Pictures by James Chardon

 EXPLORING THE FOUQUET’S BARRIERE (SECOND PART) It’s amazing how going through these images gets me instantly back into this incredible trip to Paris that we enjoyed right before Christmas holidays. James and I were in the city in order to shoot a big project with Kérastase which will be released this year and we took advantage of the trip to extend our stay for a few days and explore a little bit Paris. All of our trips are usually so short, that we never have time to discover properly the city. Especially since we come to Paris mostly during fashion week month and spend most of our time in cabs or in the metro. This time, it was the ideal moment to take this chance. Paris in winter, and more precisely during Christmas time is pure magic. The streets are so bright and shiny. The shops are full of warm colors, candles and shiny goods. The restaurants are so cozy and well… There’s definitely something magical in the air.

One of the greatest things about staying at the hotel Fouquet’s Barrière is that it is located right on the Champs Elysées. It was so amazing as we were close to everything and spent our afternoons walking, heading to avenue Montaigne, enjoying the Rue Cambon and the jardin des Tuileries. Getting a little lost and buying lots of chocolates and macarons. We got lucky with the weather too. There was a golden glow illuminating our rooms back at the hotel and one thing for sure is that it was super tempting to stay in and just enjoy this pure moment of bliss. If you’re ever in Paris make sure to stop by the Fouquet’s Barrière, even if you aren’t looking to have a stay you can always enjoy some delicious cocktails at their bar or have a lovely dinner at one of their restaurants before having a long walk on the champs. They have an inside pool and spa as well (quite uncommon for a parisian hotel!), so if you’re ever looking to pamper in the middle of a busy day or willing to offer a nice gift to one of your beloved ones : that’s the spot!


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these photos are absolutely beautiful Kay, the hotel looks like a fairy-tale castle. You’re a lucky girl, I hope you know that. Good look with your singing career!

Beautiful photos. I love Paris :)

xx Mira

Beautiful fotos.
you look amazing.

Such a lovely photos! :)

These pics are so amazing, this pull looks so cozy and warm, the colour looks perfect on you!
Have a lovely day!

Thank you for the tip about the hotel! You look really pretty in that green top and the photos are phenomenal as usual. Did you change your font size? Because in my opinion it’s a little too small now and not really comfortable to read (but it could be me!)

Your room is amazing, wish I would be able to visit there one day, and gorgeous green sweater ;) Happy new years xo

So pretty and elegant. Love your green outfit!

Beautiful pics as always!

Oh God, I love Paris, it’s an amazing city, very beautiful. You look gorgeous.

Beautiful photos! You look stunning in that green emerald color!

It looks like you had a great trip! amazing pictures!

x Karen

Gorgeous style and incredible photos ! Love the place to be there !


Amazing Paris can never stop amaze anyone.

Very pretty pictures. Love the lightening

I love to explore paris, too. but first of all in summer. maybe later at christmas,

Wow, soo nice pics and must be great there.

Amazing photos, I like your hair-do :)

great pics, you are lookin lite a true doll! =)

The photos and the hotel are absolutely breath taking! :)

Ericka of

gorgeous !
And Paris in a different perspective !

bautiful photos1

What beautiful photos of my adoptive city! Paris is magical, and you’ve done an amazing job of showing that through these pictures. I wish you the best for a wonderful 2014 & on your new singing career!

Wow those are amazing photos! Perfect for an editorial!

oh wow!
amazing pics
you look so beautiful

so inspiring like always! so so pretty!! amazing pics :)

Oh! What a photos!!

Elisa – My Fantabulous World

Beautiful pics, you look amazing. Who does not dreams with Paris??? ;)

Big kiss and happy New Year.

You look great, the colour suits you very well! What an amazing place to stay! x

wow,beautiful photos! Also you are sooo gorgeous!

Amazing post, such a wonderful place, thanks for sharing dear!

Amazing pictures! The place you’re staying is wonderful

Great shots!
Notes de Mode

Absolutely beautiful shots! You are lucky to travel that much!

Sandrine x

so beautiful view!

These photos are so beautiful. Happy you had a great time!

These photos makes me a bit uncomfortable because Kristina looks too posed…

wow! so beautiful!

I would love to see a hair tutorial for this low bun you’ve been wearing, it’s so classy and elegant.

Gorgeous pics the perspectives are amazing, so artistic. Love it and I can feel the atmosphere of Paris♥

you’re so beautiful and you look always so perf! love these photos btw xx
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Gorgeous! Do you have any link or similar to where I can purchase the Jo No Fui top that you’re wearing? I’m soo in love.

You’re so beautiful! It’s nice to see you with a more ‘nude’ make up. Hope I’ll run into you again during Fashion Week! x

The colors are amazing, beautiful photography!

OceanWind Blog

you look so great in these photos!

You are so beautiful!

The photos in the window are so stunning! Paris is a magical city :)

Love this!
looks like the Palazzo Versace!

