My loves. Hope you had an absolutely fabulous week-end, full of joy, love, rest and fun. I’ve been super busy these past two days working on my music. Working, learning, improving, working, learning, improving and back again. From rehearsals on saturday to two acoustic music video shoots on sunday, we had a pretty busy week-end. But completely magical to be totally honest with you. I can’t wait to tell you more about everything, but all I can say is that tomorrow I’ll be revealing for the very first time to all of you a song that I wrote, and that means sooooo incredibly much to me. So make sure to tune in, tomorrow morning to discover this new song!

Meanwhile I am extremely excited to share with you these new incredible pictures I shot with my very dear friend, and above all mega talented photographer, Phillippe Girard (make sure to check out his personal website or Facebook page, he’s just so incredible) evolving around one of my favorite jewelry line of the moment : the Pandora essence collection. 

As you may remember, in the previous article I channelled Gabrielle Chanel through a bracelet that represented this timeless figure’s inner beliefs and most striking abilities. This time my inspiration is Grace Kelly, one of my dearest icons that I’ve always been so fascinated with, for her elegance, for how feminine she is and her timeless looks.

Even though I love big statement pieces from time to time, you might know that I am all about that perfect, delicate jewelry piece you can wear on a daily basis, and especially the one that has a special emotional meaning to me. So obviously I totally fell in love with Pandora’s new Essence collection as it has such a deep spiritual value. Each stone represents a value, and is individually selected in order to represents it’s wearer’s inner values and beliefs and to become a lucky charm, the perfect bracelet unique for each individual and a reminder of some of the most important, timeless things in life. In this case, to me Grace Kelly was all about Prosperity, Loyalty and Happiness.

A gigantic thanks to the hotel Richemond in Geneva for allowing us to create such wonderful images in their suite. It was a mesmerizing experience, we can’t be more grateful. Also guys, you HAVE to give it up for my talented peep Loic Hauck (@loic_hairstylist on Instagram or Facebook here) who did this amazing hair style on me! Like seriously, how can you be that talented!?

See you tomorrow for the reveal of my new music video… it’s going to be … awesome (crossing fingers!!!) (aaah so nervous)!

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TOP : Rare Opulence



BRACELET : Pandora Essence Collection


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You look marvelous as Grace Kelly. So classy. Can’t wait to hear your new song tomorow :D

xx Mira

Successfully channeling of Grace Kelly’s elegance and feminism. You look classic and timeless as well!
Beautiful photos.



Beautiful photos. The bracelet you wore is so gorgeous and I like how each is personalized.

i love everything about this look!!!

xoxo from rome

so gorgeous!! love the styling especially your hair – completely classic :)

xoxo hobovogue ღ

The Fashion Fraction 3 February 2014 / Reply

Beautiful pictures!! Perfect scenery:-)
Xx, Kirsten

I love your make-up! Gorgeous look xx

Those are some very gorgeous shots! Love the hair and the make-up and that dress!


Wow, you look incredibly beautiful! Philippe is really such a nice guy & talented photographer :)

Wow you look so beautiful, you look like Grace Kelly on these photos, really amazing. The hairstyle is tres chic and this dress is art!

Oooh wow, you look flawless as always, babe!
And I love this Pandora bracelet. The colors are so pretty!



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I love this skirt so much and wish I’d bought it last year! Oh my :) you look amazing – love your hairdo!! xx

You look so gorgeous in those pictures. Can’t wait for tomorrow, reaaaally curious :) x

Absolutely elegant photos as usual. I love the aqua shades of the room – they fit the bracelet perfectly. x

Lubna | Elle Vox

You look stunning !

Love from Paris

You look lovely and the room goes so well with the colours of the bracelet.

That outfit is so pretty!


Great look and beautiful pics, I love Grace Kelly and her movies!

The dresses are marvelous as usual! I can’t wait to hear your song!

x Karen

Love how you let Grace Kelly inspire you.. You’re outfits are great with a very own twist.

What a special post, and what an amazing photographer!
I am in love with these intense colours..

Kisses from London,
Alena | meet me stylish

Amazing look and I love your style!


What a beautiful picture!

These pictures are ABSOLUTELY stunning <3

En effet, tu ressembles à Grace Kelly sur ces photos!

Beautiful outfit! I love the pictures taken throughout the glass, it makes a really nice filter!

Sandrine x

So pretty, just incredible pictures! I am very impressed,! You look awesome

Wow, you look so adorable! Beautiful photos.


gorgeous pics and beautiful bracelet!

Kristina, this look is beyond perfect!!!

Cette série de photos est incroyable!


I love Grace Kelly since I was a child, she was so elegant and her story for me was like a fairytale!
You are perfect to pretend to be her, you have such a chic attitude!!
The photos are amazing!!




amazing outfit!

Fall in love with this skirt!

