Kristina Bazan sings “Awesome”

Here we are finally, there’s no turning back, although I wasn’t planning on turning, only moving forward! I am revealing to all of you guys for the very first time a song that I wrote. A song that I personally love, and that means a lot to me. This song “Awesome” has definitely been in my head for ages and I can’t believe that I am sharing it now with you…

Writing music has always been a very personal thing to me you know… I was always afraid to share it, and especially so afraid of being judged based on something so intimate and precious to me. Way before I started Kayture, I was already writing my own songs and singing them at home where no one could hear or see me. Luckily this blog brought me the confidence I needed to go further and pursue my dreams, and my dream is definitely to combine fashion and music together.

I bet that if you’re reading this text, you must have already watched the video. So I will spare the “before you watch this you have to know…” bla bla. Got you hein ;) Instead of this, I would absolutely love to explain to you a little bit about the essence of this song and how I came to write it.

I realized that in my daily life, I used the word awesome almost constantly. These shoes were awesome, this place was awesome, you were awesome, and just so many things were awesome. One thing I also understood is that I used this word only in moments where I felt very excited and happy, this word just bursted out of my mouth naturally. So I started wondering, what does “Awesome” mean to me and why do I love using this world so much instead of just saying “oh marvelous my darling” (of course with a highly sophisticated british accent).

Awesome seems just so effortless, natural and spontaneous compared to any other term. It’s better and more exciting that cool, yet it’s not as cocky as wonderful. It’s simple and it says how much you love something. Yet, it’s not too polished and definitely not a word you’ll use in a power point presentation. It’s a word you say when you’re with people you feel comfortable with. Your friends, your family, or even your beloved partner.

To me the best relationship that could ever be, is one that evolves around simplicity. Where harmony comes naturally and you look at each other thinking “gosh, you’re just so awesome”. There’s no need to say more, no need to say less. You love eating the same food, driving together, you watch movies late at night and it feels like time stops and things couldn’t be more perfect. This song is about all of this. And I truly, deeply hope you will enjoy this acoustic version of “Awesome”.

A big thanks to Marie Traube for the musical composition at the violin, Philippe Girard for directing and producing the video ( (…), to Loic Hauck for the great hair styles, to Fiona Zanetti for organizing the set up and above all for your constant and loving support and to all of you for the energy and motivation you give me everyday.

“Don’t ever stay in your comfort zone, do something daring and unexpected. Work hard, stay focused and dream big.”


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Beautiful song!!! Wow I wish I could write songs too :D

xx Mira

J’adore ! Vraiment, c’est très chouette (mieux que celle de Katy Perry). Bon courage et si tu as besoin d’une autre voix, je suis là. (Comme les autres 10000 filles qui voudraient aussi chanter avec toi).

you really have an amazing voice! Never give up, you’re going the right way

I like it :D
Keep studying!
Love you Kristina :D

Your voice is awesome, but i think it’s not totally match with the melody of the violin. It sounds like two songs !! Keep going ! You are amazing .

Tu vois que ça vallait la peine de se lancer ;) Excellente chanson bravo !

You are so adorable! I can see how passionate you are for this and this is what really matters! I wish you best of luck! <3

I’m super impressed, you have such a beautiful voice and it’s a catchy song! You are so talented!!! <3

It’s really wonderful you’re pursuing your dreams, Kristina. Good luck :) x

You have a beautiful voice I also just listened to your other video and it’s great too. I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for more of your songs.
Thank you for sharing this with us. x

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, Kristina! How talented can one be?! You’re perfection! Your voice is amazing (or rather ‘awesome’) and so is the song! THUMBS UP! <3



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Wow, Great song and what a beautiful voice! You’re so talented.. Good choice to do something with it, you’re a great singer and fashion blogger.. You inspire me everytime!

You have a nice voce kristina ! Very good ! But i think that te violin music is a little bit improvvised and that this song would be very nice whit a softer music!

I love the song and your voice, but I think you must work a little bit at the chorus.
And at the end you repeat too much the same three lyrics.
Anyway, it’s a good start and I’m sure you can do better.
Good luck!

pretty good start Kristina :) love the clapping touch, it comes just at the right moment. some light light percussion would be welcome dont u think so? love also when you improvise a little in the rythm. super! good luck ! get those bass notes strenghten :) love xx

This song is just awesome:) You have amazing voice ;)

You gave me goosebumps, Kristina :) Keep it up!

