Q&A FIRST PART Okay guys, so after aaaaall this wait (I know, I know… it was supposed to come out in December. Shame on me) here is finally the first Question & Answer videos that I have been promising you for all this time!!! It was a total mess since we had to film it all over again, we wanted the best quality possible for you folks. Now, I am super excited to be revealing today this first part and hear your feedback (argh I always find it so weird to hear myself speak in videos! I guess that I am used to see pictures so I always feel like I have the worst expressions and manners ever!!! bluagh). Thanks to the #askkristina hashtag and all the direct questions you’ve sent in, we elaborated 3 video series divided into personal, fashion and blogging related questions! This first part is going to be about my personal life and aspirations for the future! Here is the little summary of the video : 

1. How do you see yourself in ten years? 
2. Are you planning to go back to studies? 
3. Other than blogging, do you have any passions? 
4. What do you do to stay healthy? 
5. Do you want to stay based in Switzerland or move elsewhere? 
6. What are your favorite products? 

We had the pleasure to film this video with a really good friend of ours and new member of our Kayture team, Philippe Girard (by the way, he also has a blog!) and we couldn’t have asked for a better scenery than the Park Hyatt in Zürich where we stayed for a couple of days as we also had some extra work in the city. It was hard to choose among all the great question received (I could have spoken for 1 hour!!! and god knows how annoying that would have been.) but I think these are the most important ones that have been coming back a lot. So hopefully your questions won’t be left unanswered! If you have any additional things you’d like to know, feel free to pop a little comment bellow and I’ll make sure to check it out! Lots of love guys, and enjoy :)

P.S In the video I am wearing a Tara Jarmont dress and Louis Vuitton bracelet.


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Great video, I have the same opinion about universities (I am from Czech) but I must admit that some subjects are really helpful, and they are about how to act in some bussines occasions ;)

Hey Kristina!
I would like to say, you are fantastic and give so much inspiration to us :)
Keep on doing blogging ;)

My question: What kind of music do you prefer? and in what genre are u singing?


love it, please do more videos :-) xx

Super cute and interesting video!

xx Mira

Great video! Really hope 2014 will bring great strides in your music career!!
You are an inspiration.



This video is amazing, you are so cute and very inspiring. I hope all your wishes for this new year will make come true.

Cool cool cool! I’ll have to check that out when I get home from work! And I’m very happy I’m not the only one who is sometimes kind of late with their deadlines ;)

xo Sabrina

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What would you say to someone who also want to Start a Blog? Would it ne Worth it Or are there Already Too Many Blogs Out there so it would be hard to be succesful? Have you any tips on starting one?

loved this video!!
best of wishes with your singing career :)

You are really inspirational! I see that you are working hard so Even of im a Little jealous ;) i can say that you totally deserve it!
And i like it that you are thin and healthy but you do Not Look Too thin and Thats important for the young Generation! Do you prefer some good shoes Or a good bag? What is harder to find for you? :D and whats your shoe size? Haha
Have a nice Day xx

That dress in the video is just amazing-.

Can’t wait to see next part!

This is a great video and your personality shines through in it :)
Xx Elle

I love this video . I enjoyed every second of are so sweet and pretty.

Loved the video! :) And you are definitely right, to differ from other people and job seekers you have to be personal. And what’s the best way to do that but to present a document of your own career on a young age and not just some school grades. You are very inspiring, thank you :).

You are so inspiring Kristina. I can only hope this year my blog will go the direction that I want it to :)

Hey Kristina! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog but have never commented frequently. I just wanted to let you know how inspirational and beautiful I think you are <3 I really loved your message about being creative with the way you achieve your dreams. I am currently in university and I feel like so many people around me are just lost and using uni as an excuse to put off real life.

I wish you all the best for the future and cannot wait to see the new Kayture!

THANK YOU Kristina! Once again for being that lovely and sweet! I think that the part of the video in wich you talk about education and following your dreams, being different…it´s true, and it´s great that you try to encourage us! However, it makes me a bit sad too… I´m PASSIONATE about fashion, I never get tired of it! I study a very different degree, criminology in fact, but whenever I have time I spend it on watching blogs, fashion shows, collections…But in Spain, you can only study Fashion in a private university, and my parents can´t afford it! So it makes me sad thinking that, even the idea about achieving our dreams is BEAUTIFUL, sometimes the reality is harder and teaches us to be more than grateful and happy with wath we have, even if is not what we wish for! Anyways I reaaally ADMIRE you, because I also think that apart from having economic help (money), and a bit of luck, you also need a lot of EFFORT, bravery, ilusion to create such a great career as your, and work, a lot of work!! Hahaha…So CONGRATULATIONS and thank you again for bringing fashion to people who don´t have acces to it! I envy you so much!!!!! (In a good way hahaha) Kisses from Spain!

