Pictures by Olivia Bossert

ICONIC Today I am super happy to share these new images with you guys as it’s a shooting that I wanted to do for a very long time now. First of all, I do have sort of an obsession with black & white images ever since I last did my article in the same style, I don’t know… I just feel like it makes any image looks absolutely hypnotizing and so interesting. Second of all, I have always been a huge jewerly article freak and been loving shooting small tiny details so much… You guys know that I am really into little delicate jewerly pieces, se here I decided to rock these awesome Anton Heunis earrings as well as a couple of fabulous Alimonada rings (soo in love with that little heart shaped one, seriously how cute is that!!), these are all pieces that I can wear almost on a daily basis. Another reason why I am super excited to show you these images is that I recently got to spend some time with my incredible long time friend and super talented photographer Olivia Bossert with who I shot looks for Kayture almost like 2 years ago!! She was back in town and of course we needed to catch up and spend some girl time : so then the blogging subject came up and we decided that it was time to collaborate together again and create this wonderfull set of images! Honestly I am super impressed by her skills, she’s such a hardworking young woman and you guys have to check out her work and website, you’re going to fall in love. Also she is the founder of this great online magazine called Atlas that I seriously think is such a cool concept. 

I have spent the most exciting week-end ever! For those of you folks who follow me on social media must have seen a lot of wigs and make-up! Well, this whole week there were so many great Halloween events going on, so since I am SUCH a big lover of dressing up and playing with make-up, me and my girlfriends decided to enjoy some Halloween fun. Guess what I was? I’ll let you guys check out my Instagram profile to find out hehehe (@kristina_bazan). So this black and white article is kind of in this Halloween period theme, something more darker and stronger than usual. I personaly am crazy about this kind of style as well even if I am used to very colourfull and quite preppy styles. I am definitely very inspired by the latest works of Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent and this kind of effortless coolness and edginess that I find so fascinating. Olivia and I tried to re-create that vibe through those images and hopefully you guys will enjoy them as much as I do!!

P.S James and I are packing and leaving to Milan tomorrow, followed by a trip to Germany! Make sure to stay updated for news :)

DRESS : Marciano
EARRINGS : Anton Heunis
RINGS : Alimonada
NECKLACE : Cornwall Street


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Beautiful black and white pics. Love the jewelry. The earrings are my favorites :D

xx Mira

Your photos are breathtaking! Well done girl!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

WOW. These pictures are so so beautiful.♥ I saw you posting one of these pictures on Insta and I loved you nailpolish haha. But the rings are even more beautiful and you are stunning!


Love your rings <3.. your blackandwhite photos are amazing!

Beautiful photos! Love that dress!

These pictures really have that mystique thing about them .. at the same time they are so so sensual. I love these, she is really extremely talented – so as you are! :)



I am totally and absolutely in love with this hear ring and the photos in general. beautiful photo story!

So sexy girl!! You look amazing! I love this black-white photos…and the dress!!!


amazin portrait photos!!!

vas fantastica!! cada dia nos sorprendes mas!

What can i say? I love these photos. Amazing ;) Your blog is the best fashion blog in the world <3

Another “Wow” love this editorial shoot.
Beautiful, love your work and you so much.

You are just GORGEOUS !!!!!!!

The pictures are indeed very amazing! Good work :)

the earings are are hilariously shouting as statement piece!


Absolutely perfect images!!!

Beautiful shots ! Your friend is an outstanding photographer !!!

Love so much the rings! And you’re stunning with this hairstyle :D

Follemente Fashion Blog also on Fashiolista and Bloglovin’

So elegant in this post!

Sandrine x

you’re absolutely stunning!


Gorgeous photos and details! <3

Gorgeous !
Loved the set of black and white photos ! There’s something in this type of photos that makes me love !

Absolutely STUNNING!!!
These pictures are gorgeous! And you look beautiful!!


The photos are so good and amazing, they’re gorgeous!

Àlex Burch

Black and white Images do have a particular allure to them! Theymake everything look timeless! Great pictures! Love the accessories!


gorgeous pics! The jewelry is stunning!!

You look perfect! <3

Beautiful pictures and I’m in love with your super cute necklace ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

J’aime beaucoup ces photos, je trouve que le noir & blanc permet de faire des photos avec un côté très émotionnel, ça dégage une sensibilité incroyable !
Ta robe a l’air d’être ravissante !

beautiful photos and you look stunning!

Hayley xx

what gorgeous photos of you

It’s almost ridiculous how beautiful you are!

You look really nice! Love the photos :)

You look always amazing. Perfect pics.

I am a fan of black&white photos too. Every single one is great! :)

OK, you are GORGEOUS!

Such an elegant and striking look!

xx R U I B R I

Wow, the dress and the pictures are so wonderful!

Très Chic! your elegance is timeless Kiss
your elegance is timeless

This pictures are just wonderful! Arrest attention for a long time. You’re very elegant)

Best regards,

You make any photographers job easy. Perfection.

kisses, Johnnybell

You look gorgeous <3 Amazing photos <3

Amazing black and white pictures! =D

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Thanks! xx

you look absolutely fabulous and the delicate jewelry suits you so well.
you are totally right about b&w photos,they have such a depth compared to ,,normal” photos :)

You look absolutely gorgeous on these photos!

P.S. I’m in love with the heart ring! ;)

Fabulous as per usual. James, I love the photo you took of Kristina hanging over the chair. The contrasts are amazing. You should definitely start a blog some time. What do you think about my black and white shots from my latest post about winter fashion? I tried playing with movement, and am pretty happy about the result.

Thoughts? Keep up the great work,

Your loyal fan,

Gorgeous pictures! Have a safe trip to Milan and Germany!

Sooo lovely! Love the emotion in these pics, amazing xx

Where can I buy that dress??? I’ts gorgeous! xo Hanneke

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You’re astonishing !

Amazing b&w shoots, Kristina, <3

Such gorgeous photos!! Love the black + white
xo Cara

Great use of B&W ! gives a lot of inspiration, thanks for sharing

SWEETHEART,all I can say is DAM.You are definitely going to go places and don’t let anybody tell you different,I don’t think that, this would be a problem for you though,you seem very confident.WOW GOOD LUCK TO YOU an that LUCKY SOB ,James. Hopefully James has some sort of a clue as to what a DIAMOND,that he’s been given.AWSOME PICS

Those black and white photos are just divine. I love how they look and they give such a nice atmosphere! As a portrait photographer, I know what I’m talking about ;).