Q & A with Kristina part II

Hey loves! Hope you had a fabulous morning. I had some issues with my Youtube upload as I was preparing this video (was initially planning to post it around breakfast time, but oh well guess it’s going to be more of a brunch entertainment!!) but here it is finally, the second part of our new Question & Answers series and we’re talking this time about fashion. Thank you so much for contributing your questions, I hope that I did a good job answering to most of them as I have chosen the ones that were the most reoccurring! Now don’t hesitate to send it some more with the hashtag #askkristina on Twitter or Instagram (Twitter is even better!) or just leave a comment bellow!

I am super excited to talk with you about my experience in fashion so far. It’s such a fascinating world and even though it seems just like glitters and bold prints from the outside, it’s actually such a huge business wheel on the inside. Fashion moves so quickly and you have to constantly adapt to the new needs of the clients, it’s a domain that evolves with society and that shapes it also in some sorts of way in my opinion.

But to me, all those pretty dresses, nice shoes and bags, are definitely not everything. It’s like chocolate, you looooove it, but you can easily live without it. It just would be pretty damn sad, no? Though some people hate chocolate (I personally prefer anything that has caramel in it…. YUM). The most important is the person who wears the piece, how they wear it : what makes it special in their eyes and the story they bring to it. I hope you guys will have fun watching this video.

P.S I already announced on my social medias that I’ll be leaving with James to New York this February for fashion week and especially to attend the BOSS fashion show!! We’ve worked already several times with the Hugo Boss team on some super successful projects (in Berlin and in Shanghai, do you guys remember?) full of discoveries and surprises and I can only expect the best for this time as it’s going to be the very first collection of Jason Wu, new creative director of womenswear, for BOSS!! I am honored to share with you some little preview images of the campaign shot by the talented couple Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin featuring the absolutely breathtaking model of the year Edie Campbell. The streaming of the show will go live on Fabruary 12th, make sure to catch up on it :)

hb_snippet1 hb_snippet2 THISISBOSS_FW2014_Screenshot 02


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I really like how you share so much with us! Can’t wait to read the upcoming fashion week reports!

x Karen

Great video! The BOSS fashion show is going to be major. So excited to see what Jason has come up with :)

love the video :) I just love how you share all your secrets with us, step by step. When I started following your blog I asked myself some of these questions and I am so happy to see that you are just a normal girl with normal issues like all of us and all these incredible things didn’t just happen because you had the money, you really deserve it :) xx

The Fashion Fraction 31 January 2014 / Reply

I love your voice, Kri! Can’t wait to hear your singing again! Totally love this video!

Another awesome video. Love your tips. They are always great !!

xx Mira

I love your Q&As. Please do more about blogging, specifically, working with brands.

you look so gorgeous in your video!
love what you said about fashion on a budget

This video was awesome, I loved your earrings on one ear! Could you please tell us where they’re from?

Thanks! xx

Thank you so much for sharing this video so inspiring!!!
And I don`t mind you couldn`t post it earlier, for me it was a breakfast-entertainment anyway :D

kisses, Gio

Such a cool video, really interesting and professionnal ! I also love the fact that you did it in black & white. I’m not interested to work in the fashion industry, tho I love fashion (I already love my own job) but it’s always nice to see how you have evolved, that you’ve worked so hard to be where you are now and that you remain down to earth, pretty shiny normal girl =)

Lovely vid! Hope you could make more of them in the future and I’m looking forward to listen to your songs!

love u, u are so inspirational person :)

amazing video! I love that you share so much :)

have a nice weekend girl!

I love your Video. Thank you for sharing this with us. So inspiring :-*

Awesome video babe! You really are inspiring


This was great! :) I love your blog and I think that posts like this one really could inspire people, so I would love you to be more educational and talk much more about some fashion rules and stuff like that…Also it would be good if you could sometimes share the dark side of fashion industry which could raise awareness about some things, since you are becoming very influential!

Greetings from Serbia :*

P.S. You look absolutely gorgeous <3

Great Video. You look amazing<3

CelebritiesAndFashion 31 January 2014 / Reply

All your thoughts are so similiar to mine. As I started blogging I borrowed many bags and pieces haha and I think Zara is a great way to look amazing with low budget. I really love the whole world around Fashion I think it’s better to understand when someone already felt it. I met so many Celebrities too and that’s the perfect disription “magical figures” and then they you meet them in real and they’re so friendly, inspiring and down to erath! I especially think the same about Nicole Kidman!
Enjoy your weekend Kristina!! :)

great post!

Really beautifully explained insight. Thank you so much! Being a double-major, I am very busy with school, but when I look for internships in the future, I will keep in mind all these advises. Love the shirt, by the way. ^^

Nice video, thanks for sharing!

OceanWind Blog

You really share so much and are so open about real life topics. It’s fantastic.
Thanks for being so open!



great video! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Fantastic video Kristina! I really appreciate your enthusiasm, knowledge and approachability. Looking forward to video bisous

I love the look you choose to wear for this QA video, I really admire the way you talk and what you think about fashion!

Very cool and inspirational answers, but I wish the video would be colorful!!

Haha, loved the blooper at the end. Great insight into your experiences in fashion!

Kristina, you are so inspiring! I love your video! Thank you for sharing your amazing experience!

Wonderful advice! I always try to pause and answer the questions as if someone were asking me and we had similar answers :)…I’m weird I know. I abosultly love hearing you speak French. It’s so romantic and fits your style, I would love to hear you sing a song in French.

