Birthday post

So many things are happening in this early year 2014. With the release of The New Kayture, I had to postpone my traditional and beloved Kayture birthday article which should have been released on the 11th on January. The date were I officially published my first post, back there three years ago on what began to be Kayture. We celebrated this week end with the whole team around some tea and macarons while filming my upcoming acoustic music video (which we are all dying to post). Patience. One thing is for sure… This year has been full of surprises. So much joy, so many tears, so much stress, so much fun, so many new people met, so many things learned, a couple of mistakes, incredible journeys, nerve wrecking drama, but above all… So much passion.

If I choose to show you on this blog only one side of my life, and let’s say, the best side possible, sometimes things happen behind the cameras and screens that are quite hard to deal with. It’s my personal choice to show and share only positive things with you even if I know that struggles can inspire and help as well. I think that positive messages help even more.

I decided from the beginning to keep Kayture a positive place, where you feel inspired with a healthy flow of messages and energy. I feel like they are so many websites right now that share such negative imageries and quotes with their audience, even if they don’t mean to I realize that some blogs just make you feel bad more than anything else. And I just hope, from the bottom of my heart, that sharing with you my adventures, or even simply my looks, inspires you, takes your mind off of something, or maybe even your stress or anger away for a couple of minutes to drown in a little world of travel, elegance, luxury, fun and fashion (you can always hate on me if you’re having a bad day!!! that might help to release anger levels hahaha!! aaah fascinating human nature, I’m the first one to yell when I’m in a bad mood, though I choose to yell in my songs more than on people, luckily).

I want Kayture to be your precious, dreamy escape. Full of iconic images and timeless elegance. I do realize that a lot of the things I show seem so out of this world. The beautiful clothing, the luxurious trips, where does it all come from!? It seems so unreal. Well I can tell you two things, I worked like a mad person for every, single, bit that I show on this blog. I do not come from a super wealthy family and even if I did by pure pride and personal dignity I would have been willing to do my own way and earn my own rewards, although I totally respect other’s choices as well. All the trips, all the clothes are the fruit of hard work which I choose for now to keep behind the cameras to allow full concentration and to avoid spoiling the content.

Management is a big part of Kayture, James and I who are the two lead members of the team, spend day and nights organizing to the detail each partnership, each trip, each clothing piece so that the article are effortless and perfectly blended together. I highly admire Steve Jobs and his work for Apple, some don’t realize the work it takes to create something simple and efficient. And it is our goal, we want it to be simple and easy in just a clic even if there were weeks, sometimes months of organization behind it. It might sound hard to understand but I think that people who own their own blogs might understand the concept a little bit better. When I didn’t have a blog, I thought that all these girls were super rich gals walking around with their luxury bags and doing nothing of their lives but having fun. Which sounded quite enraging yet fascinating. Yet I’ve met a lot of bloggers and most of them are working like crazy to be where they are. It’s a very simple circle, the harder you work, the better your quality, the better the projects, trips, partnerships and clothing deals.

I want to be as honest and transparent with you guys and I think this is also something that defines Kayture, is that here, what really matters to me is you and your experience. There are so many messages I want to share with you daily, and I’ve learned so much through this year of 2013. But my most important message is that, no matter what happens in life, no matter what you’re going through or how many struggles you’re having, what really is important is confidence, hope and love. I know it’s sounds super cheesy. But it’s so true. Loving yourself, believing in your dreams, fighting for it is above everything else. Because who will love you if you don’t love yourself first, you will support your ideas if you’d don’t deeply believe in them and how could you believe in them if you don’t work hard? Pretty simple method isn’t it? I live day by day keeping this in mind and this is what allows me to keep my head high in difficult situations (and believe me…there were a lot of them in 2013) yet stay deeply grounded because even though one thing is achieved there is always so much more to do. Know who you are define what you want, follow your instincts, they won’t tell you wrong.

2013 has been a year of bliss, and I know that 2014 will be the year of renewal. Music takes my heart, and there’s nothing else in this world that I want to do more than sing. To me fashion and music create the perfect harmony, this association between the visual and the sound is so fascinating. But more about that in the following days. I will tell you all about it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY  BABY KAYTURE!!!! I hope you’re going to be as many, as adorable, as smart and loyal this year than you were in 2013 beloved readers! Kayture really has the best followers in the entire world, such a fresh, determined, motivated team. I love you all guys so much, from the bottom of the heart, and I hope we’ll be able to meet up in 2014! Lots of love and success to all of you, may all your wishes come true.

