Pictures by James Chardon

LE TEMPS D’UNE ESCAPADE On our 3rd day in Paris, we had a packed up schedule with a lot of really fun things planned. It all started with an appointment by the official Kérastase salon at their parisian HQ where I had a meeting with one of their hair care experts. Just by looking at my hair, he could guess which type of products I use, how I often I wear a pony tail (and how tight I attache it!), the frequency of my shampoos and even how my scalp reacts to stress and outside temperature changes. He’s like a hair fairy. Literally. Pretty insane if you want to know my opinion… After I learned that my scalp is mistreated because of all the brushings and hairstyles I like to do, he composed a whole ritual that I had the great chance to enjoy created and based on some Kérastase’s products. I didn’t expected to be as much pampered that day and couldn’t be more excited. 

After this super interesting (and relaxing… I almost fell asleep while getting a scalp massage… hello heaven on earth) ritual treatment we were off to a little business meeting with one of our partners at our all time favorite parisian restaurant : the Kong. It has an incomparable view on the city, not to mention that the food is nuts. NUTS! You guys, take your pens and address books : write it down. Next time you’re in Paris go to Kong and try the Black Cod. You’ll cry. Oh and give a go for the Tarte Tatin. You’ll cry again. Bring the tissues. 

After this, we headed in town and walked while enjoying every single second of this peaceful moment of the day. We passed by the Louvre and I realized that I never set a toe inside : on my to do list for sure. I was so overwhelmed by the incredible Parisian architecture… I’m always all emotional and touched by all this beauty. When the sun is setting down and there’s a sort of magical flare illuminating all the monuments, it feels like the world stops for a second (gosh I can be solo cheesy sometimes). There’s no similar experience. As we were walking with one of our good parisian friends, she told us : “even though I live here, I have to say, you never get used to this beauty and magic. You always have to pinch myself”. And I felt so happy just by being present in this moment. It was amazing. 

COAT : Zalando
BOOTS : Zara
FLUFFY TOP : Three Floor
BAG : Valentino
RING : Vita Fede & Alex Mika


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Paris is always so inspiring! Beautiful photos!

Chic but comfortable :) I’m completely in love with the Valentino bag *_*
Have a lovely day!

Grey is the new black this season. Love so much this coat, you look amazing. Paris is so beautiful

lovely photos my dear, but I wish you would not blur your face that much :( You don’t need it as you’re almost flawless in real. :)

Gorgeous outfit and pics! In love with your bag!!!!

xoxo from Paris and Dubai!

le monde des petites

Love your bag and boots! The pictures are so beautiful they really capture the magic of Paris and your beauty so well! Can’t wait to return to Paris again myself! A city I never get tired of either.

Perfect outfit, I really love the total look and your make up is perfect as well!

Dress To Cook

You look adorable. Love the coat and the boots.

xx Mira

this is gorgeous !!! really looking stunning :)

Beautiful outfit and stunning photo’s :)

Thanks for the hint! ♥

Beautiful post Kristina! Loved it so much and the outfit is gorgeous! ❤️❤️ Love you

Beautiful pictures! Love your outfit also. The grey boots are perfect!

J’adore ton pull et ton manteau, super jolis <3

I love this look here, you look very polished but at the same time relaxed. Gorgeous photos.

The Fashann Monster

You really look adorable <3 What a gorgeous parisian outfit !!

Love your coat <3

Fantastic photos! And I love your grey and white look!


Wow, looove the outfit so much.

so cute!!
super pics;DD

i invite to me too

Sooo pretty! Your words just make me want to go to Paris more x

I love your boots! Can’t quite believe they are zara :P

You look incredible ! I love the pictures and the outfit !

You always look picture perfect! Great coat and boots!

u look so beautiful! love the shoes!

you look super amazing!
love your layering

You look so, so beautiful! The pictures are fantastic!


Since I love Paris soooo much, I adore this post and you look so lovely and sweet! :)

I totally agree with you, this city is just so beautiful. When you are in Paris, you simply can’t ask for something more. Can’t wait to visit this gorgeous metropole again. Definitely on my to-do-list for 2014!

You look really beautiful in these pictures. If you ask for my opinion, winter street style and Paris just fit perfectly together! xx

The greys look so, so beautiful! I’m especially loving the Zalando coat and zara boots combination! I know how you feel with the drastic weather changes and other stresses effecting your hair. I’ve had the same reaction when I went to Florida from living in Scotland for a year. My entire body has been confused! x

im in love with your hair and your outfit

Your look is gorgeous here Kristina! I love the layering and the colours you’ve chosen!

Great to hear about the expertise at Kerastase as well!


The upper part of the outfit is amazing, but I just HATE those boots! :)

You’re hair looks so pretty after the Kérastase treatment, they have some really great products!

x Karen

Great look.


