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LET’S PAMPER! I’ve always been a big a big sucker for good beauty products, whether it comes to make-up or skin care. My moto has always been make-up won’t make your skin feel better. It will simply hide your little flaws but underneath it all your skin needs care and nourishment. For a long time I neglected my skin care and invested all my budget into make-up products as I felt like it was so much more fun. I could go to bed with make-up on and everything would be just fine. Now I realize the importance of a healthy cleansing and moisturizing routine and how it can change drastically the health of my skin. When I was 14 I dealt with a little acne until I began to see a dermatologist who prescribed me the right products. Since then my skin became quite sensitive, delicate and always in need of heavy hydratation. Yet I am definitely not the girl who never gets a spot! They usually appear after long trips, unheathy food choices, longer nights of intensive work and definitely alcohol (not that I am a heavy drinker, but with all the events, dinners and travel let’s say that it can be quite unhealthy). I think that no matter which skin care products you’ll use, beauty will always come from the inside. So we’re of course talking about your inner glow people but also about your lifestyle and the food you’re eating. Processed foods are definitely an enemy for me. I’ve noticed that drinking sodas, or eating snickers bars isn’t only bad for my general energy levels and body weight but also for my skin. Since I’ve understood that, I banned these products entirely from my diet. And have never felt more happy! It’s been 1 year since I didn’t have one of those industrial chocolate bars and 2 years and half since I haven’t been in a proper fast food (Mc Donalds, Burger King, Quick, you name it). I still find ways to indulge though, I just always try to seek for healthier options and if possible organic dishes (vegan food is just my holy grail, if you want to know the way to my heart : bring me a big bowl of sweet patatoe and tofu) even though it’s very hard when you travel and spend most of your life in aerports, train stations, school, work and so on. But no matter what, you can always make healthy decisions and change for the best your habits.

Now I split my budget 50/50 for make-up and skin care, if not 30/70 to be totally honest. It really depends of the seasons since the products usually last for quite a while. With time I’ve perfected my routine and I am quite happy with it now. One of the key things I’ve noticed is that my skin’s needs change almost constantly, there are days where it just needs nourishment, days were it needs something soothing, days where it just wants to feel extra clean and purified. I’ve used for a long time the Clinique 3 step and really liked it. It was super simple and easy. Yet it doesn’t seem to work for me anymore and what really does the job is changing products every other day. So let’s put it that way : I don’t have a proper routine but I have some favourite products that I like to mix up whenether I feel like my skin needs something special. And yet I follow the same “steps” everyday, it’s just the products that will change. So I have 3 cleansers, 2 scrubs, 3 creams, 3 toners, 2 eye creams a couple of oils and serums and a couple of face masks and I am fully set for the whole winter season. I know… It’s a LOT. But pampering and cleansing after a long day is such a relaxing and enjoyable moment, I like to appreciate it at 100% and use products that I enjoy and take time to choose through recommendation or by trying samples. Since I have very short nights, I really need some extra attention so that my eyes don’t look puffy or features seem tired. Now my routine consists of 3 proper steps and it takes me approximatively 15minutes to finish everything. 

I’ll start with the preparation of the skin with a thermal water just to soften everything up, I like to use Avène, then I’ll use a cleansing balm (I never use foaming cleansers, they are the least natural ones and don’t work for my skin), my favourite is by Eve Lom (even though it has mineral oil in it, it just works for me) that I’ll use with a face cloth and some tepid water. Then comes the second cleasing step, now we’re going to deep cleanse. I have different cleansers, currently I use a clarifying one from Ren, one for radiance by Guerlain and a gentle one by Kiehl’s. Once I’m done I’ll have another spray of Avène’s thermal water to calm my skin after the deep cleansing and take off all the chlore from the tap water off my face. That’s when the fun begins. Now you have the option either to exfoliate (I am madly in love with Fresh’s sugar face scrub which you’ll leave on as a face mask after exfoliating, the one from Dr Brandt is also great) or to use a treatment mask. If you’re done then the toning begins. I use everytime two toners. One which contains acid and one hydratating spray (I love the one from Dr Hauschka and Ren!). After that I’ll apply my eye cream and all the serums/oils I need. I really enjoy Estée Lauder’s advanced night repair (I think it’s supposed to be for more mature skins but it works like magic on mine), the Josie Maran argan oil if I really need some deep hydratation or if I need something extra I’ll just have Kiehl’s Midnight serum and nothing else. I finish of with some cream! The ultra facial cream from Kiehl’s is so great, especially during these cold days. I also like Ren’s creams and Kenzoki. If you have any spot problem I totally suggest you to check out Eve Lom’s Dynaspot as well as Aesop’s Chamomille mask followed by some of their control gel.

