Okay here we are guys. Kicking off this new year, 2014, with a big project of mine that comes from the bottom of my heart and from deep down my soul… Aah I’m excited like a little monkey!! I want to take advantage of this video to explain a little bit the why and the how come because a lot of you had many questions, many were surprised, some even quite chocked… But most of you were so supportive and encouraging. I can’t thank you enough for that.

The thing is, before opening Kayture, my biggest dream, and this throughout my whole childhood, was to be a performer. I grew up watching video clips of Madonna, Cher, Céline Dion (I think you got a little sneak peek of that in the Ten Hats Ten facts video!) and Britney Spears, singing every single word of The Little Mermaid bundled up in my mom’s evening dresses. My parents always related to me the stories of how hyper active I was when I was a kid, always throwing on shows for everybody at home, always creating some new dance moves, new songs and new dresses for my spectacles.

I grew up with a very simple background, and unfortunately my family didn’t have that much fundings to afford a proper music school, though I had the chance to take some singing classes and even sing on a little stage when I was like 4 (I’m dying, I want to find this video!!). When we moved to Kentucky, conditions for my family got even more challenging and it was impossible to do any extra activities. Luckily when we moved to Europe I started doing all of the things I loved the most, dancing, acting, singing. I was taking so many classes at the same time, I was passionate by classical ballet and took six year of extra training after school. I got in a singing school after passing an audition and even shared this passion with some friends in high school.

I would write songs to take my mind of off things, when I felt bad, or felt good, felt surprised or angry, I would take a pen and the music would take everything away. I’d dress up, wear make-up, heels and some gorgeous DIY dresses essentially made out of tulle and various pieces of textiles to create the perfect show look… And I would sing my hear out… annoying my neighbors to death.

I never though that blogging would come into my life like it did. It kind of took me by surprise, in fact I didn’t even know it existed at the time. But once I got in it, I was fascinated, obsessed and so passionate. I could create my world, share my messages, my feelings with people around the world, who could hopefully relate and bring in some more inspirational content. I was so hooked and motivated. Singing anyway never gave me lots of perspectives in Switzerland and the thing is, that I made the very big mistake of being afraid. Music is something so precious, intimate and powerful to me, I was so incredibly scared to share that part of me with people.

Like some of you may know, high school was a really though period for me for various reasons. And so, I was quite scared to acknowledge my passion for music and blogging felt like a relief. I could do my own thing far far away in the web bubble that felt so distant and reassuring. But I kept on singing every single day, doing it essentially for my own pleasure.

Of course when Kayture properly took off, my brain, heart and everything was entirely focused on it and wanted for it to be one of the best, if not the best, personal blog out there. High goals, high motivations. The higher you set the goal the higher you’ll get. And so my team and I worked like crazy people growing and enhancing the quality of Kayture. But something inside me told me that I would regret all my life if I didn’t do something about the singing. I never stopped, I always sang for myself, always wrote, kept that dream locked up somewhere in my mind for a time where I would be and feel ready for it. And I am now more than ready.

So I thought, either I do it at a 100% or I just don’t. And the answer was clear to me, I want to go all the way and do it at 400% with all my energy and determination. Like I told you, 2014 will be the year of new beginnings and I can’t be more proud and happy to share this new goal in my life with you all who’ve always been so loyal and dedicated.

To me, music and fashion are two wonderful elements which complete each other perfectly to create something truly unforgettable.

I hope you will enjoy this first video (because there is definitely so much more to come). Here’s an acoustic cover of Katy Perry’s wonderful song “Unconditionally”, thanks to all the team for helping build up this mini clip and Marie Traube at the guitar for her amazing skills. I can’t wait to share with you guys the songs that I wrote! Lots of love x.


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I like the way you sing! So natural!

HEY! I will be so happy to see you on SALTYSTORM.
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Wow love your singing. You have a beautiful voice. Looking forward to hear more :D

xx Mira

Sweet Perdition 21 January 2014 / Reply

Ohh espectacular! encima cantas bien?? eres perfecta!!!

I love the tone of your voice.

Oh wow, you’re amazing! You have such a great voice, I was really blown away, didn’t expect that! And I think it’s so inspiring that you don’t just stick to blogging because it’s working, but that you are pursuing your dreams. I don’t know if you know Morgan Joanel, but she’s also a fashion blogger slash musician. Much love! Kristina, you are so inspiring!