You look and sing like an angel

I really love the song and melody is great! (but not the claping hands.. it sounds weird..) Your voice is really awesome, jus t work on your high notes.. cuz sometimes it sounds like you’re screaming.. other than that CONGRATS, I see a lot of potencial here! :)

It’s very beautiful Kristina, congratulations!!!! I’ve been playing it on repeat. Hahah
You have an amazing voice, don’t ever give up on music :D

It’s absolutly perfect sing! Congratulations Kristina! <3

Wow! I am impressed! The song is much better than the last one from Katy Perry, it’s catchy and I wish you recorded it other way than just instrumental;)

Hi pretty, so the song is really good and from the middle to the end it gets lots better, you put more melody in it and the violin gets more into the background. i really think that the violin is the wrong instrument for a vocal recording and the melody is just not on time. but your voice is really “awesome” and i loved the location & hair&makeup. the clothe could have been happier, so it would match more your song :) but great work and keep on doing what you love!!!


You’re very talented Kristina.
I just watched your another videos and I like you more and more.
Now not just for style, but for personality too! :)

Really awesome!

I like ur voice

Kisses from Russia

“Awesome” performance :)


Wow! I have to say that for you not being a professional this is really good, i’m sure that you will succeed! keep this way! xoxo

Hey Kristina!
I’ve been following Your blog for quite a while now, quietly enjoying the looks and posts and Yourself.
When You announced You’ll be working on music this year, I got way more interested in Kayture as music is very close to me, a dream, I wish to make true for myself someday.
I think You’re really brave to be sharing one of Your own songs, I know it takes a lot of guts to do that.
But the reason I’m commenting now and haven’t earlier, is because I can’t help but notice all the negative comments You have received ever since You came out as a singer. And it angers me. Suddenly, every single person watching is a music expert and a judge.
Instead of appreciating and celebrating someones dream with them, society tries to bring them down.
I am surprised people who have no courage to follow their own dreams, have so much courage to criticize others for following theirs.
True, You don’t have a perfect voice, but You have lots of potential. And You have already improved greatly since the first video. I can easily imagine listening to You on the radio, just months from now.

And You show us, normal people (haha), that anything is possible, You just gotta go for it.
I know You don’t know me, but I’m proud of You and I wish there were more people like You out there.

Stay awesome,

Wow…that’s a reaaly, really great song. But I think it would be more powerful with a piano at the background. Goosebumps is guaranteed:D. If you need someone as a piano accompaniment let me know. At the Moment my cousin just win all kinds of prizes and she is really really awesome. She has that feeling and she writes also her own piano songs.

XOXO Katharina

You need lessons on pronouncing English, I think it would really help your singing. It’s very difficult to understand you when you speak faster and not because you are speaking fast but because you can’t pronounce the words right. I don’t mean it in a nasty way, just advice. I think you would be even more awesome ;)

Aleksandra Zojceska 4 February 2014 / Reply

You are just so awesome Kristina! Amazed by your performance! Can’t wait until the next video. <3

Great song – i really like your voice :)


i love ur voice but that clapping i didn´t really catch :D but yeah the song was pretty cool and ur voice is amazing ;)

Your voice is sooo beautiful but I really don’t like the violin , it does not match at all the song.

xoxoxo Elena.

You can master everything!!! :)
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Woow Kristina! Tu es incroyable! ta voix est incroyable et ça fait tellement bizarre de te voir faire autre chose que de la mode ^^ mais la chanson est tellement belle! Je l’ai téléchargé et je peux te dire que ça fait vraiment bizarre de voir ton nom sur mon iTunes :D
continue, tu as du talent! <3

I already have an earworm! :) YOU are awesome!

Christina I admire you your working capacity, charisma, sense of style, talent and beauty! You’re on the right way! Please continue to share and is farther your photos and songs! I wish you only best moments, inspiration and excellent news! Have a fine day!

You have a beautiful voice and are very talented! Wonderful video xx

I’m really surprised! Keep going! x

miriam leiros 4 February 2014 / Reply

you’re awesome, kristina! i really love your work, you are too talented. you go girl!

