Hey loves! Here is as promised the video we shot in Paris with the lovely Love Gold team. This short clip was directed by the talented Fabien Constant who also directed Carine Roitfeld’s documentary Mademoiselle C, as well as Chris Roman who works for and other fashion outlets. A super talented team for a super bright day.

We spend such a fabulous time with this amazing group of people, discovering absolutely gorgeous golden high jewelry pieces, from Boucheron, to Bulgari, to Louis Vuitton and finally Chanel. It was a dream day, I had diamonds in my eyes for the rest of the evening.

My favorite piece must have been this incredible quatre gold ring at Boucheron, such an exceptional piece, so modern yet extremely sophisticated as well. Hope you’ll enjoy this video folks!

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Beautiful video. I loooove these bracelets :D

xx Mira

Amazing pictures and video! love the jewerly!

x Karen

des bijoux merveilleux
lovely video


Very cool video and beautiful jewelry! Playing with jewelry is like taking a kid to the candy store!
What a fun experience and collaboration!



Love the Boucheron rings! I am eyeing that piece for so long and can’t decide which color or size should I get, lol.. You look gorgeous. Kisses hun!

The Fashion Fraction 30 January 2014 / Reply

babe, you know I adore you, your style and your blog but you should really practice walking in heels

WOW nice video and I really love your jewelry !

Sweet Perdition 30 January 2014 / Reply

vas bellisima! me encanta como vas siempre!


Amazing video! The jewelry are just beautiful.

OMG this little film looks like a movie, somehow reminded me of “Marie Antoinette”.. a dream! congratulations, Kristina!

Superbe vidéo qui rappelle ce que c’est de découvrir pour la première fois quelque chose de merveilleux avec les yeux d’un enfant. Bravo pour la qualité et la discipline des publications. Bravo de suivre tes rêves et d’inspirer les autres à oser sortir des sentiers “normés”. Bravo d’exprimer ta mode selon ton ressenti et tes envies. Bravo d’oser, d’expérimenter et de rendre possible ce que tant de personnes peuvent et rêvent mais ne font pas.

À ta manière, tu incarnes les pensées suivantes.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. Coco Chanel
When you cease to dream you cease to live. Malcom Forbes
Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. Jim Rohn
Be yourself, everyone is taken. Oscar Wilde

Amazing clip, I didn’t expect anything less! :)

Great video! ♥

Cette vidéo est tout simplement magnifique et très élégante, tu es très gracieuse et j’ai beaucoup aimé cette musique qui apporte plein de douceur !

Beautiful and I love the video♥

wow at the video!
looks so amazing

Beautifull as always!

This video is awesome! I love the classical music, it’s perfect for this classy short film.
I also really like the way it was filmed. Congratulations! :)

This video was amazing, and I loved the music and scenes they filmed, made you look like a princess!

Sandrine x

I really wanted to be you in that video; visiting all those
gorgeous places and trying on all that lovely jewelry!

you look so beautiful and the video was great! :) love ur blog X

Kristina you look so beautiful! Those rings and bracelets are totally amazing!!!

Petit film tout en finesse et en beauté!
Maintenant c’est moi qui ai des diamants pleins les yeux! ;)

very nice video darling :) great job!

Amazing video & jewelry !

Love from Paris

Love the video! You look gorgeous in the pics too!



OceanWind Blog

beautiful video!


Great video!
The jewelry looks amazing.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Gorgeous jewelry! The video is so beautiful!

Loved the video, the accessories and Paris view are so beautiful!

Kristina! I love this video too much!!
You look gorgeous and I am in love with all the gold you showed!!
You really did it! Good job!


Love it!

♥ Oxana {new! >> caramel makeup}
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Amazing video ! You have a wonderfull life! Where did you get your new iphone case? It’s so elegant and stylish! Can we know plz?!??? :-)

I have loved the video! It’s perfect! ;) and the jewelry… OH MY! hhahaha

stunning jewelry! what’s the song in the video called?

Amazing video! Wish I could own all those gorgeous jewelry pieces! =)

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I’m such a fan of gold jewelry. Great pieces. Beautiful video! xx

lovely, so lovely! Like your style :)

Love this video. You made the jewelry look more amazing. :) XOXO

Love the video and all the jewellery :)

WOW! Great video! You look adorable!

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Beautiful pictures and video! xx

you have very nice hair here
OMG I love them ♥

always love ur style

Great video! you’re so lucky to try all these beautiful things!

WOW, such a great video. And I love this bracelets and necklaces <3

XOXO Katharina

wow u should really learn how to walk with heels

The director did a beautiful job filiming you. Such a magical experience it must have been.


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This is amazing, I love he video and all the jewellery! Beautiful!

Kirsten x

You are ravishing kristina!

The jewellery looks amazing and the video is superb! Kind of like a Kayture-on-the-go video. Speaking of which, I really miss those! You and James should definitely make more <3 I love seeing a day into the life of the lovely Kristina.

x Lily

So nice video, and the pictures are great too

woow♥ all the jewelry looks amazing!:)

I love the jewelry, especially the pearl ring. I’m following your blog now ♥

beautiful video!!
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beautiful, love the style of these photos

Divo's Diva 1 February 2014 / Reply

I love the whole feel of this video, so luxurious yet trendy

You look beautiful and I love those pieces of jewellery. Stunning.

Wonderful video and the jewelry pieces are really nice. As a wedding photographer, I must say I love shooting women with wonderful jewelry that will give nice pictures like those ones :).