Comme tout le monde j’étais impatiente de découvrir cette vidéo!
j’avais déjà adoré ta voix sur instagram, mais sur cette vidéo c’est vraiment top!
la musicienne est très classe, le décor simple mais parfait et bien sûr ton look juste sublime!
continue comme ça c’est génial ;)

You’ve got a wonderful voice, Kristina! I think, that the best for you is still yet to come and that you are a great singer already. Can’t wait for your songs :)
Greetings from Poland!

Ta voix est sublime, tout comme ton style et ton blog. J’admire tout ce que tu as entrepris et surtout à cet âge-là. Tu as bien raison de poursuivre tes rêves, la vie est bien trop courte pour être ponctuée de regrets. De plus, je suis sûr que tu iras très loin, d’ailleurs, avec la volonté et la motivation que tu as, le contraire me semble impossible! Merci à toi de nous faire rêver au quotidien, au rythme de tes articles et désormais grâce à ta si belle voix! Au plaisir de te croiser à Genève une fois. Xx

Wow Kristina you have such a beautiful voice !

Love from Paris

Good luck with your future goal! Can’t wait to see more.

Beautiful beautiful voice… You could be succesful! However, your TOO classis…even if a cover is perfect I hope we will be able to see you in a more young and a bit more rebel style …This video was great but a little bit old-fashioned…even If I looove your classic style and elegance.. I encourgae you to be a bit more rebel a bit more young! Anyways…amazing voice, you worth it!

You’re actually very good!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

At first when I heard you wanted to be a singer I was a bit unsure, because so many people think that thy can sing without really being able to do it.
And I must say, go for it! pursue your dream, I love your singing voice! This is a really hard song to sing and you sang it amazingly well!

x Claude

wow, speechless! Your voice is amazing!


Finally! You have such a lovely voice!


Beautiful! Congratulations!

Your voice is beautiful!

ahhh you must be so excited about this!

moustachic ♡
Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

Love it! You’re very talented!

Great voice, sounds like a fairytale!

Your voice is amazing!please keep going, cant wait to hear your own songs :)

new post on :

I love the fact that you are following your passion. Ignoring your passion is a slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Your passion makes me happy! Good luck :)


what a pleasant surprise! keep it up love xx

Bravo Kristina, this is truly beautiful! I hope all your dreams come true, I’m positive that you will do a splendid job with this new path you have decided to venture on. Your blog is already more than amazing, and seeing your dedication to and talent for singing, this project is sure to be extremely successful!

Actually I am so overwhelmed. You are such a talanted girl and you so beautiful! Keep on going!
Love Any xx

Your Text ->This sound a lot like me. I always have a passion for singing, dancing and acting. But never had the opportunities to learn it professional. I wish you so much luck and live your dream :-*. You can do everything if you want…so lets go Kristina <3

i love it

Euh,,, horrible ? just keep posing for pictures, you do that better my dear…. but the guitarist is good though !

that was something beautiful. Your voice is so pure and elegant. I love that you’re so classic I think we all have enough of young rebel vulgar and scandal making singers. Once again great job! xx

wahoo we finally get to hear you singing!!

Kristina you have such a nice voice, darling. I hope, you will sing some other songs.


Wow what an amazing voice you have!
I cannot wait to see where this new chapter will take you, best of luck :)

Sophie xxx

WOW! amazing :)

Wow such a beautiful voice! Amazing Kristina!❤️❤️❤️

You have a very clear and distinctive voice. You really have a talent so I hope that you can reach unimaginable heights. I’ll definitively share this video on my social networking sites so you can hopefully get a bigger public from my world.

Lots of love!

what a pleasant surprise! keep it up love ! xx

I loved it! I was really curious to hear you singing, and this cover was amazing! You have a beautiful voice! And I also love the atmosphere of this video, everything is perfectly set up, you both look gorgeous and elegant. We can really feel this is your video, your world! Keep going!

xx Camille

ooohhh your voice! amazing!
oh btw i think your post isn’t linked to bloglovin anymore since the new kayture, or maybe it’s just me that the camera had a dirt on the lens :’)

wow, I am speechless. you have such an incredible voice! I am proud of you, that you realise your dreams.
I wish you and james the best.

