Hey loves how are you all? Hope you had a fabulous week-end full of love and fun! I spent these last two days working on my music. The best time ever. I’ve been composing with super talented artists some arrangements for my songs and recorded two acoustic tracks in a studio which I am so so incredibly happy and excited about. Some new videos are going to be released soon.

Honestly that day, I felt so emotional and grateful… It’s insane to see something you’ve created materialize. I am really looking forward to reveal you everything, one step at a time.

This morning, we landed in Barcelona in order to support one of our favorite ready to wear labels, Mango, who are doing a fashion show at the 080 venue, but before talking about that I would love to show you guys some pictures James and I shot in Paris during our stay with Love Gold! It turns out that this article has not been shot at midnight (though the title suggests it), the ambiance however was typical of the perfect Parisian night, strolling through the busy streets while enjoying a hot drink and the fresh air.

It was super cold that day, worth investing in a beanie as well as a soya chai latte at Starbucks… Each time I travel, Starbucks is the comfort zone where I know I can have lactose free milk haha. Part of my resolutions for 2014 is to be vegetarian, but also have a gluten and dairy free diet, mostly for health reasons. Ideally, I’d love to be vegan. That’s the best isn’t it? I eat vegan food 50% of the time and I would love for it to become 100% but goosh it’s super hard when you travel constantly and spend most of the time at train stations, airports and hotels where people look at you with big eyes you if you ask for a soya milk.

We’re getting there!!! Today we have a busy day in Spain, feel free to follow all the news on our social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook for all the live updates :) lots of love x.









COAT : Zara


BAG : Sophie Hulme

NECKLACE : Ek Thongprasert 


TOP : Mango

SKIRT : Love




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The Fashion Fraction 27 January 2014 / Reply

darling, some photos are in the post twice. but love the pictures anyway :)

I can’t wait to hear your songs! The pictures are beautiful as always.

Rose Kiara Peaches by Selina K

Another amazing outfit for you! I’m vegetarian 90% of the time. It really is hard, especially when you’re invited to dinner parties,… But I really can’t eat meat, it makes me feel so sick. I only eat it for health reasons once a week. Do you have a website where the skirt can ordered?

x Karen

love the coat and the beanie! you look amazing as always! :) I am lactose intolerant and I love going to starbucks having a chai tea latte with lactose free milk. Sooo good! xx

LOVE your mint green accessories and accents. It really pops this look.
And your make up looks perfect! SOOOO gorgeous.



What a beautiful outfit! Paris is my favorite city! You have a beautiful hair in these pictures, cold you do a tutorial arti le please? It’s been a long time since the last article you talk of hair and hair products! You are always the best! Kisses e.

Hi Kristina,
that beanie looks so good on you! I got the same one, accidentally bumped into it at H&M and I realized you have the same one so I got it.
I have been a vegetarian for almost my whole life. I don’t drink milk but I eat cheese and eggs. It’s really great how you are asking for soya milk. Keep doing that! It doesn’t matter them people don’t know how good it is :).


Great outfit! and the beanie looks so good with your blond hair!

Wow! You’re looking amazing honey, really love the look, specially the way you have mixed mint accessories!

Cant believe how you look always elegant no matter you wear!!
Great look, very chic, you nearly look like a parisian girl ;)

great photos! :)

el collar es precioso!!!!

Wow Kristina you looks stunning. I’m so excited how your music will sounds like. Can not wait. The cap suits you (especially the color). The necklace is stunningly beautiful.<3
XOXO Katharina

Love the look! I’m working on eating healthier and cutting out diary and gluten as well :/ so hard though sometimes.

I’ve become a pesco-vegetarian a few months ago, mostly to stand for the animal cause. But I’ve kept on eating fish for my health (potassium, proteins, omega 3,…). But why would you go vegan ? I am not sure it is better for your health, you should ask a nutritionist. I mean, we should eat food from all 5 groups in order to be really healthy. But I admire you if you’re ready to say goodbye to macaroons (they’ve got eggs!) and all kind of cakes…!

You look awesome! I also would love to become vegeterian, but since I live with parents I am pretty sure this is impossible :) but In future I will do it

What’s an nice outfit, I really love the colors! I’m an new blogger, hope you will check out my blog :)

Amazing look! I love the combination of the coat and the color of necklace!

