It may look hot and sunny and all summery but one thing is for sure : Barcelona, you were freakishly COLD this last time we came to visit you. Ah… I’ll always remember when last year, yes… Exactly one year ago, in february, we came to attend the 080 Mango fashion show and how Barcelona felt like a little oasis in the middle of the cold Europe we were living in. It was so hot and perfect, I could easily wear a dress and without any tights… a.k.a a dream. Well this time is far behind us now (little dramatic tear falls down my cheek).

This time, we were welcomed with a beautiful sun, gorgeous palm trees surrounding the incredibly gorgeous W hotel, but darn it…This wind was just killing it. Why oh why. To be totally honest with you, these are the kind of moments were I’m like… Gosh I’d rather stay in my cozy lil’ bed with a warm cup of tea. I felt a little bit like that at this moment. But you just gotta pull it somehow together. I mean I’ve seen worse than a bone freezing wind seriously… I watched as the runners passed me by (this long walk you can see on these pictures turned out to be the work out spot for many folks out there, made me feel super awkward for even thinking about a tea and blankets… I mean… those people are damn brave to run with this weather!!! I could probably never do that….)

Our arrival was no matter what, a pure delight. I couldn’t be more amazed by the view from our room at the W hotel… I honestly had goosebumps and jumped all over the place giggling and having some little screaming moments when I opened the door for the very first time. These are among the kind of moments where I feel so insanely privileged and out of words… For the outfit of the day, I chose something quite casual, comfy yet cool with these new Saint Laurent boots I got for sale while we were in Paris! Seriously, the sales at the Galeries Lafayette are just insanity. Sooo worth it. Definitely taking these babies with me in NY :)

KT070143 KTR_0008 KTR_0034 KTR_0073KTR_0080 KTR_0151 KTR_0152 KTR_0207 KTR_0208 KTR_0218 KTR_0219



COAT : Mango

BOOTS : Saint Laurent

TOP : Zara

BAG : Chanel

PANTS : Mango




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Have fun in Barcelona. The view is amazing and you look fabulous. Love the coat and the cool booties.

xx Mira

This look have a rock touch with these leather pants and these amazing heels! You look amazing, I love so much all these clothes, the handbag is wonderful. Lovely top. Barcelona is so beautiful

Kayture you’re still on the go! Amazing landscape, and a lot of colors! It changes from the grey landscape in Switzerland. Anyway, I like your outfit!

I love your look and especially the bag!

Well, the photos are awesome!! Have fun there!

You look so chic! Hope this outfit warm for Barcelona.
I love the checkered top which breaks up the navy



totally in love with this gorgeous look!

Gorgeous coat and hair! Love your blog!

this is stunning !! love your shoes :)ú


You look georgeous here

I mean, you are always amazing, but this outfit suits you as good as never before

windy weather made your hair more sexy he-he

Good Morning,

I know the way you felt when the wind hit you but you still look stunning. And I love you singing awesome :)
When I went to mallorca the first time it was sunny an all that but at night we hand a thunderstorm and the next days were windy and freezing and I didn´t pack for that..

xoxo, Daniela

Barcelona looks incredible! I would love to go xx

If you want an Oasis in the middle of Europe come to Tenerife ;)


Gorgeous outfit !

Love from Paris

I love Spain so much and you look beautiful as always!

Awesome look and beautiful photos!
I kind of cannot believe it that it was cold that day.. It looks so warm and summery ^^

Nice look :) this place seems amazing!


love your outfit here! totally stunning xx

Perfect place to be there. I really love the backlighting portrait


CelebritiesAndFashion 6 February 2014 / Reply

Simple and great combination, I love shoes and pants! The wind looks so beautiful on the pictures, wow!
XOXO Hannah

Really beautiful pictures and location – love the hotel so much! Enjoy your time and a bit of sun! :) <3


Sweet Perdition 6 February 2014 / Reply

Beautiful foto as always!

Barcelona is such a nice city! And I love the look, as always :)

Gorgeous look, I’m so in love with the first photo, you look amazing!

Àlex Burch

So beautiful pictures and I loved your look!

Kisses from Brasil <3

The pictures are stunning!

Sandrine x

Barcelona is the best city of Spain!!!


The photos are rather magical, as always. Love how you used the wind to your advantage. x

On adhère totalement ton look ! notamment les boots sont magnifiques !


Viens faire un tour, pleins de bons plans à découvrir si tu aimes Paris :)

amazing pictures, as always. I want to visit Barcelona again !! ;)

Your outfit is completely perfect!!
Love your shoes, your bag, and your trench! Everything is gorgeous :)

What a beautiful place; you look really stunning :)

love this look ! you are just gorgeous !


Cannot imagine it’s that cold from the picture, but you look amazing as always. The boots are my fav<3

love the looks x

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I love the look and the photos! The boots were definetly a success they look gorgeous!

Beautiful landscape on the second picture: there seems to be water on the roof which pass into the sea!
Nice shot!!

so in love with the bag!


Love Barcelona and you look amazing! <3

Love love love your bag ! This look is gorgeous <3


You may have hated the wind, but it made these photos movie-like. The outfit, although casual, really rocks. ^^

Such a classy look and lovely photos from the most amazing city in the world! :)

At least you’re in the perfect wind proof outfit! The W hotel looks amazing there x

Wow….this photos looks amazing, because of this windy weather :D. So dramatically.Love it. But i know what you mean of this days -> to stay in bed and pull your blanket over you….in any way…luckily you’re not staying in bed and took these adorable pics. Thanks for that.
XOXO Katharina

Love that little pop of tartan and the view is amazing!

