Good morning daisies! Hope you’re all doing super, duper hyper well. I am currently writing this article from my hotel room in Paris in between a bowl of hot oatmeal and some sweet lemon green tea with honey after having sleept barely 6 hours, but I don’t even know why I got the morning fire and so I just felt like I needed to write and share with you this little breakfast moment.

James and I are in town because yesterday we spent the day shooting a fine jewelry video project with one of our favorite companies, Love Gold (do you remember them from India?). I had the chance to work with their incredible crew, Fabien Costant, the director of Carine Roitfeld’s documentary Mademoiselle C, as well as his partner Chris Roman who works For They both have a pocket full of mesmerizing projects and I was extremely honored to be collaborating with them.

We spend the whole day working at the Place Vendôme, discovering absolutely cra-zy pieces in boutiques like Bulgari, Chanel, Vuitton or Boucheron. Of course we’ve planned a nice backstage article for you with all the pictures of the day!

Yesterday night, after such a great busy day, I decided to voluntarily give my self a pleasant stomach ache by over eating Pierre Hermé macarons while catching up with social media feedback (I promise I’m not insane). I swear it was really my attention. I mean, maybe I would stop having this weird obsession with these delicious little sweets from the sweet heavens. It didn’t work. I finished the box. And got myself a cramp.

But this wasn’t the reason why my night was so short, although it might have been because of the hmmm.. Sugar over dose? I was running a little in my room doing like a zillion things at the same time. First of all I was practicing my music of course (actually looking for good vocal classes now, but it’s so hard to find a professor that you trust and enjoy being with).

I also got the chance to write a new song that I absolutely love and that described perfectly the way I felt at that exact moment (and I’m not talking about the macarons or the cramp). After replying to some emails and editing these pictures I could finally consider going to bed. Paris always had such a vivid energy on me, and gosh I love working in hotel rooms. It’s so weird right? First of all I throw and artistic mess (or just a mess, call it whatever you like, I just like to find pleasing excuses) and then sit in the middle of the room, on the floor ideally with my laptop on the knees and turn into geek mode. My eyes become two little white spheres of fascination.

I’ll be back in Geneva tonight and will be working on music all week-end. So excited and looking forward to keep you updated. Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite looks ever shot on the balcony of my cozy little parisian hotel room!! I’ve always been a mega fan of color blocking and rarely seen yellow and light blue matched together, but I can say it now : I’m obsessed.

KTR_0043KTR_0148 KTR_0070 KTR_0079KTR_0227KTR_0101 KTR_0124KTR_0156 KTR_0170 KTR_0182 KTR_0202KTR_0233KTR_0081


COAT : Topshop

CLUTCH : Gucci

DRESS : Zara





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Love this beautiful color mix. The dress and clutch are awesome. Hope you find a good vocal class. I don’t think you need it but it won’t hurt :D

xx Mira

I absolutely love this outfit!! You look amazing Kristina =)
Is the dress from an old collection from Zara or brand new? Craving for it! xx

Absolutely fabulous! One of your best looks ever!

These colors look fantastic together! You look so classy and the bag really gives it the whimsical touch!
Congrats on the jewelry collaboration.



Wow you look like a Hollywood star, love the outfit, the color’s mix is amazing. The coat is so beautiful and chic. Oh París is magic!

I also love the matching of yellow and blue ’cause are the colors of my beautiful city, Turin. Paris is always a dream, but don’t eat too much macarons ;-)

Your hairdo is so beautiful! :)) Lovely photos ;)

You are so beautiful.You are my icon and you inspired me to start blogging.Hope to meet you someday.

Great look, really some amazing colors! They kind of make me look forward to Spring very badly ^^

Il diario di carta 24 January 2014 / Reply

I love yellow and light blue matched together, and the photos are stunning!
Hope you feel well now!

The Fashion Fraction 24 January 2014 / Reply

this is seriously one of my absolute favorite looks of you like EVER!!!

I am totally in love with your yellow dress and your coat from topshop! Amazing look and colors association, especially with your blond hair!! Amazing photo as always. Your look inspire me, and made me wanted to wear some colors!!

Chloé Berry

Gorgeous! Amazing job, love this yellow dress!


Sooo beautiful!

