I feel like every time I am back in Paris, I live a totally different experience. Which is so amazing as I always have this feeling of being in a totally different place. Even though I have my favorite spots such as the Angelina on rue Rivoli, The Kong or Miss Kô restaurant, Colette of course and all the little pastry shops such as Pierre Hermé, I know that there’s always something new to discover.

This time we had the chance to experience the pure essence of luxury in Paris while filming a new project with one of our favorite brands, Love Gold. It was a day of pure bliss, discovering gold fine jewelry pieces from some brands like Boucheron, Chanel, Bulgari or Louis Vuitton. Each brand has such a precise aesthetic in their jewelry craftsmanship as well as in the design, what an honor and pleasure to be able to wear some of their most gorgeous gold creations and see the pieces from a little bit closer.

During the whole day, Fabien Costant (director of Carine Roitfeld’s documentary Mademoiselle C) and Chris Roman from were filming the whole experience. I will share the video with you guys this week but meanwhile we thought it would be nice to give you all a little preview of the day with this backstage article (which is only the first part! second part is coming out tomorrow). I hope you’ll like the images as much as I do and that they transport you in a world of luxury, elegance and parisian beauty. x

Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.02 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.03Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.04Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.01Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.05Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.23 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.06 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.08 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.09 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.10 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.11 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.13 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.14 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.15 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.16 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.17 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.18Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.20 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.21 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Lovegold.22



COAT : Sandro

PANTS : Mango

BOOTS : Saint Laurent

BAG : Valentino

RINGS : Courtesy of Love Gold


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Wow you look amazing. Love the coat and the cool booties. The jewelry is marvelous.

xx Mira

beautiful photos and jewlery!

amazing !!! :) very nice pics and outfit :)

G O R G E O U S photos, I love your work! The jewellery is amazing.

Àlex Burch

The Fashion Fraction 28 January 2014 / Reply

beautiful photos, babe. love the shoes a lot

Such beautiful photo’s and incredible jewellery! Beautiful! xxx

Amazing, as always. Great pictures James !

You looking georgeous!
Your hair always so perfect!

Do you have any tips ( I watched your video on youtube, but maybe you have something new ?)

Really interested ♥

I just love this coat!! amazing :) can’t wait to go to Paris in March as well! xx

Love the photographs…..I hope to go to Paris at some point this year. x


Such beautiful pictures! Love your outfit and I love the jewelerry, it’s so pretty.
Paris is such a magical city, can’t get enough of it.

X Sara

all i want to do is go to paris!!!
amazing pics

Wow anoter amazing look!. Love the coat and the bag. The jewelry is fabulous!

x Karen

I totally love your look, you have a good sense of fashion!

Viky —

Ooooh! I have the same jeans!!!

You look gorgeous !

Love from Paris

You always look stunning! Great photos!

KAYTURE is the most inspiring blog ever !
I love read it!
You are such beaufilul, and your blog is amazing
This post is totally AWESOME !!!!!

These bijoux have a really fine design!! Love them!!

Viky —

Great style. I love the pants.

Kleidermaedchen Fashion Blog

Paris is always a good idea. So many different aspects of the city and all of them so romantic and rich in details. You look stunning, btw.

I am in love with the boots!!

In love with that outfit and the photos too !


fantastic outfit!!!

xoxo from rome

Although I love all accessories, there is nothing quite like gold. I have a lot of gold pieces passed onto me from my mom, and some of them are my staples that I wear all the time even when home (even when bathing!). I love your coat!

Nice outfit! :)

I have a question for this new site, before the comments were in need of an approval and it made me feel like you took a time to approve all the messages so you read them. But now there isnt an approvation so it makes me feel like you don’t! :(

Looking fabulous! Where did you get the scarf (loveeee the lace!)? xx

gorgeous jewellery. your eye makeup is flawless!!

You have a great luck!! Amazing pictures!

lovely pics… the boots are hot and is a nice balance too the coat.x

gorgeous pieces and great outfit!

you are so beautiful! I love these pictures, and your heels and coat are simply amazing <3

You look gorgeous! The pictures are amazing! <3

Beautiful photographs; love the bracelets!

You look amazing Kristina! I love this look no you!