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Great post Kristina, beautiful pics and happy birthday to Kayture!

I don’t know why, but i never took the time to write a comment even though i visit Kayture on a daily basis. I really love your passion, your look at life and the way you put this in Kayture. You and James are perfectionists, and it’s great to see how you guys evolve. The content is so, so, soooo good. Besides the fact that the pictures are always SO stunning (i sometimes just look at them for a couple of minutes, wondering why they are soo good and it’s just EVERYthing), the content you write is very good, i really notice you put a lot of effort in just one post. It’s so great to see and you and James are a true inspiration. I promise you that 2014 I will comment more on the blog, you deserve it!

It’s just breathtaking! You are gorgeous! Keep going <3

Wow, wow and wow. Again an amazing blogpost and beautiful pictures! Very inspiring.


Jacklinn Freeman 17 January 2014 / Reply

Beautiful pics ;) love that Orange dress !!;)

In my opinion one of the best post! Kayture always inspires me and opens my eyes! Thank you so much Kayture Team!!!
Love from Zurich, Alessandra xxx

I really appreciate how much you strive to spread positivity and love with Kayture! At least for me, Kayture has certainly become a place where I can escape to when I’m down and live vicariously through your photos. Your positive demeanour really shows through your posts and never fails to cheer me up! Happy birthday Kayture and all the best for 2014 :)

xx Lily

Oh dear Kristina… THIS is exactly what makes kayture special! I started following this blog like two years ago and of course Im a big fan of many other bloggers too… But there is something so so so so different about you…You teach us that these is not only about a beautiful girl living the golden life…You aloud us to know a bit more about these world, and specially about that “hard” part that other bloggers seem to be so afraid to show… Even if it hasn´t always been this way, I realize now how Kayture is my absolutely favourite bolg in the world, ans I know exactly way…Congratulations once and over and over and over again Kristina! You are an amazingly sweet but brave and worker young girl and I really admire you for that! I never thought I had an idol, but a women like you are now my biggest inspiration!!

Happy Birthday Kayture! You guys definitively deserve all the success you get as your work is just outstanding! I hope you keep on inspiring us as much as you did in the previous three years. It’s always so nice to see you guys & catch up :)

your site is everything……………………… seriously!!! wow.. and these pictures just killed me… the quality kudos to James you guys are a power house!! Kayture bisssshez!! kkkkkkk ;)

so it is not just you dressing up nice and james taking pictures of you?…

First of all, Congratulation and Happy Bday Kayture! <3 I think it's amazing that you achieved this at only 20 years old and you stood up for your dreams and passions. This is so hard do to these days when everyone seems to judge, so sad…And you're right, this is a little bit of world where you can forget about the problems and take your time to admire your photos and your positivity. It is so great that you manage you find a good balance between the photos, the traveling, and still write a quality content. Thank you for inspiring me!

I’ve followed your journey for a little over a year and watched both you and you following base grow. You are an inspiration to many girls and inspire me to go for my goals and not let anything bring me down. I wish you all the best in the future and that you continue to do what makes you happy.

Once again an amazing post. You and James are such a big inspiration to me! Even though i came across your blog at the beginning of 2013, i took the time and read every single post from the very beginning. I just adore you, your blog, your personality, your beauty! Wish you the best of luck. Happy Birthday Kayture!

Dear Kristina,
congratulations on your baby’s third birthday! I have been following you since this summer but I love your blog so much that I have read every single post haha. In the begining I just tought ‘wauw that’s a beautiful girl and I like the clothes she wears so I’m going to follow’ but when I started reading more attentively every post I fell more in love with your blog everytime I visted, and now it’s really my favourite one. Why? Because you take the time to write your opinion and provide a beautiful story for your readers with every post, and also because your photos are perfect, even in little details. I was reading your inspirational words at the beginning of this post and I already loved it and then there were soooo many amazing photos I think I’m going to look at them again haha. Me too, I sometimes think ‘how hard can it be she just walks around being beautiful and they take picture’ but I don’t think we realize how much work it takes to make every detail perfect and to organise everything!!! So again, a big congratulations on your blog and I hope this year will bring you everything you ever wished for and more (also I can’t wait to hear your sing!!)


ps just maybe a little point of constructive criticism: sometimes there are mistakes in your English (or errors from your typing the wrong letter), And I know that your mother tongue is not English and you are a polyglot (my english is far from perfect and worse than yours probably) – but I think maybe that your blog would be even better without these grammar mistakes – it really would be the finishing touch :)

Congratulations!!!! Amazing pictures!!

