Ah Berlin… There’s always something new to see and something new to discover. The thing is, I really believe that Berlin is becoming, or has become, the place to be in Europe. It’s feels so new, it’s fresh, it’s unexpected, it’s young and a little wild (it can be pretty wild if that’s what you’re looking for) but it’s definitely and above all a new fashion ground to explore for all fashionistas around the world. So darlings, when shall we add the german speaking city of fun to the official international fashion week list among NY, Paris, London and Milan?

As much as I love all those busy metropoles, especially coming from Geneva where it’s very quite most of the time, Berlin feels so diverse and dynamic to me each time. It has this underground feeling that you might only find in some rare places in New York or London, but it’s still a totally different approach.

Berlin does underground in a trashy, hipster yet somehow super trendy way. Fact is that one of my favorite spots in Berlin is the White Trash… And that’s coming from a girl that usually sips tea at Ladurée each afternoon… The White Trash is this incredible burger place decorated as a pirate boat, tattoo shop mixed up with some really cool old school details (as if an old lady came by to add some quirky elements, like some dog paintings). If you ever go there, I highly suggest you to look closely at the art hanging above the stairs. You might find something interesting… Just saying.

Another great example of trendy in Berlin is definitely Du Du, the spot for sushis or delicious Japanese food during fashion week (or any period of the year if you wanna know). First of all, the people at Du Du, are so incredibly cool. I’m not kidding, they all have such a great sense of style. They seem so relax and chill, not like in most of the regular sushi bars where you hear people yelling from the 4 corners of the room. The place it self looks kind of… Unappealing, let’s say so, from the outside, I mean you can’t even guess that there’s a restaurant somewhere hidden in there, yet once you come in it looks like this super cool small New York loft with a little hipster vibe going on.

And the food my gosh… (I’m tearing up). The food is from the heavens of gods. Go there and try the tempura salad as well as crunchy Du Du rolls. James suggests the Pho soup which is also mind blowing. Okay I’m hungry. The thing is that in Berlin, all the cool stuff happens behind closed doors. And you better not judge a place by it’s entrance. Sometimes not even by the place itself. But the atmosphere, ambiance and food are usually never disappointing.

This time we came in Germany as I was Stylight’s official insider for the night, reporting some news backstage at their awards show. It was so much fun, especially since I got to meet a lot of you guys!!! The next day I hosted the Blogger Bazaar by Vide Dressing at the NHow hotel (another incredible spot in town), the concept is super simple, you can come and sell your clothing or accessories. A lot of cool bloggers came, and so we got the chance to chat and make some pictures. You can also sell your stuff online, so don’t wait any minute! You might make someone happy :)

KTR_0013KTR_0044KTR_0122KTR_0054 KTR_0072KTR_0014 KTR_0088 KTR_0095KTR_0124 KTR_0045KTR_0125 KTR_0127



PANTS : Sandro

BOOTS : Balenciaga

BAG : Phillip Lim


TOP : Zara




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You look amazing! Love the vibrant blue pants. Glad you enjoy your stay :D

xx Mira

Love your makeup and hairdo! :) So beautiful ;)

Kristina you’re so beautiful in this pictures!! Keep going.. <3
Love u <3

Oh Kristina, you always have such gorgeous outfits, I love those trousers!! Where are they from? It’s not so easy to find it on your page ;)) But maybe I just need to get used to it ^^….

xx Nicola

Love the outfit, and hearing about berlin’s atmosphere and trendy spots!
But you didn’t say where anything you’re wearing is from!!!! Please can you add it??

Feeling the same way about Berlin! It somehow draws me magically to it..
Super nice pictures, love your hair style :)

Sweet Perdition 20 January 2014 / Reply

estoy enamorada de tu 3.1. Phillip Lim, que look tan bonito!

You look absolutely gorgeous !

Love from Paris

The photos are unbelievably insane. Thank you for the great suggestions about the places in Berlin! :)

Loooove the bag, such a dynamic colour. Where did you get it? Cant find it

Berlin is great indeed, especially during fashion week. And I love this look, the colours go really wel together and that bag is to cute. xo Hanneke

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I LOVE this caramel color paired with this blue! This bag is so cute and the perfect size!
Great photos and outfit as usual!



I love this caramel color paired with this blue. And this bag is the perfect size.
Great photos and outfit as usual!



Coucou !
Tu es sublime sur les photos j’adore la façon dont tu t’es attaché les cheveux :)
Par contre je n’ai pas trouvé les pièces que tu portes est-ce normal ?

you look so cool and so vintage! I love your blog!

Beautiful pics, beautiful clothes, beautiful colors … Perfect !

love your outfit! blue and camel is a perfect combination!


So perfect! Berlin is a beautiful city!

Kristina, you are so beautiful, chic, elegant and classic. I love you and your personal style.

Blue really complememts your eyes ! Looking gorgeous as always

So in love with the look, navy is just my favorite color, your stunning <3

Salut Kristina, bravo pour ce blog relooké, j’aime vraiment bien le travail que vous y avez fait. Le résultat est très clean et pro.
Petite question perso: quel produit utilises-tu sur tes cheveux pour obtenir ce résultat lissé un peu effet mouillé?
Je te remercie d’avance pour ta réponse,

Love the pics and the outfit Kristina! Loved meeting you at Stylight :)
Love Lois xxx

beautiful pics! and I love this new style of the website.. great job!

you look fabulous :)

berlin is great. it´s hip and full of things to discover. you are right it is totally different from otehr big cities. it has another vibe. You love it or you hate ist.
I love it. and i love your outfit. this blue is awesome and i love outfits which are abit more casual.