Bof. J’avoue que si t’avais été une anonyme qui a posté cette vidéo sur YT, j’aurais vite fait de passer à autre chose. Je trouve ça dommage, parce que je suis sûre que tu vas arriver à te faire un petit nom dans le monde de la musique, mais je ne pense pas que ce sera dû à une voix incroyable qui nous transporte dès les premières notes, mais ça sera plutôt à ton nom, ton succès en tant que bloggeuse (et tout ce qui va avec à savoir une certaine notoriété et des dizaines de milliers de lecteurs) et aux qualités de ce type de vidéos (beau lieu, belle lumière,…). Je sais que ces trois points sont liés et que tu as travaillé comme une acharnée durant ces années consacrées à ton blog, mais vraiment, je n’adhère pas à ta musique…dommage..cependant, bonne chance, et qui sait, peut-être que ton succès va t’amener à avoir droit à des conseils de pros et donc à t’améliorer plus vite qu’il ne faut pour le dire! ;)

Oh my Gosh!!! Kristina you’re sooo good!!
I can’t believe it!!! I really loooooove your voice!!!
You’re so talented!!! Keep surprising us and making us happy!!!!

omg! your voice is incredible! I like your cover very much. I am glad for you and I am sure u will achieve your goals.

OMG girl!! How many talents do you have to share? You can make whatever you want!! Follow your dream Kristina! This is the best advice!

Okay, now I am REALLY impressed! It’s funny but somehow I always had the feeling that you are a good singer .. I do sing myself and I think that sometimes you just “see” that someone’s got talent! And now I have the confirmation .. you are REALLY GOOD!
First of all you look like a beautiful fairy and secondly you just have an extremely clear and beautiful voice and what I think is really special is .. that your voice sounds so “warm”! If your voice would have a colour it would be something like a warm red tone like burgundy haha.
Kristina, du hast wirklich Talent und ich freue mich auf mehr! Liebe Grüße aus Österreich :) (you speak german, right? haha)

Hi Kristina,

first of all I want to express my respect of your courage to conquer new fields! It takes a lot of personality to go out there and show this kind of courage. But that’s what I really appreciate about you – you’re always a step ahead!

Best from Vienna,

The Fashion Panda 21 January 2014 / Reply

Waaw you have an amazing voice, so talented !
Looking foward to hear new songs :)

Beautiful! It’s almost impossible that somebody incredibly beautiful and smart like you has even so nice voice. The nature was very generous. I’m looking forward to another songs, especially your owns.

Beautiful! ❤️

Yay for Kay! So glad to finally hear you singing and I am extremely happy to see that you are chasing your dreams no matter what! Your voice is so special, there’s no reason to hide it! Really happy for you xx

Really nice cover, I love your voice, it’s super clean!

Àlex Burch

I am so spechless! You have so many talents and I think I am a little bit like you, I have always loved dancing singing but now I don’t have enough courage to do that in public even though I would like to as in my dreams. Your the biggest inspiration for me. Now i will try to follow your steps.

wow!! that was amazing!! congrats!!!!!!!

A quand “The Voice” ?

Just WOW! I had not even expected that you have such a strong and beautiful voice!
And you were right when you choosed to do it in 100 percent, you have done it even much, much better. Continue doing it so!
Greetings from Ukraine!

I think it’s absolutely great you are following your dreams! May it come true this year! Wishing you lots of luck :)

Veronica Giomini 21 January 2014 / Reply

beautiful! visit my blog

Amazing!!!!!! ♡♡♡

Beautiful as always. Good luck<3

I liked it, really! But I can say as someone, who has studied singing – take some private lessons to put your voice, you need to make the sound of your voice stronger, the feed. I wish you good luck! =)

Tricia Ladiana 21 January 2014 / Reply

Hi Kristina, WOW!!This is my first time to visit your blog.And definitely wanted to visit here again and again. I like your voice especially you pretty face!I’m now a fan of yours.So beautiful and gorgeous. Muah love lots from me Tricia -Philippines :)

Beautiful video!
But, you know, Kristina, when you sing a verse you sound perfect, but when you’re singing chorus (especially the exact unconditionally word) you sound off key. Sometimes too high, sometimes too low.
Good luck to you and wish to see more singing videos from you!
Much love, Ana

I think that your voice is nice and you are really appropriate to be a singer but you need to be in practice your facial expression a lot. If you can improve that, you will be perfect :). Good luck to you!!!