There you go guys! Hope this all helped you out. Nice pampering :)



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Your skin is so perfect, I’m very jealous! Love Kiel’s and I’ll try all these products. Your beauty post always are so usefull

Beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing your winter beauty routine :)

xx Mira

Very nice informations and inspiration.

I’m quite obsessed with Skin care and now I spend less money on make up! For my skin care I use almost only products with natural ingredients, without parabens,sylicons etc… I love french and german beauty products, they’re the best *_* Thanks for showing us what you do :)
Have a nice day!

hi kristina! look awesome as usual! ;-) where did you buy those earrings? they’re gorgeous!

greetings from lucerne

need something like first aid kit haha my skin was normal, pretty easy to care of but now, it goes drier and drier :(

Your skin looks flawless and absolutely gorgeous, what a lovely post thank you so much for sharing :-) xxx

I see some really good products

Kiehl’s products are one of my favourite ones!

I should start to pamper my skin a lot more!

Great photos and I love the earcuffs!!

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I’ve never tried anything from these thing. But I want to try :)

What a lovely looking routine!! :D Aw, I wish I could afford those tee-hee!
Thank you for sharing your tips :)

Ayant le même type de peau que vous,j’ai pris rendez-vous sur un stands ESTEE LAUDER et ai trouvée des produits fabuleux: perfectly clean,crème nettoyante,démaquillante/masque hydratant,l’essayée c’est l’adopter ! , la lotion douceur aux particules d’or,douce et légère après ce,enfin crème daywear laisse peau douce,rebondie,repeuplée :) penses à tester gel lumière démaquillant guerlain, et leur tonner aqua day , la ligne super aqua day complète et gel pureté chanel avec leur lotion douceur,et crème hydra beauty à chanel est formidable vous la recommande bien plus que khiels et rem ! ps : ne peut pas attendre collection de luxe printemps 2014 chanel,ysl,guerlain,lancome et dior = somptueux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have such a beautiful skin !

Love from Paris

I love your earrings and nice skin care product tips!


wow so many amazing products!
no wonder why you’re skin is always so amazing

A nice set of products you have there. I’m waiting for the Christmas sales to invest in the more expensive skincare, so for now, I use pharmacy brands. But I haven’t had a facial in months ! I really want one because my skin looks a bit spotty.

Je pense qu’il faut arrêter le flou artistique surtout car photoshop n’est pas skin care lui. Ce n’est pas méchant a vous deux vous faite un travail formidable mais je me demande comment un photographe comme peut encore utiliser autant le flou, même dans ce diapo juste les yeux et les lèvres sont deflouté par l’outil photoshop tout le reste les sourcils et la peau le sont de manière excessive tu as certainement une peau magnifique mais cela n’est pas naturel du tout sur les photos cela donne un aspect de cire même les pubs dior Chanel et ysl beauty ne le sont pas autant ou mieux filtré a l’air de pore visibles

skincare is more important than any makeup! nice post!

You have a perfect skin!!! Love all the products!! =)


Thank you for this lovely post! :)


All your skincare combined costs perhaps more than my mom’s monthly paycheck. Thank you for your tips. I could probably find more affordable counterparts now that I have some ideas what to look for. ^^

You look so different without eye liner !

Your article really made me think about changing my lifestyle .. I’ve really neglected the health and these past couple of months my skin has gone very very bad! I think I know what’s the solution to that :) Thank you so much for this! :)



que guapisima vas! incluso sin maquillaje!

Hi, What sweater/cardigan are you wearing in the first picture?

