Pictures by James Chardon

CHRISTMAS MOOD ALL AROUND Okay guys, so in all total honesty I must say that it always felt super tricky for me to dress up effortlessly in winter (you know the kind of weather where it gets sooo cold that you just want to throw on 50’000 layers and a Canada Goose over all of that). I feel like in summer time you can just put on a dress, some nice open toe shoes and head out without thinking much about anything else. In winter, you gotta play it smart : cozy, warm and pretty. I personally don’t feel pretty when I’m wrapped up and bundled up like some sort of cheesecake, if you know what I mean… I like it lean and slim, light and chic. So how to manage to find the perfect balance? Well let me tell you, there are a couple of tricks that definitely change everything. First of all when the temperature goes under 0°C, I like to have some tights under my jeans and get some of those warm thermic socks (you can get some great ones at many sport shops but also Uniqlo), when your feet are pleased, it changes everything! From your mood to your general state. Then I’ll maybe also wear a thermic bodysuit (Uniqlo, again, have such a wide range of colours) under a big thick wool top. Now be carefull with the materials you wear in winter, the better the textile the warmer you’ll feel so invest smartly! Cashmere is my favourite one, it’s light yet so incredibly warm. Then of course make sure to have some good leather gloves which have preferably intern fabric that’ll keep your hands safe from the cold. One thing that I hate is feeling the cold wind blowing over my neck. Worst thing ever… Especially if you’re spending the day out as I usually do for work. If you have your neck covered with a warm scarf, it will change everything! And I mean, everything! Since I like very slim clothing silhouettes, I’ll throw on usually a chuncky scarf to be able to cuddle up in it if I really feel like I can’t bare the weather anymore. Plus it’s so cozy! In today’s pictures I am wearing one of my current favourite ones that I found in Zara, it’s so warm and I can totally bundle up in it anytime. Cover your head with a beanie or hat and there you go!

It’s funny because when we travel to warmer countries and tell people to switch off or lower the air conditionning, they don’t understand and look at us with those big crazy eyes like we just said something completely insane. Of course, if you come from Switzerland you must love cold!!! WRONG! How can you actually enjoy freezing your bonest? Well, I don’t know about you but I personaly hate it. And I certainly will never get used to it as I litterally transform my place into a leaving sauna and am constanly covered up during cold days. So the result is that I get constanly sick when I travel often, first of all because of the plain but also in India for example, I had to take my coat with me for dinner as the air conditionning was so harsh… So what about you guys, how do you bare with the cold? What are your best fashion tips to look good yet feel warm? The other day I was in Lausanne for a couple of short meetings as I saw all the gorgeous Christmas decorations! All the stores have their Christmas shopping ready (you should absolutely go to the Lush boutique, amazing bath products! Such great gift ideas for your beloved ones). I can’t believe that it’s almost there! This is such an exciting period of the year. I hope you all guys enjoy some fabulous time and first and foremost, stay always positive and happy by this end of the year. I am sure some of you have seen this video but I was completely mesmerized by the story of this young man called Zach and of his way of seeing things and of living as he learned that he has terminal stage cancer and has got only a couple of months to go… It is one of the most inspiring stories ever, and shows us that a positive mind is everything and that happiness lies in the little, most simple things but that are so precious and important to our heart. Helping people, even if just with a smile can make a huge difference. And that’s something I think we should all keep in mind, not only now for Christmas time, but forever. I invite you all to discover his story and remind yourself what you are gratefull for. Lots of love guys

HAT : H&M 
BAG : Gucci
SHOES : Balenciaga
COAT : Zara
RING : Alex Mika


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Beautiful outfit. I like your bag.

totally love your look!! great match with leather pants and the coat!

el y ella fashion

I love the coat!!! And I have a similar hat which I wear almost every single day!Works with everything and it is very chic!


Love those pictures, great coat and this Gucci bag is everything!

Greetings from London,

nice, elegant and black, lovely :D

Hi Kristine,

I am loving the look: effortlessly chic! Also, the story-telling your pictures tell is to fall in love.

Stunning as always. I love the photo in front of the Christmas tree. Such an amazing effect

The story of Zach made me cry and think about life. We all should reflect and be thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives. We should tell our family and friends that we love them (some people don’t express their feelings, even though they love someone, but saying how much we love them is so important), we should be kind to people you know and don’t know and think that the most important things in life are not “things” at all. I would like to thank you for sharing such a touching story.
Regarding your outfit, it’s really beautiful and chic. I love scarves and wear them with any outfit during the cold months. Yours is really beautiful and cozy. The coat and leggings are so beautiful too. You look gorgeous!

So stunning !!! Love these pictures

This is the perfect winter outfit!

Love the hat! Please do lots of christmassy festive pictures this month!

