

BAG : Tory Burch
SHOES : Even & Odd
NECKLACE : Lionette
SUNNIES : Roberto Cavalli


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wooow amazing pics babe!!! You are such a beauty :) (Breuninger)
Have a great time!

Wow, you look gorgeous Kay! I love your bag and sunglasses so so much! And that jewellery.. Like a princess! Every single photo is beautiful and so interesting! Xx

These photos are really amazing. Your look is perfect to visit the city, I love the bag is very green.

stunning !!! this place must be so awesome :-)

You look adorable. Love the stunning jewelry.

xx Mira

this has inspired me so much once again! xxx

Dear, I’m so happy you talked this through because you couldn’t be more right about this! The women there are actually so beautiful and proud of their looks – many times it’s all they’ve got – why should you put yourself down then? Why should you feel less good about you than usually? Let’s be honest – your outfit was very very modest, you didn’t even wear heels or something like that and though you had a beautiful outfit, it didn’t “scream” it’s designer look. You fitted there and that’s it. There’s not much we can do about their situation – only they and their government can change it. But you showing respect towards them and being positive is helpful! You are a sweetheart! :)



nice impressions and wonderful pictures! 3 days is really too short! but for me india isn´t a country I like to go to. for me it´s a problem how the men treat women!

I love the composition in your shots! Your bag easily fits into vibrance of Mumbai. Love the look!


Hi Kristina- I’m really glad you wrote this post. I think that so many people view ‘developing countries’ as not having thriving fashion industry etc etc and the truth is there’s a lot of fashion and style in these countries. You don’t have to only portray the hardship and poverty of places like India, in fact, I personally think it’s better to challenge those stereotypes and show a country through your eyes. Your photos are wonderful and it looks like you really enjoyed your trip. With Love, Becka

I think you’re razing some very good points in your post; i agree that a fashion blog is not the place to raise political and social issues, there are other, far more appropriate (and most probably) knowledgeable sources to read about these things. What you can do is present how you felt, what were your thoughts, as you very rightly did.That’s why they’re called “blogs”, because they’re personal.

What an amazing photos in Mumbai! Perfect..

ohy my gosh! absolutely amazing pics!

WOW! I fell in love with the photos! <3

I’ve never been to India, but everyone tell me that is such a magical place. Beautiful pictures (and the indian jewelry is simply stunning!)

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

love your outfit!!!!
beautiful photos

Great sunglasses my dear!!

Elisa – My Fantabulous World

I feel like I’m travelling to India whenever I see your photos! Your outfit looks amazing like always and those necklaces are all so stunning!

The pictures are amazing ! Love the small handbag. Was it ok for you to dress so short in that place ? :o


que imagenes tan bonitas, lo habéis tenido que pasar genial

loving the flats, so invisible! lovely!

A great trip to finish this year ! I really love your handbag. So cute !

This city really looks amazing and inspiring! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

Sandrine x

The photos are amazing as always.
And I really like your dress. It wants me to have summer again. :D

Amazing photos! This trip must be awesome :) K you looked great as always, the sunnies are dope!

I like the pop of green! And those sunnies are so fab! :)

I understand what you mean about being positive. It’s not about being insensitive, or looking the other way. It’s about seeing what’s good and beautiful, in spite of all the ugliness.

I live in Portugal and at the moment things here are bad. I have to say though, I’m tired of all the negativity. It’s everywhere, everyday. People here are living in such a state of self induced misery that it’s all they talk about. There are obviously many people living in poverty and struggling to survive, and for those people being positive is probably impossible. But there are also many people doing just fine who do nothing but complain and mope all the time. They’re always going on about every little thing, over and over again. I’m really tired of it. In what way is all this negativity going to help anyone? This really is a country of “fado” (traditional Portuguese music genre characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor, and infused with a characteristic sentiment of resignation, fatefulness and melancholia)!
Then again, I suppose complaining is exactly what I’m doing right now. :-P Must shrug this off my shoulders!

the picture with the girl in the cab is awesome!

Incredible power!
I’ve Never thought that India is so amazing and beautiful country.
As many other people who think of India I imagine elephants only :D

Love this post – so colourful and bright.
And yes, you have an amazing ability to place accents! Great

BTW, visit my blog
Thank you :)

I love those sunglasses! Mumbai looks amazing & so does all the jewellery!

Kirsten x

amazing photos!! Congrats to James and you look amazing tpo

Les photos sont magnifiques. Les couleurs la lumière donnent une impression de chaleur si caractéristique de l’Inde. Sans oublier les bijoux qui sont sublimes.