I love your coat and I love your coat!
I always love your look! You always look fabulous!


Super look Kristina, très classe!


Such romantic pictures! You look great<3

The outfit looks amazing, so simple but stylish! The necklace looks absolutely stunning!

Love your outfit! Good luck with your music!


Love the top and the necklace :) your new blog is so cute! Congrats :)


Love your beanie! Ans bag is amazing!

Wonderful outfit, I love it!
I used to be 100% vegan for 3 years, but my doctor warned me for possible health problems, because our organisms need everything! So, don’t exclude the meat forever! :)

Definitively Parisian weather ;)
Enjoy sunny Barcelona, I’m currently in Stockholm and it’s soo cold.. brr!

Kristina you are amazing, talented, creative, full of ideas as well as for fun and fashion.

Been thru diets, I eat gluten-free, some fish, no sugar!! and loving how I look and feel now… balance and moderation were the hardest part.. in every endeavor! too much manic energy.

Love site!

Logical Harmony is devoted to healthy living, vegan free diet and products, and fitness.

“Logical Harmony is an award winning blog that strives to bring you the best in vegan beauty and lifestyle!”

– hope maybe you will find something of interest.

CelebritiesAndFashion 27 January 2014 / Reply

The color of your beanie and necklace is amazing, totally loving it!! ♥

Love Paris and you are so right this photos have indeed this nightly vibe!

OceanWind Blog

Amazing photos! I’m in love with the mint accents in your outfit


CHristina :)

Beautiful photos and I love the pastel accents on your outfit!


I love your outfit here :) I’ve been to Paris this too and j’adore cette ville!!! <3
I posted a blogpost about my journey in Paris. Maybe you want to check it out?

Enjoy :)

love how you styled the beanie!

Lovely look and can’t wait to hear your tracks! ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Wauw, those pictures are beautiful! I think it’s amazing how you’re working on your music and your blog!

This gorgeous! I love that coat and your style! xx

Tottaly in love with your outfit and specially with the necklace! I really have a big passion for big necklaces and you happen to own the most amazing of them! hahahah
So happy you are in Barcelona! It’s my beloved city! If you have some free time I totally recommend you to explore the little streets at the sides of Las Ramblas, you’ll find some nice little shops full of surprises! ;) And if you prefer something more of sightseeing you can go to El parc de la ciutadella (Park of the citadel) it is so beautiful too! <3
Anyway can't wait to see your Barcelona new posts!

Kristina Plavsic 27 January 2014 / Reply

I saw that Starbucks wrote your wonderful name wrong … Shame on Starbucks (just kidding but I think that is not okay haha) Beautiful as always, Kristina!

Love your blog so much, xx Kristina! (It feels a little bit weird that we have the same name)

I also have that Mango leo top I love it! Have a nice time in bcn it’s such a wonderful city!

love the outfit! So gorgeous :)

Très jolies photos, la tenue est superbe et te va à merveille !
Ce manteau Zara est canon, il te va très bien et a une très belle ligne !
J’aime beaucoup toutes ces touches de vert avec ton bonnet notamment qui est très joli !
Je trouve ça très bien et important de manger sainement mais je me demande si le régime vegan n’est pas un peu trop restrictif !!

the color of beanie is just perfect.

Etre vegan peut-être dangereux, tu risques de développer des carences, mais ce n’est qu’un avis personnel ^^

A part ça ta tenue est très belle !! Surtout le manteau et le bonnet :)


Can’t wait to hear your songs!!! Love the outfit a lot!

So cute, loving this colors

Kiss kiss.*Jo

awesome look and the photos are fantastic :)


Voilà!! typiquement le genre de look que j’aime de toi. Chic mais avec ce côté laid-back et accessible.
La couleur du bonnet te va à ravir.

You look absolutely beautiful :) I love your makeup!

