Pictures by Ellin Anderegg

BUSINESS CHAT Okay so the other day I was browsing through my hard drive when I found these images that were actually shot not that long ago and I realised that I never shared them! Crazy-wazy. Especially since I love them so much. It’s very rare that James and I appear on the pictures together, I mean first of all usually he is the photographer and he doesn’t really like to give his camera to somebody in the street so we can get a pictures together. Plus, he is a very discrete person. He perfers to be backstage more than in front of the camera (so he can wear sweatshirts and let his beard grow as much as he wants to… ah guys… they don’t know the work it is to always be as pampered as we are right?). I managed to convince him to appear in these images shot by my amazing and so talented friend Ellin Anderegg while we were in Zürich though! While in town, we were staying in my favourite hotel, the Park Hyatt. Their team is just the best, the most welcoming and warm people I’ve ever met. We had a wonderfull room where we shot these images. They represent quite well our regular lifestyle routine. Hotel life doesn’t mean relaxation mood on, in fact when we travel and get to the hotel after a long day that’s where all the administrative work begins. The most difficult part with travelling that much is that you’ll work on a project all day, let’s say a shooting, a new campaign, some events, some meetings or whatsoever and once you get back to your room the e-mail work starts. The phone calls, the texts, the article preparation and so on… So let’s just put it that way : I usually don’t enjoy the cozy king size bed of my hotel that much. If you know what I mean. But I definitely am not complaining a single second about that! Why? Well because first of all I feel super gratefull to have a job that interests me that much and second of all… I am kind of a workaholic…

It’s hard for me to switch off my computer and go to sleep. It seems like there is always something to do, some more e-mails to answer or to write. Some more information to google and some more blogs to quickly catch up on. And then when the computer is off, I’ll hang on Instagram for a while before finally switching off the light completely. For a very long time actually, I had troubles getting to sleep as my head was buzzing with information, it was my head that I couldn’t switch off! I’ve spent almost year and a half dealing by myself with most of the organization and management on Kayture until I had a little burn out and had to go to the doctor every two weeks. A lack of sleep is never good, for anybody. So James and I felt like we asbolutely needed to make some healthy yet smart changes in the way we work. It was super hard for me to relay work. I mean, I am such a control freak, everything always needs to be perfect and I like to follow everything that is happening. The problem is that taking too much upon your shoulders is bad for yourself and especially for your health. When I arrived to the point where I couldn’t really work as efficiently by myself anymore, that’s when we needed to make a change. James who was always in charge of all the visual part of our work started to manage some collaborations and partnerships. Currently he’s our project manager and I can really concentrate on the creative side of things, the content, the ideas, the extra projects we are working on, the social media chanels and so on… Accepting to get some help is probably one of the healthiest things I’ve ever done. There’s nothing wrong about that, and you certainly won’t loose your credibility. 

It sometimes seemed to me that I couldn’t ask for help because I thought I could do it better than anyone else. I mean Kayture is kind of  like my baby, right? In french we say “On est jamais mieux servis que par soi même” which means that nobody serves us better than ourselves. And that was exactly my mantra. It still kind of is, you have to be independant and be able to solve situations by yourself, but accepting help and allowing for other people to contribute into the evolution a business, of a project, of an essay or whatsoever is so enriching and it also shows some maturity. It brings a new perspective, a freshness yet allows for each and every person of the team to really concentrate on their field and be experts at what they do. Multi-tasking is great, and is definitely an essential skill for the modern day business person however if you want to build yourself an expertise at what you’re doing, it’s better to really focus, concentrate on one thing, on one field, something that you love more than anything else. So yes, I still do come back to my hotel room and turn my computer on, but now it is mainly to write my article for the next day and it is quite theraputic to share my thoughts with you before going to sleep. I feel like I empy my head and am able to go to sleep afterwards like a little baby. So folks, never be afraid to ask for help. Accepting to get some help won’t diminish your merit and certainly won’t make you look bad for accepting effort contribution. Team work is also a challenge by itself, but it shows a flexibility and open mindness yet brings something new to the table, perspectives you might not have considered. It is definitely a step further. I won’t hide that James and I have our high and lows, like everybody. We are such big perfectionists and sometimes it turns out that we don’t agree on certain things. But it’s okay because having different approaches on things is key and we complement each other pretty well. So tell me guys, how do you feel about team work? Does it sound difficult for you to ask help as well?