A huge kiss

Your blog is so special and incredibly inspiring. You are doing such a great job!

Dear Kristina and James,

You both are the best in what you do and the result of your hard work and love for what you do is absolutely flawless (your pictures is this post are a proof of that). I totally agree that it’s so important to keep your blog a positive, inspiring and uplifting place. We, our readers, can tell you are a loving person, with a kind heart and it’s so great to know that, because the content is what matter the most. I wish you guys have always an amazing relationship, full of love, support, kindness, understanding and that your lives are full of blessings and joy.
Congratulations on everything you have done and accomplished! The pictures above are gorgeous! Happy birthday Kayture!

Kayture is the best!!! Happy Birthday and lots of positive energy for you Kristina and for James – greetings from Poland :)

I love you even more after this post. I have been following your blog for a long time now and I am happy to be one of your readers. I enjoy the positive vibe of your blog, and you are right; sometimes, from your gorgeous photos, it looks like all you get to experience is luxury and happiness. I think you did a great job by writing about reality a bit: it makes you all the more approachable. <3

Happy 3rd birthday Kayture ! Wish you all the best !

Love from Paris

MARIE ZAMBOLI 17 January 2014 / Reply

happy happy Bday dear Kristina :)) you are Fab

Love the new kayture and congrats for its 3rd birthday! Hope it lasts a lot more!

And thank you for encouraging me about my blog ;) —

Just realized that I’ve never commented on your Instagram profile nor on your amazing blog! Love the details of every single post of yours and love how your passion gets into our houses and transmits us your smile and your joy in every single thing you do! Wish you a happy new year full of joy and good news, but most of all of happiness! Virtually hugging you and all your team!

I’m a recent follower of your blog, since June & I literally think your blog is the best! Your style is beyond incredible & I literally take some much inspiration from you! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Kirsten x

The Fashion Panda 17 January 2014 / Reply

Congrats and I am really proud of you ! You have no idea but you are a inspiration to me !
You pictures are always amazing as your style ! I am a huge fan I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us in 2014 !


Nicely written and I really enjoyed scrolling through all your photos!

I am following you like 2 months (hard to believe that I didn´t hear about you before – shame on me ;) ) but for now you are blogger no.1 for me. Each photo is just perfect ! You look stunning and James doing amazing work. I love his photos of you ! You inspire me because everything what you are doing is perfect ( or at least what I can see on your blog) ! Wish you lot of another years with Kayture and cross fingers with your singing ! Can´t wait for a post about it ;)

I admire your hard work Kay, sometimes I look at your pictures and I feel a bit jealous. I wonder, how does she do it? I have my own blog and I promised myself that I will be succesful. It is a lot of work. Also, no blogger really tells us how they got their first colaboration or how to get them. Or how to deal with being such a small individual in a huge world of fashion. Just a thought for a little article maybe? Thank you for being so positive:)


I just recently discovered your blog and I absolutely love it by now! You just make such adorable fotos and by every post I read I was able to see how passionate you are about taking the pictures, selecting them and writing your blogposts….
I absolutely adore your style and your makeup seems to be absolutely perfect in every picture I see…
I guess by now, you´re one of my favourite bloggers in only two days…
I totally love the new blog design! I´m a big fan of that clean and stylish black and white design you went for.
Have a nice day! :)

Laís Vital 17 January 2014 / Reply

Do you know … I want to be like you when I grow up. Thank you for inspiring me, and happy birthday to Kayture! Congratulations to you! I hope one day to talk to you. Love you <3

Oh dear, this is the very first time I leave a comment on your blog even if I’m following it since more than one year, and I’ve immediately loved it. You are so inspiring… Everytime I look at your pictures, with their elegance and simplicity they transmit to me a lot of positivity and stimulate me to do better and never give up, even when, or I think mostly when somebody tells us that we can’t succeed.
I love the way you write your posts, this post in particular ’cause it’s so real… I don’t know… As if I’ve always known you! I follow other bloggers too, but I think there’s something more in your personality, so sweet and strong at the same time. You’re gorgeous!
Thank you Kayture Team, you never disappoint me. Keep going!

Lots of love

Congratulations on the new website and 3 year anniversary!! I’ve been following your blog from close to the beginning and am so happy to see how you’re constantly growing, maintaining your passion and whimsy along the way. Thank you to you and James for all the hard work you put in. It’s truly appreciated by fans all over the world! Here’s to many more years of all the wonderful pictures, blog posts, and projects to come!