I think this is the most interesting video you have posted since now. I do want to work in the fashion industry as well and I listened to your words and felt like your point of view must be so true as you have seen it from the inside. The advices you gave here are totally useful and I couldn’t be more agree with you (although I don’t know that much about yet about the fashion industry, jus following the trends ahhahaha). I have to say that, honestly, I found this video much more motivating for achieving my dreams and everything that anything you have wrote. So thank you I guess. ;)

cool QandA !!! I want moreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


This is a really great video, well done! You are really beautiful in it.

I really enjoyed watching it, because you explained what fashion industry is, in a quite agreeable and clear way!

Have a good evening,

Sophie, from Paris

Hi, Kristina!
I saw your video and i can understand what you mean, but it always sounds easyer as it really is!
I really like your blog and it’s always very interesting for me to hear when you talk about you start in the blogging word! It seems to be very easy to become quickly a famous blogger. Girls like you or Andy from Stylescrapbook pushed me to start my own blog. I mean “normal” girls becomes fashion profis/ icons and are working with high fashion lables like LV, which in my eyes only celebritys can do. And it looks for us other “normal” girl so easy to reach the same : you just have to become a fashion blogger! And it’s done!
But than comes the reality and you understand that it is harder than it seams! I would really love to know more “behind the scene” of blogging! It is actually a hard bussines if you want to be successful, but know one talks about it!!! No one of the mega bloggers tells how he came to his first Fashion Week Show or to his first cooperates with a famous lable and things like this. I think this is very important too, because people get fast mistaken the idea of blogging!
Maybe you can tell us more about it?
I mean you are a “young” blogger ( you started for “only” 3 years!) and i don’t know you personal, but you personalizes the dream of all us other bloggers: to work as a professional blogger, traveling around the world, becoming gifts from high fashion lables, visiting all fashion weeks and still all this being just a normal girl like us others! How does it works?
Sorry if i afflict you, i’m just very fascinated of all this and i’m shure that you work really hard every day for your dream! I just want to know more about it!

so cool!

You’re too cute to share with us! =D

thank you so much for this vid, kristina! i wanna work in FI and I found this tips and tricks very helpful. you rock, girl! and cant wait to se more posts and vids from you :)

En fait, tu es très photogénique Kristina, mais par contre, dans les vidéos on voit que t’as pas fait de cours de théâtre ou de cinéma (ni de chant d’ailleurs, c’est là que ça se voit le plus..) à ta manière de bouger, parler, etc.
Mais les photos sont biens…

Loved the video, awesome tips !

Love from Paris

Really adore this video! You are such a sweet and nice person!
Thank you for telling us all those incredible things!

xx Nicola

Oh My God! This part of question and answer is really helping a lot of people.
Great experience and lessons you gave. Thank you for all the advise you gave it’s really helpful.
I’m not wrong at all to choose you as my favorite role model.
I adore you so so much, Kristina. Keep going and more success for you.

Big hugs!

Found you from the popular page on instagram :) you are beautiful

I love this video, such an inspirational lady. Look forward to continue reading your blog xx

Anna-Maria |

You are just so sweet and have a great view to fashion and lifestyle. Keep up the good work girl!

New sporty post in my blog

Follow me on bloglovin

Very elegant. Nice tips, I’ll use some!

Visit my page, I will give you a cookie ;)

Barbirella 2 February 2014 / Reply

Very interesting and empowering interview I can totally relate to your answers, everybody who got a passion for fashion should see this. Wishing you the very best Kristina :)

For me you are like Nicole Kidman, it is really nice to see that you are just a normal girl that dreamed big and worked hard!

I would also love to know how you come up with ideas for your photo’s. All your photo’s are just really special and authentic!

love, Sophie

To me you are like Nicole Kidman, I love to see that you are just a normal girl who dreamed big and worked hard! A really inspirational video, and really funny at the end :)

I wondered where you find your inspiration for your photo’s, because they are really special and authentic!

Love, Sophie

I’m so proud of you Kristina! You are an such inspiring person! Keep up the great work :)

love the video!!! your blog is also lovely! x

Hi Kristina! I loved this video and especially loved your openness to share with everyone who follow your blog. There are so many bloggers out there who are secretive of how they became successful. I wrote to a couple of them with general blogging questions and none of them bothered to answer. The hypocrisy I find is when they openly state in their blogs that they host events advocating supporting other women in business etc but they aren’t willing to share when approached directly. Thank you for being a generous spirit, it is very endearing. You are an exceptional 20 year old! Keep up the good work. XX

Oh my god you’re so cute at the end of the video ! *ça c’est la deuxième, ok” hihi
Thank you for your answers, you’re so inspiring, as always.

Andreea Voicu 3 February 2014 / Reply

You and your team did a great job! I like the way you answered the questions and you chose some good ones. I like this video better than the first one..maybe because I didn’t agree with some of the stuff that you said. I admire your way of working and the fact that you seem very natural and you chose to talk about all this things related to your blog and the fashion industry. I think it would be great if at a certain point you’ll do a video about your favourite memories from this blogging experience. Like the most emotional meeting, or your favourite fashion show etc.
Have an amazing week!

How many languages you know? Do you still remember russian? In which language you think? Where are your parents originally from?
btw great blog:)

Love this video, thanks for sharing so many great tips!

Greetings from London,

I don’t often leave a comment here as I mainly just read your blog instead, but I did want to leave you one and say that it’s really nice to actually watch a Q&A with a blogger that is really smart, mature, cultured and down to earth at the same time. You seem to know a lot about everything you talk about and you have a very knowledgeable way of speaking, creative too. It’s nice to know that you aren’t just a model shooting clothes, you are a very clever business woman and making a name for yourself. You should be really proud of how much you have achieved!

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