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You are a beautiful couple. I’m glad you guys find a way to fix the problems.

xx Mira

Love the pictures

C’est un très bon article. Tu as raison, il faut savoir demander de l’aide, surtout que tu es très jeune et la santé (et le couple) c’est important. Surtout quand ton travaille ensemble. Je fais partie des personnes qui se posaient des questions sur votre couple ces derniers temps, mais c’est privé. En tout cas c’est bien pour tes lecteurs que tu aies fait aussi un point là-dessus. Kayture est toujours en évolution, l’important est d’y prendre du plaisir. Je vous souhaite le meilleur pour le futur.

Ah these pictures are so nice of you two, you make a great couple!!

great pics! You make a really sweet couple ;)

Hey! I loved the post! And i’m so glad that James appears in the pictures as well! We want more of him! Regarding the topic of your post, I think you should slow down, I mean, your readers are not gonna be mad if you don’t post one day or whatever, first is your health! LOVE

You and James are such a cute couple and great team!

You look great togheter! A big hug

You are the perfect team and look really cute together

nice to see you guys in pics together!

Love the purety of the look, you look great!

New on my French blog:


Merci merci!!

Lovely pictures! I especially like the one of you with your legs on the sofa. Nice all white look too!


oh wow it´s nice that you are so honest. It is not possible do do all the stuff alone. it´s ok to sahre some work.

I honestly saw them before on your blog! Isn’t it?
In any case..I love them! You guys are such a great couple

I don’t understand why he doesn’t like to be in the photos, he’s so photogenic just like you & looks very modelesque. You guys are so perfect!

The Fashann Monster

This is really interesting. I haven’t yet found another blogger giving such an honest perspective into their day to day life!

You are the perfect team!!
Good job!!!

With love, Elisa
My Fantabulous World

When you someone you trust and who does a good job it is important to work together :)

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

I love the pictures, and yes you guys really seem to complete each other x

I admire your work Kristina and the fact that you have someone as creative and also business-savy as James. I find it difficult with my blog to do. In the beginning, I had to ask friends to take my photos and it was never the “quality” that I wanted. For example, they cut off my feet or the angle is wrong or they can’t focus straight. And now I finally found a photography guy, the photos are great but the problem is how we work together.

I am very focused, plan out my blog and think ahead in terms of goals I want to acheive for the week or month. He is more a free spirit, shows up to take photos and that’s it. He has no business sense, so to speak. Maybe I am frustrated but I feel like sometimes he gets bored of shooting. I wish I had a boyfriend and one who takes photos because it seems to be the winning formula these days for blogs ;( Ugh, I wish there was service for bloggers to find photographers who wanted to partner up with their websites.

J’aime beaucoup le fait que tu te confies ainsi à tes lectrices. Je ne me rendais pas compte que tu n’avais que deux petites années en plus que moi. Quel chemin tu as parcouru, je t’envie vraiment, tu as sûrement du faire des sacrifices pour y arriver (ou peut-être pas), mais je pense que s’il y’a vraiment une vie que j’aimerais tester pendant une journée ce serait la tienne. Encore une fois, tu es magnifique, je te souhaite une bonne après-midi!


Ah, et aussi, j’oubliais, il serait possible qu’un jour tu fasses un tutoriel make-up? Parce que franchement, j’admire la façon dont ton visage est toujours aussi présentable en toutes circonstances. Tu restes naturelle même avec assez bien de fond de teint etc. Ce serait vraiment chouette, merci. :)

Through team work and delegation of tasks is how we managed to build and grow our fashion blog as well!

That’s how we did it too! TEAMWORK!

That text was so lovely, I love to read your blog!