You girls have it all: beauty, brains and talent! Wish you only happiness cause with those three you don’t need luck!

OceanWind Blog

Beautiful voice! Congratulations and good luck! I am very excited to hear your own songs.

Oh my, Kristina ! There are so many things I’d like to tell you right now…! It’s going to rain complimentz, I’m sorry… I might sound a little bit too much enthusiastuc about… Everything !
First of all, I would like to say that you’re my favorite blogger EVER (and of course there are some very coooool girls that I love and that truly rocks, but I mean… Come on, you’re on top !). Your outfits, your beautiful face (I think you’re in the Top 10 the most beautiful women on earth, if that even exists !)
But most of all, I love how you share everything with us with such sincerity and humility. You haven’t forgotten where you come from and that’s something in this world and in the fashion blogging sphere.
I’d like to add that whenever I read your blog about your thoughts and feelings, I feel like I’m readig myself (it may sound ridiculous but it’s true). I am a songwriter and a singer too, and I started a blog last month (and you are one of the many reasons that inspired me to do so). I’m doing thing the other way around !

Now about that song, I covered it too, and I have to say that your voice and EMOTIONS (that’s a big part of the singing process) fits the song perfectly. You sing like an angel, so pure and delicate but also so determined and strong. I really look forward to hear more, but mostly to hear your own songs. And no matter what, I’ll be there, listening anf reading Kayture as long as it exists.

I’m sorry that I wrote such a paragraph, that’s what happens when I really love something, I let my emotions type on the keyboard :)
I wish you the best (even if you’re already the best for me, obviously, but I wish you to even get better if that’s even possible), and I also wish I get the chance to meet you someday so that I can talk to you about music and fashion…
Okay so now I’m going to stop, but anyway, KEEP ROCKING LIKE YOU DO, K !


Wow, I usually change the radio when this song comes on. But you sing it beautifully. I hope you’ll be posting more videos of your singing. Beautiful voice.

Das letzte mal hab ich dein Video gesehen, wo du zu viele Handbewegungen und zu viele facial expressions gemacht hast, was zu übertrieben/teatral war.
Hier – einfach toll, vom Attitude bis zur Stimme :)

You have a beautiful voice keep singing :) very talented ! Good luck with your knew project !


How wonderful! Such a strong, sweet voice and what a project to take on with the new year!

Really beautiful cover of the song. Until today i couldn’t imagine you as a singer, but I’m surprised in a very very good way! :)

Oh come on, at least be fair. Why do you publish only the “nice” comments ? Doesn’t reflect the reality ! Be a bit objective princess, don’t be manipulative like the Russian government….

Jesus Christ, this is awesome! Please go ahead with music <3

Tu as une voix magnifique qui m’a donné des frissons

I loved it! Kristina I really feel like for you sharing this other passion with us reveals a lot about your personality and in some way I feel a lot closer to you now than ever before. I also love fashion and I’ve just started out with blogging but one of my biggest passions is music and singing as well, and I am so happy and proud that you go after your dreams – you are a true inspiration.
Lots of love.


Hey Kristina! You sing really well, wish you the best luck with this new project with music you’re in. I really admire how you can get all you want by work and determination. Sincerely I really have you as a role model or something like that, I even wrote a composition for an english exam in my school about you (commented that in another post but don’t know if you have read it… I hope you did). Also, the text you wrote here it’s beautiful and thank you for trying to inspire all of us everyday with your words, but getting to where you are right now, earning a living as a blogger, it’s really difficult, specially because there are thousands of people like me around there who also would like their blog to become bigger, and not everybody can make it, no matter how much effort they put. I’m not blaming you for achieving your goals, I already have told you that I really admire you, but I just think it’s a bit risky to put all I’ve got into blogging when there are a lot of possibilities I end up being just one more blog. You encouraged me to create my own blog just for fun, and I thank you for that, but please have in mind that we can’t all be successful in such a “little” industry as it’s fashion blogging.