Raindrops of Sapphire
The Fashion Supernova

Beautiful! It seems that everything is elegant and sophisticated in Paris!

Sandrine x

Woooooow, you look so glamorous again! Gorgeous pics and I love your boots, babe!



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STUNNING pics as always! So PARISIAN and CLASSY;)

PARIS is definitely the moste BEAUTIFUL city in the world!!

Superbes photos et très belle mise en valeur des objets avec le décor. Les couleurs sont vraiment parfaites. Merci à Paris

Amazing look ! ;)

ah beautiful pictures… love it. Especially the bag is my favourite in this outfit:)

I miss Paris when I see these photos !

Gosh, you’re so beautiful!!! Those boots look gorgeous, but they look hard to walk in! :D

I love the outfit!! amazing!

I’m in love with your elegance <3

woww you look AMAZING!!
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Divo's Diva 28 January 2014 / Reply

Wow, beautiful pictures!! Gorgeous!

pretty photos. love the lighting
ladies in navy

Paris looks so amazing, it’s definitely next on my go to places!

The gold cuffs are a great bold statement piece that really makes the outfit complete.

Amazing pictures as always! Love your outfits<3

You look gorgeous and the jewels are so beautiful, loved to see how delicately you held them.
P.S The heels looks amazing but I guess it was a great struggle walking in them!

OceanWind Blog

CelebritiesAndFashion 28 January 2014 / Reply

I really love the pictures and the perspectives! Your outfit is great, the coat looks stylish and suits you very well!
Have a nice day :)

You look so beautiful! Love your shoes!

I want to go to Paris so bad this year :) hopefully one of my dreams will come true.

Love, E.


amazing photos!

Love the hair you’re wearing in this photos! it looks so so good in you! ;) The boots are amazing too!

The video sounds good! I can’t wait to watch as well as I’m looking forward for the next part of the Q&A video and the posts in Barcelona, my beloved city! ;)

This winter look is so chic and fabulous! You look gorgeous as usual with your perfect make up!
The jewelry is pretty too.



This bag is perfect! and pictures are amazing as always :)

Paris is such an amazing city.
Can’t wait to see the video.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Very elegant look! =)

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J’aime beaucoup ta tenue qui est très harmonieuse et ton skinny jeans, mais c’est plutôt normal, je viens de me rendre compte que j’ai le même !! :D
Ces boots Yves Saint Laurent sont sublimes, je t’admire pour réussir à marcher avec, respect !
Ce manteau Sandro te donne une classe folle, il est ravissant !
Les bijoux qu’on peut voir sur ces quelques photos sont très jolis !

looking absolutely fabulous! love the whole outfit!

Lovely pictures! You look amazing. I would love a post on how you do your eyebrows, they look gooooood! x

For inspiration I have created a blog > > If you have a moment to check it out :-)

Will u do a collection of your bags??

Beautiful outfit Kristina! I looove your shoes the most but everything about this outfit is stunning, and as always the make-up is impeccable! xx

Mariana Paulos 28 January 2014 / Reply

Beautiful! I might visit Paris this year, can’y wait :)


Beautiful jewelry!!!! And your bag is gorgeous!!!
xx, Kirsten

Can’t wait to see the video! ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Perfect bag! What else can I say…. Love it!

Mekivi (visit my fashion blog at

la photo avec la pub Dior en fond, juste superbe. James est vraiment doué ;)

love this look, I miss your bangs! lol

You look lovely! And your makeup always looks stunning.
Jealous of your many fashion stops!

Everything is so beautiful! The photos, your makeup, the accessories, I adore it :)

A day in Paris is always magical. Lucky girl. xo Hanneke

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Amazing look! So beautiful <3

Kisses from Brasil

Thank you all for your sweet comments loves! I am super happy :)

Your make up is flawless. Congrats on building such a great image for your brand. You always look very elegant and classy!

Ana Lu Garro from Things&Crowns

Alexandria 31 January 2014 / Reply

Kristina, please tell me where I can find your lovely iPhone case? !

Hello Kristina! The photos are fantastic. Paris is very good, it’s a bit romantic and a bit fashion. Your blue eyes are magnific. Bye Alice

wow you look stunning!!

Love the outfit!!


You look very stylish and beautiful!