The video is so interesting and your manners are great, don’t worry. I love your bracelets, by the way. Lots of love ❤

what type of camera and lens are you using?

Ahh, I was looking forward to this! It’s a great idea to split the whole Q&A business in 3 parts, I also like that you addressed the education issue – and I completely agree with your views! A little criticism for the video would be that sometimes the scenes were not put together seamlessly, so that you ended up losing a word or two.

This was very interesting. Can’t wait to hear more about your music career! :)

amazing video! thank you for sharing!

Great video ! Can’t wait to watch the 2 others

In all honesty, I don’t remember hearing such a well-phrased argument on career choices, ever since watching an interview with Kelly Cutrone a while ago. I distinctively remember her saying that you should never let other people dictate your career path, and that pretty much nothing is impossible as long as there is enough motivation, hard work and willpower behind what you do; she made up an example of a young girl from a small village/town wanting to produce fashion shows in NYC and that, as crazy as it sounds, nowadays it is totally attainable. Even though I am myself graduating this year from a top UK university with a degree in Economics and IR, I have always tried to follow my own instincts and to seek opportunities that would best represent who I am, my passions and my strengths, as opposed to what is commonly ‘expected’. Because I intend to continue to do so in my career and because it so happens that fashion and the entertainment industry are also my two main interests, I could relate so much to your insights on the matter. I absolutely agree with you that, although education is important, experience is essential, and, without it, one cannot truly learn and grow professionally. At the risk of sounding a bit cheesy and cliché, I admire you and think of you as an inspiration for many young adults pursuing something different and unique in life, including myself. Keep up the good work and I hope I’ll get the chance to meet you in person one day.. and who knows, maybe even work with you on a future project. :)

Soit disant parce que tu n’as pas fait d’études supérieures, ça ne te donne pas le droit d’en parler de la sorte et de dénigrer les études universitaires comme tu le fais ( les gars, sortez du moule des études, soyez créatif, on n’apprend pas à manager un blog à l’Uni, et autres bêtises que t’assènes dans la vidéo…). C’est super pour toi et que tu puisse vivre de ta passion et de ton blog mais tu restes une privilégiée. La plupart d’entre nous doivent se confronter à la loi du marché qui devient de plus en plus dure, avec beaucoup de concurrence et un taux de chômage de plus en plus élevé, même en Suisse! Et même si un papier universitaire n’est plus gage de trouver du travail, ne pas en avoir l’est encore moins. Bien sûr, il n’y a pas besoin de faire des études supérieures pour réussir dans la vie, mais en parler dans ta vidéo comme tu en parles, en sachant l’influence que tu peux avoir, surtout auprès des jeunes, je trouve que c’est limite… ABE

Kristina, I must disagree with you on question number 2. University is not only about learning how to handle your business meetings, it’s also about opening your mind in a different way, and having experiences, that you can’t have anywhere else. Life is not only about building your successful career, it’s about being a person with a broad view on the world and broad general knowledge. Good luck. (:

You are so gorgeous!

That was really interesting!
You remind me of myself with your hands gestures ;) hahahah

Really enjoyed the part when you talked business a little bit, so definitely waiting for the third part! Admire you for being so young and running a business in that tough industry!!!

OceanWind Blog

Thank you for being so personable. Very refreshing! All the best

I agree with you, schools today they don’t teach you how to deal with a lot of stuff. Specially creativitiy and doing things yourself. Great video. =)

Amazing video Kristina, your manners are beautiful don’t worry about them ;D. I have a question I’d like u to answer…
haha I use a repairing conditioner, and I try to put daily on my hair a repairing oil (extraordinary oil elvive by L’Oreal) and I brush it but your hair seems to be extra fluffy!!
Do you have some tricks for the hair? Or products that could be very useful?
Merci ma chère :*
God bless!

Amazing video
You are so gorgeous.
What’s the brand of your ring?

I absolutely love this! I love what you’ve said about going to school/university, completely agree with you. The education system doesn’t teach what life really is about, they just condition everyone to be the same clone…so that all we do is the same monotonous life of going to a job we hate every day. We should all be doing the one thing that makes us truly happy, not what we think makes us happy but that one real thing that does! You’re an inspiration, honestly.

Kirsten x

Awesome video! and i’m also slightly obsessed with coconut oil, in my opinion organic coconut oil is just the best!

I got my degree at university and it was really important for me (and Im glad I have my degree). But I must agree with you that it didnt teach me much that I would apply in real life. My job is actually something entirely else than what I studied :-)


Dear Kristina, the edition of this video is not as good as it can be. I really want the best for the new Kayture so I think you guys should ask for help.

great video!
i’m looking forward to see the next parts of these. :)
and you look perfect as always.

You are so amazing!