Sandrine x

I always try to do things by myself, but I don’t mind letting other people in and tell me their ideas, I think team work is the best!

you and james are perfect together!
it’s so amazing that you two work so closely together

I really don’t like to give away work I normally love but if it’s too much then you just have to.
You’re very lucky that James does such a good job !

amazing pictures! you are very beautiful couple!


white fits you well, so pure!

beautiful couple :)

I love this post! Reading it, I recognized myself. I always think about my blog and new ideas for it, so I end my day, lying in the bed with so many thoughts in my head!

P.S. You’re such an amazing couple! <3

Lovely photos :)

Great pictures! You look so good together!

What a cute couple! Glad to see that you are allowing other people to help out, it really does enrich your experience and help you to grow. I’ve always loved your blog, can’t wait to see it grow more!

I love the pictures and your article is a really inspiration for me! Keep up the good teamwork ! :)

Hi Krisina,
first of all: you have my full respect to be honest to yourself that some help isn’t bad at all. We all are no superheroes and nobody expects that. Neither do we.. So try to focus on your “real” life from time to time and rest enough so that you can do what you love for a long long period of time! Your body will thank you that!
And for me: Teamwork is always key! Either it is work or the relationship with your partner. It makes everything more easy. :)

Wish you and James all the best! You are awesome!!

YOU are a smart pair – I admire you!!! Amazing chic pictures!


First off, you are so lucky to have each other and be able to build a strong business together. Combining work with pleasure is the key to a perfectly harmonious life !

What’s important though , is that we don’t neglect our inner harmony, which comes from a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I can totally relate to your words in this article, me myself being always dependent on my own abilities, which doesn’t quite make us independent in the end, right? But you need to let go and accept help from the outside. Delegating tasks and learning how to prioritize and organize, will only make you a better manager and business person. It is impossible to evolve on your own, therefore we need at least a second pair of hands. I actually wrote a recent article on the same topic here:

You have made a wise decision to involve James more in Kayture and the outcome will only be to your advantage ! :) It’s important though to also consider paying more attention to your sleep and wellbeing. Technology has become an essential part of our lives but this takes a toll on our health.

I am sure you will only get higher and higher and I am sorry if my words seemed a little patronizing. My only intention was to also empty my head hehe and it’s nice to relate to someone else.We are always experts when we give advice to others I guess. When it comes to us though, it’s harder to accept the truth.

best wishes
Sara Constance,
stylist & founder of

Oh Kristina, I really understand you! It’s so sooo difficult also for me to ask help. In Italy we say “chi fa da sé, fa per tre”, which means that one who does for himself, does for three!. But I realized that acknowledge someone else’s help and admit that there’s who can do it as good as me or also better ( What??? Better than me?!?!? Naaahh..) has been part of my psychological growth. Good job guys!
I love love love your immaculate look here.
Greetings from Rome! I’d like to know you someday…

Beautiful photos! My guy is the photographer too;)

I just did a post on my recent interview with my favorite handbag designer, Rachel Nasvik. You should check it out. She is awesome!


You can see on James that he doesn’t really enjoy being in front of the camera, but with that face he should really find a way to get comfortable with being in the pictures a little bit more often. You are such a good looking couple, just breathtakingly beautiful, so it would be a shame not to capture you two together.

And keep up on the good work, I love the way you open up in your blog posts.

I really enjoy your blog, because there is always something to read and think about, not just millions of lovely pictures, but always above it. Great job and pensive articles, go on, thank you very much for heart ,mental and visual inspiration. And the photos are eyemazing , as usual!)
Из России с любовью!)

You guys are such a great team amazing photos! xx

You’re an amazing couple! Great that you’re working together as well :)

Dreaming couple!!! There’s lot of love, feeling and style in these photos!


Beautiful photo shoot, you are a beautiful couple and obviously a great team!
By the way I wanted to thank you for sharing some personal experiences of blogging as a business, a lot of bloggers make it sound so easy “I was invited” or “I was offered” but you tell the trurth and I appreciate it very much!

Good luck guys!