Well I guess it’s super hard to write about country as poor as India and not be criticized especially when your blog is about unaffordable luxury (not only for Indians). You’ll never look OK in everybody’s eyes, but from other hand you went there to work and not on humanitarian mission.

Oceanwind Blog

Such a beautiful scenery and beautiful necklaces! I ought to go to India one day, hope you have an amazing trip!

insanely pretty photos and love the pictures of the streets!

Amazing pictures!!! This city is so pretty!


Gorgeous photo’s and you look stunning as Always! xo Hanneke

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Stunning photos!! What an amazing adventure, and of course you look gorgeous, love those shades!!
xo Cara

nice approach! life is life… and existe big gaps in differents countries?? yes.. but I like to think that some of us should show the good side of things and support this world so unfair!


Cátia from

Amazing! Love the sunnies!

Dress To Cook

Bonjour Kristina,
J’espère que tu liras ce commentaire. Je suis passée sur ce site qui parle de tie and dye et j’ai vu ta photo. Malheureusement l’auteur de l’article ne te mentionne pas, ou plutôt il t’appelle ‘Clara’. Voici l’article :
Bonne soirée.

You look SOOOO amazing! Absolutely flawless!


I love the photos and your nude flats <3

A-MA-ZING Pictures! I was definetly getting jealous while scrolling down that post. Keep on going!

The jewelery and shoes are really pretty and I am kind of jealous :) hahaha


It’s really cool to see your photos and personally I don’t mind you focusing on the positive side.
I’m not a big fan of the neon bag though, but the glasses are very cool !

You look amazing! Awesome pictures! =D


Great photos, love the outfit with bright colors!

Love your sunnies <3

Hey Kristina,

Probably you wont publish my comment and that’s okay, I just want you to read it.
This is nothing against your blog, usually I love it very much (and possibly I always will). It’s a nice way of thinking, that you wanted to show this country’s beauty instead of its poverty – and in my opinion, India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, for sure.
But I think, it’s also a bit naive, yes even stupid to explain yourself with the words: “I’m a fashion blogger afterall!”. I guess that’s the way of thinking a lot of fashionbloggers have (not all of them! Look at Chiara from the Blondesalad … She was traveling around Asia and she was always so beautifully dressed, and never showing off with brands). Just because you get paid for your clothes, doesn’t mean that there’s no value behind them. You can clearly dress up in India, no discussion – but designer clothes and short dresses in addition are in my opinion totally inappropriate in a country where poverty and wealth are so, so close and next door. I think your showing off mode is totally wrong – one can spot your designer clothes from 300 meters away. And it’s not just – as you wrote – “Cavalli sunnies”. Your dress costs about 500$, your bag approximately the same amount, not even speaking of the jewelleries and Sunnies yet…
So please, just think about these words again, about being respectful to the poor – and please don’t ever explain yourself again with the words “I’m a fashion blogger after all!” – that’s such a bad and immature excuse. A fashionable lady as you are can dress beautifully and stylish even with less expensive clothes.

And as a conclusion: No. Unfortunately not every problem in this world can be solved by positive thinking. Especially poverty can’t.

Absolutely amazing pictures! What a gorgeous and colorful country and the light is simply fantastic.
I hope I will get the chance to visit India too one day! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions.

Beautiful pictures!
And a really great text. i really think we should pay more attention to what we do every day. Because, as you say, it affects us and others!

Svetlana von Lavender Star

Amazing pictures, they are all so lovely! James is really a very talented photographer! I love what you are wearing here, the dress is gorgeous!

I think the little girl looking outside the taxi is my favorite photo. It’s so mesmerizing.

Wahou tous ces beaux bijoux *.* Je ne trouve pas ta tenue inappropriée perso, mais bon il y aura toujours des mauvaises langues…


Tres belles photos et descritpions de ce beau voyage !

Ps : pourquoi autant photoshoper les photos portrait de ton visage ? tu as une tres jolie peau a la base, alors que la ca rend les photos pas naturelles, comme dans les magazines ou les femmes n’ont même pas de pores sur les photos !

looove that you are wearing! You look amazing! These photos are beautiful, would love to visit one day!

Hayley xx

Beautiful photos of India and im obsessed with those shades!

It’s very inteesting to read about your journey, India is so colorful. And all the pictures ar just amazing, as always!)

Best regards,

esas joyas son una pasada! que guapisima Kristina


Amazing pictures! The jewels are stunning and I love your colorful outfit.
Tribute to the Tribe Paris

This post is amazing, you’re definitely the best fashion blogger ever !
Love you xoxo

Visit my blog too :D

Omg mumbai .. That sounds amazing. The pictures are truly so beautiful. I love your story and I think you’re so right. There are so many beautiful things behind the saddest things.♥ I always hate people living like that .. It’s not that I am rich or something but it is unfair how some people are living their live.

