Milan fashion week day II


This season I am in a completely different mood where “less is more” became sort of my mantra. Let me explain it to you. I don’t know if it is the fact the it’s february, a little colder during fashion weeks as it usually is in september, the fact that many blogger pals escaped this season to go get a little holiday tan, but I am just not as much in the mood of running around like a crazy and going to ALL the events, shows and parties… I feel like I am getting old. Naaah, just joking. Never planning on getting old (hello peter pan syndrome). But I am becoming more selective with the way I choose to invest my time : remember guys time is so precious, chose wisely.

Last season I completely exhausted my body, putting so much pressure on myself to always look perfect while having slept 4 hours because of course there are the FW dinners and events, plus then 3 hours of article editing which makes you go to bed at 3am and then wake-up at 7 to get perfectly pampered as if you just came out of a fashion issue. It’s been like that since 3 days in a row kind of, but this time I choose to get a little help. Thanks to the sweetest Cotril team for example I save up 1 hour each morning as they do my hair to post or to do quickly my make-up (or squeeze in a little power nap, multi-tasking).

Even though I am a huuuuuge fashion lover (I mean you know me… I’d kill for a pair of shoes, well almost ) I decided to skip some presentations and even shows that I wasn’t completely obsessed with to do only the ones that I love the most. And so far it’s been so good. I get to see all my friends and enjoy the collection without a burn in my stomach for being afraid to miss the next meeting. Or at least I’m getting there.

Also I found out that avoiding to check Instagram is a great solution. First of all because my FOMO level lowers (fear of missing is out is like the worst thing during fashion season, there’s always an event that you haven’t been invited to or forgot to attend and you’re like why why whyyyyyy, where where wheeeeere) since you don’t get to see what the others are doing and you just concentrate on your own personal experience making the best out of it, but you also lower your roaming bill which is like we all know : awesome.

So yes, I am in a totally different mind set. And well, even though I have to admit that I might say all that, but I still run around. I had a huge pleasure that day attending some of my fav shows such as Just Cavalli. I am absolutely in love with their lovely team, they are just the sweetest ever. The collection was bold and colorfull, I definitely had a blast as I always do. Enjoy loves x.









KTR_0090 KTR_0122







TOP : Just Cavalli

PANTS : Sandro

SHOES : Kurt Geiger

BAG : Mawi

COAT : Zara  Similar Here

SUNNIES : Céline


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Fantastic! So sad I haven’t really seen you around at the shows :/

Honestly, I LOVE your less is more mantra. In life and in fashion choices. You look fabulous and love what you’ve been wearing. Can’t martyr yourself and when you say no to something, you’re saying yes to something else, SLEEP and HEALTH!!!



i love the sweater ! :)


You’re so right to not exhaust your body Christina and to only go to the events and shows that you like the most! Very wise decision :) BUT if I were you I would have a crazy FOMO syndrow hahhaa! This outfit is really really beautiful, but I don’t expect anything different from you (my expectations are really high for every new post of you – that’s just your ‘inconvenience’ of being such a fantastic blogger!!) Enjoy the rest of fw! xx

I looove this outfit!! I’ve found the pants, but where can I get the Top??

You look great! I love how your outfit is so simple and comfortable yet elegant. I always think it must be so uncomfortable having to look glamorous all the time at these things!

I love your fashion week post! You look adorable! Fabulous top and bag!

Such a beautiful outfit, you just match that pant so well, like it and those sunnies are perfect

You look amazing! I hope you had fun, I’m already looking forward to the next post! :)

amazing photos, love the look

lovely mix of colors… love the shoes.x

Love the stripped shirt! Very simple but nice outfit!


A little less elegant look than usual, but I like it. And Mawi clucthes are the best!!

This look is so simple and sophisticated that is really adorable!

XXX Lisa+Lara

Beautiful !! Love your bag, amazing !

I love your bag, you look so great.

Love your look, it’s simple but lovely! and so colorful which i love! ;) Also your new method of spending FW it’s making its effects, you look awesome in the photos (not that you looked bad when you slept 4 hours, I barely noticed it)!