Why would you edit all the pictures? We would LOVE it natural too…

u’re not using this electronic thing brush whatever from philips anymore?

OMG! You are so pretty! Your skin looks amazing! Great tips! I am blown away <3 <3

vegan food is good for you and your skin, but raw food….. wooh, that’s even bigger difference, trust me :-) more energy, more vitamins, more fresh, more healthy… at least vegetarian is a good life style, and ban sugar : that’s the enemy!

Love the article, thanks for sharing. Do you have any recommendations for baggy eyes?

Definitely try Kiehl’s Midnight eye cream – same as skin drops it works overnight and no day cream helped me as much!


You’re such a natural beauty! I have to try these products, your skin looks amazing. :)

Great Pictures and nice productes! Love the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser.

Jessy by Kleidermaedchen Beauty Blog
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Smart girl to spend 50/50 on makeup and skin care! You’e got such beautiful skin my dear. xo

I love this! You are so flawless! Really interesting to read! :) X

Toller Post!!

Liebe Grüße,
Verena von

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Thanks for the tips! You have beautiful skin!!!


You’re skin is simply flawless!! Perfection

you are drop dead gorgeous! thanks for the beauty info!

Avoir une bonne routine soin reste important pour avoir une belle peau, c’est certain :) Chose que j’ai aussi récemment apprise quitte à dépenser plus dans de bons produits. Le make-up aussi doit être de qualité donc à ne pas négliger.

Je ne peux pas m’empêcher de te demander: certes, tu as une routine irréprochable, mais sur ces photos tu es aussi “retouchée”, n’est-ce pas?
Loin de moi l’idée de critiquer ou de remettre en doute ta beauté naturelle. La retouche photo fait de tout manière partie intégrante de notre société ;)

Article très intéressant !
Je mange comme toi de façon très équilibrée depuis 2 ans environ et je sais que maintenant à chaque fois que je mange quelque chose de plus “chimique” j’ai des petits boutons … De même à chaque contrariété j’ai aussi quelques boutons … C’est très énervant mais c’est pas grave, je me dis qu’il y a pire dans la vie ! :D
En tout cas sur toutes les photos ta peau a l’air d’être juste parfaite ! :)

Your skin is absolutely incredible! I’m so jealous! Stunning xxx
Made In The 1990′s.

Great products!

CristiSH : oh lets pursue the divine skin, you just make me wanna pamper all night long! thanks for ur advices.

nice winter skin care tips for dry skin thanks for posting here about winter skin care

I like Your photos but I see too much blur on Your face. Blurring things isn’t the best way to hide some skin defects.

I miss your pale skin! why are you using so much self tanner?? it can give you cancer, i hope you know that. Your porcelain teint was perfect, always loved you for it, please dont follow the stupid beauty ideal

Your skin is perfect! Love this post, thanks for sharing your beauty tips! x

loove the earrings..where are they from?

Love you! Your skin looks just perfect! You are way too beautiful!

Vivien Sophie, Sophiestique

As lovely as this post is, it would be nice to see what your skin actually looked like without make-up and photo shop…. instead of manipulating us

Love this post!

Some of them are also my favourite products and I really want to try the others mentioned.

Happy Monday!

Greetings from London,

Thanks for sharing :)


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Hey Kayture duo, i would like to ask Kristina how the name is of the product in the silver box that you apply for your eyes, or at least around your eyes. That would be a great help!

Thank You,

Love, Jessica

Seriously, your skin looks amazing!

Sandrine x

gorgeous x

moustachic ♡
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Hey guys! Thanks a lot for your all your great messages and remarks.

I wanted to point out that James and I just bought a new lense for the blog that indeed makes more blurr especially for portraits pictures. We thought it was very nice and elegant and never for one second thought that it would make the images look more edited than before.

