Here is as promised the second backstage part of our parisian experience with Love Gold, the video being on it’s way (it should be posted tomorrow on the blog yaay)!! After spending the morning at Boucheron, Vuitton and Bulgari it was time to enter the fascinating world of Chanel and discover some of their latest fine jewelry creations. Chanel is all about timeless elegance, class, chic and … pearls. Lots of pearls. Since we were focused on gold, and more precisely yellow gold, our attention got hit right away by the new Baroque line which evolves around some imposant yellow gold pieces embellished with roses and pearls. A.k.a a girl’s dream.

After spending a little while discovering those precious beauties we enjoyed a little stroll through Paris, not only to enjoy the view but also to stop for a little tea break at the café Castiglione, which turns out to be THE fashion people place to be during fashion week as a lot of editors, journalists and models hang out here. And I learn that only now… Better late than never. Outside fashion week, it’s a cozy little luxury spot near all the shops, quite a chic place to enjoy a green tea in the middle of the afternoon (7EUR the cup hum hum… talking bout’ branding, hope there’s gold in that cup of tea).

We then enjoyed a delicious Japanese lunch near avenue Montaigne before having a little dessert a the Angelina on Rue Rivoli and I decided to continue on that track and get myself for dinner a big box of Pierre Hermé macarons. James and I got back to our hotel room, and instead of ordering dinner I stuffed myself with delicious macarons from heavens of gods all evening long, a parisian must do (have you ever tried a fois gras macaron? I did… and it was… very, very strange though surprising. I am definitely getting vegan haha).

We spent the evening in, I worked on my music and dreamed about all the gorgeous things I’ve seen during the day. I really have to pinch myself thinking about these amazing experiences we live and all the beautiful things our eyes get to see. It’s so important to take a minute, or ten, everyday to feel grateful and remind myself of what’s really important. Cause you can get used to all this luxury so easily if you don’t take a step back. I hope you guys will enjoy this last part and escape in this dreamy world of parisian elegance, but remember all of these pretty things are nothing without a beautiful person for  them to worn, beautiful from inside out. enjoy! x

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COAT : Sandro

PANTS : Mango

SHOES : Saint Laurent

BAG : Valentino


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I looove Paris. The photos look marvelous :)

xx Mira

you look fab!!!

xoxo from rome

You look amazing !

Love from Paris

The jewelry is amazing. The delicate dainty one is my favorite!
I just LOVE your photos! They are so gorgeous and makes me escape into Paris even momentarily!



Très jolie! J’adore the first picture, it’s really cool :)

Wow….so stunning. Love your outfit form head to toe <3

xoxo Katharina

You look really pretty and cozy with turtleneck :) These jewels look so refined and elegant, I especially love the rings! Amazing pics :)
Have a lovely day!

Amazing photos! Especially the one with the “kiss”. :) I like the rings, divine!
Katharina // katinka

Amazing Pictures! *.* You’re so beautiful!!!

You look beautiful! Great photos with the glamurous details!

as always amazing pictures, it is like we can almost touch the jewelries with eyes ;)


Dress To Cook

As always I’m in love with your photography! And oh my, your jewellery is so pretty!



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The Fashion Fraction 29 January 2014 / Reply

these booties are just such a big big dream

The pictures are beautiful! And i love your outfit!
Can’t wait to see the video!

Hello Kristina ! Such a beautiful article from a point of view that I know very very well ! Being a Parisian, I absolutely love love love going to Angelina, my favourite tea shop ever ! It’s so cute and luxurious at the same time.. Have you tried their specialty, the Mont Blanc ? Next time you come round, you should definitely try it hahah. I think I gained about fifty kilos after spending my days there ! I enjoyed your post very much as I feel part of this Parisian world :)

Thank you ! xx

sogorgeous, as always…. Love your style girl.

Beautiful jewellery! I love paris and macarons ! But Why you want to be vengan? It will be hard eat during the travels and you will cannot eat macarons !!!

I love Paris!!! I’ve been there four times and I’m in love!


You look gorgeous! The photos are so beautiful and the jewellery is looking fab!!!

These jewels are absolutely stunning

Your hair looks super long again!!
it grows so fast! (mine not :()

And I’m going to Paris this weekend, yay! Although I dont think I can spent 7 euros on a cup of coffee lol


The jewels really are a piece of art!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kristina you are so lucky to be able to try on the Chanel jewellery! *-* (p.s. love how you do your chignon – I have yet to master the fine art)

Encore de très jolies photos ! :) J’aime toujours autant ta tenue !
Je n’ai jamais goûté de macarons au fois gras mais ça ne me tente pas du tout ! :D Je n’aime pas trop les mélanges sucrés / salés alors je veux bien te croire quand tu dis que le goût était étrange !!
Tes cheveux sont vraiment magnifiques !