I always love how you accessorize your looks ! And your hair looks amazing here !

Lovely pictures and your look is amazing.

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Amazing pics!
I love small bags (I don’t know why but that most of my bags are small bags) and your is perfect!
And I never thought that combination of caramel and deep blue colour would look so gorgeous! ;)

Such a great look! I love the combination of camel and navy blue!!

It was great to see you ! You are stunning my dear! I hope to see you again.

-XO Nelly

The way you described those restaurants is making my tummy rumble! Rome and Paris have always been right up there on my “to visit” list but I think I’ll have to add Berlin now too :) I love the gold accents in your jewelry and the way the blue pieces make your eyes pop. Such a simple yet sophisticated look!

xx Lily

I love this look! you look stunning!

Berlin is my city !!! Glad you liked it :)

Berlin is my city !!! Glad you liked it :) There is indeed so much to discover in this city and I am so glad it develops more and more to a fashion city :)

Please check out my blog: :D

Even if I didn’t visit Berlin, I still can feel how happy you feel about it! You looked gorgeous, epecially your hair and makep…amazing! I wish I could have met you!

Your hair looks absolutely amazing this way, love it! x

Soooo pretty. Great outfit<3

Love so much this clean look and thanks for tips where to go in Berlin will keep it in mind!

OceanWind Blog

I like your outfit and your hair style… I wish to visit berlin in berlin in future

CelebritiesAndFashion 20 January 2014 / Reply

It was such a great event and a pleasure to meet you! I loved your look, beige and blue is always a great combination. I think about Berlin the same way as you do, I love this place and I’m happy everyday that I finally moved here :)
I hope you have a nice day!
Hannah :)

Beautiful eyes and hair

wow♥ the bag is so pretty!:) lovely outfit!

I love your article about Berlin <3 and your style. Love the colors on you.
XOXO Katharina

Absolutely loved your hair! You really should post another video on how you take care of it and some of the products you use, it is very long right now! Beautiful! And also it seems to be so fluffy. Glad u enjoyed Berlin, seems to be an awesome city. Btw the outfit is stunning.
Kisses from Mexico!
God bless!

@Nicola Marleen the pants are from Sandro, the brand are at the end of the photos

thanks for these great fashion week impressions! i absolutely share your opinion about berlin becoming the place to be in europe!
kisses <3

Very nice pics, looks natural, great colors

Your trousers and structured crop top are so cute!

Perfect Outfit!

Love this post! Berlin is wonderful , i really enjoyed visiting the city last year :)

( )

Mariana Paulos 20 January 2014 / Reply

Love the look! Simply perfect! The colours, the vibe… and the hair and make up are flawless! Very good indeed :)


Je ne sais pas si je suis la seule à avoir ce problème, mais depuis la sortie du nouveau Kayture les nouveaux posts ne s’affichent plus sur bloglovin. Je ne sais pas si cela a un rapport mais c’est assez embêtant.

PS : à part ça, oui Berlin est une ville très cool, j’y suis déjà allée 2x et c’est vraiment une ambiance à part !

Hi Kristina,

I just wanted to let you know that since you launched the new blog I am not getting any updates on your new articles from Bloglovin. Maybe is just me or you can do something about it!
Thanks and keep up the good work :)


Loving these accessories! Great makeup look too!! =D

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your hair looks so pretty! We love the look:)

I love your article, it’s simply amazing and there’s something magical in those pants, if only I could wear ones like that I would be totally delighted!

Beautiful girl <3

I am completely in love with that outfit! and you look stunning as always…

Adetutu Olatawura 21 January 2014 / Reply

WOW! JUST BEAUTIFUL…Does someone know what kind of camera and editing software she using?

I love it! so simple.. so comfortable.. so chic!
I only throw in a necklace.. jeje..
saludos desde Mexico!

Love these pictures…! I want to visit Berlin so badly!

Canon ce sac :) J’adore la couleur ! Originale et chic.


I really like her style! Maybe a bit too classic for her age, but still nice! I like to mix casual with sporty and chic, makes it more fun!! Check it out

Perfect color palette! These pictures are flawless! Amazing!

In Love with that outfit! The colors are amazing…

Love the outfit, it’s so gorgeous! You have great style and your hair is so pretty <3

xxx Jindi

Beautiful photos and a fantastic outfit. The blue really pops against the caramel top. Nice work! KKxx

ilaria e martina 23 January 2014 / Reply

I. e M.

Wow this is very well put together outfit. I really do your bag! Berlin sounds AMAZING! I really love travelling and I will put Berlin on my places to go list. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

Wow, the colors. Love it!

Love from Amsterdam!

Love this color combination. Your high end style is similar to mine:
Lots of love from Los Angeles. xx Adrianna.

I absolutely love this outfit! And these pictures are so sharp and clear, great post :) You look amazing xx

Oooh, i adore this Look! I really find that throughout this past year or so, you really have developed your own sense of style and I adore it. Especially this one though. It’s so classy and retro <3 <3

OMG *o* your outifts are beautfiul, and your bag ? I have no word to describe him (I’m in love). You’re so beautiful and you’re blog too.


sooooo beautiful. love the new kayture.

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