I have to be completely honest, I think there’s room for much improvement on you songwriting – the melody of the song is really catchy and your voice is stunning! but the lyrics… not so much, it doesn’t add up with the look of the video in my opinion, it’s a bit too… young, when your look is so mature. also, the violin didn’t work at all. But you clearly have bags and bags of talent! you’re stunning and so is your voice, I have no doubt that you have a very bright future! xx

always gorgeous ! keep it doing kayture ;)

always gorgeous ! keep it doing kayture ;)

Trop cool !! bravo d’avoir eu le courage de tourner une de tes propres chansons !! tu iras loin … par contre trop de maquillage :( tu es mieux plus naturelle parce que la on dirait une caricature, et aussi trop marrant et trop chou les têtes que tu tires en chantant !! ahahah
La chanson est pas mal bravo !!<3

Hi Kristina,

I admire your willingness to take the big plunge, your voice seems quite good. However I think it needs more practicing and I am not sure the violon matches the song. I suggest adding more keyboard instrumentals and a beat. Your voice is good but the song itself sounds like a big lamentation. It needs to be more catchy, and stand out from the crowd. I don’t like these pop singers who always sing songs that mean nothing (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga…) Elles sonnent tellement insipides!!! La vrai musique ce n’est pas ça du tout.

Good job! Like your voice:) you look stunning and so happy!

Aww Kristina, YOU are so awesome. Stylish, beautiful and talented! I understand the part about being afraid to share with the world something so personal and being judged. Making clothes for me has the same importance singing has to you. I couldn’t go to a fashion school, but I didn’t give up on making clothes for me, for my mom, and for my friends. And people like you are a big motivator to keep doing what you love.

The song is AWESOME! :D

can i say..awesome?? ahahaha yuo have a very nice voice, hope to listen to other songs very soon..hugs and kisses from Italy!!!

Wow, Kristina you’re amazing! It seems like you’re perfect, your voice sound so suave! Now you’re my favourite singer!

this song was so beautiful
your voice is so amazing

you totally went out of tune at 00:23 min

Your voice is good but I think U should change the repertory. Maybe Birdy’s or Florence and The Machine’s songs. They’re deeper and U should sing some interesting songs because U’re not some Katy Perry to performance silly hits. You’re more than that.

interesting voice, you’ve got some talent, keep it doing :)

I have one word about this song: AWESOME!!!!!!!

You are amazing kristina, especially because you are so genuine and sweet. We can tell that you are putting all your heart and feelings with this new project.

Just a little thing to add: you should record the audio with microphones or something to make it clearer, because only the camera is not that great to record your songs. :)

wow! gorgeous :)))
What a great voice!

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Wow, love the song!

It is really nice Kay! Congratulations! Even tho the lyrics are pretty awfull “you are just so awesome” cmon…

“Youre just so awesome!” Your song stuck in my head for the rest of the Day! I think youre really talented and cant wiat to hear more from you! Please just keep doing your thing because it’s perfect!
Lots of Love x.

Maria Inês Ribeiro 4 February 2014 / Reply

Well I have to be honest here, I don’t mean to be mean, but this song is not so great. Too many things at once. You have a great voice but may be you should get someone to wirte lyrics and songs for you. I admire how you feel like you can do anything if you put your mind to it but it doensn’t work that way all the time. This needs practice and a whole other type of education. You look to restrained in your singing videos as if you are obssessed with achieving perfection. Let loose, we want to see the more outgoing side of you. You’re in your tweeties. Let go. Dont hold back and try to be perfect all the time. That’s just my advice to you. But props on the guts to put it out there.


Hi! I think it’s great that you are brave enough to do this first of all. You have a really great voice but the lyrics are cliché and un-interesting. I would definitely listen to your album for your voice but the lyric writing needs some help. Waiting for song number two! Great job!

Gosh, you’re just so awesome… <3


love you loads

Wow you have amazing voice! Love it! SO cute<3

I don’t want to be that person who writes “love you” without listening and reading the post and I don’t want to be the hater who feels jealous because someone fulfills her dreams. I think you have a great voice and you should be trained professionally to become one. I guess you are already aware to lyrics problem: “you drive a car – you are so awesome” the question is to what age group you are aiming, because for 20+ it’s too cheesy but maybe younger audience will love it. And a lot of great singers don’t write their own songs but they are a great singers and performers, think Beyonce! I say learn your lesson and keep on pursuing your dreams!!!

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I admire you for the way how you pursue your dreams and just do what you love. I think you sing pretty well although I think you can improve your singing and writing – but hey, you don’t become a professionel singer over night and you aren’t perfect, and you never say that you are. Keep doing your thing and I am sure you will improve all of your talents and become one hell of a singer. With love

I like your voice and the keep on writing and singing! You’ll get better everyday! :)


For now your voice is good, but more karaoke good than professional singer good – lessons will help. The tune of the song is very catchy but I agree with Kate that the lyrics are a bit too cheesy.