Very beautiful photographs, the jewelry is just amazing.
I can’t help but longing for a trip to Paris right now…

Divo's Diva 29 January 2014 / Reply

Oh how I love Chanel…beautiful pictures!

I just recently discoveres your blog and I LOVE your texts!!!! Not very often that you can read so much in a post:o) I really enjoy it and dream myself to Paris;o)
xx, Kirsten

Wow, great pictures and an amazing look – you´re inspiring ;)


wow! amazing photos! and you look so gorgeous!!!

Stunning photos, I can’t wait to go to Paris for fashion week now!

Seems like the perfect day. xo Hanneke

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lovely! i love the photos!

You look absolutely stunning! I love the boots!

wonderful pictures.
i love Paris so so much ♥

Beautiful pics!! Wish I could be there, too.

Follow my new fashionblog, just posted an outfit!!

Beautiful pictures as always<3 xoxo

i love the pictures you and james take :) they are just amazing and really inspiring! xx

ohh, I can feel it, Paris! Your photos really caught the Parisian atmosphere! Love it <3

Linnae from LinnaeDesign

Beautiful and unaffordable jewelry… I’m surprised you are complaining about 7 euro tea but
talk so casually about expensive rings that even fewer people can buy!

OceanWind Blog

Beautfitul photos!! ;)
and 7 euros a cup of green tea?? I heard that Paris was expensive i didn’t know that was that much! ahahhaha

Beautiful pictures! and your shoes are amazing!

The minimal rings are my favs! Love them!

Àlex Burch

The jewls are so beautiful, so unique!

Paris may be a little expensive but I think it’s worth it, there are so many beautiful places and inspiring people there.

Really elegant outfit and beautiful photos! The jewelries are incredible!

Amazing pictures! Love your style!

♥ Oxana {new! >> caramel makeup}
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Your photos are so stunning…and glad to see that Bloglovin’ is working again! :)

love the photos! congrats on another collaboration

Wow the pictures look amazing ! Love them all !!

Paris is dreamy, fun and beautiful. One can never get enough of it =)

1. Take a moment to appreciate what you have,
3. Eat seven macaroons
Or reasons why I love you and why we would definitely be friends hahah
I heart your blog, and the way you see life. Life is about accepting ones sins and smiling afterwards :)

the outfit is absolutely gorgeous!

Hi Kristina,
I’ve been following you for a while now, and never left a comment (I have no idea why).
Anyway, you have a gorgeous style ! Really gorgeous
I would love you to post more hairstyle tips, it would be really amazing to know your secrets!

really liked your words, Kristina! and the photos aswell of course ;)

Gorgeous as always, love those gold rings – beautiful. xx

Amazing photos!Love it!

Absolutely stunning post ! Love the light of the pictures ,you look gorgeous as always !


You look beautiful darling and such stunning pieces of jewellery

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Gorgeous pieces and of course, stunning city! I ♥ Paris! =)

Please, check out my blog:


Has there really been fois gras in the macarons?? If yes – please, don’t support things like this. Gooses have to suffer a lot for this. It is so cruel, you can’t imagine this.

Apart fro. that – I love your blog!!!

Nice post and beautiful photos! Boots are amazing!
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Photos are magical, like Paris! Love the new design! :)

I enjoyed the Chanel collection a lot. It is so timless. Thank you for taking us there with you.


Wow magnifiques photos !
Les bijoux sont très beaux, même si j’estime être encore trop jeune pour porter ce type de bijoux ^^’

Gros bisous

What a great day you had
thks for sharing this lovely pictures


You look so flawless and beautiful ! <3
New Post: The Base Shaper
Love, Claire from Vancouver, Canada.

Beautiful pictures! Amazing xx

Je suis surprise que la nouvelle version de Kayture ne comporte pas de traductions Française/Russe/Allemande, car tu parles de nombreuses langues, et il aurait été sympathique de te lire en français.
Mais cela demande plus de travail, et j’imagine qu’entre le blog, ton album et ta vie personnelle, tu ne peux pas être partout à la fois.
Peut-être pour la prochaine mise à jour de Kayture?

Lovely jewels and you look stunning :)

You look so pretty and the pics are great !

Amazing photos!! The details are fab!

xoxo, Diana

love. love. love

KRISTINA I love your clothes, would you ever want to sell any pieces you no longer wear ?

I’m such a fan of everything that you wear and how you carry yourself out.

Ah Paris! Your pictures are gorgeous!

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This websitte was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
Finally I have found something that helped me. Kudos!

Such a great article Kristina, like the last words of this post, its really this luxury world means nothing if there is not that main person beside you, that loved, when you;re not a couple with James anymore, hope it;s right desicion of you and you guys will not regret it..cause there is no guarantee that the next person you’ll met will be better than that previous, so wish you all the best guys!