During our stay in Paris, we had the tremendous chance and honor to work once again with one of our all time favorite brands, Louis Vuitton. Not only is their team simply incredible, so fresh, innovative and ambitious but the brand itself always manages to surprise me with the newest designs, color combination, incredible patterns and above all a colorful playfulness and elegance throughout the entire range of products that I always have a hard time finding in other labels. Louis Vuitton always seemed to fit me perfectly in terms of style, now I don’t know if it’s Marc Jacobs’s skills for aesthetics that caught my heart on fire, but I hope that Nicolas Ghesquière will bring something new and different to the brand without loosing however this sensitivity and brightness in terms of designs. 


Having already worked with Louis Vuitton several times, especially on shoe and bag editorials, we’ve decided this time to challenge ourselves (just a tiny little, because let’s be honest how hard is it to shoot these gorgeous pieces? They would look good on anybody and anything) by shooting some bracelets, earrings and necklaces from their fine jewelry collection. It’s actually quite interesting because many people don’t know how gorgeous is Louis Vuitton’s jewelry, many people know the brand essentially for it’s leather goods and travel equipment. I felt like the jewelry totally needed a spotlight! 


Each set had it’s own atmosphere and I wanted to express through these different settings what the Louis Vuitton woman feels like to me and play with the different aspects of her personality. So we got the mysterious/powerful one, then the romantic/sensitive and finally the sexy/seductive femme fatale. I have to say… I love all of the different images so much. They all have such a different mood and ambiance! For each set I wore Louis Vuitton’s FW13 ready to wear clothing pieces matched to some of their gorgeous bags and of course the key pieces are those delicate, fine charm jewelry pieces. You know how much I love subtle jewelry, the one that you wear only for yourself and the one that has a special meaning to you. Well these ones definitely got my love. I loved mixing up the golden ones with the silver ones, mixing up the symbols and shapes. There are so many options, you can make it truly yours. Make it personal and unique. 


I am SO excited to hear your thoughts about these three looks. Tell me, what is your favorite one?



Add yours

It’s hard to pick a favorite cos they all look amazing.

xx Mira

Hi kristina what a beautiful Images! You have player very well the there lookbook, but my favorite is the first, very elegant and above all I love the bracelet with padlock! Eleonora

It’s very beautiful! and the most I like the second look, you have very beautiful make-up!

Spectacular!!!! My favorite picture and bag is the first one! Tou look absolutely SRUNNING!!!


Kayture is so aspiracional and full of luxury! you’re like a diamond :)
The second photo is my favorite, the hair style is stunning also the make up!


They are all super beautiful! But I guess id go for the second one! Love the subtle pieces and gold + silver combination!

I can’t decide – all three are stunning! You look amazing. I like the grey sweater in combination with the pink lips!

Katharina // Katinka

Gorgeous bags!! You look stunning.

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BEAUTIFUL !!! I love your all looks !! Maybe the second is better for me

a hard choice. I like the second one most, but the third one is also perfect. so gorgeous!

that white LV bag in the last shot is a dream. beautiful pictures again!

You look really amazing in these photos, love so much Louis Vuitton, it’s my favorite brand. I like these three photos but my favorite is the second, you are perfect. Beautiful handbags

I love all the look, but my favourite one is the first!

love this !! every single picture looks gorgeous :)ú

The first photo is amazing, gorgeous work!

Àlex Burch

I think the first look is amazing, also the second one!
You’re so gifted, Kristina!
I’ve become a little addicted to your blog ;)) I really love your make-up and every post that you make about that!
Lots of love from Romania, hope you’ve heard of it! :))

I love those bags <3…and Kristina…you’re beautiful like always

All these looks are gorgeous. Especially, the first one. The colours suit you very well and the feelings that you tried to communicate are so powerful!

The first picture is so amazing ! You look great !

Marie-Aude 7 January 2014 / Reply

The 2nd look is my favorite one !!! Amazing <3 Comfy, pretty, simple, cosy… <3

love the 2nd one ♥

First look is my favourite look, I especially love your hair there!

Wow you look so stunning!

I like the second one the most. I pref gold over silver. :)

LOVE the editorial, love them! xx

Wow! Amazing pictures!!! Congratulations!


Those fotos are gorgeous, you like so stunning, that pretty!