Apart from that, congratulations as it takes some courage to try new things. You are good and can definitely get better! :) xx

Amazing voice! Catchy song too! =D


You are great, and your voice is amazing but that video sucks, the violin and your dress too. When re you gonna free yourself? You look so conservative.

You can do 100% better girl

I think that you have a promising voice, but this song has some problems. The lyrics could be improved “You drive a car, we eat the same things, etc.” is a bit cheesy. I actually do like the violin, but not with the lyrics of the song. The violin sounds serious, while the lyrics “You are so awesome” sound a bit too pop-songy and don’t match the seriousness of the violin. Also, I don’t like the clapping. Having said all this, you do have a lot of potential and show a lot of courage by sharing with the world this new venture in your life. Keep practicing and it will all come together.

the song is just amazing! congrats!

Even though the song isn’t my cup of tea, you do have a nice voice.

x Krizia

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You’re so talented and got a great voice

Salut Kristina,

Je tenais a te dire honnetement ce que je pense de ta chanson.
Premierement, on dirait que tu as 45 ans, a un enterrement. N’es-tu pas jeune? Pourquoi dois-tu t’habiller aussi sobrement, tu es une bloggeuse pleine d’imagination, pourtant ta tenue, coiffure et maquillage ne te correspond pas du tout!
Deuxiement, chanson tres choue mais alors le violon gache tout, c est une chanson jeune ou il devrait y avoir du peps derriere, pas un violon qui vieillit la chanson, en plus le rythme ne correspond pas a ta voix. Si ta chanson avait eue un fond different je pense qu’elle plairait plus (pense guitare/piano ou batterie). Les paroles aussi sont un peu cul-cul la praline.
Mais, tu as une tres belle voix.

J espere que tu ne le prendras pas mal, et que tu y reflechiras!

Bonne chance!

You have voice and everything, but there is something about you singing that I dont like. Its like something is not right..

Congratulations! You are unbelievable! Very talented and impressive.
Way to pursue your goals…you’ve got the drive and the talent. Keep on going!



Just One word: Awesome!!!!!!!!! <3

LOVE it!

lovely voice!

new post up,

Well done you for uploading this video! Your voice is beautiful.
Any negative get is going to be founded upon jealously – You look stunning, have created a really catchy song and have a fantastic blog.
It was really brave posting this onto your page and anyone who says ‘this could have been better or that could have been better’, doesn’t appreciate the big step you have made! Congrats, be proud x

If you have a moment to check out my blog that would be fab :-)

Rezounours 4 February 2014 / Reply

Bravo Kristina, tu es une inspiration dans le courage que tu as de te lancer dans tes rêves et d’apprendre sur le tas. Tu sais exprimer ton bonheur d’avoir ce que tu as, le succès de ton blog, ta beauté et ton talent dans la mode sans orgueil et en étant reconnaissante, mais aussi de toujours rêver plus, imaginer, créer et suivre ces rêves. Te lire est un plaisir, j’ai aimé quand tu racontais le travail qu’il y avait derrière tout ce que tu nous offre.
Le “clapping” donne beaucoup de charme à ta chanson, je trouve.
Continue de nous étonner.

Tu as une très belle voix et si je peux me permettre lâche toi, montre nous que tu ressens, que tu vis ta chanson! Ne sois pas si stoïque et ce sera parfait! Bonne continuation!!!

Un message d’encouragement Kristina car tu as le courage d’essayer de réaliser tes rêves quand aujourd’hui presque personne n’arrive à dépasser sa peur, rien que pour ça, chapeau! Ne prends surtout pas mal ce que je vais dire, c’est pour te faire avancer, car tu as un grand potentiel je pense…mais (pour moi) tu as une image trop classique, rigide, pas fun.On dirait que tu vas à un enterrement avec ta longue robe noir, t’as 20 ans éclates toi :) ! Dans la vidé on dirait que chaque geste, chaque mimique est contrôlé. Je ne sens pas la spontanéité, le naturel.. Sois moins rigide, moins ” parfaite” et tu donneras automatiquement beaucoup plus d’émotion à travers ta jolie voix :) Bon courage Kristina pour la suite :)