Okay, you are really inspiring! Love this article and all the others, you are so gorgeous and I really like the way you’re think. Good continuation, I’ll be back on your site ;)

Hello Kristina! I follow you on instagram but i never visited your blog. Now i like it because i love your photo so ioften going to visit your blog. Compliment for your prize that you have won. By Alice

WOW! Congrats from all my heart !! You’ve accomplished so many things within such a short time and this is just the start of an even more exciting future ! I cannot wait for your upcoming surprises and I wish you all the happiness and success in the world ! You truly deserve it !

best wishes,
Sara Constance

Hi Kristina !

We promptly met when I was working for STYLIGHT this summer and I just wanted to say that this article – obviously pictures but above all writing – are amazing. You perfectly describe what a good fashion blog is: unreality.
Yes, everybody secretly thinks that bloggers are the most lucky and shallow persons in the world. And on day I thought, too.
But as they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover”

I wish you all the success that you deserve for your ongoing projects, and of course I also wish you all the love from James that you deserve, because love is the only thing that matters in life, at the end.


Congratulations Kristina and James for this inspiring blog!! Happy 3rd anniversary! Lots of love ♥


Oh Kristina! I absolutely looove your blog and personality. You´re such an inspiration. I read your posts every single day and you just make my day a lot better. I had never left a comment, but it´s time to let you know what an amazing work you´re doing. I admire you and love your style and elegance, your outfits are always so timeless and well, the photos are perfect. I´m a 16 year old student from Mexico and it´s so incredible that you let your readers follow your adventures and feel like in a new world. I think you are the BEST blogger ever and such a beautiful person on the inside and outside. It´s great to see the amazing photos James and you shoot but at the same time read your deep, inspirational thoughts. Before, I had never imagined someone could care about fashion but still be a smart and real person until I discovered Kayture. Thanks a lot because you let us into your life and congratulations to both James and you for the New Kayture, which by the way is amazing. You´re incredible for encouraging people to believe in their dreams, I´m sure you will be singing a lot in 2014, you deserve it :)

Greetings from Mexico!! And lots of love, Vale :)

This kind of posts is exactly what makes Kayture so special!
I always thought that you aren’t just a pretty face, you’re very intelligent and mature for your age.
I read a lot of fashion blogs and believe me, Kayture is the best!
I like the quality of your photos, your trips, your clothes, but what I like most is you as a person and the way you write.
Many succesful bloggers post just some photos with a few words, but you take your time to write original posts and you communicate with your readers.
I hope that someday my blog will be like yours :)

I think this is just the start of an even more exciting future and I hope that soon you’ll became a famous singer and makes us proud :)

Wow, how many gorgeous photos! First of all I want to say that I really love you new blog design, it is classy just like you are and I want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your baby Kayture! I am following your blog for almost two years now and every single one of your posts was so inspiring! Kayture is so much more than just pretty pictures and expencive clothes. When I am checking the blogs I always save yours for end, so I can really read what you have to say! It’s so hard for me to imagine that we are the same age, because you seem so peaceful and mature, not like many bloggers which seem to be in the business more for the partys and free clothes. Your blog reflects passion and professionalism, and I think you deserve so much succes and all the glamour! Can’t wait for your song to come out! I wish you all the best, and it is one of my biggest dreams to meet you someday!

Hello Kristina!
I want to congratulate you on you work and for being who you are. I wanted to share with you my opinion about you blog for a year now ! For me Kayture, has always been an experience of love-hate. I see all your amazing pictures and you amazing life style how everything is so positive and perfect that I start feeling bad about myself and about my life. I know I won’t go to the hotels you go, the food you eat or the dresses you wear, it is a just a crashed dream for me, something that I wish I had and I don’t have. But is it not the worst thing (sorry that it sound so harsh :) ), the worst thing for me here is that I envy you (not really in a bad manner) that you have found what you love, who you are, in other words your purpose in life. You are very lucky in that point, me myself and many of people I know are totally lost in that sense. I was struggling to find what is there for me, to find my passion, but each day that passes makes it harder.
Let’s talk now, about the love part, style and content of your blog are really amazing, pictures are sometimes masterpieces, but what I love most, is your writing, it looks I can have a grasp of a different experience and somehow enrich my life. The thing that I love above all is you confidence. You said that James helped you at that point a lot, and I’m really glad he did, there are not many people who truly believe in us when we are insecure. Sometimes I take you as an example to believe in my dreams and being confident about myself as you are, so fearless, like a she wolf, thank you for that.

