It’s funny how sometimes the most simple things can have the biggest impact. On our third day at Milan fashion week, the only thing I was craving was a good italian cappuccino and of course, one of their incredible gelatos. It felt like at this moment… nothing could have made me happier than that! And you know what? I was right. Sometimes, an ice cream can definitely change the mood of an entire day!!!

Our third day in Milan was a pure blast, just the right amount of meetings and shows, allowing us to take a couple of hours in town to make these images as well as get some delicious sweets : sugar is definitely needed during that period of the year! As we were strolling through the streets near café Cova, I couldn’t but notice how absolutely gorgeous people are in Milan, everybody, from all ages and types were so elegant and classy. Of course that’s usually what happens during fashion week, lots of stylish people in one place, but this time it was different. I just noticed how people, that obviously have nothing to do with fashion industry pay a close look to their outfits, adding such nice details and pieces. I couldn’t stop staring at everybody passing by.

That day I went for a retro inspired look with this crazy skirt that believe it or not : I got at H&M, matched with some creamy white pieces. This look is kind of like cinnamon and vanilla, very soft, feminine and elegant. Of course the hair changes everything too, aahh if only I could have these kind of curlew every morning…

James and I came back from Milan this evening, we’ve got a couple of hours to pack our luggages and we’re off straight away to Los Angeles for a super exciting project with Piaget! Make sure to stay updated for all the news guys, posting tomorrow the last Milan fashion week look article, so don’t forget to tune in and find out all the details! Lots of love my darlings (P.S was SO nice to meet some of you during/before/after the shows, you guys are honestly the best, meeting you all are probably some of my favorite moments ever). xxxx

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COAT : Tara Jarmont (Similar Here)

SKIRT : H&M (Similar Here)

TOP : Mango

BAG : Saint Laurent

SHOES : Valentino


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So chic, i love this outfit and your coat is perfect

You look so gorgeous, the fabric of the skirt is amazing, so original and the colour suits your skin tone and hair :) The last two pictures are so adorable *_*
Have a lovely day!

I love this look and the skirt is beautiful

This skirt is so cool and unique,, you look really beautiful and so chic. Love the coat, it’s so so cute and these heels are my new love. Amazing handbag. Your hairstyle is perfect!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt! The color, the silhouette, the texture/sheen…it’s sooooo beautiful.
These photos are great as you look so joyous!



Beautiful outfit! The leather midi skirt is amazing!

Amazing look! Can’t believe you found this skirt at H&M <3

That is such a lovely skirt and that coat…..


Gorgeous as always, babe! I freaking love that skirt <3
Oh, and you make me crave for ice cream!



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You look so amazing :)

I have the same skirt, love it !

Love from Paris

That coat and skirt are perfect. You look great as always.

This outfit is amazing! I love that skirt, you styled it perfectly :)
The Fashion Wonderland

I love how you match different patterns. It looks great. Keep up the good work.

That is not an easy skirt to pull off, but you definitely did it! Fabulous look! Have a nice time in LA.

These pictures are stunning! Both of you are soooo talented! And your hair look great!!

Xx Camille

Amazing pictures! Just perfect combined! Love the location, also :). Love,


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you look amazing! I love the pictures :) I have to say, i wouldn’t have picked that skirt in that colour.. But you make the skirt look great :)


Great outfit, it looks a litlle old skul, but I like it! :)

Fabulous skirt and shoes! You look so pretty!

Loving your hair & that amazing phone case! :-)

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I love the photos! Hope you had a great time in Milan! <3

Love the shoes :) nice look!


Love this gorgeous red dress; it’s so fun and chic because of the texture and it’s cut! This look focuses on the dress as everything is kept quite simple and plain. The lovely jacket adds a bit more texture and dimension. Stunning!
Melody x

Very beautiful combination of colors and caramel ice cream.

Have that beautiful Skirt in Light pink!! Is amazing!