Beautiful sweater and such a unique clutch!

Love that pic of you 3 ladies walking! Outfits on the move are always the best! <3
I'm in love with your clutch! Oh, and the Peter Pan syndrome sounds good ;)



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Such a lovely outfit, I really like it so much more when you keep it simple with a touch of glamour, like the pumps in this instance! Keep it up :)

Great photos, you look gorgeous !

Love from Paris

You are amazing!!<3
love this look totally:)

Perfect look, it’s very relax and chic, the sweater is so cute and you look amazing. The handbag is wonderful.

I cannot imagine how you manage your time and still have time for just yourself. Very casual look today and I like you in this. Have a good weekends Kristina!


wow, amazing pictures! and the clutches are absolutely awesome! <3

You make “less” more glamorous than “more” can ever be. I love the simplicity. There is something about this clean outfit that screams “I didn’t try; I woke up looking fabulous!” and this beautiful hairstyle just adds to that. ^^

love the top and the clutch!!


Loved the orange stripes and an orange lipstick, and looks cool with navy pants. Have a nice weekend!

This is such a great look! Less is truly more.
Enjoy the rest of FW :)

Love the clutches so much and the whole casual look is amazing!

You look so lovely! Love the bright orange and blue together, and the beige touches bring everything otgether beautifully (: glad you’re having such a fab time! x

I love your top – looks like you can’t wait for spring to come :)

Great post and very nice top. I love it! Have a nice day!
Salut, Kera

love your loubis!



Beautiful top. Where to buy?

Your photography is always SO stunning. And you’re so right, think of yourself first!! That’s very important :)

Love your bag and makeup!!

Good choice! Love your outfit. The bag is amazing!


Amazing pics! You look gorgeous!

Aah, you look so beautiful in orange!

Erica’s Edition

CelebritiesAndFashion 22 February 2014 / Reply

The first picture is really beautiful! I love the color combination you chose, especially the sweater is great. And I understand why you love that bag, the details are awesome :)
Have a nice weekend :)

Gorgeous photos! And I love this outfit – cute color combo!


You look great as always and that purse is perfect. I love sparkling items.

OMG! The photo’s are beautiful! I would like to know which camera is used, and the lens? Xxx

You’re looking adorable. I’m loving to see the collections from Milan Fashion Week! =)

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The pictures are really beautiful! And I have the FOMO too, sometimes it’s so annoying because we are always focused on what we see on social networks!

Sandrine x

lovelly look!! love it… :))

Hello Kristina! Do you like Milan ? I think is a good city for who love fashion, city and party. Nice outfit. By Alice

absolutely beautiful!

I always admire your posts. Happy to hear you’ve decided to relax a bit and really enjoy the experience. When it comes to NYFW, LFW, MFW, and PFW…there’s SO MUCH to absorb and do, that yes you find yourself in a frenzy trying to fit it all in. You look gorgeous, and rested. Have fun!


T’es toute jolie ! Cette tenue te va à ravir :)

Bisous !

Love this colorful look! The bag is a complete match to the sweater, and it gives so much texture and shape to the look! The blue pants is a great color blocker, and the nude heels keep the focus on top! Gorgeous!
Melody x

gorgeous outfit!
simple and chic

Wow amazing outfit! The color of the sweater looks perfect on you! x

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OMG! I’m in love with those clutches! <3

Kristina you look amazing and i really like the way you think! You are definitely a very wise and interesting young lady!
Felicia xx

Glad to see you’re doing whats best for you. Health is the most important! x

this top is so lovely on you
ladies in navy

blue, orange are perfect combination! what a nice casual outfit, luvluv you

Oh this bag is so incredibly beautiful!!! Want to have it immediately!!!
xx, Kirsten

Hi Kristina,

No matter how many people already said this to you, I wanted to say that I really loved your blog. I find you extremely talented, elegant, beautiful, and clever. You know exactly how to run a blog, and you allow to share your lovely lifestyle to us. I hope you will read this comment, and no matter what, we will always support you !
Lots of love from Paris,


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