Keep on like that!!! You rock!

This is the best post you have ever written.

What can i say? Every Single Look Is perfekt. You are perfekt. Yes i am jealous.

Happy birthday Kayture! You are amazing and I love you ! <3

Stunning speechless, delighted me the tour of these wonderful photos and looks, congratulations to you and your beloved photograph, for many more years to give us these great photos and looks.

Wow, it seems like you had 3 fabulous years with a lot of glamour and fashion!

PS: your last two articles didn’t appear on Bloglovin’ :

Sandrine x

Je souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire à ton blog, j’ai beaucoup aimé cet article. Je crois même que c’est l’article que j’ai préféré, tu m’as beaucoup touché ! Je trouve que tu as une très jolie manière d’écrire d’ici, tout en simplicité et en honnêteté. En tout cas je te rassure quand je viens pour ton blog ça me permet de m’évader quelques minutes. Et je suis d’accord avec ta philosophie, dans la vie il faut se battre pour ses rêves, c’est le plus important !

I love your blog! You’re an inspiration :)


Your style is amazing, it’s so mature! Love your post and I wish you good luck in 2014 :)

Also wanna wish you a Happy Birthday with Kayture!
This blog is without a doubt the best fashion blog there is in my opinion.
Always beautiful pictures + text + outfits! I love love love it.


You are so wonderful! I Almost had to Cry while Reading your Text. You are such a positive Person and you always inspire me to go on! I wish i had the Courage and strenght to work on my dreams…. I really wish the best for you! I wish i could Meet you someday. Hihi thank u for motivating me. By the Way your Motto “just know that something Good ist gonna Happen” makes me smile everytime i feel Sad or weak. I Always remember that Quote then:))) you are Great. Go go goooooo:)))))

Well well, I read your blog daily since a year now and let’s say that it’s like an escape from the little ups and downs of life. You seriously really inspire me and you’re doing an amazing job! Hope you’re going to do some kind of meet up in Switzerland so I can tell you all the things I want to say face to face! Keep doing what you love gurl!

great pictures! you look so stunning in all of them. you have a perfect face, kristina! :)

So many things came to mind as I was reading your blog post. You are one of my favourite bloggers because I definitely feel as though it’s an escape from reality and I love it those few minutes I get to spend looking at beautiful pictures. I look at your blog and am inspired to work hard and get my blog to where I want it to be. It must be amazing to work so closely with your love and I truly hope that this becomes an enriching experience for both of you on a personal level, but also as a couple…!

Thank you for taking us on a journey Kristina & James!! Happy birthday Kayture!!

Happy 3rd birthday Kayture! I’ve seen since your first birthday and I really notice you have grown up. CONGRATULATIONS KRISTINA AND JAMES, GOD BLESS YOU BOTH and let me tell you Kristina that you are a really inspiring person on following one’s dreams. Thank you for all your advices, you’re absolutely right about that, I want to wish you the best in your life, and I’m sure you won’t give up in anything because you are a very brave person, you face every single problem, you break every wall, just to reach out that dream. I read all your description and … Idk, I love you ;) and let me tell you that is not the first inspiring description written by you that I read, I have read a lot!

Thank you Kayture team, because since 2011, you have inspired with all your content.
God bless you Kayture team!

Happy 3rd birthday Kayture! I’ve seen since your first birthday and I really notice you have grown up. CONGRATULATIONS KRISTINA AND JAMES, GOD BLESS YOU BOTH and let me tell you Kristina that you are a really inspiring person on following one’s dreams. Thank you for all your advices, you’re absolutely right about that, I want to wish you the best in your life, and I’m sure you won’t give up in anything because you are a very brave person, you face every single problem, you break every wall, just to reach out that dream; and it’s not that I know you in person, (actually I would love to) it’s just that you demonstrate it. I love you ;)

Thank you Kayture team, because since 2011, you have inspired me with all your content.
God bless you Kayture team!

Hi! I love your blog and it’s a great concept but I actually think that telling us about your struggels will be apperciated? I know you said you only want a positive vibe but I think sometimes admitting the negative can also be very inspirational and humbling! xxx

STUNNING! Wish you all the best in 2014!

Such a beautiful and inspiring recap..I love your blog..and I follow you since the and James are very talented. You two are amazing! The photos are better and better everytime..I can’t believe how time past ..Good luck in the future!!