You are so good at signing! And I love how elegant you look, you even move elegantly hahahah!
The song is nice, would be hearing it with a little more of music than just the violin anytime soon?? I would love to hear like the recorded version with all the instruments and everything ;)

I liked the melody, but next time you should find a good producer, who would help with the words, your looks and movements. At the moment you did not look very natural and relaxed, and the outfit was big no (it made you look too old and boring)

Hi, just want it to say you have a good voice and many more talent`s and it`s great you are so passionated, but after all remember to be thankful for your boyfriend and your background so it have helped you achieve this and help you achieve more. Me, I have talent`s, but I`m kinda stuck, I dont have anyone to help me even bit to go on with my talents. Anyway I dont mean to say u havent work hard cause I`m sure u have, I just wanted to remind u to be thankful. :) I`m going to keep fighting to get my life the way it supposed to be, or die trying. Good luck to you with this new area!

I really love your voice and it’s incredible that you are so talented in such various things. But honestly I have to say, that the lyrics could be way better. Maybe writing and singing french songs would sound more authentic.
But anyway, keep going, your awesome!

Outstanding performance, congratulations!! The music and the lyrics are just wonderful!

Très beau ! Non seulement tu as une belle voix, mais surtout ta voix est touchante et provoque un tas d’émotions, on a envie de faire un câlin aux personnes qu’on aime mais aussi de sourire et de positiver car c’est un air frais et de belles paroles. Je te souhaite une très belle continuation aussi bien dans ton blog, que dans la musique ou que dans ta vie personnelle. Tu semble être une très belle personne et je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur ! Bisous

Gorgeous – your style is very Celine Dion – keep it up! N x

Ta voix est très jolie Kristina, bravo.


I don’t think her pronounciation is bad at all. After all, she lived in the USA when she was younger.

This ist just amazing!

Love, Sarah

You have a very nice voice! I would like to hear you actually recording the song to play it over the video so that we can hear all the high pitch sounds better. In that way you can play a lot more with the video and edit it so that it looks more dynamic. I’m only telling you this because I’ve learned a few things about music since my boyfriend is a producer.

Record it in a studio (I know it’s expensive but it’s worth it) Record it and then you’ll see how the doors open for you. Play it over the video and you’ll see how much better it sounds.

Great song! I loved every second of it! :)

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns


You need to be proud on yourself. And I’m not saying this because I met you in Berlin and you’re incredibly nice and so down to earth, but I’m saying this because it’s the truth.

Pretty damn good song! Please record it soon and release it!

what can’t she do? beautiful voice, beautiful song! keep it up!

Kristina you are so talented and sweet and all the good things people say you are! It really takes a lot of courage to show a different part of you! This is the most important. But really, I dont know why you dresss so seriously. You have to improve your body language and let go a little bit. Be young! Fresh! You’re so beautifull and intelligent and your voice is great! Keep learning and you will get there cause you’re just so awesome!
Love from Brazil

P.s.- dont come to world cup in Brazil! You’ll regret it!

Cheesecake 5 February 2014 / Reply

I can totally imagine this song with some base on the radio, without the violin and lyrics. Clapping can stay.
It all clashed:your stunning classy look, violin, fancy background and extra cheesy lyrix. I guess it all comes down to the fact that you haven’t yet been and don’t consider going to uni. You still live in the world of “awesome” school things where “eating the same things” deserves a song. If you want to write lyrix yourself – uni is the only hope.
I am sorry for being so nasty. But hope you kind of appreciate critical comments more than “you are so great, pls follow me” ones. If i didn’t believe in you, i wouldn’t bother writing.

You improved a lot since 1st song. I don’t agree with “voice” comments: you don’t need an outstanding voice, your dream is to be an entertainer, not an opera singer, and you are very pleasant to listen to when you find the right song.So find the right flow and go with it. But choose wisely! Either go with young “schoollove” lyrix and relax, no lbd and red lipstick or violin. Or go with “sophisticated woman” but then songs should be chosen accordingly

hey !
juste un petit conseil, (j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec des ingé son) faites attention au niveau de saturation, c’était déjà la cas dans ta première vidéo, et le micro voix a apprement encore saturé ici aussi, c’est facile à éviter et permet une plus jolie voix :)

Keep goin’
You’re doing great.
Camille XO.