It’s really interesting and inspiring video!

Great stories and fantastic video! I just realized that you look so much like the young Empress in the Never Ending Story! ;-)

I loved watching this video! You are the most amazing blogger I know, always an inspiration!

I love how honest this video was, it’s always nice to see you in video form! Can’t wait for the other two!

Well, school doesnt teach you all those things like negotiation and invoicing, because Uni does! A person above stole my thought but i agree: its not about studying a bunch of subjects and getting a paper at the end, its about experience, opening your mind and understanding yourself better. And those “tools in science and stuff” are better be taught. I admire people who go through this path vs all those “talented marketing managers and PR”. With what you have already achieved you can go teach at uni yourself but i very much encourage you to go get a degree. It won’t format you slightest :)

I couldn’t really watch this video, it actually offended me. I’m glad you found your niche and that you’re doing well but don’t put down the hard work of those who have invested a lot of time, energy and effort into obtaining a uni qualification. We’re not all cookie cutters who think the same way.

very inspiring..and you are totally right with everything that you say. You are a true model for me but how you get to collaborated with all those famous brands? And did you have any advice/steps in how to created a brand/career/business like you did?


can’t wait to watch it <33


You are very inspirational and you’re a lovely person on video! I do agree on your university/education views, but I guess it’s only applies to what you want to do in life. I’m studying science which you definitely can’t learn by yourself and I think univeristy is so important for this kind of studies. However I do understand that you don’t want to go to university, because you’re already do what you want in life, and I definitely think you don’t need university to make it! Don’t you miss student life? Because you’re doing something entirely different than your peers! Lots of love.

I have another question, what do you think when you look back at your old pictures?

You are one of the most inspiring person for me at the moment! Your blog is brilliant!
Best wishes!

I love your bracelets! and you’re such an inspiration Kristina.
Please check out my blog
Thanks :)

It might be a difference in high schools in Switzerland compared to Australia (where I live), but while you can study traditional subjects here like laguages, maths, chemistry etc, more diverse subjects such as business, law, psychology and music conposition are also available. For me, I completed a business degree at university after high school and it taught me all the things that you weren’t able to learn at high school and really opened my mind to new and different ways of thinking x

finally! the Q&A video! it took a while! joke… okay, about your studies answer i have to say that i thought like you when i was in high school but that’s obligatory education for some reason! it’s the base (for calling it something) when you’re at university it’s where you definitely start learning about life, and not only contracts and business, but also about life experiences. maybe instead of doing a fashion degree if someday you plan on going back to study, you should study business (or whatever it’s called in switzerland) because you’ll learn what you already know (contracts, business, how to create your own enterprise) but it’ll also teach you how to improve your company (because let’s be honest, kayture is more a enterprise now than a blog! i miss the posts you did with james on weekends writing how much homework you had!) so yeah, i do NOT regret going to university at all because it has been an awesome experience and althought you can learn online or by other people but i really think that i’ll make you good! also, finally (yay!) everyone don’t go to university because “they have to” or because it’s what everybody does, someones(including me) have a vision before and we only go to get to know the industry better, to get a better knowledge by our own. I dont know how universities are in switzerland but in my country there are some that really make you grown up as a person, make you think and i guess that’s something that all universities should do.

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I am so happy I finally got to see this video!! Love it so much. It is so nice to get to see you like this. But my favorite part of course is the education part. I could not agree with you more. I really believe education needs to be reformed to actually bring out people’s best abilities and help them reach their potential. I do believe education is important, but it needs to be adjusted in a way the improves each individual’s capacity instead of this robotic education for everyone. Right on point!! you look beautiful as usual. but I most say that I love your mentality even more!!

I am so happy I finally got to see this video!! Love it so much. It is so nice to get to see you like this. But my favorite part of course is the education part. I could not agree with you more. I really believe education needs to be reformed to actually bring out people’s best abilities and help them reach their potential. I do believe education is important, but it needs to be adjusted in a way the improves each individual’s capacity instead of this robotic education for everyone. Right on point!! you look beautiful as usual. but I most say that I love your mentality even more!!

P.S You may want to check your bloglovin account because it doesn’t seem to be uploading the latest articles after the new designed

Hi Kristina, thank you for such a good video! Its so inspiring!! I absolutely agree with you on the studying issue. Seriously, I don’t think it’ll be necessary for YOU to go for any further education because you are all self-taught with your real-life experience. What you gonna have after you graduate is just a certain degree, a piece of certificate which actually just a piece of paper. All the experience you’ve had now is actually your fortune, its something nobody can take away from you.

Best of luck!! I’m always here supporting you!

Love from Ireland! xxoox


I’m so in love with your blog and with your style, you are so talented !

I wish you the best for the new year to come hoping you keep doing the great job you’re doing already

love, Salomé

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