OMG this look is breathtaking! I absolutely love the combination of colors and your face (and makeup) looks heavenly perfect!

You look stunning, love this colorful outfit !

Love from Paris

Apsolutelly adorable!!

the mix of light blue and yellow is perfect, i love your hair cut very veronica lake look alike

J’aime beaucoup le mélange de ce bleu avec le jaune !

That yellow…. serait-ce une des couleurs de la saison? il te va fort bien en tout cas! et la bonne nouvelle c’est que la robe vient de Zara! Je suis toujours tes aventures avec plaisir! et ton talent caché de chanteuse m’a vraiment bluffée! bravo pour tout ce que tu fais, tu es une femme extraordinaire! bonne suite!

The colour mix is quite unusual – much nicer than the typical orange and blue look!

Ah I miss Paris :( But a trip to Laduree will have to do :p

This is probably one of my favorite posts! The photos are just so captivating, they make me wanna go to Paris even more, the color combination is so unexpected, especially for winter and that’s what makes it perfect, I feel very inspired by it :)
Good luck with everything!

Simona | L’extravagance

You are absolutely stunning on those pictures! I adore the blue and yellow combination, didn’t know it would work that well!

Sandrine x

Oh my goodness I just love the colours in these pictures. You are so beautiful!

wow…I like that combination and I’m inlove with that light blue coat… Honestly, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who is obsessed by these delicious macaroons :D

Kisses from Bulgaria :)

DIan Yuliasari 24 January 2014 / Reply

I love the color combination! I’ve never thought that baby blue works with vibrant yellow. And you look amazing! <3

OMG!! what a perfect look, a perfect mix of colors!! you are so beautiful ♡


Gorgeous! Love your outfit and beautiful pictures! Props to James!


Color-blocking is a russian thing ^^ maybe that is in your genes ;)
The pictures are amazing, James did an awesome job taking this pics of you!!!! I am totally astonished by the portrait behind the curtains

You look beyond stunning! I am so in love with this combination, great colors! That coat is amazing and you are ao beautiful xx

Difficile de porter du jaune mais tu le fais avec brio!
Et les cheveux ondulés sans frange c’est vraiment ce qui te convient à merveille ;)
et te voir sourire rend les photos encore mieux

Tes cheveux sont magnifiques !

so beautiful! SO paris. Love the colors<3 XOXO

Veronica Giomini 24 January 2014 / Reply

your’re beautiful!
visit my blog, new post is up!


I like your site :) I like your energetic pictures

You are gorgeous! You look a bit tired in your latest posts,I hope you get enough sleep. Take care darling <3

I love when you smile hun!

hope to see you again, Nelly

The last picture!!!! <3 <3 <3

What an amazing outfit! I totally love every piece of it!

x Karen

This dress is gorgeous and so are your pictures! Yellow and blue is one of my favorite color combinations! The clutch is so cute and looks amazing with your outfit.
Have a safe trip back home and enjoy your weekend!

The look is perfect! I don’t know how you do it but things that I thought that never could go together and you mix them in the same outfit managing to look absolutely amazing! ;)

wow love this colour combination!! :) amazing

Once again I’m amazed how bright color is fluttering for you!

OceanWind Blog

pretty i have too the yellow dress
so cute this look

Wow Kristina this color blocking thing is so awesome. I need to try it :D. and such a funny article about your sugar over dose :D.
I’m looking forward to read more about you :-*

Absolutely love this outfit and your hair suits you so well

i love the dress!! beautiful color!

Beautiful! You’re always so gorgeous and I looooove this outfit! The dress fits you perfectly!!!

Awesome picture! I am just obsessed! Very beautiful look,

Mariana Paulos 24 January 2014 / Reply

Stunning! Love the look :) Hope to see more videos soon!


Wow! beautiful, lovely, the colors are just… perfection and love how you are so full of glamour. Your look just takes my breath away, heavenly!

I love the dress, and the coat!
I could steal it, but i wont xxx

Kristina, you look AMAZING!

I loooove the outfit! This is an unusual match but it works perfectly!
This is one of my favorite shoots so far, you look gorgeous and the light is so unreal considering the weather in Paris these days! Again, James managed to take incredible pictures!

xx Camille

Oh hahahaha sorry I am not laughing because of the post but I saw 1 minute ago the video ten hats ten facts on youtube and it was just so funny when James tried to speak russian:D
na zdrowie!