What a great look! I love the combination of the strapless top with the H&M skirt and that gorgeous lipstick. It’s the perfect shade for this look!

X Sara

You look so beautifully elegant! Love it!

LOVE IT! The bracelet it’s so nice and the photos and the Grace Kelly inspired look are both amazing! ;)

Gorgeous make-up! Amazing styling, you look so glamorous! x

Wow, you look magnificient! I can’t wait to see the video!!

so beautiful!!!

Amazing photos- Love the skirt!


Très jolies photos et quelle élégance!
J’aime beaucoup le bustier qui est très graphique

Des Bises
Mademoiselle Stef

CelebritiesAndFashion 3 February 2014 / Reply

I really love your Grace Kelly look, she is one of my favorite actresses of all time. The pictures are amazing and I’m totally in love with your hairstyle!
XOXO Hannah :)

Super conheci o blog por acaso e tipo, me apixonei de primeira, Ká você é tipo uma Barbie de tão perfeita, serio, super me inspiro em voce, meu sonho um dia e chegar onde você chogou ou pelomenos aproximar. Te desejo todo o sucesso do mundo e muita felicidade.

You are so beautiful !

The pictures are stunning, but Pandora bracelets so common and unpesonal don’t them!

OceanWind Blog

What a lovely pictures do you have. Really, they are so professional. Keep up the good work :)
I follow you on Bloglovin!

Love, felicia

gorgeous, again… I’m so jealous of you

new post up,

Hello babe! You look totally stunning, who styled your hair? This post is so sofisticated and delicated, well, it looks like. Love you Kayture!

You’re simply stunning! Beautiful pictures!

skiing girl 3 February 2014 / Reply

Hi Kristina!
I’m not sure if you remember me, but about one year ago I wrote a comment on your goodies post telling you how much happiness Kayture brings to my every day life.:) That evening I was tired and stressed because I was skiing the whole day and almost missed the last train back home. Reading your newest article made me smile again.
I feel like the past year has brought many changes. I believe we both have grown up a bit and Kayture is even more professional today. But one thing has stayed the same: reading about your adventures is always like a mini escape from my normal day to day life.
I wish you all the very best for your music project!

Btw I’m now sitting in that exact train again after an other skiing day with my friends family. Reading Kayture to let the time pass of course.:)

xo skiing gir

You are getting very skinny
Ever so beautiful!

congrats on your music! can’t wait to hear it tomorrow and great pictures :)

Really beautiful. I’m looking forward to the song. Yay!

looking forward to it! lovely look and photography! A new elegant artist to be hopefully soon on my IPOD!

I absolutely ADORE this look! I’m glad you posted about the Pandora Essence Collection, I have a bracelet offered from a friend of mine and it means so much to me!
Also I can’t wait to hear your new song, best of luck – I know it will work out !!


So beautiful !!!
I love your Dress


Very beautiful look, love your dress, hair and make up so much! I also adore Grace Kelly!

This is such a stunning series of photographs! You look beautiful and captured the air of Grace perfectly. Timeless, classy, flawless. I absolutely love it.

xo Elle

I LOVE this!! Everything about this look is perfect.

Love this look! Very chic and classy :) Working on your singing career sounds like such a busy job!

I adore Grace Kelly-she is the epitome of chic and you really portray that in these photos. What a gorgeous look x

Tu es ravissante, très élégante et très gracieuse, et ces photos sont magnifiques !
Ce bracelet Pandora est très beau, Pandora est une marque que j’apprécie particulièrement et je suis contente de la retrouver sur ton blog !
Ta tenue aussi est très belle et te va à merveille ! :)

Love this outfit is so chicc!

You look stunning! I love Grace Kelly’s style, it’s so feminine, elegant, incredible! =D

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Très élégante tenue :) tu es magnifique.


You look gorgeous! Can;t wait for your music videos!

HEY! I will be so happy to see you on SALTYSTORM.
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beautiful photos!♥ and the bracelet is so pretty!:)

Even if you’re wearing H&M, it looks like Dior or Valentino.

Love this classic look, very chic! xo Hanneke

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You look amazing, this lipstick is just perfect and the pictures are sublime !
Check out my new article about how you can wear a scarf as a belt to give you some ideas for you outfits ;)

I can really see a bit of Grace Kelly here, so elegant! :)

befitting title, you look very graceful in these pictures

wonderful magical pics :)

This look is just outta space! Fantastic!

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love this!! the make up is so perfect!

You are the most elegant woman ever!


Soo beautiful! :) <3 (Fashionblog by TWINS) (Fashionblog by TWINS) (Fashionblog by TWINS)

I love this post ! everything is perfect : your hair, your make up, the bracelet, the quality of the pictures, the suite, EVERYTHING as always.. :)

I can only say one thing : You look stunning!!!