OceanWind Blog

It’s very difficult for me to be a part of the team because I always want to manage everything by myself. The fact that I can do anything can’t get out of my mind and sometimes that’s tiring because I’m certanly not the best at everything. As long as I’m still succeeding at what I’m doing, and I’m doing it well, I won’t ask for anybody’s help but when I do, that means I’m really desperate. Also, I want to say that you and James look amazing together, the pictures are amazing and you two are a great team :)

You two are gorgeous couple! ❤️

Your hair is the most gorgeous colour!

beautiful couple!! team work is essential to make simple work into perfect work! if is a good team the work will be perfect!!

you have the most amazing and interesting busines! Both of you!

You’re inpiring me to do my best!

I loooove the way you do!

Wish you all the best, Kris ♥

so cute

You two look absolutely gorgeous together!


Aww so lovely! Beautiful couple! =D

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Cet article est super ma belle! Vs faites une belle équipe ts les deux mais surtout un joli couple!

J’adore votre travail


You’re both so young and beautiful!

Your post is very interesting, and so true… It made me realize how committed you are to your work. And this is really inspiring. I mean, I admire your work and your commitment to this blog, you are always travelling, thinking about new projects. I find it crazy that you can manage all this all by yourselves with James, especially for your age. Both of you really are doing a great job!!! Every day, I wait for a new article, because I know pictures will be beautiful. But what I really like about your articles is the text. I like the way you write, this is very natural and while reading I can always feel your passion for what you are doing.
Concerning team work, this is not always easy to work with people that do not share the same point of view. You and James seem to have found each other and this is so great to be able to work with someone you really like and trust! So, again, you are doing a great job together!

Bisous de France,

Great article! What is the name of the LIPSTIC??? It looks perfect on your lips!

You guys are a beautiful couple. I love these photos!

What lovely pictures Kristina! You make such a cute couple!

And I love the post – so thoughtful! It can be hard asking for help (I think most women have a hard time with that) but I am also slowly learning to let go of things and accepting help because then we can more efficient in our work too. And it seems that for you, your relationship can benefit from it since it will help you and James to work even more closely together and for you to trust him even more. What better partnership could you ask for?!

You guys are such an amazing team, so I really hope in the depth of my heart that you both are still together…. against the rumors! Your work and what you built up with you hard work and you close team work is amazing and you’re big role models to many many people out there. keep on going like this!

You guys are the perfect team and couple :)

xo Mel
Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

Stunning! Love the photos and you look just perfect! :)


The pictures are lovely, and oh gosh as an architecture student team work is essential, so It has gave me a little lesson in life, “You are not the only one who is perfect at everything there are other views that can aport your work, and can get you another view”

You’re such a cute couple and I love how well you work together, and you complete each other.
Love seeing James too on your blog. He may prefer to work behind the camera, but he’s a key piece to this blog, and some times it’s nice to share your spotlight with him. :)

Vous êtes magnifiques ensemble! Je comprends ce que tu veux dire, la santé est vraiment la chose qui passe avant tout, tu as eu raison de préserver ta santé.
Je fais moi aussi un blog avec mon copain, je trouve ça génial de pouvoir partager ça avec la personne à qui on fait le plus confiance !

Gorgeous photos! Good on you for making some positive changes! x

Rosa // Rosa & Fox

Im glad you found a way to overcome such a difficult time in your relationship

I love this kind of posts dear, i think you can really inspire people through your words, not only by your pics. You guys are an awesome team!

James is so handsome :), and i understand you! managment a blog (even when is like a “hobby”) and go to the university and a job is soooo crazy!!!. But i really admire you, you make your “hobby” a bussnises and that is sooo wooow! you are one of my inspirations n.n


I agree with you and I totally understand you!

As I am a control freak myself I find it really hard to give some of my work or tasks out of hand, but at some points you just have to. My boyfriend and I have 2 jobs, one of those jobs is our own business together and that sure brings up some tensions. Besides those two jobs I was also doing the entire household by myself, and I kook a fresh meal everyday. But then I couldn’t keep up with it anymore and I had to hire a cleaning lady. Even that was very hard for me (and it’s just cleaning, not even my work).

You are a beautiful person and I like it that you share your toughts with us! You and James make a great team!

