Hey there sweethearts…. I’ve had the worst week-end ever. After a great friday working on a top secret project in Geneva, I came back home with a great energy and big smile on my face to later wake up at 3am with a heavy virus. Bottom line, I spent 48 hours in and out of the bathroom with a digestive flu as well as in bed in a total coma zombie mode. Not really sexy if you wanna know… But hey it’s life! That explains why I disappeared for two days and didn’t give any news on my social media channels. All I could eat were crackers, honey and oatmeal… Yihaaa. Call it a pre-fashion week diet…

It seems like every time before fashion weeks, I get sick. I really don’t know why, but it seems like some sort of tradition now. Maybe it’s because I feel so stressed out and anxious that my body just feels like it needs to get a rest somehow and gets sick… Fashion weeks always demanded such a huge organization and so many things are going on at the same time that I have moments sometimes when I feel like my head is going to explode. This time my poor little belly decided to play tricks on me. At least it forced me to take it easy.

We are leaving to New York with Hugo Boss this tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Like I told you, we didn’t want to do the whole NYFW this season as I really needed to concentrate on music and other special projects I am working on. Plus with the cold in NY, it just seemed so right to spend more time rehearsing and in the studio learning and improving the singing.

But I can’t be more thrilled to be back in the big apple, it’s going to be as always a super fun adventure. Meanwhile, I hope you guys will enjoy these images that were shot during our stay in Barcelona at the W hotel. I was wearing this insane dress from Geeks And Stitches, and totally felt like a modern day princess, with of course a little edgy fun twist! Stay updated for news guys x.

Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.002Kristina.BazanKTR_0494Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.011Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.003 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.004 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.005 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.006 KTR_0500 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.009 KTR_0552 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.013


DRESS : Geeks And Stiches 

SHOES : Mango

LIPS : M.A.C “Diva”

EARRINGS : Windsor Store


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Wow! The dress is gorgeous! Beautiful photos!

Love love love the dress! Hope you feel better :( Being sick sucks so bad!


Wow this dress is SHEER perfection!! Is the embellished bra and lace undergarment part of the dress?
You look stunning and the photos are amazing!



Wow these photos are really amazing, the view is breathtaking and you look so beautiful with this dress and everything is perfect.

Have fun in New York! Love the photos. :)

Ericka of

great dress!! we all have bad days.. I hope you’re better now!!


i love every detail of this look!!

xoxo from rome

the dress is so beautiful! your my inspiration :) thankyou

Sorry to hear about your virus :/ I hope that you’re now feeling better.

Get well soon! X

great pictures, bon rétablissement !

This dress i simply beautiful! Stunning!

What an amazing dress and the view is just breathtaking :)

Gorgeous and perfect dress and photos. Love the place and views!


You look stunning Kristina!! Hope you feel better now and wish you the best time ever in NY!!
Felicia :)

this dress is beyond amazing! need it! and beautiful pictures, kristina, as always! hope you are doing better now and wish you a great journey to NYC!

The dress in incredible!

Cette robe est magnifique, tu la portes vraiment bien!
Prends soin de toi et belle semaine

Beautiful dress! Get well soon!

Wow, that bra is amazing! And these photos are very beautiful. Love the make-up.

Those are some beautiful shots! I love that dress and your make-up is flawless!


i absolutely love this dress! you look amazing girl! have fun at fashionweek – i wish I could go too! xx

Les photos sont sublimes comme toujours et la robe est juste whaou!!!
Félicitations pour ton blog et ton succés…

The dress is so amazing and elegant! Nice pics!

Hi, I hope at the time of reading, my comment will find you well and sound! The pictures are gorgeous, loved the sequined bra-let under the divine sheer gown. Zhanna,

Wow wonderful photo. The dress is so amazing.

So beautiful pictures!

Kisses from Brasil <3

Fabulous look! But not very useful for every day right ;)

Gorgeous look! I really like this different outfit on you! Feel better soon!

Spotlights on the Redhead

That really sucks :( Hope you feel better soon!

You look amazing! Great style and blog so cannot wait to go to barcelona myself x

Woow, glass house in the video! I love the building – it is such a classic:) and these photos look like from lost in translation movie :) nice!

Great dress! I hope u get better now! Have a nice time in New York!

Beautiful girl!!!

Oh babe, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous, just like every other picture of you ;) Those crystal bras are still cool, I’ve got one as well!
And I hope you feel better soon, have fun in the Big Apple! <3



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You look amazing in these photos! I hope you’re okay now! Digestive flu is the worst!


I feel you completely. I am sick with the fly as well, but mine is what my doctor called “a seasonal one”. Seasonal or not, I ended up not going to my first day of this semester and the first day is crucial for us double major students for changing and balancing the messed up schedules. I hope you have a great time in NYC and get better soon!