Nice outfit!!!
Love the pics.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

paris is so gorgeous but this outfit is so beautiful! it steals the show
ladies in navy

Świetny wyjazd i faktycznie to taka wróżka od włosów!
Pięknie wyglądałaś!

The Bag is to die for, love it so much! I want too to meet hair fairy….

OceanWind Blog


moustachic ♡
Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

The Sex and the City cafe!!! Ilove it. Whats the name of it again?
J´aime ce look de toi Kristina! Tres chic et jolie comme toujours. Et bien sure je partage l´amour pour Paris et ses attractions. Une ville vraiment magnifique! :)

Lovely. ������

beautiful photos! and love the sweater you’re wearing! ;)

You are and look sooo beautiful! ;) I follow you for now ;)

This makes me miss Paris so much. I’d like to go back this year!

And I love how your writing has become more personal and I feel like you are showing your personality more with your jokes and stuff. Love it Kristina!

Love your outfit! You make me wanna fly off to Paris right now <3

The photos are amazing! You look gorgeous! ;) I would really like to go to Paris some day, so it was nice to see so much pictures with parisian architecture ;)

PS: I copied the last picture-I’m not gonna show it anywhere or something, I just would like try to draw it (I’m aspiring architecture student), so I hope it is OK, if not, I will delete it from my disc ;)

Hi Kristina ! You should do a meet and greet with your readers, once, in Paris. That would be really great ! If you do it, I would come for sure ! ;)

beautiful, i love your hair <3

Paris is the most beautiful city in the world ! And you look verry pretty as usual ! Love the white puffed sweater, so wintery and elegant !

Gorgeous outfit. I especially like the ‘fluffy top’! Great post. :)

Pernille Thorsen 6 January 2014 / Reply

Where are the gloves from?

Pernille Thorsen 6 January 2014 / Reply

Where are the gloves from?

your life seems so glamorous and fun. i love to look through your photos and just let them all sink in. perfect scenery and photography and makeup. youre a great blogger, doll.

this pair of boots seems the chloe’s one!!!
love your outfit, love the light in the pics and i love so much Paris!!!
♡EFFENSHION…essence † fashion

Seriously how do you always look so perfect!! I need your wardrobe it is amazing

Love your pictures! Grey/white scales fits you very well! You look gorgeous!


Wouah !!! Amazing photos !! I live near Paris and I’ve seen this place so many times but I have to admit that I’ve never seen it like this ! And you look perfect as always ! I love your blog !

Sehr sehr schöner Look :)
Svetlana von Lavender Star

J’aime beaucoup ces photos, ta tenue est magnifique et le mélange de matières entre ton pull et ton manteau est canon, ça rend vraiment super bien !
Ton sac blanc Valentino est juste parfait !!
Ces photos de Paris sont sublimes !

So dreamy. How come there’s no one outside the louvre?? At what time was this?

At last I decided to delete that photo from my disc-I think it is fair this way, I shoud asked you before copying it ;) I’m sorry ;)

Spectacular and beautiful. As always ♥

You look adorable! Beautiful photos :)

you look simply chic!

Amazing photos, dear! The daylight made wonders to the photos. And your grey look is gorgeous!

Love, Maria

You are stunning! I love this look, and all of the photos are gorgeous.

Fashionably Kay

gorgeous look & photos. I love your coat as well :) Paris is looking so beautiful!

Hayley xx

your life is so exciting <33 i love you!


Amazing, amazing ! I am in love with your blog and also with pics ! There are just stunning !

your coat is just beautiful!

You reminded me my visit in Paris. Everything is so beautiful here.

Lovely photos, Paris is such a perfect city

xoxo, Diana

I love PARIS!! lovely look!!

I love PARIS!! lovely look!!

You’re so pretty and the pictures are beautiful!
x J. from I ate noodles for breakfast

You look awesome, where did you get your ear cuffs?

The pictures are amazing!!! What kind of camera and camera lens do you use?

HOW do you manage to look so flawless in every post! Of course, some make up is on, but seriously girl you’re beautiful!
Lazy Obsession

love your outfit , especially the boots!!! very glam!

I think this is a real great blog post.Much thanks again. Great.

Thanks for the article post.Really thank you!

Je trouve que tu te maquilles beaucoup trop… ta peau doit étouffer quand meme… fais gaffe ! Et le pire c’est que t’en as à peine besoin.

Je passe sur ton blog tous les jours, et gràce à toi, pendant 5-10 minutes,je peux voyager, penser à autre chose ! Petit break quotidien qui fait vraiment du bien ! Ma copine t’envie, et bien moi aussi ! Continue sur cette lancée, ça fait du bien de voir des gens faire quelque chose qu’ils aiment, ça motive et amène beaucoup d’inspiration ! Les lausannois sont derrière-toi :)