Hi, Kristina, you look absolutely amazing, love your PU skirt and the whole styling around it. and I just fell in love with the setting as well. <3 Zhanna,

What a beautiful look!!! Have the same skirt but in pastel pink :)

I agree, your hair does do wonders for this entire outfit! It makes it look a lot more softer. Your white coat is beautiful, just the right amount of fuzziness without it being too overwhelming!

Erica’s Edition

H&M skirt? wow, I would never say so! It’s adorable and it really is like cinnamon and vanilla! Simply flawless Kristina xx

Love the combination of higher-end and lower-end brands with the branded shoes/bag but with a H&M skirt. Well done :)

gorgeous look! And your hair is so grows so fast!


Aw lovely look! That midi skirt and those shoes are perfect! Plus, those ice creams seems too delicious! =D

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This looks so awesome on you. Hope one day I will meet you in person <3. Because I love your style so much. Even this Skirt from H&M looks so glamorous on you. I'm excited to read more about your projects. And by the way…I LOVE MILAN and it's stylish peoples there <3
xoxox Katharina

im so in love with the whole look, wow! especially the skirt :)

Gorgeous photos, the setting is simply amazing and you look great as always!


Sublime !! J’adore cette tenue,

Tu ne seras pas à Paris pour la fashion week?


Kristina, those pictures are stunning and just perfect!!
May I ask you what camera James is using? And more important which lens??


Oh wow I totally adore this look!
The skirt is amazing, unbelievable that it`s from H&M.
And your hair looks perfect!

kisses, Gio

Love the skirt, it can be from h&m , but the way that you manage to put it all together is fantastic.


Love this outfit! That skirt is so unique and chic!


CelebritiesAndFashion 23 February 2014 / Reply

Amazing pictures, the ice cream looks so delicious omg *_* Of course I like your outfit, especially the skirt is gorgeous! I love how you combined the different materials and the streets of Milan look great. I think Italy should be my next travel destination :)

You look amazing! I want a gelatooo! Luckily I live in Italy!


What an elegant outfit! I’m always stunned to see how you perfectly know how to mix cheaper pieces with expensive pieces!

x Karen

Fab pictures! Adore your outfit and your skirt is so cool! Shoes are amazing!

That skirt is incredible, I love what you’ve worn it with too!

Kirsten x

Do I see a gelato from cioccolati italiani? Ah, one o fmy favourite places in Milan <3

Lovely pictures! Can’t imagine it’s so warm in Milan! x

Great outfit! I love that special skirt and I still cannot believe that it is from H&M!!!

xx Nicola

You look gorgeous. I love the retro feel of this outfit.


jupe sac poubelle ^^


This is way cute, the skirt is incredible!

I love love love your skirt- so pretty!

Super pretty skirt and all the pics are great <3

xoxo Iren

Beautiful girl!!

gorgeous outfit!
love your skirt and shoes

I have to admit that I’m not crazy about this skirt, but love how much YOU love it!! Rock it girl! And the little white purse is SO cute!

Alors ces chaussures… je suis fan. et les mains aussi, le vernis& les bagues, discret et top!

Love the photos of you twirling around – stunning!

Kristina Bazan 24 February 2014 / Reply

Yaay!! So glad you guys liked it :)
Sending you lots of love.

Hi! Nice pics. I like your skirt! You’re beautiful!
Salut, Kera

Coquet élégance

Adorable look. Amazing skirt honey.
The Indian Savage Diary

Fantastic look!<3
Love this skirt:)

You look lovely!! and i’m so jealous of your gelattos! hahahah

Wow, it looks amazing! :-)

Amazing skirt! But I cannot find it on H&M website. Kristina you are perfect as always!


Your skirt is so beautiful we couldn’t guess it’s H&M!Your shoes and coat are so beautiful!!
The ice creams at the end seem so delicious!

Such fun and beautiful captures! That skirt is wondrous. x

I think also Zara has similar skirt :)

Gorgeous look and photos! Love the ones with the ice creams. :)

eleonoradermo 26 February 2014 / Reply

The best ice cream of all time !

the twirly photos look like so much fun! :) and your hair looks amazing here too :)

coats made of mohair,wool,angora,etc. =ANIMAL ABUSE!!