Le maquillage est super dramatique, j’adore. Je n’arrive pas à choisir mon préféré entre le 1er look et le 3ème en revanche :p

The three looks are stunning but my favorite one is the romantic one! I wish I have enough money to buy all these luxury and sooooo smart things!!!!!

first and second look is perfect

Wow you look absolutely stunning, the photos are beautiful !

Love from Paris

My top favorite is definitively the first look! So fierce & beautiful.

OH WOW! You’re so freaking beautiful! Love these pics!



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OH WOW! You’re so freaking beautiful! Love these pics!



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I love the mysterious and powerful look. What a great opportunity do to this lovely pictures.
You look stunning in all 3 pictures.
Those jewelry pieces look stunning

Stunning pictures! The last one is my favourite!

X Sara

you are so perfeeeect!

moustachic ♡
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I like the first the best.


I love LV for textures and shapes, great pics

Patchwork à Porter

you are so beautiful woman! i love your style and you <3

the first one is beautiful not only because of the jewells, the clothes and the make up, wich, by the way, i love the make up! But the second one really captioned me! Its simple but intense! Your hair looks amazing and the make up is amazing too! And the jewells, classic but gorgeous! Apart from that, I love your gesture in your face and the way you are holding the bag… I love the second one! :)

the last two are my favorites. The first one is a bit too dramatic for me ! Your makeup is flawless

Wow, they are amazing! I can’t decide which one is my favorite, but I must say I really like the second one!! So classic and timeless!

Sandrine x

Oh my, it’s so hard to pick just one! <3

I think that first looks is the best I love that make up and hair!

WOW love the second picture of you!!

Love N.

the 3rd look is gorgeous and it suits you the best. All the looks are amazing! I’m in love with their bags!


the three looks are amazing but without any doubt my favourite is the mysterious/powerful one (the first photo). You look absolutely perfect!

Omg, I fell in love with the first look! So classic and elegant. Your hair looks stunning and that petite Louis Vuitton is so beautiful… And the bracelet on you right wrist is beautiful!
You did a great job in giving the spotlight to the jewelry (;

Love, Maria

J’aime beaucoup le deuxième look ainsi que le troisième, très belle.

The jewelry line is so simple and chic! I do agree that LV is incredibly revolutionary. I always feel they come out with a new silhouette or style and other designers tend to follow. Lovely to get a glimpse of this! x

WOW, the second is the best )

Kristina, sublime comme à ton habitude, tu dégages une classe incroyable!

i really like the second one look, you look awesome as always :) and jewelry is A-mazing. i want to have it in my collection.

Your pretty thang! Gorgeous make-up! x

Beautiful pictures but i have to say that makeup is a bit heavy, expecially brows. You are naturally gorgeus!

gorgeous, as you are


Perfect photos and amazing make up



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happy new year ;)


Amazing collection, You look great!

i love the first two, the second being my favorite. the third is too vampy
ladies in navy

The middle look is GORGEOUS! Your inner beauty really shines through! Love all of them!

My favourite look is the 3th one. I love big and chuncky jewelry!

x Karen

Thos accessories are to die for :) xo Hanneke

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KRISTINA!!! Please lt us know which stunning eye make up, eye pencil and lipstick you did use here???? it looks so perfect!!! Please let us know i would love to buy it

OMG you’re absolutely beautiful! I’m so so so jealous!
And the pictures are perfect!

I love your eyebrows in the first picture!! you look stunning as always.. ————————– check out my GIVEAWAY with firmoo glasses!

the first one is the best !
on the 2nd your haircut is not nice,
and on the 3rd you look like you’re 14.
So, I’ll go for the 1st one !

Wszystkie zdjęcia są wprost piękne!
Najbardziej podoba mi się ostatnie :)

Wow! Perfect photoshoot!

Absolutely gorgeous. You are the perfect model for Louis Vuitton!


Happy Christmas! :))

You look amazing!!! Such an honor to collaborate with Louis Vuitton.

xoxo, Diana

You look absolutely stunning! I think your expression is favorite look is the first one, because there is a moving in the picture and I love your makeup especially the color of your lipstick. ♥

These photos are simply… WOW!!

Elisa – My Fantabulous World

My favorite is the first picture: you look SO beautiful, in a wild way you know…! Though your look in the third picture is a killeeeer. Ton regard ressemble à celui d’Adriana Lima je te jure ! Bisous de l’autre bout du lac Leman :)

J’aime les trois, mais j’ai une préférence pour le deuxième qui fait plus naturel, plus innocent. Tu es splendide Kristina!