You actually have a beautiful voice, it’s beautiful.. And you’re getting better I guess!
But seriously I need you to transmit me something. I got a bit bored, Sorry! and don’t stop trying Kristina! X

You made ne cry Kristina! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Bonjour Kristina, cette vidéo est géniale, le texte un peu moins et il manque (d’après moi) un certain sens de la mélodie.. mais surtout, nous aimerions te voir dans un style plus jeune et rebelle! Au lieu de chercher la perfection, un peu de spontanéité et de folie seraient les bienvenues ;-)

Devant tout le reste, je m’incline! Bonne continuation dans cette voie

you are such a talented young lady! i love the song and your voice, the song is really amazing! i wish you the best of luck in both; your singing career and your fashion career!

Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

Congratulations, keep up the progress, keep experimenting different styles in music as in fashion. Most important have fun and don’t care about the haters ’cause they have nothing better to do.

Divo's Diva 5 February 2014 / Reply

I love it! And I don’t think people can tell you to change your look or repertoire because it’s not “young enough” or “they don’t go together”, that was your vision of how you wanted your video to be and that was the way in which you expressed who you are as a person. Isn’t that what music is all about? I do however think you should try recording in a studio with specialist sound equiptment, it would really be worth investing in to show everyone just how good you really sound!

Hello Kristina,
I’ve listened to the song and read the comments, and quite a few of them seem to be simply aimed at criticising you without offering anything constructive :(
For example… I’m not sure how going to university will help you write better lyrics – unless thats a reference to a conservatoire :/ You probably have more experience of “the real world” than most university graduates!
As for your pronunciation – I don’t see a problem here. It sounds as though you’ve had elocution lessons or vocal training – your singing voice is so different to your ordinary speaking voice.
But I do agree that the song would sound better with a backing track, or a piano accompaniment. Or even with the violin pre-recorded. It sounds a bit scratchy, maybe because the microphone was too close?
Have you thought about doing song requests? (I pick “Je Voudrais” / “I wonder” from Sleeping Beauty :D – your sweet voice would suit it.)

Hi Kristina,
You are so young yet the song feels so old. You are only 20, you should not be dressing like an old lady. I know you pobably want to look more sophisticated, but this kind of song makes me feel carefree and happy. I am not sure the room you have chosen is the best (echo) and the violon? Your voice is so great, but I think it needs more coaching. Or maybe the style of the song does not promote your voice the way it should. This is just an honest critic, really, I hope you can work on something else that will be so awesome!

Bonjour Kristina,
Pourrais-tu svp faire d’autres posts sur tes journées typiques à l’hotel, au restaurant, dans les rues de la ville ? J’adore quand tu fais des posts sur ta vie quotidienne, des photos artistiques avec tes objets de dernière tendance, c’Est ce que nous les lecteurs voulont vraiment voir, car c’est comme ca qu’on t’a connue. Je te suggère de continuer la musique mais d’ouvrir un autre blog, car le mélange des deux je ne suis pas certaine que ca va fonctionner. Tiens la Blonde Salad par exemple, depuis qu’elle a un nouveau copain, les photos ne sont pas comme avant et elle a perdu beaucoup de lecteurs. Le changement, c’est bien, mis il faut être extrêmement prudent et s’assurer qu’on va avoir l’appui du public.
Christine xxx

Who is this talented team you work with??? I’m so surprised that not one person from your team told you that a violin was a BAD choice. Your voice is great. You need to work with real professionals. You need a guitar or a piano . The violin is disturbing to the ear and sounds like background noise. Great song, great voice but horrible music!! And you need a real studio.

This is such a catchy song with a beautiful voice! I like the minimalism in your song, especially your clapping.
Keep on going!!!

very cool.. would love if you recorded a song!

As much as I love you, this is cringe-worthy.

You should totally put a piano in instead of violin, it sounds a little improvised and it was ruining the whole effect of song. But otherwise, awesome job Kristina! I’ve been following your blog for some time now (let’s say the truth – I’ve been stalking you for a year now) and you proved, that you’re special person not only passionate about fashion but also music, which is great I think, and I really want to support you in all this as you have an amazing voice! Keep singing, I love it ;)


The rythm of this song is AWESOME. I totally loved this song
you sing so AWESOME!

You sounded great! You’re very talented. They’re some great things about the song and I’m sure that with pratice it (and you) will become even better. Thanks for sharing your world with us :) You’re one of my most cherished inspirations.


You have a really beautiful voice and a nice charisma and charm that translates well to the camera! I guarantee you that even the ones that have pointed out small things to critisize, they too believe that you will succeed with this dream! :) :)

You have a fantastic voice but the lyrics are a bit cheesy/strange, I think perhaps because english is your second language the way you write can sound a bit odd quite often. Maybe you should try co-writing with someone else! that could help you improve your writing skills.