This sounds lovely and your voice is so powerful!
How about trying to stand in your next video? I bet you would have even more power and you would be more free in moving :)

Very beautiful voice (: you have a talent, really didnt expect such an outcome after having seen the Instagram video you posted not so long ago, in my humble opinion you really forced yourself from time to time. Don’t get me wrong I know how difficult it is to make the music flow. Great job! Really impressed! (:

Wow !! Tu chantes vraiment bien,ta voix est incroyable!! J adore ! :D :D
J espère vraiment que tu pourra percer dans la musique ! Tu le mérite vraiment :)

Hi Kristina, i’ve actually never commented before though i’ve been reading your blog for the past two years. You’re such a breath of fresh air, my getaway from the real world whenever i have a few minutes to spare in my day and an inspiration. You’re probably the most optimistic blogger i know, you’re full of soo much passion and zest for life and all of that is transparent in the content of your blog. I love the pictures you take with James and as for your elegant sense of style, i’m obsessed. I watched the video and i loved it, its actually so brave of you to really follow your dream and i believe you’ll make a success of it because you’re clearly putting a lot of heart and passion into it. You’ve got my vote. Im rooting for you, you can do it. All my love from South Africa.

Mariana Paulos 21 January 2014 / Reply

Beautiful :) You’re very talented! Singing is a passion of mine too :) Keep up the inspirational work.


You’re so talented! Gorgeous voice :-)
I hope to see more soon!


Wooow you have such a pretty voice ! You need to go on girl

Woah. This is so amazing, you have such a beautiful voice. Definitely keep it up, I can’t wait to hear more!


You are an amazzzzing singer and such an inspiration!
You rock it out! And we looooove your voice!
We hope all your dreams come true!
Big hugs and kisses
Xo Cailli and Sam

ouais, pour animer des karaokés pourquoi pas…
non sérieusement, jolie voix, mais pas du tout distinctive. A moins que tu aies un univers particulier dans tes compos. Ca sonne assez faux surtout cette chanson… Ouille. Très bon hobby pourquoi pas.

Wonderful! I absolutely loved it!
Keep up with your amazing work, Kristina!

I just wanted you to know that your cover has been on repeat the whole day. I’ve listened to the original version, but I must admit that I prefer your acoustic version. I also must admit that I didn’t aspect you to have such a beautiful voice. Thank you for proving the opposite and thank you for making my coffee time in the morning a special moment.
Watching your blog has become a tradition, because it brings me such a good vibe. Apart from clothes, lifestyle and travel tips (which are amazing), your writing is very funny and you always share with us a lot of great moments. In a world full of bad news, your blog is a breathe of fresh air.
Thank you once again for this amazing job that you are doing, I wish you all the best and may your wishes ( regarding fashion, music or anything else) come true!

Thank you for sharing them to us, they’re really inspiring as Kayture has been
Keep on going!
God blesses all your dreams!

Always follow your hart! So brave of you to share so much of your self. Keep up!! xo Hanneke

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Amazing voice!!! Good job!!

I am so impressed Kristina! Is there anything you can’t do? :)



Such a clean average voice! Its brilliant! Well done on kickstarting 2014 with this amazing piece! X

I’m so glad that you are able to live another of your dreams! How amazing that must feel…!! I can relate with not feeling quite ‘right’ (when you mentioned your high school experience) and even now, I sometimes feel shy to say that I am a blogger…but it’s important to just follow our dreams because you showed how following your dreams can payoff!!!

And I was SO surprised when I heard your singing voice! Amazing! Are you hoping to do more music-related projects this year??

Your voice is breathtaking! and the way you wrote all of this made me cry and feel everything that you have been feeling. It is so amazing to have a woman who is so passionate for something and gives it her all. I am ALWAYS here to support you. Whether it is singing or blogging or whatever you chose next. Your voice is simply amazing, the best voice I have heard in a long time and you are my idol.

Keep on rocking Kristina!

Amber’Ley Della-Calce

Lovely voice!
Beautiful you!


Babes, you have a lovely voice; stunning tone. You must have been pooping your pants! In an elegant way :) Speaking as a NON-professional, I thought you had your own style and it felt really genuine and incredibly watchable; especially when you relaxed and went for it. How admirable.