WOW! You look absolutely stunning!


You look amazing. Everything is so amazing!


You look amazing. Enjoy Fashion Week :)

i hope you’re recovering well!
you look so gorgeous

The Fashion Fraction 10 February 2014 / Reply

I totally love the W in Barcelona, it’s the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in so far!

I have the same feeling in Switzerland. Stressful life influence our body and also the head! But you’re strong and you’ll pass over that because you’re well organized ;) wonderful article!

Gorgeous! I have the same bra.
Hope you’re feeling better.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Amazing photos and amazing dress :)


Cool pictures! =)

Please, check out my blog!


Aw get well soon! That dress is beautiful, you look amazing

Hammer Fotos!

Viele Grüße,
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I love the shoes, beautiful pictures.

Comtesse Sofia

OMG! Your dress is very fabulous! Nice pics!

Salut, Kera.

this dress is insanely beautiful!
ladies in navy

wow that stinks hope you are feeling better! great pictures as usual

Nice dress,very sensual. I also love the video, such an very smart concept with the well made design!

Beautiful pictures! Love the hotel and your lipstick! Hope you are feeling better now :(


I love that bra! Simply fabulous!

beautiful pictures as always. Take care :)

You are just absolutely gorgeous! Loving your bra!

Love, Sarah

Such a beautiful dress! Glad you are feeling better!

Wow the dress is amazing and the pictures are gorgeous!

x Karen

Was für ein wunderschönes Kleid!!! Darin siehst du tatsächlich aus wie eine Prinzessin:o)
Viel Spaß in NY!!
xoxo Kirsten

This dress is so dramatic and this gems bra came in handy, you haven’t wore it for ages!

OceanWind Blog

Great pictures!! Hope you recover and feel better for your long trip..!!

CelebritiesAndFashion 10 February 2014 / Reply

You look so beautiful on the pictures, love them! Your virus sounds horrible, I hope you feel better now and have a great fashionweek :)
XOXO Hannah

I hope you rested well girl ! This photoshoot is absolutely stunning

Amazing photoshooting. The lights, the transparences of the dress, the contours…love it all!!

I’m glad you enjoyed my city :)

This dress is so amazing! you look great in it, i am glad to hear you are feeling better now,and i hope than you will feel perfect just in time x sometimes is good to rest a bit x good luck with singing ikeep my fingers crossed!

That dress is so beautiful, you look amazing (:

Stunning! You are very beautiful! (Fashionblog by TWINS)

Arf je connais, quand je suis anxieuse, mon estomac me joue des tours sauf que…. J’ai juste d’atroces nausées et rien ne rien, c’est pas sexy non plus :p

En tout cas cette robe est divine, tu les mets superbement en valeur :)

Gros bisous !

Ah, hope you get better soon! Can’t wait for your posts from NYFW x

your boyfriend always makes you look great in every photoshoot.

Absolutely divine! Loving that bedazzled bra.. hope you are feeling better! Safe travels to New York!

That is the most beautiful dress ever! I’m in love <3 Your hair and makeup is perfect!

gosh you look gorgeous


Amazing photography! These lips are so sexy…

It’s London Fashion Week next weekend, come and visit my blog!
Alena | meet me stylish

I’m in love with your photos!!!
Check out my blog and follow me on bloglovin if u like it!Thanks in advance

So gorgeous i love the look so much!!

Photos are phenomenal! :)

Love the atmosphere of this shoot, so chic and casual at the same time. xo Hanneke

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I really hope you are much much better now! you look absolutely stunning anyway <3

I can never get enough of your shots… you and they are so stunning!

Sophie x

you look so stunning, hope you are feeling better!


Such a beautiful dress, love the pictures!

Greetings from London,

that’s really impressive!



Be better dear! You are working very hard so you really need some rest. Hot tea in bed and great movie make this time better.

But you look amazing anytime! I love this dress and these heels..mmm….fantastic!


These photos are so beautiful and you look perfect :)

You’re absolutely gorgeous in these photos!!

Cause you’re look like pricess!!!! I keep my fingers crossed for you in these days. It seems to be very hard period for you, but also funny (btw i love your optimist, you’re always see a positive side, also when you’re sick, that’s amazing) kisses from me and my little boy

Always so elegant and flawless; now I want the crystal bra too… You are a great inspiration! Please get well soon


OMG this dress is wonderful ! <3

Oh no Kristina, I hope you get well soon. By the way….you looked amazing in Barcelona <3. Love these Pics of you and your dress.

XOXO Katharina

great post!

…but honey is not vegan..

That looks so amazing. Period.


Miss Eliza WonDerland