X Sara

I absolutely loved reading about how you and James work together. The photos are absolutely beautiful. x

Lubna | Elle Vox

Kristina you’re sooo right with this post. But sometimes IS necessary to ask for help!!
You and James make such a a beautiful couple!!! Hope it will last forever!!

Chic and elegant in monochrome

I have a question: are you a couple or are you just business partner?

Loved to read this post! I’ve the same “problem” I think everything has to be done by me, and only me can do it right!! my body asks me to stop but I have so many things to do that on my mind rest, sleep and take a break, can wait…

wish you the best ♡

I agree dear with you but good that you have taken some weight off your shoulders

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Great post!

Vous êtes très mignons tous les deux :) J’ai parfois du mal à accepter de demander de l’aide, mais quand il faut, il faut :)


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius :)

Ericka of

Thank you for being so honest. It’s nice to share this with your readers.

Accepting help was always a problem with me when I started my blog, but eventually I saw the potential in the people around me. Adding people to a team usually gives the business new and exciting perspectives, like you mentioned in your article. Adding even just one more mind to something sheds light on a new dynamic and creative juices start flowing like never before. I really enjoy the french phrase that you’ve shared, because this is the most relateable article, for me, that you’ve written so far. Beautiful photos, beautiful couple and gorgeous article, Kristina!

You two make such a gorgeous couple, it’s so lovely to see! & you look beautiful, I love your outfit! I hope to be as successful as you with blogging, so inspiring!

Kirsten x

You are so beautiful! Found your blog a few days ago, now I’m extremely obsessed! °Love from Germany and

Hallo ! Ich mache eine Blogvorstellung auf meinem Blog und habe da an dich gedacht
Würde mich sehr freuen! Ich warte auf dich!!! LOVE L. xxx

Kristina these are amazing shoots. Sincerelly AMAZING. James and you look very good in these potos, wish you success, AND GOD BLESS YOU BOTH :*!

You are so right! And such an inspiration to others. Thank you!

I’m just like you. Every day as I turn off the computer I am unable to turn off my head, and though I’d love to, I know that before I fall sleep to the best ideas.
I run a blog with a friend, and sometimes I think it would be easier to me in my own way. But I know that if one day I do not have access to a laptop that she will take care of the whole and that’s a plus whole solution.
However, I still feel like I’d rather lead him alone. All I have under control. Every detail and sometimes the perfectionism “kills” me in the middle.
Kisses !

I totally agree, little help never hurt nobody! :)

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Beautiful couple shots.. and you write this article pretty great, your thoughts are right!

Radka from

white, simple stylization, I love it!

It’s been really amazing to read all your thoughts through the comments loves.
I see that we’re all going through the same things.

Thank you for sharing your stories <3

Have you gone through any Business classes in high school?

oh me encanta el equipo que haceis! El tambien te ayuda a la hora de hacer las entradas?

cute couple, pretty in white.

Love, Lara:)

You are such a great couple and team, love the way you work so great together! Keep up the good work!

Greetings from London,

My partner (husband) and I work together too on our online journal Endlessly Enraptured. We are both very different people which is incredibly important for our work… but it can also make the work harder at times too. We have so many ideas and very specific viewpoints of how things should be done. We push each other to the next level. That can be exhausting but so rewarding.

I swear James have gone much more handsome since I last seen his photo! You’ve got to get a hold of that man ‘coz I’m gonna steal him from you if only I weren’t miles away. lol

But seriously, I love you two together. You two really are a team. Keep it up Kristina! And I so love how you get into writing more and more. It really means the world to me as a reader that you get to like explain why and how these things happen to you. I just love reading your blog. I have always been a fan.


Very nice pictures! Being a perfectionist myself I can relate to some of the things you said.

Love the all white look!
You and James work so hard, it is so inspiring!!
xo Cara

You are incredibly beautiful! I love the shots! <3

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So glad you & James can to get along as a team work & couple as well…!

No harm done in delegation. Building someone else’s strength and allow them a chance to do a good job, gives you an opportunity to be a great boss =)

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