Sophie x

I’m always excited by your projects ! CAn’t wait to see more :)

You’re pushing too hard at times, but yeah, not bad at all. Still a lot of work to be done but I’m almost sure you’ll make it…Good luck on your journey, sweetie.:)

Margarida Silva 21 January 2014 / Reply

Wow! You sing better than Katy Perry! You have such a sweet voice and you are so beautiful… “The whole package” as we say in Portugal! I can’t wait to see more! =)

From now on, I love your blog even more! :) Keep singing, you are so talented!
Sincere wishes!

I’m sure you had a really nice voice, and I couldn’t wait to hear you from the moment you announced it. You did a great cover of the song. You poured your soul into it, and it was all very emotional. However, I do have to agree with some of the people above, that you need to take some singing lessons, in order to sing better. The verse part was indeed smooth and perfect, but the chorus was a bit off key, and sometimes more loud than it should have been. I’ve studied music, and singing for years, and I can definitely see that you’re talented. You really need to follow you dreams, and I’m sure that you’ll make it as a singer. Just remember to take some time for singing lessons. Good luck with this new start!
P.S. I really hope that Kayture won’t be left behind, as you’re one of my favorite fashion bloggers.

Kristina, first of all, I’d like to state that you are incredibly gifted. Your voice is really beautiful, and you have what it takes to be recognised. But there’s something that I would like you to think about: you’re young, people will expect to see a “brighter” side of you, a more carefree one, maybe a little rebelious? But you’ve showed in this video that you’ll probably go down in a more classy route. I can’t say what is the best way to portrait your music, but you should think about that. Do you want to go for a younger look or do it the traditional way? Either way, I’m sure that you’ll succeed. And maybe this more elegant side of you will set you apart from the other singers, especially in the *sighs* twerk-era of ours.
Looking forward to hear more from you. Best of luck!

Cheesecake 22 January 2014 / Reply

I will be Simon Cowell here :)
You have what it takes: the looks and the talent. But being as ambitious as you are – you also need to sometimes get a bit down to earth: go take singing lessons and start with something easier. Unconditionally is a very tough song to pull, esp. for 1st timers, esp. on camera. When you started i was blown away. When you reached the middle i had to put sound to minimum not to disturb my neighbours and keep my hearing. I have a feeling you did not put emotions into the song that is about unconditional love, come on! Thus you compensated by going all the way to screaming and i must be honest – it was disturbing sometimes.
Anyways, i think it is all about taking singing lessons and experience, i will be happy to see you in charts. Enough with all those schlager singers in CH and DE!!!!

I love the clean and crisp quality of your voice! It’s hauntingly sweet. I think the song was perfect to showcase your vocals. I actually much prefer your cover to the original version- you brought out a more delicate side of the song. I can’t wait to hear your original songs!

Like many of the other commenters here, I do hope you won’t put Kayture on the back burner! Reading about your adventures and seeing your outfits has been a constant sources of inspiration to me over the years. As someone who’s also chasing her dreams, I 100% support you and can’t wait to hear what’s to come!

xx Lily


I was surprise. You have angel voice!!! And it’s amazing that you embody you nursery dreem!!!! Good luck!

This is fantastic I love your voice! I can’t wait to hear more!! I would LOVE it if you were to do a Taylor Swift song!!

This is amazing and your vocal range is truley remarkable! Can’t wait to hear more! Xx

You are so talented! I didn’t expect that you have such fine voice, it is really tremendous! Christina you madly inspire! ! ! Cool! I wish you success! ! !kisses from Russia!

Dear Kristina
I’m really impressed how you developed. You seem to be so ambitious and a perfactionist :) you’re just living your dreams! I wish you all the best for your singing career…
The song is really beautiful and so is your cover… But I think you still have to strenghten your voice and work on some notes you didn’t hit quite right… But sill, I’m sure you will become a succesful singer – And I will never forget the day you posted that first clip of yours :)

live, rita

Wow, you’re great, You have a great singing potential! Good luck with this too! :)


love it! i was so afraid you would be one of those celebrities who just think they can sing when all they do is moan into the microphone, but wow, that was a really good job! looking forward to hearing more of you! maybe with sound quality which is a tad better..

btw, it would be AWESOME if you could put links in your texts to other posts you refer to – e.g. to the “ten hats ten facts” vid you mentioned here ;)