All that golden jewelry is to die for!
Great shots.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Gorgeous pics, the light is amazing. I love your outfit!

It is always interesting “seeing” India through an outsiders eyes. Glad you had a good time there. You’ve got some great shots here.

Beautiful pictures and love the bright colours of our outfit! your sunglasses are amazing!

Greetings from London,

You look amazing, I love the pictures of the landscape and maybe I can feel the atmosphere a little bit because I wish I could be in a warmer place right now ♥

such pretty photos

Haha what a funny look has this boy in orange shirt :D Pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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♥ Oksana {new post >> october/november favourites}

Wow these photos are amazing!! Love this look! You have a very lovely blog!

I love the dress you are wearing and really like your thoughtfull and honest text as well!
I used to live in Zurich! Where do you live in Switzerland?

Would love it if you have a look at my blog!

Awesome photos!Sounds like you had an amazing time yet again! It’s always to read about your travels! I wish I could travel like you do!
Spotlights on the Redhead

This look and the pictures are just amazing! Great work!
Kisses from Germany, Tessa

These have to be my favourite pictures so far! James is so talented! I think you look lovely & I agree with every thing you said :) x

oh my these photos are so inspiring !! James is such an amazing photographer ! Your outfit is picture perfect as well !

best wishes,
Sara Constance

you look lovely in your outfit. I really enjoyed this post and the photos :)

Amazing trip and pictures. I´ve always wanted to go to India, that´s one of my big dreams and you´re really lucky cause you can do it.

I´m just going to start follow you. xx

Ma cocotte faut vraiment que je te le dise: les adjectifs anglais en ful ne prennent qu’un l ;) Donc grateful, peaceful, careful etc
Dsl de faire ma relou mais comme tu les utilise pratiquement a chaque article… :p

Love you xxx

I visited Mumbai last year, and these pictures brought me back to the place. The aura, the colors, the energy: I really understand what it is you are trying to capture. I also admire the way you wanted to depict India, not focus on the bad (because there is undeniably so much bad to comment on) but the good. We need to hear and see more positive things to change our points of view on them. Before visiting India, I had lots of negative views about poverty, contrasts, etc etc, but after visiting the place I felt energized, alive, and motivated. James did an amazing job at capturing all this through a lens and as always exceeds my expectations for blogs pictures. This outfit is also the cutest; the leopard cat eye sunglasses (want them!) and the bright dress and fabulously neon bag. I have a question for you though.

How did you feel about wearing designer, or at least expensive, clothes in a city where there is such dire poverty around?

I, for one, couldn’t bring myself to wear anything expensive. The guilt would just ruin my mood. At the same time though, should we adapt who we are to fit the environment, or should we stay true to ourselves and our sense of fashion? Sorry for the essay, I just feel like there is so much to say about India, and I am passionate about the country and fashion!

Please answer my question, I would really love to know how you felt about it all!

Best, Nora Nord

great post.

this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to awesome!!! check out my blog peeeps…

This is such a beautiful collection of photos. James did a stellar job with these ones, though he typically takes great shots. Such a color look too! It really compliments the colors of the city. Wonderful work, you two!

amazing photos, amazing outfit, amazing light .
i love it ! the shots are beautiful
i love this post and i cant wait to see more

Amazing colours, I wanna visit India some day.

awesome pics…loved the post…hope you enjoyed in India….you should have tried some Indian Traditional Dresses …you would be looking gorgeous in that….

looks like you tried to attend all the things in Mumbai…..but i observed that you missed to try designer Indian wear …..but you look great…my good wishes…

C’est vrai que je suis partagee sur le fait de porter tant de fringues de luxe la bas… mais en meme temps comme tu le dis tu es une fashion blogueuse, une touriste suisse, c’est ton identite ;) Je te comprends. Et effectivement on se sent impuissant devant tant de pauvrete…
Par contre le commentaire sur Chiara de TBS j’ai envie de dire looool car cette fille dont j’adorais le style est devenue une insupportable pub vivante pour les milliooons de cadeaux qu’elle recoit (non mais j’ai JAMAIS vu ca, il y a reellement des milliers de trucs qu’elle a pas remis UNE fois, et mon dieu les trucs immondes qu’elle porte parfois on a envie de lui dire stooop l’hypocrisie. Je pense qu’elle a tous les jours minimum 6000$ sur le dos. ), c’est le plus mauvais contre argument qu’on puisse donner.

Love xxx

Thank you for your blog post.Thanks Again.