Hey Kristina & James,
Happy Bday for your baby!! I wish you all the best for 2014 and may this year brings you a lot of joy, happiness and love!
Furthermore I want to say Thank YOU! Thanks for all the great blogposts you write, for all the beeeauuutiful pictures you guys take and -most of all- for all the inspiration you give your readers throughout the blog. You know, I have a dream deep inside and I don’t know if it’s working and to be honest I’m a realist so I need the push to finally have the balls to do it. And when I read your posts -especially this one- I’m like “ok go for it, it might work!”. I just wanted to tell you this because you send so much positive energy on this virtual basis! Thank you Kristina & James!!
I’m looking forward to all things coming in 2014 :) Bye and take care! Anni

Totally love the new website! The design is very clean and modern. Great job to you and James!


Manon Coldicutt 18 January 2014 / Reply

Absolutely flabbergasted, Kristina, the word “inspire” woudn’t be strong enough to describe the effect this blog has on me. It would be a dreaaaam to meet you! Thank you so much for Kayture, you excell in what you do. Happy Birthday Kayture! Gros bisous de Paris, fais nous une petite visite! <3

Big shout out to James Chardon of course :)


Gosh I can’t wait to see what you will do in 2014. You honestly own the best blog I ever read

I’ve been following your blog for two years now and I must say that you are my biggest inspiration. You ‘re probably the prettiest girl ever and your adventures are always a pleasure to follow !

D’ailleurs je reviens à mon français haha ! Continue comme ça, tu es absolument géniale. Ce que je souhaite pour cette 4ème année est de voir plus de vidéos youtube de ta part : des routines beautés, des produits qui te plaisent … C’est toujours agréable de voir les habitudes beautés de nos blogeuses préférées ;)


I admire so much, you make people feel identified with your blog. And the way you write is so inspiring and so real. Keep doing what you do is awesome!

Félicitations pour les 3 ans du blog! Tu es sublime sur toutes ces photos

Bisous ma belle

So so beautiful photos.These gorgeous pictures gives me so many great memories! You are my idol <3

Dear Kristina
Your blog is one of the best fashion blogs in the world, in my oppinion. You have an amazing style, the looks you share on Kayture are always so fabouless and stunning. I have never seen a bad picture of you, you are so beautiful, and James are such a good photographer, together you are the perfect team. Happy birthday with Kayture’s 3rd birthday, I’ve been following the blog since the very beggining, and I have keept reading your post day after day, cause it’s just such so inspiring reading your posts, and looking at the gorgeous photos of you and your adventures, and it makes me in a very lovely and dreamy mood. Have a lovely day, you lovely lady


Happy belated 3rd birthday! I follow your blog since one year I think and it really inspired me. I love the pictures and I must say I have never been into fashion before but thanks to you I’m really interested in it now and I like to follow you around. Unfortunately since your website update your new articles are not showing up in my Feedly Account :/ any idea why? Anyways… have a great day and keep your work up! And have fun singing, I am so excited about the video and curious about your voice!

Hi Kristina and James,

Happy blog bday! Congratulations once again.
Thanks for creating this wonderful cyber space, making it so personal, friendly, private and unique. :)

Your reader from post 1,

Congratulations on the most amazing blog on the web! I envy your style and your fantastic pieces. Keep the positive messages flowing, I’m sure I can say on behalf of all your readers that we love them! You’re one of my biggest role models, and I hope that I can achieve my goals as successfully as you have.

xx Alex

Hi i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anywhere, when i read this piece of
writing i thought i could also create comment due to this good article.

Louise Dupiereux 19 January 2014 / Reply

Congratulations! Tu es vraiment sublime, et tu as vraiment un sens du goût irréprochable! Bonne continuation à toi ! c:

Très bel article qui résume bien la qualité de ton blog et de tes collaborations !

J’aime te suivre et découvrir les nouvelles tendances que tu partages avec nous !

Continues comme ça

Veronica Giomini 19 January 2014 / Reply

you’re so beautiful Kristina!!!!
Visit my blog, new post is up :)

Wow what a beautiful post and they website! You all can be so proud. Have a wonderful new year and I can’t wait to see what you got this year!❤️

The photos are beautiful and so are you. I loved reading this and since I found KAYTURE I’ve been inspired by your talent. x

Dear Kristina,

Thanks for the very inspiring and amazing pictures and your honesty. Blogging is really about injecting a little (or sometimes a lot) of glam and escapade into everyday life. You deserve your success.