Hey, you’re so beautiful and you’ve a nice blog, but I think these people love your voice because it’s you. If they would see an ugly girl, they wouldn’t be so convinced of your voice. Your voice sounds nice in some parts, and it’s not just bad. But the refrain is horrible ! You have to practice a lot, your voice isn’t anything special and you didn’t strike the right note all the time. Not bad isn’t enough…

Klara Višnjić 22 January 2014 / Reply

This is amazing! I’m sure you will persuade your dream of singing, I am 100% supporting you, your team and your decisions. You’re the best, we love you! XO

OMG! Kristina, you are absolutely OUTSTANDING! I hope that you will make your dream come true, cause you are really amazing women!.. I don’t even know what to say exactly… I mean… you are so so so talented and you know, your strenght and self-confidence show that all of us are having our life in our bare hands and it depends on us what we’re gonna do with it! You show people, especially me, that I can be whoever I want and what I need to do is have some faith in me, work hard and most of all: never give up! Seriously, you are a vision to many many woman in the whole world, you might not be aware of how inspiring you are and what a great job you do. I loved your blog the first time I bumped on Kayture 2 years ago, and what I can say: it’s part of my life now! I spend hours and hours reading your posts, watching this magical photos (chapeau bas to James!) and I soak up the whole joy and passion that come from Kayture. And at least what I want to say to You, my dear Kristina, is that the only thing that change is, from post to post, from month to month by reading your blog I felt like I became to know you. I saw that you are not only the pretty face in this fancy clothes who know how to pose, but you are a real person, great, sensitive and strong women (with a great sense of humor) who is not afraid to be happy and satisfied with her life.I hope that this good fortune will never let you leave, and that one day I can meet you and see if You live look just as beautiful as the pictures (joke)! Hugs!

Very happy to see you pursuing your dreams Kristina! You have a great voice and I believe you can go far in your singing career :)

Just a side note though, I think Kayture’s link on Bloglovin’ is broken as I’ve not seen any new posts from Kayture on my Bloglovin’ feed. No wonder I had the feeling that I’ve not been on Kayture for so long. :)

CelebritiesAndFashion 22 January 2014 / Reply

So cool, I’m very happy for you that you can live your dreams! You have a great voice and I really like your cover. I think it’s important to look forward everyday and to see the positive things in life, I like what you write and your symphatetic and joyful appearence. I can’t wait to hear more songs from you and support your upcoming projects! :)

Hannah :)

Kristina!! You’re voice is absolutely beautiful! Is there anything you can’t do?? haha I admire you so much for pursuing and living your dreams. I only hope that I can do the same once I finish my education. :)

I always adore you! Creative and open minded, having a lot of talents, Kristina!

Hey Kristina! I really love your voice and love you showed emotion in this song:) I can’t wait to listen some of your orginal songs and more clear video..
I completely support you,I love your blog and how inspirational you are!
Keep up with the great work!!

amazing !

Tu es si talentueuse! C’est incroyable, tu sembles réussir tout ce que tu entreprends et tu es véritablement très douée. Je t’admire beaucoup Kristina, tu es une grande source d’inspiration pour un grand nombre d’entre nous. Tu nous donnes vraiment envie de croire en nos rêves. Je te suis depuis près de deux ans avec beaucoup de plaisir, et je pense être important de laisser un commentaire sur ce post là, à propos de ce projet qui te tient à coeur. Oh, et au fait, je tenais à dire également que le nouveau design du blog est très réussi, vous avez fait un très bon travail!
J’attends des nouvelles sur la poursuite du projet avec impatience (:

It’s really good that you don’t let your fears stop you from what you want to achieve. That’s the only way to make your dreams come true!

I wish you all the best of luck with this new beginning, and I am a fan ;)


I love the tone of your voice! It actually reminds me of Cranberries- a band from the 90s. Check them out if you want to see how beautiful you sound. A voice that feels like velvet! I am sending you two links:

When you’re gone is actually one of my favorite songs ever!! I really hope you find the right exposure to succeed! And remember you can really sing!!! A velvet voice! :)

That’s when you’ve owned my heart…

Kinda disappointed as you made everyone so curious with sneak previwes and everything… but now I heard your voice and I must say it’s o-k, but nothing special, just not enough to be more than ok. Maybe it’s better for you to stick with what you’re better at!