Sorry Kristina, you are super beautiful, witty and all the positive adjectives one can find. Although you really cannot sing :( Please ask any official singer coach. I don’t hear any rythme, nor a special voice. Maybe you will need quiet a lot of training, everything is possible :) But for now it’s really not beautiful … Sorry :( It’s strange so much people are positive in the comments.

I’m not a fan and not a hater…I follow you because my love for fashion, and you do a great job at it. But really it seems that I am the only one that can be honest… your singing is really not god, your voice sounds very ordinary and it must be a dissapointment for really talented girls that have a great voice, but do not have the ways to show it to the world, or the good looks to help it. I guess you love music, but it is really not the good path for you, because it seems all your fans are forced to like it….Good luck in blogging

You’re very talented! also no note is false in your singing, which is actually very uncommon as even the greatest stars are a bit false at times. Some comment you’ve received are just mean (probably people who can’t bear with the fact that you seem to “have it all”) but most of them are constructive and well-meant. I am sure you’ll smart enough to make the most of it. I wish you success and I’m confident you’ll become a great famous singer!

That was sooo Awesome!!! You are so talented!! I absolutely love the message the song conveys, your beautiful voice singing with such clarity and conviction!! Absolutely love it!! Keep singing!!:)

Comment dire .. ta voix colle juste parfaitement à cette chanson, ça n’a rien à voir avec la reprise de Katy Perry!
Tu as un joli univers musical, j’aime beaucoup le refrain et les changements de rythmes, c’est top.
Continue sur ta lancée, mais avec des chansons à toi si possible, comme celle-ci, et ta carrière musicale démarrera !
& Bravo à toute ton équipe te permettant de réaliser ce genre de projets “hors prêt-à-porter ;-)
Bises, Esthel.

I really love your blog but i’m not a fan of your singing. Don’t know why. Your voice is nice but completely ordinary. And here everybody say they like it but I don’t understand so much why. It’s because we love you so that’s like we were forcing to say it’s great. I’m not a hater at all.

Honey that was a really beautiful songs, and you sing so well!

I don’t usually comment, like I just mentioned, but since this is a subject that’s so close to your heart and incredibly personal to you, I wanted to comment on it and let you know my thoughts. I’ve read most of the comments and seen that quite a lot of them are negative, but I think you need to take constructive criticism from that and I hope you don’t get upset from it. I can speak from personal experience and I know that sharing something so personal is very scary and can often lead to upset, as it’s happened to me before from receiving abuse and bullying about it, but I can say that it only moulds us and helps us grow as a person because without that, I would not be where I am today and I wouldn’t have such a tough skin like I do now.

I’m very musical myself so this is an area I’m incredibly connected to as I have written many songs in the past, written a lot of poetry, played guitar and can sing, so I connect very much with this. It took me a little while to get into it, but I loved the melody, it was very catchy and even now it’s still in my head, so you did a really great job with that. I can see what a lot of people are saying about the lyrics sounding very young, they do sound like they were written for teenagers, but if you wrote this a while ago then I can understand why they would be and I can understand even more so if things don’t translate too well. Definitely don’t be discouraged by it at all, your voice is amazing, it has a very nice and easy listening sound to it, it’s quite pure and delicate. You are very talented! I think like others have said, it would be really nice to hear you singing something really passionate, strong and touching, something that’s really mature and shows off your voice beautifully with ranges and everything. I also think hearing you sing with a piano would be incredible. I find singing alone with a piano can be so intense and heartfelt, it would be lovely! I’m looking forward to hearing more! Well done for following your dreams and finding the courage to do it! Many people are too scared and miss out.

Raindrops of Sapphire
The Fashion Supernova

As much I love your style and blog. I must be honest. You do have a nice voice. Maybe with more practice, and study you can actually be a good singer. Next time chose a better song, or something that fits better your voice.

Teresa Lavin 20 March 2014 / Reply

You should be a professional singer! Focus on it! Don’t let other things bother you!

I cant stop listening to this now defiantly the best song I’ve heard in ages !!

It’ll be really awesome if you can release your own album with all the songs you have written so far, including this one. I really love how your voice connects with the listener and the groove you put in your songs. All the best with it~~

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Why is the video deleted?

what’s song name

what happened to the video ??? please reupload