Gorgeous photos! I’m happy for you that you actually got to explore the city this time. Seriously James is an amazing photographer.
Lazy Obsession

Amazing shoots! God bless!

Looks like a magical trip and congratulations on your new partnership!


Hi Kayture team, I have some constructive criticism for your work:

As much as I love the pictures of your posts, for quality, I’ve begun to notice -or feel like- the set of photos of each post resemble the others, some how, even though they are in different places and with different outfits and therefore give different vibes, they look very similar (to me). I don’t want to say something and just leave it out there unexplained, so I’m going to give some examples of the concept or description of each photo is repeated in all the posts : there’s the up-close pictures of Kristina’s face, there’s the up-close but not sutil pictures of the pieces that make the outfit usually shoes bags and accessories, then there’s the picture where K looks at herself in a mirror with a lost look, the ones where you are walking taken from different angles, the one where you are taking some me time reading blogging or eating, you know what I mean? At this point these are the pictures that are expected in a usual post on your blog, so I feel like its time to switch it up, to take it to a new level, like : do actual editorials where there is a concept, a story, where you say something, instead of doing the now typical “we are in this place and I’m wearing this outfit” thing, which is -btw and also an awarded praise- still way better than the “look at me wearing this outfit” thing most “fashion” blogs do.
I’d love to see you guys do something different, a shoot with a concept, just like an idea, a thought, a breve story told in a sutil way. For example let’s take this posts, I would have suggested to do a series of pictures that actually told a story, maybe this: the first photo would be you looking out on the terrace (the same you already took), then you looking at yourself in the mirror to check how good you look (as the one you already took), then walking out of the hotel with that confident walk (the same you already took), some snaps of you heading some where with backgrounds of the city and then arriving at that restaurant (as the one you already took of the city just with K in them), you sitting at one of the outside tables looking up with a smile and expectant eyes … you know, like the story was simply that you were meeting someone in that magical city… I dont know, that’s what I think you should do, experiment and make something that says something…

Ok wow that was long I hope you agree in some level with what I’m saying otherwise we both waisted or times with this haha sorry(?)

With admiration,

I’ve been following your blog for a very long time and you have such great skin, I just wish it would look normal again as it used to look in your photos.

Adorable outfit, I love everything about it. You look so beautiful!! :D
Happy New Year!

you look so beautiful ♡ lovely post with lovely pics!

wish you the BEST for 2014


Amazing life :-)

Gorgeous photos and I love how that green sweater looks on you! :D

xoxo Saranda from Sarandipity

Sorry but these pics are sooooo bad!

wow pictures are awesome!!

but little note: i follow your blog since more than 2 years
in last weeks I see a lot of pictures where u are wearing a lot of make-up… a lot of foundation and eyemake-up… it looks like a little bit fake (which is NOT you).. I think you look more georgous when you put a little bit less make-up, because I know you look AMAZING without so much and your skin is 1-A!!! I know you like beauty and these products, but its only my opinion :)

I am always wondering if you earn much money with your blog and modelling. I mean… you bought a Chanel bag last year and you wear nearly only designer clothes. Do you buy them or do you just lend the clothes and send them then back? Like a living advertisement for the brands?

Oh my god, I found evidence in facebook! You really OWN ALL the clothes!! A picture from the 9th of December shows a picture of you in your wardrobe. How can it be that you have sooo much clothes. This can´t be normal.

Lovely pictures.
James is very talented.

x Krizia

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I love it when you wear green, makes the colour of your eyes pop out magically!!!!

You look amazing wearing this green sweater!

I have never been in Paris but I really want visit this amazing city<3!
I love photos with you!

so beautiful!

Gorgeous elegant look as always! I remember having a look there for something to eat, but we never went in. I think we will next time though! Happy New Year <3

Hayley xx

Beautiful pictures!

I need to go to Paris some time, too!

Love, E

The hotel is interior is so beautiful and elegant…just like you! Perfect combination ;)

You look incredible and flawless!! So beautiful! xx

Gorgeous pictures! You look like a model!


I adore Paris!!


I love everything! I love the photos!

I am in love with these pics !

How adorbs is this big bow at the front of the hotel stepping in must feel like opening a gigantic present! Best of luck in your singing career you can do it.

Christy of:

several yummy cocktails from its club or maybe have a very lovely dinner from among its eateries before working with a long go around to the champs. They want a good within pool in addition to health spa also. so if you’re ever wanting to moisturize in the center of any hectic morning or maybe ready to give a good present one of one’s precious versions.
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Beautiful pictures! And you look absolutely stunning :)

Stunning pictures and love your outfit!

Greetings from London,

Nice pics!!! You look amazing.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

Those pictures of you in the Balcony are stunning! I also love your green sweater, it looks great on your skin!

Beautiful pictures! I love your blog so much!!!!

So stunning, Your make-up is so clean and simple, your outfit is amazing and I love those shoes. Beautiful!