CelebritiesAndFashion 24 January 2014 / Reply

I think this look is one of your best! I love the pictures on which you are smiling :) Perfect Make-Up and Hairstyle!
Hannah :)

Joanna Lewgowd 24 January 2014 / Reply

The mix of yellow and light blue at the first sight looked for me a little bit crazy but after seeing all of your pictures I fell in love. Youe smile is so lovely, and hair are perfect.

Love this dress on you! so beautiful <3
New Post: Overalls
xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

I love your coat and your hair looks amazing on these pictures!!

Those colors looks just goregous together. Amazing pictures, u look beautiful.

Very beautiful. Love your lips and eyes … look amazing

I love the yellow dress! It looks great!

We love your style!

Phil Makower 25 January 2014 / Reply

Oh Kristina, you look absolutely gorgeous! Love yellow and blue combination, and yellow looks incredible on you! xxx

Loving blue and yellow together!!! And the background is perfectly chosen for this look! Perfect! Other words I don’t find :)

J’aime beaucoup ces photos qui sont remarquablement jolies ! Je trouve que les couleurs vives mettent encore plus ton teint en valeur ! J’apprécie beaucoup le fait que tu souris, ces photos sont très naturelles, le rendu est vraiment top ! :)
Cette coiffure te va à merveille ! Ton manteau est vraiment parfait et puis ce bleu est tellement joli !

This combination is so beautiful! Also big compliment to James for taking so incredible images!

You’re the best! Love everything!


Breathtaking photos! Seriously, unreal. What a post!

Hello! Your outfit is beautiful, compliment i like your style. Alice ;)

OK. Everything is PERFECT !!!!
You have to teach us how to make the hair like that. And your eyes… the make up is perfect.
I really really love this photoshoot is breathtaking.
Love. Valentine

You are so beautiful, The real doll.
I like your style !!!!


oh this outfit is so beautiful!♥ love everything about it!:)

I just love each of your posts! Kristina you are always inspiring me and I wish all the best in this world!!!

A huge fan, Felicia :)

Hey Kristina, could you do a post where you talk about what you take with you when you go travelling? Like what are your essentials(clothes and beauty), what makeup products do you take with you, how do you stay hydrated, how big is your luggage? That would be really great, because you would give me a sense of what I would need to take. :) btw I’v never been on a plane before , thanks

Great color combination, really fresh and modern. xx Adrianna.

Great outfit and color combo! Love it!

You’re insanely gorgeous!
Gorgeous face, gorgeous look, gorgeous contains.
Perfect!! I love your outwear, and the dress also the make up.
If I have a chance to meet you, I would say that I adore you so much :)


Amazing! I love it!

Bon depuis ce nouveau blog pas beaucoup de nouveaux posts, c’est dommage… avant c’était chaque jour… hum…

I love this outfit! A classic look with beautiful colours!

Kirsten x

Great location. Nice shots, good work

This light bleu with this strong yellow look AMAZING together!

Absolutely amazing outfit! Love the color combination:)

Love this yellow dress with this blue coat, great choice!!
Amazing shooting as always!!

Wow! It’s one of your best looks in my opinion! I love the color-blocking, I love photos, I love Paris in the background! Pure perfection :)

Love the color combination! So prettyy❤️

Really love these colors on you, tres chic!! xo Hanneke

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You look so gorgeous! :)

OMG, you are so beautiful!! I follow you on instagram and I love looking at your pics, thanks for sharing this awesome and playful look with us!

You look absolutely gorgeous! Loving the outfit :)

you are beautiful !

new post up,

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look more beautiful…

Le grand chic Parisien!
J’aime beaucoup; mais mes looks préférés sont ceux où tu fais moins apprétée justement :-)

love the pics, love the color combination! simply, your whole look is aboslutely wondeful! :)

Oh how I wish I could rock yellow so beautifully. Totally stunning on you!


You have a beautiful blog :)

wow, this look is just amazing and beautiful… I love it!


beautiful! love the mix of brands!

Beautiful coat. Nice combination of the colours.

Perfect! You are so beautiful and elegant!

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