In love with these shoes they made the whole outfit!

OceanWind Blog

I love so much when you post photos of Barcelona! I love my city so much and it’s super cool to see your photos of it that by the way are amazing! It’s a pity you catch precisely those windy days. There were actually only a few of them and then we came back to the sunny (and I guess warmy for you, cause for me winter here feels very cold) days. But yes, we do have also bad weather and rains, Barcelona, as pretty as it is, it isn’t always like paradise… Anyway nice look! ;) And I agree with almost everyone commenting, the photos with the wind look awesome! ;)

Though the weather you look amazing, love the pictures.

Kisses from Rüga

great pictures! hope you have fun in Barcelona!

You look great! I love these windy pictures! x

Gorgeous sunny pictures!

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love the sweater and coat! awesome look and cool shots with the wind blowing! xx. gigi.

perfect light.. beautiful pics! :)

Keep just the way you are, and good luck with the songs projects! It’s good not to let go of the dreams.

From a reader you’ve met in the Rue de Bourg, il n’y a pas si longtemps ;)

the outfit is gorgeous, love it:)


Great photos! this outfit is gorgeous

You definitely pull off the windswept look better than anyone else! Love the outfit & despite the cold, Barcelona looks wonderful!

Kirsten x

Barcelona is such an incredible city! Have fun, and love the photos.

WOW. This places is awsome! You look fabulous!

Xx, Kera

Perfect babe! I love your bag


So glamorous!! Stunning pictures! =D

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Je veux bien tes boots, ton sac et ton manteau ^^

Gros bisous

Gorgeous photos! Love your look!

insanely beautiful! love the hair!

gorgeous outfit!
love your coat


adore this beautiful shoot!
ladies in navy

Well it may have been cold but the only thing giving it away is the wind! Who would have thought that these lovely blue skies and palm tree shots were from somewhere cold! :-)

The Fashion Fraction 7 February 2014 / Reply

I love these Saint Laurent booties soooo much!

amazing photos!! I love the blue sky!!!


beautiful as always :)

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comment my first post. <3

J’aime beaucoup ce genre de photos, les cheveux au vent ! :D
Tu es ravissante et j’adore ta tenue qui te va à merveille ! Ton manteau est ravissant et j’adore sa couleur ! Tes boots YSL j’adore, tes jambes paraissent interminables !
Tu es aussi très bien maquillée ! :) Ce genre de maquillage naturel te va tellement bien !

you look very nice, I like this outfit :)

Love the look! Love that booties :)

love the leather trousers!!

Great look!

Love, Sarah

I follow your shoots every
day, they are amazing, i really love it!
Can’t wait to see the new york shoot!
I hope to meet you one day anywhere, all that i can say to you is congratulations for your style and personality.
continue like that!

Lovely photos! I love those boots!!

you’re so,so perfect!love this look :)

xoxo, Ana
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What an amazing view and outfit! And oh my, even with all that wind you still manage to have perfect hair! How?!

You look so Beautiful !

Stunning photos! Love the wind in your hair! Adorable!


I would go to Barcelona in the coldest winter because I love that city so much and I’m kind of used to very very cold winters, so that wouldn’t be a problem :) Gorgeous pictures as always!

I loved the coat and the pants! Have fun in Barcelona!

Maria Ines 9 February 2014 / Reply

I love your photos!

Très jolies photos, pas facile à obtenir en plein vent. Bravo

I think wind is actually great for shooting some pics. It always looks more natural and really pretty with some hair around your face. Beautiful pics!!! And a wonderful outfit. I love your new booties and I always had an eye on these kind of tops:o)
xoxo Kirsten

The setting looks so beautiful! And you can tell that it’s super windy!

Totally adore your outfit! :)

Ericka of

Amazing photos! I love your style!

Beautiful photos! :) (Fashionblog by TWINS)

You’re look amazing! As always ;) take care of you, hope you will feel better soon!

Perfectly matched the perfect pair of boots! Had to tweet it :)


Perfectly matched with the perfect pair of boots! Just had to tweet it :)


Love the outfit, so chic! Where can if find the shirt?

Whensandrameetsfashion 10 July 2015 / Reply

Ma chère Kristina,

Tu ne liras peut-être jamais ce commentaire, mais qu’importe, je souhaitais simplement te remercier. C’est grâce à toi que je suis devenue ce que je suis aujourd’hui. J’ai toujours aimé la mode, mais plus jeune, les moqueries des autres à l’école m’ont forcée à rentrer dans le rang et à m’habiller “comme tout le monde”.

Depuis, j’ai découvert ton blog, et tout a changé. Si tu voyais deux photos de moi entre il y a deux ans et aujourd’hui, tu ne me reconnaîtrais pas ! Tu m’as tout appris : comment m’habiller, comment me maquiller, tu m’as convaincue d’arrêter de me blondir les cheveux et de laisser mon dark ash blond reprendre le dessus… Bref, aujourd’hui j’ai confiance en moi, et c’est grâce à toi.

Alors merci, merci pour tout ce que tu nous donnes. Tu es incroyable. Tu es un petit peu notre grande soeur à nous toutes. Ne change jamais please <3