Beautiful photos! It would be really great if you could link the photos to specific articles in your blog. I would love to know the context in which the photos were taken and what designers you wore in those photos! Thanks so much. bisous

Great video, Fun and succinctly explained.. Will use it an introduction when I am giving talks to genealogists and historians on blogging

Happy blog birthday Kristina! You’re truly inspiring in every way! Your blog has been one of my favorites all these years. I launched mine just 4 days after yours, on 15th Jan. 2011, and I can only dream of such success. You’re a really lucky girl, but also gorgeous, hard-working, and super stylish. You and James are the perfect couple both in life, and the work you do for this blog. I’ve told you many times, that you definitely deserve every success and opportunity that comes your way, and you seem to be one of the most down to earth bloggers out there, even with all this success.
I’d love to see what the 4th year of Kayture will bring, and I’d love to hear you sing.
Well done, on the redesign of your blog. Looks fantastic…clean, and minimal. Just a small note, that some of the photos take a long time to load, so try keeping their size small, without sacrificing their quality.
Also, FYI, just to let you know: Your old Bloglovin’ feed hasn’t been updated since you moved the blog to WordPress, and I had to search for your new one and follow it again. You already had thousands of followers there, so maybe send them a message to merge the two feeds together, so you don’t lose your old followers!

I have been following Kayture basically since it’s inception. The content is amazing and photographs are stunning. Kayture keeps me inspired and definitely gives me a brief respite from my hectic life. Keep up the amazing work!

Jacqueline Ibragimov 20 January 2014 / Reply

You have developed quite a beautiful body of work, which is just as large and impressive as any supermodel. You are one of those rare artists that is both business-minded as well as creative. The fact that you are your own stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, and producer is incredibly inspirational and admirable. Congratulations on three years of productivity, and thank you for sharing your talents with the world! I hope only the best for you.

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present here at this website, thanks admin of
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Im grateful for the blog post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

Hello kayture team and beautiful Kristina Bazan!

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How time flies ;) I am very impressed about your gorgeous pictutures – especially that close-up where you`re wearing your black hat! You`re a huge inspiration to me, giving me outfit ideas- I can just emphasize what an AMAZING fashionista you are- and not only: you`re creative and even started recently to sing: a multi-talend. Keep up that awesome work! :)
P.S. The new Kayture ROCKS!!! I love reading your blog while drinking my morning coffe.

I see that you love travelling- maybe you wanna read some of mine insider tips concerning city trips?
then go here—>

I am absolutely in love with your blog!.. You are a true inspiration.

I love your sense of style and pictures are always amazing :)

Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was
super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted
and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing.
Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers?
I’d certainly appreciate it.

I think this is a real great blog post.Thanks Again. Cool.

Hey Kristina! I’m going to address this very specifically to you. Not that my other comments wasn’t, but this one I want you so much to read it.
First of all, you are not only inspiring me with your fab outfits, but with your writting too! Since I saw you began to write more, I decided, why not me? Although I do it in spanish, cause I don’t have the same fluence you do in english, it was you who encouraged me to do it.The opening on my blog it was not only you, but you among other bloggers. You have always been in my list of bloglovin’ since I started following fashion blogs! So, I wanted to say that thank you, thank you for being so close to us (this thing about being so mad at you for that lux clothes and so on… totally true! haha), thank you for sharing your points of view of an insider in that great world that is fashion blogs, and thank you for being so natural and honest (at least is seems so haha).
Second, wishing a happy birthday to the Kayture team, including James! If James also read the comments (hello James! :D) I want you to say that you both do a great job! Your photoshoots are always FANTASTIC as if ones from a fashion magazine, and running your own “thing” it’s truly impressive. The new design is amazing (which has encouraged me to change mine, so I closed my blog temporarily because now it’s a mess, heehee) and I loved Kayture On the Go as it lasted. Also, the text you write here is one of the most inspirings I have ever seen, really.
Third and last, I’m not used to lie to anyone. I always tell the truth, and despite this comment I’m sure is beeing a little cheesy (as you say) and extremely long (sorry for that), I want you to know that every single word I’m wrtting is totally true, and I’m not making anything up to decorate the post. So, believe me when I say all of this things I said.
And that’s all, now I don’t know how to end this (it’s more like a letter than a comment, which I’m hoping you read if not I’ve been wasting a little bit of time) but… one last thing:
I’ve seen the acoustic Uncondicionally, and you sounded great! I’m so happy for you that you can focus in what was your dream as a little girl and I hope you get far with it! I write it here for not posting twice :)

And now we have arrived to the end, congratulations to both of you for this!
And please… keep inspiring us!