Have a wonderful week!

♥ Oksana

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This outfit is absolutely lovely, the coat the bag, it looks all so good!

xoxo Mireille

That first photo of you smiling is just stunning!!

You’re so stunning and i really love this outfit !

oh the second photo is magic!♥ you look gorgeous!

Pretty post, really, this one remind of u me 2 years ago ;)

Please, tell, how to do a make-up?

I am so in love with that coat. I need to stop myself every time in Zara or else I would just spend way too much money. You look divine in this outfit.

Kelly | secondhandspring

So cute! I needed some warm outfit inspiration!

Great outfit idea that keeps you warm! Love it!

I feel the same! I do NOT feel cute in my Timberland winter boots & my (warm) Northface jacket! But when it’s cold and there’s 20 cm of snow on the ground, high heels are out of the question…!

J’adore ton pantalon, ta tenue !!

Beautiful!! Love the outfit.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

Jolies photos et ta tenue est très sympa !

Beautiful as always

You look so chic! Amazing pictures! =D

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Je suis du Nord de la France et je déteste l’hiver, mais vraiment ! j’aime pas devoir accumuler les couches de vêtements, je me sens mal à l’aise et j’ai l’impression de transpirer à mort (c’est très appétissant n’est-ce pas ? ^^)

Donc en général j’essaye de faire simple, un gros manteau, une écharpe doudou et un bonnet, il faut que je me rachète des gants j’ai perdu les miens l’année dernière !

Très belle tenue et merci pour ces conseils ^^


I love what you’re doing! You always have such an amazing style, even in winter when it’s not easy to find a great outfit as you said . I wish you all the best for the future & an early Merry Christmas :)

Ps: when will you post the new Q&A?

I do the tights under my jeans trick as well, and it makes such a difference! This winter I’ve also started layering a thin, packable down jacket under my wool coats, and it gives a lot of extra warmth. Cashmere, merino wool, and fur are also good.

Lovely look, amazing bag

Amazing pictures, and a gorgeous coat!

Beautiful pictures!

I absolutely love this look! It’s simple and understated yet outstandingly sophisticated. I love your style. I’ve been following you on instagram and bloglovin’ for a while now and I can’t get enough of your photos!

The coat is amazing!! Great look!

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You look absolutely stunning, as usual! I wish I could pull off a hat like that! xx

Great look! I´m such a hatlover and it looks good on you!

You have such a beautiful look here!
I really love what you are wearing here!
The coat is so beautiful and cool, I’m sure it is very comfortable to wear!
Love this Gucci bag!
Beautiful Christmas pictures!

I am just obsessed with your blog !
Your outfit is gorgeous

You look amazing, so warm but so stylish! God, you’re good!

Kirsten x

Love the hat on you, great winter rug-up look

I love the hat! Adding extra flair to the winter blues… Great blog! x

Love all the pièces of your outfit , especially the coat and the scarf

Omg! What amazing xmas tree!!
I want the same One in my house!
Love this look so much


Awesome pictures!!!

welcome to my blog and greatings from Spain! :)

Great outfit.Amazing photos)

Despite of what you say about summer, that you like it more than winter, I believe that you are a winter girl! Your creamy, porcelain face is more beautiful in winter. These kind of posts, with warm clothes, daily but elegant, in my opinion are better than your summer ones. It suits you better I must say !!!! Love you anyway!
Give us those winter posts we totally loved on you like this Swiss lady!!!!

Where did you get the iPhone cover? :)
Kind regards,

love love love the bag

xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

Спасибо за ткой красивый пост, очень приятно читать и любоваться вашими фотографиями!

Super! Greetings from London!)

I absolutely love this outfit and your bag! Have you ever thought of using a base shaper for either of your bags? They could really help to support and preserve the structure of your bag! You can buy them from or Etsy and eBay! Have a nice day! :) X

absolutely adore your ensemble and nail colour!

Great! Now I am sure, my winter will be muuuuuch warmer ♥
Thank you!

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great hat

I love the coat you’re wearing, it looks really warm!
My essentials for this time of the year are thermic sweaters and of course socks, having your feet warm makes all the difference and like you said a nice scarf to protect your neck :)

Hello Kristina! You look very wonderful in these colours! But terribly disappointed, the coat is no longer available on zara.
Have a good day!
Kiss from France !

You should be a model… :)

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I usually do lots of layers in winter, it seems to be the only thing that helps me! I also saw that video about Zach a while ago. It was so inspiring and I was so sad that he died :(

Kristina love, I thought you should know that English adjectives in -ful are written with one l, i.e. careful, grateful, wonderful… You use them in every single article so I just wanted to point it out ;)
Anyway I love your coat, it looks so comfy!
Love from Britain xx