LITTLE RECAP Goosh, well this week has been pretty crazy-wazy. In fact, it’s quite strange since we stayed in Switzerland, had no specific “big” trip planned (a part from the one in St Gallen which I can’t wait to tell you guys more about, it was such a fantastic and mesmerizing adventure) and yet our days were packed up with meetings, our email box was burning with new messages every 30seconds, my phone ringing the whole day and the postman coming by my door every morning with something new to occupy my mind. Unfortunately I had to skip two days of Kayture posting as James and I were dealing with a lot of work regarding the planning of our next projects abroad and I’ve been working really hard on some external projects that will be revealed next year. We won’t be disappointing you though, trust me!! Still, they all require a full concentration and take hours to care of daily. But I absolutely don’t mind, I am so passionate and really can’t wait until you guys see the final result and all the great work/time investment that was put into the creation process. Before I tell you too much about it all (because once I get started…) let’s talk a little bit about this week’s Instagoodies post!

As always this article is for those of you who don’t have smartphones, don’t use Instagram or simply didn’t manage to catch up with the latest content. As you may know Instagram is such an important part of my daily job as it is sort of like my instant visual diary where I share live everything that is happening during the day : new articles, experiences, trips, incredible food, clothing, events. Everything and more, you name it! It’s amazing how some people know me even more for Instagram than Kayture, I get so suprised when people stop me in the street to talk about Instagram! It is most definitely one of the most powerfull and active social media tool currently. And I love it! Since we travel that much, it’s great to be able to have such a quick and easy platform to share visual and texutal content yet that allows you at the same time to stay updated with everything that is going on in the world. I feel like it’s so fascinating to capture visually interesting moments of your life in such spontaneous way, some of my most favourite images are actually from Instagram!!  They’re so true, so real and so raw : it almost seems impossible to produce such authenticity with a camera. So without further due, I hope you guys will enjoy some of my latest Instagram images and cheers to Saturday!!

Snow white vamp look as we were filming the new Q&A video which will come out in a couple of days on Kayture! Last chance to submit your questions in the comment section bellow :)
What the last days have been like. Work work work and work again. With candles, tea and bags of passion of course. Big project planned for the beginning of next year. Little hint in his picture of what it’s going to be ;) #ididntsayanything

My friend and I baked this great Gingerbread house on a sunday from total scratch! P.S It’s not as pretty in real life as it may seem in the picture… But well, it’s the first time! So no mocking!!
The new renovated Chanel shop is finally opened in Geneva! Gorgeous selection and interior. Such a dream.
Movember is over!!
Christmas magic at the hotel Président Wilson in Geneva before having a delicious lunch at their new japanesse restaurant called Umami
I am officially a Christmas cookie expert.
Interviews in India during the amfAR Gala event
Girls just want to have fun! Little shameless selfie before heading to the Zürich fashion days international venue
With the babe, Karlie Kloss. As always taller than me, grrrr! One day I’ll beat her (or not…or not)
During our vamp shoot in black lace
And here in red lace before the Dolce Gabbana event in Milano!
My favourite meal of the day : a perfect breakfast of the champions! I like ot have some poached eggs with avocado, some salad and fruits! Clean, healthy eating = clean, healthy, glowy skin, strong nails, gorgeous hair, high levels of eenrgy! It’s all good.
A shot that my friend David Bierded made of me right before the event in Zürich as I was in the city for a short time
I feel like most of my life is about packing and unpacking. I got quite good at it! But sometimes I just wish my luggages were suddenly, as if per magic, ready without any of my help or contribution…
Jappanesse cuisine is clearly ma favourite. Here at the Umami restaurant at the Président Wilson hotel!
Love at first sight. So obsessed wit this stunning Shourouk statement necklace. I am usually all about tiny little jewerly pieces but this one is just out of this world.
In between cab rides, Célines on, faux fur scarf on, check! Ready for some busy days.
Inaugurating my stunning Shourouk necklace for the first time. It’s like a piece of art!


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Congrats! You really beautiful, nice pics honey!

Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

As always amazing Insta pics. Love your cute gingerbread house :)

xx Mira

Beautiful inspiration and pics.

I’m in love with your style!!!
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What’s your lippy in your last photo?

Gorgeous :)
I think Karlie is twice my size =))

Nice hat, you have a face for hats actually :)

New on my French blog: Cossack Hat:

Fabulous photos! You always look stunning!

you are such a beauty babe. how can you look breathtaking in each and every picture?

Beautiful pictures! I love so much your Instagram pictures!
Your Shourouk necklace is amazing, usually I do not like big necklace, but it looks good on you! :)
Your food pictures are all so perfect, I would like to try all the food you post on Instagram!!
Your Gingerbread house is so cute! :D

Nice instagram shots! I like that Christmas tree and the shot of you in that red Dolce dress!


love ur style, wish to have ur life, keep going girl

U look so beautiful in this red lipstick

Beautiful pictures! I love so much your Instagram pictures!
Your Shourouk necklace is amazing, usually I do not like big necklace, but it looks good on you! :)
Your food pictures are all so perfect, I would like to try all the food you post on Instagram!!
Your Gingerbread house is so cute! :D

Great shots!! You look absolutely amazing!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Hi K! You are totally everything that I am not (you’re blonde and blue eyed girl and I am a small, slim, long black haired, dark eyed asian!) but these things are totally irrelevant because I truly enjoy this website and seeing (in a manner of speaking) “street” fashion come to life which is inspiring. I meant “street” fashion in a way that any person of any built and size could wear (or take inspiration to) what you wear and stand out, look fashionable and at the same time look like a “normal” human being (and not trying hard to be “in” wearing clothes which stands out the wrong way). Plus, you seem to do your own makeup, which, unfortunately for other bloggers, do not, and which I absolutely adore. I mean, what is the point of doing a blog about fashion and beauty when someone does it for you?

Thanks for doing the hard work because they are worth it. It really translate as hard work (I’ve read your previous post about it) but they are well-appreciated by women all over the world. Keep it up!

You look so much better tna Karlie! :)

I like you. You are tall enough. I do not like those very tall and very thin models. You are just perfect!

I love the pictures, that necklace is gorgeous !

So amazing! :) http:/

Gorgeous necklace! I usually choose tiny jewelry as well, but that is absolutely perfect!!!


This is so awesome and so true! I love your instagram photos, they are truly beautiful!!!

Do you follow a specific diet or you eat whatever you want?

Amazing pictures!! The last one is my favorite! =D

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You are so perfect! (love Karlie too!)…all of these photo’s are lovely!

Kirsten x

Even though I follow you on Instagram, I still had to look through these pictures haha


Love this post! These pictures are gorgeous, and you look so pretty!


Lovely pictures, that gingerbread house is so cute!

Hey Kristina! Could you please tell us the number of your ysl lipstick? Thanks!!

Great post! love the pic of you and karlie

Wow superbes photos ! j’adore cette rubrique de ton blog :)


Love it, Kristina! <3

Such a glamorous Instagram!

Your instagram is so perfect! How was I not following you before! x

Rosa // Rosa & Fox

I absolutely LOVE these posts! Please more posts like this one: skincare, makeup, handbags, delicious meals!!!So artsy I like hotel room shots too :) Could you do a hotel room tour, also more posts on dinner parties/chic soirées that you attend, avec des photos détaillées sur la soirée. Merci Kristina you are adorable xx

your instagram photos are absolutely stunning!

Love from Tokyo, Yuka
゚+。:. .:。+゚

I always get lost in your posts. You really have a way of drawing your readers in. Love you!


beautiful pictures!:) and your makeup is always flawless!♥


Absolutely stunning pics, I love the Xmas ones!

You look absolutely gorgeous! Love your blog!

Oh my god, I just can’t wrap my head around the fact HOW beautiful you and these pictures are! Absolutely breathtaking!! :)



absolutely love your style and your blog! xoxo

I appreciate you sharing this article post.

Im obliged for the post.Much thanks again.

I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Really thank you! Great.