The make up is a little bit to much.. But you’re beautiful like always !

All three are so striking, but I especially love the first look…

to be really honest none of them. I don’t think bright eyebrows suit your head shape. It just looks weird very round.

Amazing pictures !!!
you looks so beautiful !

OceanWind Blog

The first one is incredible! beautiful shot, you look incredible!

You look amazing in this editorial story. Love it! <3

Lovely collection, you look stunning!

Love Bodil,


AMAZING ♡ love all by the first one is so perfect!



you are incredibly beautiful! love the styling of the whole shoot! what an amazing experience.

xx Angie|

Second ONE !!!! Love the rings and you just look georgous here !!! Ti prosto krasavize kristina. Net slov… :)

The last one is my favourite. NOt only the makeup but the bag as well. I tend to voerlook LV jewelry because I don’t find it that interesting. I prefer proper Jewelry brands. Maybe it’s all the keychain motifs they have going on that makes me thing they are a bit girly and not mature for most of their older clients. But that last bag is gorgeous ! To die for.

All of these 3 looks are absolutely gorgeous and so are the bags and the jewelry. They are so classy and elegant. You look fantastic!

These pictures are absolutely stunning!! What an amazing collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Can’t wait to see more this year!

Nice looks!
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But why why why do you photoshop your face so much? It looks like you have rubber skin. The not natural look is something we’d see in the magazine adds for beauty products, not on here.

Wow all three looks are stunningly beautiful. If I had to pick one though it would be the second as the pieces of jewellery in this photo are just amazing!
Xx Elle

Amazing work! I’m in love with the second picture :)


i prefer the second one :) it’s got a really nice atmosphere.
and i even though i like all the looks i think the last picture would’ve turned out better with a little less eyeliner ;)
you’re such a lucky girl to be able to work with LV <3

These pictures are crazy intense! Very editorial! I think the second is my favourite. And LV definitely has some amazing jewelry pieces that are not given enough love & attention..!

I am a big fan of the first and second. The first is very adventurous and bold; in it you are the quintessence of the modern woman. The second, maintains some of that independence, but has more of an ephemeral, flowery quality.

I love that for the sexy/seductive femme fatale look you guys went for a lighter colour palette, with the soft grey, off-white and pink lips, instead of a darker one.

you are so stunning, it’s crazy!


You look stunning in all the photos, but the second look is my favorite!

my favourite is definitely the second one. To me, it’s so sophisticated and elegant ad the colours are beautiful.

Bonjour Kristina,
J’adore les photos de Louis Vuitton! Je lisais ton article précédent, sur ta rencontre avec un spécialiste du cheveu chez Kerastase, et je me demandais si tu pouvais partager ce qu’il t’a appris sur les soins de tes cheveux et ton cuir chevelu? Tu dis que tu vas changer tes habitudes, je pense que plusieurs lectrices seraient vraiment heureuses d’en apprendre plus!

Mill mercis!

Well I’m a girly girl at heart so the romantic/sensitive one is my favourite! But they are all gorgeous x

They all look sensational! My favourite is the second one!

Ohhh my I just can’t choose a favourite one!! They are all so beautiful and feminin. I prefer the first look for an elegant night out, the second for more casual day and the 3rd for more sofisticated meeting for example. ❤️ Great post Kristina.

my favorite is the second! you look so great!

Let me tell you Kristina that all of the LV shoots re stunning, but my fav one was the 2nd one, your hair and makeup looks awesome!

The second one is my favorite partly because it seems more like you!

OceanWind Blog

Holy moly, you look beautiful in all! My favourite has to be the 2nd one though, incredible!

Kirsten x

Those pictures are amazing and its amazing how versatile you are!

Greetings from London,

You look magnificent! The second hairstyle suits you so much. Amazing job with the make-up.

I like the second one best, but u are stunning. kisses

The looks are so beautiful, stunning photos! Keep up the great work. <3


You are so beautiful *_* Lovely blogger

I think you are amazing on every picture, but my favorite is the second one! You look gorgeous there and so kind)

last photo is the best !!! :))))))

Thanks for the blog article.Thanks Again. Great.

I would probably pick the last one =)

You look so gorgeous !

xo dri.