PS. Your photos in Barcelona killed me! When you were there and I was passing with the bus through Passeig de Gracia and Plaça Catalunya I was always dreaming in finding you guys! It would have been so exciting to meet you!! :( Seeing that you have been in the places I used to be and that I wasn’t there makes me sad! (Sorry if I sound like a stalker, I’m not!)

PS2. The photo with Blake Lively also makes me so so so envy! My favorite actress and one of my style icons!! How lucky you were! Was she nice? I’m sure she was. Anyway this comment is about you! So, goodbyee!

Esmée Peters 22 January 2014 / Reply

Wauw, your blog is amazing! I look at your blog almost everyday. Its very inspiring and you just ALWAYS looks perfect. I wish I had the discipline and such a great style to put outfits and hair and make-up like that together! I absolutely think you’re the best and have the greatest style ever. I’m jealous haha! No you and James deserve. I can see all the work and energy you guys put into it. Not one single blogger is so elegant as you are!!! And btw.. you have a great voice! :D

This might be your best post yet. Inspiring, but most of all: honest. Sharing your truth about what it actually takes to be successful and how goals really become achieved is often sugarcoated in clichès. People like you and James are truly inspiring and I wish you all the best. Well done (on everything really)!

And yeah, your VOICE sounds AMAZING in the new vid!

Great post and BIG CONGRATS on the 3rd blog birthday Kristina!!! :D You deserve everything you do so much because you put so much passion and effort in every post you make. Litterally in everylittlething you do! You and your blog will always be a huge inspiration for me. Love from Sweden <3

I realized I posted a comment on a really old post so I’ll post it here again. First off, your blog is amazingly inspiring and motivational. Thank you. Second of all, I love the new design of the blog; I love where it’s going. Lastly, I was wondering/curious if you hired a web designer or if you & James self taught yourselves HTML/CSS & all that jazz (unless you went to school)? If you or anyone else can answer this would be great. I initiated my own blog and want to design it to look as presentable. Thanks. xx Elizabeth

I really like your taste for clothes, the combinations, colours, … Inspirational!!

congrats on another great year! love the blog and i am enjoying the new website!

Filipa Branco 28 January 2014 / Reply

A little late, but congratulations for the 3rd and amazing year!
You have so much beauty, you have a gorgeous style and unique… keep with the HQ pictures, because your blog win in this concept. You guys rock! Keep going*

Happy 3rd birthday Kayture!
But sorry Kristina, you should STOP writing “it’s” possessive as “it’s”, you write it everywhere and I can see it in every post… It shows a very low level of written english.
But I do love you posts!


Did I just see Serena van der Woodsen? Have you met Blair Waldorf yet?? (Sorry, I’m just a huge fan of GG. Getting really excited when I saw that picture. Ignore me…:-p) Anyway, what I really want to say is I got so touched by this post. After everything you said up there, I was so moved by your extremely hard-working, your dedication and your attention to details which are thrown into this blog, your projects and your career. “No Pain, No Gain” is forever a universal rule. Therefore, you (and James) so deserve everything you own now. I just so so so admire you that you are not even a 20-year-old girl and you’ve already become so mature, so creative, so successful and most importantly, so talented!!! I really love the way you pursue your dream with all your passion and your heart & soul!! Keep going, Kristina! You are just AMAZING in every way!!!

I got to say that this post way far from good, it is perfect. I loved every single picture, you are an inspiring person and that is amazing. All of that passion is shown in kayture and it is really good for all your readers, you take this really serious.
Keep on with the good work!!

Take care

Soooo viele schöne Bilder!!! Ich kannte deinen Blog bis vor kurzem gar nicht. Bin ich froh, dass ich ihn entdeckt habe!!! So schöne Bilder!!! Du bist so unglaublich wandelbar, das macht es spannend deinem Blog zu folgen:o)
Und die Bilder sind echt top!!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch:o)
Liebe Grüße,

Suchitra Malvankar 24 February 2014 / Reply

I am in love with your style. Such a AMAZING blog. It’s the Best Fashion Blog I have come across. I am your big Fan now. Your super chic and elegant. So much more to say but I am falling short of words. Your Blog is WOW. Thats the least I can say. I hope you read this. I wish to subscribe to your blog for getting all the latest fashion updates on my email address. Thanks :D

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