Lovely Voice……I like it

wow! you’re really talented, just keep going :)

Absolutely amazing! I just found your blog and you are not only perfect on style and looks, but you have also great voice :) Love you blog :)

Merci d’être une vraie source d’inspiration. J’espère que cette année sera l’année où ” All your dreams will become true”.

Bon courage!

Thought I’d add something a little different. I follow this blog for inspiration from your life as much as your actual content. Did I just sound like a stalker? sorry. Singing enhances your blog because its you Kristina which is the drawcard, not just the fashion. I think singing, even if it ends up being a massive flop (I am sure it won’t), will only make myself and others want to follow you more. All dreams involve enormous risk, and this is no different. I have just graduated from medical school and I have scary big dreams written on a piece of paper hidden in a draw. Seeing you continuously pushing yourself, holding yourself to big goals, is what I strive to do in my medical practice and my research. Keep at it!

I can’t stop listening to your voice. You are incredibly talented. Take advantage of this and create, record and sing. I want to buy your album! I hope that soon :) Regards and invite you to my blog :)

ouch le refrain !!! et ça manque de naturel mon dieu

Kristina, you give me so much inspiration!
We are sharing the same hobbies, music and fashion.
Oh how I want to be a preformer just like you.
And what would it be great to have a succesfull blog and travel the whole world to meet lots of people.
It really is a dream to have a creative job, we will see what the future has got for me.

But I really enjoy your blog! Thank you for all the inspiration Kristina


Therezinha 26 January 2014 / Reply

I think after this first video of revelation you will create confidence and unleash your voice freely, good although contained! Besides you look beautiful as always!

Is there anything you can’t do? Bravo to you for not being afraid to chase your dreams…

I have to be honest when I saw the video pic with you holding a mic I was like “oh dear she’s going to embarrass herself!”
And after listening to it I immediately loved it !!!
I think you have something going here. You voice is lovely, your presence. I prefer your version way more!

Go on girl!!!

Wow! Your voice is soo amazing and the way you sand this song with all your heart was really beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more songs from you!

Kristina, you make me cry, because you follow your dreams and you belive in yourself no matter what…. You have an amazing voice, I can’t wait to hear your song…
Much love, Maria…

Kristina!!! I have been following your blog since the beginning and I can only say that you inspire me each day more and more. I have no doubts you will always be successful in whatever you do. You impress me not only as a fashion blogger but as the good person we can perceive you are. Keep up your energy and your hard work!! I’m sure you will be able to overcome any goal you set up yourself!

Oh please, this is just awful.
I mean, I love your blog Kristina, I think you are amazing
But if you want to sing.. You should sing for
The church or something, cause it’s so boring. Need more

I didn’t expect such a beautiful voice.

Tu es exemplaire. Je suis ce site depuis plusieurs mois, régulièrement, et c’est à chaque fois un enchantement ! Je pense sincèrement que tu es un modèle d’ambition et de réussite. Pour tous ces projets que tu me donnes envie de réaliser, un grand merci.

You are amazing ! You’re really talented girl ! touching performance.

So nice to see that you follow your dreams dear. You are a super sympathic and beautiful girl, a role model for us all, I’m totally honest with saying that.
But now the BIG BUT: I don’t think that you should follow the singing path SO strong. Of course you can sing for your friends and familiy, and more important yourself, but it looks like you are trying to squeeze yourself in a role that isn’t really you. You have a beautiful voice, but you don’t have a really good singing technique. Due to the fact that Unconditionally is a really hard song, your voice sounds crook in the refrain, you’re kind of totally suffering from this complicated tones you have to sing there.
So my advice: do whatever you want, and if this singing thing is what you love, do it of course, but maybe you can go and see a singing teacher, it would help you a lot to improve I think :)

But no matter what, follow your dreams, stay happy and smart as you are xx

After hearing this song I was eager to hear the original version thinking that I loved it, except I actually only like your version. Your voice is beautiful! As are you, you are a huge inspiration. Thank you for sharing all you positivity with the world and especially your talent.
Stay fabulous!

Thanks for finally talking about >KRISTINA BAZAN SINGS UNCONDITIONALLY | Kayture <Loved it!

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Hi Kristina, why did you deleted all of your songs videos?? Thanks for answer, I.

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