You’re so freaking beautiful :D

I love the touch of mint! lovely.

loving this look so much! you’re so stunning xx

your hair is getting so long! love the outfit and mint cap
ladies in navy

gorgeous outfit!
love the mint pieces

I am 26 years old and I’ve become vegetarian 14 years ago. I don’t eat meat and fish, but I think that a gluten and dairy free diet its not necessary to be healthy. Sometimes I like to eat a good toasted whole wheat bread, pasta of durum wheat or some cheese. We should eat food from different groups! I can’t imagine to give up praline, macaroons and lemon tart…=) And I think that sometimes you have to let yourself to such small pleasures!
On the other hand I believe that also cosmetics are very important in our life. Most cosmetic products on the market are full of synthetic ingredients. I use natural cosmetics (the absence of GMO, parabens, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes), they care for my skin and my health in general. And they care for the well-being of humans and animals!!!

Great bag and necklace!!!

Loving your outfit! I just had to tell you that lactose-free milk is not the same as soya milk. Lactose-free milk is just milk without lactose (the sugar in milk is called lactose). Soya milk is the one that doesn’t have any milk in it. So if you want to avoid milk, just stick with the soya milk and forget the non-lactose stuff :)

You look stunning !

Love from Paris

Love the minty greens in this outfit! Also I watched the video of you singing and your voice is simply amazing!

This is one of the most inspiring outfits I’ve ever seen from you. I really love it!!

After hearing you sing, I am excited to hear the rest of your songs. I love walks on busy streets still wet from previous rain. You look so chic! ^^

Such a great outfit! The way you combined those colors is just perfect!

xoxo Mireille

You look perfect, the mint on neutral is absolutely gorgeous!
The Fashion Wonderland

Beautiful coat and boots!

Sandrine x

I love your style!

Love your oversized coat!

Mint green is always a great and subtle way to add colour without over powering the outfit. Love it!

Great look!! Loving that necklace! =D

Please, check out my blog:


I´m really looking forward to your music<3
You look amazing<3 I love this coat so much!

I’ve been vegan for more than a year and I am telling you go for it!! Be patient, the change can not happen over night but it’s so worth it!!
Oh btw, I bought the same beanie in red from H&M and I don’t like the top part of it.
Other than that I love this look!
Love from Toronto,

Amadeus On The Catwalk

I have just read some of the comments and see that people don’t know much about nutrition.
Anyway if you decide to go vegan, educate yourself first! I suggest you read books by Norman Walker (raw food and vegan pioneer, lived to be 116!!) and watch movies with Charlotte Gerson. She is the queen of nutrition and she is almost 100!
One thing is a must though: Fresh vegetable juices!

Amadeus On The Catwalk

I love your style !!!!!
You’re so beautiful, really !


Adore this outfit…mint green has to be one of my favourite colours. Beautiful photos. x

Claire x

Love the beanie:) And the rest of the outfit ofcourse!!
x Mandy

This just may be one of my all-time favorite outfits on you! Effortless styling, and the photos – oh these photos! You’re so lucky to have James as your photographer!

XOXO, Oksana

You know what I love so much on your blog? Kayture has become so big, but you still make it very personal and full of character. And your mix of affordable and pricey pieces. That makes you such an inspiration as some parts of your outfits are accessible to a brighter audience. I’m so looking forward to hear your songs.


Thank you guys so much for all your sweet and super interesting comments!!

P.S Actually, I still approve all the comments, it means so much to me reading all of them one per one as I always learn something new and see things from another perspective. Thank you so much for taking a second and giving me your thoughts, can’t be more grateful and happy to have such awesome readers, you guys are so cool xx

I love this post. I love this blog. Always such a treat to read. you are SUCH a huge inspiration kristina.. I wish you lots of luck with your dreams in 2014… keep shooting for the stars.

i love this combination of mint and antique s my favourite ..and it s in trend for spring-summer
lovely fotos..

new post o my blog about spring summer colours

I love the fact that you’re eating healthy even when you travel a lot, i’m a vegetarian for 10 years now.. never going back haha. You’re style is such a big inspiration to me! You’re classy and sophisticated will following the newest trends and creating an own style.. Keep up the good work

Love the beanie in the outfit!


really beautiful!:D
Have you just seen my last post?Please look it!

The minimal look, the coffee, the perfect pretty working girl. You seems to be a real inspiration for a lot of girls (okay, me included!)