As you may know we invest a lot of time to prepare the images to be published, we regulate the light, contrast and the nasty shadows i(f there are any). Most of all we always make sure to have a good light when we shoot so we don’t need to use photoshop too much (imagine the hours it would take for all the pictures, we’re not crazy wazy)…

Next time we’ll shoot with less blurr. Thank you for contributing!
And I am most definitely a big promoter of the natural look, but some nice editing only perfects an image, and it takes a lot of hard work. But it’s also so nice if used with precaution :)

Lots of love

Amazing post, you look beautiful! =)

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I must say great choices and a good article ! I have tried many of those products and some don’t ! Dr hauschka masks are amazing too ;)



Ah ma peau joue aux montagnes russes j’en peux plus ! il va falloir que je me ré achète quelques produits, en plus j’attrape des boutons, je crois que je fais une réaction à la cire (vive les épilations des sourcils) tu as de très bons produits, tu m’as donnée des idées ^^


Bonjour Kristina, j’adore ton blogue, c’est vraiment sympa. J’adore tes posts sur les produits de beauté. Cependant, je dois te donner un petit conseil, n’utilisez pas trop de filtres Photoshop, car cela rend les photos moins naturelles. Certes tu as une peau magnifique, mais je pense que le blogue est une plateforme intéressante car elle est différente des filles plastiques que l’on nous montre dans tous les magazines aujourd’hui. Ce serait encore mieux pour les jeunes filles de voir que tu as aussi quelques ”défauts” car ces jours-ci c’est pas facile de s’accepter comme on est. Cela n’enlève rien à ton blogue, je trouve que vous faites une équipe hors du commun, vraiment!
Une lectrice qui rêve de voyages et de belles choses

Sweet Kristina, may we see more of your personal side? I would love to have a tour of your closet (saw a sneak peek on Instagram) and bathroom with all your nice clothes/bath products. Can you do a hotel post? I love to see you and James doing normal things, such as having breakfast at the hotel restaurant, lounging in the hotel room after a long flight, chatting at a local café… just regular normal activities in daytime. Thanks for another amazing post! Love XOXO Catou

I love the way you look without a lot of make up :) you’re so pretty!
and i love the new lense that you use!



Fantastic..!!! I love your skincare ideas and you look gorgeous. I’ll definitely follow you to take care of my skin.

BEAUTIFUL SKIN! Definitely resorting back to this.

You have really nice skin, I’ve always invested more on my skin care products than on my makeup. Actually most of the makeup I own was given to me, I’m just now starting to buy more things, but I never disregard my skin care, I think it’s the most important part of your daily routine!

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I love how adorable you look in all these photos. your face is so fresh, if that makes sense! hahaha <3

Faire un flou artistique et enlever le flou sur les sourcils les yeux et la bouche = 30s par photo. Donc pas besoin de dire au vous n’êtes pas fou a passer des heures sur photoshop cela prend quelque seconde a peine par photo et ne demande pas une grande maîtrise du tout.

You’ve got such gorgeous skin, Kristina!

Looks like you chose some great products! I agree — skin care is very important. I, too would prefer to spend more on makeup than skin care, but I know my skin really needs proper care especially in the winter.

Is there a specific product you would recommend to make my skin glow and to take away redness? It always seems to get so red and dry in the winter and to look “washed out”. I usually use makeup to highlight it but wasn’t sure if there was something better.

I also really love using natural sunscreen for my face as it helps to protect against sun damage. It is important to wear sunscreen year round instead of just in the summer. I love this product because it is free of harmful chemicals.

Really a nice blog shows that you have good knowledge about skin care products.

Lovely post just want to try them all! x
rhonda Allison

Whow’s that girl? She looks amazing.. I don’t think she needs any beauty advice. If you think you do, check my blog thanks.. Nice pictures.

If you feel like you ignore your skin on weekdays, weekends are the perfect opportunity to pamper it through a special weekend skin care routine. In addition, really I love your blog pictures are looking really beautiful.

un peu pres le style d’idee que je me fesait sur le sujet, merci bien pour ce succulent billet.

Thanks for the tips. AND GREAT layout.


Very informative article post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

Thanks for the article post. Fantastic.

Fantastic blog.Really looking forward to read more.

I have the same problem, many of my friends are lucky with her skin They drink alcohol,, they eat hamburger or pizza, and they have a perfect skin !

You are my favourite fashion blogger of all time! :)
I know your blog for a very long time and I love it <3
kisses, Ju

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Other then that, terrific blog!

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