Hello loves! I just got back from Milan but boy am I excited to share with you the last look I wore to this fashion week season. Unfortunately I will not be present at the Paris fashion week as I’ll be in Los Angeles working with Piaget as their official insider during the super prestigious Spirit movie awards, an independent movie awards right before the oscars that celebrate these incredible works of art with the presence of some of the top actors in the industry. I can’t wait to meet all of them and discuss their new movies.

We’ll be staying in Los Angeles for 3 weeks and I am absolutely thrilled to share this new adventure with you guys. The last day of Milan fashion week was a real blast with the show of Roberto Cavalli being a big highlight of the day. The setting of the show was beyond spectacular, with a fire centre piece, as well as a waterfall in the very middle creating a very mysterious decor. The collection was full of luxurious leathers, furs and embellishments proper to Cavalli’s heritage aesthetics which I loved discovering.

For this last day I decided to wear a total white look with a little hint of color. To be totally honest, I am absolutely obsessed with this Just Cavalli coat, it’s the perfect pastel piece. I loved pairing it with my new babies, these gorgeous Gianvito Rossi baby blue pumps and to add a hint of warmer tones I wore this incredible Vuitton burgundy bag with some matching lipstick, et voilà! Oh but not to forget : these Dior glasses are definitely gonna be my new statement piece, love the reflective lenses and the super modern shape of them.

Now tell me guys, have you been following the updates from the Milan fashion week? If you want to have a look at all the fashion week content and pictures from the runways, head to to follow the feed, I want to know : what has been your favorite collection so far?


Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli001Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli016Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli021 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli002 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli003Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli023 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli004 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli005 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli006 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli007 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli008 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli009 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli010 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli011 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli012 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli013Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli015Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli019Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli017 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli018Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli022Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli024 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.Cavalli025


COAT : Just Cavalli (Similar Here)

TOP : Vintage (Similar Here)

SKIRT : Three Floor

SHOES : Gianvito Rossi

BAG : Louis Vuitton





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Wow you look so stunning. I love that pretty coat!!

xx Mira

OMG you can’t be more cool, it’s impossible. This look is amazing, you are like a sweet candy. These clothes, these colors, everything is perfect.. The coat is co cute. Love love love so much these sunglasses

I’m in love Just Cavalli Coat! Thanks for having shared the fashion show, you’re kind!

You have taken my breadth away….again!! This jacket is absolutely divine. The stripes with incorporated sheer panels and shade os pale blue! And as if that wasn’t enough the all white ensemble is perfection. In LOVE.



Interesting look, but I’m not sure I like it..

I absolutely adore that coat! Amazing outfit and that jumper and those shoes! Love! Great catwalk show too!


Love your jacket :) it seems an amazing show!


I don’t like this look, the white tights are horrible!


WOOOOAAAAH you look gorgeous as always, Kristina! <3
Nailed it again! I'm in love with your coat and those awesome shades!



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Hi, Kristina, you look absolutely beautiful in this outfit, I think the colors of the outfit are just fab, perfect for the upcoming spring. I only didn’t like your glasses and a bag, I think they looked awkward for the gorgeous outfit that you chose. Have a nice week! love <3

such a lovely fresh outfit… the bag is gorgeous.

So beautiful, and your pictures are awesome !

cool look!!

xoxo from rome

You look stunning !

Love from Paris

I love whole pastel look! and the coat looks amazing! ^^

Fashionably Sparkly

Great pictures, great article !! thks

You look perfect !

Incredible and perfect outfit. Gorgeous photos too !


Gorgeous photos and gorgeous details, the LV bag looks amazing!


Hello Gorgeous! Nice pics. I like your outfit! You’re beautiful!
Salut, Kera

Coquet élégance

Gorgeous coat – such beautiful colours :)

Jenna ||

Amazing look! Can’t wait to see updates from LA!


Amazing tights!!! I love white:)

Gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt!

Sandrine x

You have unpretty legs and white tights looks awful on you..

what an amazing outfit. you look amazing.


I have to say, I never thought that white tights could compliment an outfit so much. You really look stunning!

Great sunnies, but the white tights aren’t really my cup of tea. x

Love the contrast in this outfit!

I absolutely adore this outfit! love the candy colors – looks great on you and very modern!
xx Cécile

Pulling of white tights, that’s tricky but you made it work! Love it :)

The White Studio

Wow, the jacket is so cool and chic! It is such a pretty pastel, but isn’t too soft because it has a structured look. Since the jacket on top of white can give it a washed out look, the adorable red purse is such an elegant and subtle way to drop in a hit of color! And the blue pumps are a perfect match! Stunning!
Melody x

love ur outfit, it is screaming “Spring!” and i love it !:D i think those clothes in Cavalli´s show are incredible, so beautiful and luxurious!

Wow, so good!

Wooow, your look is absolutely fabulous, i’m pretty in love with your Just Cavalli coat and the sunnies, PURE LOVE! About the catwalks I think one of my favs was Iceberg, Marni, D&G, but today I have planned to see some more! have fun at L.A !!!

love that coat and bag looks amazing!!!

I’m absolutely fan of yours. Keep going !

Great look, I love your coat and sunnies..kiss

Super love this outfit! Always classyyyyy!!!!

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I really like the sunglasses! Amazing photos:)

your handbag and coat are perfection!
Ladies in Navy

I absolutely love this look! you look like candy and I just love this coat – its amazing!! once again you impressed me with your outfits :) xx

I’m crazy about your sunglasses!!!

Absolutely amazing look! Love everything, but especially the sunglasses and the coat!

I love this Just Cavalli coat. Awesome outfit:) <3

New on

I totally agree with you, that coat is A-MA-ZING! and so it’s your look ;)
can’t wait for photos in l.a! ;)

Amazing outfit, you’re just fabulous!


The photos are beautiful, and the runway photos are very gorgeous as well! The light pastel color works beautifully with the white color.

Erica’s Edition

You are stunning! How can you always be so elegant in any cloth and looks very stylish? You are amazing.


Great color! =)

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You look amazing with that outfit! I just can’t get over it! :)

So beautiful! The first picture is absolutely AWESOME :)

xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

I don’t know how I feel about this outfit but I love the top!

You look amazing!! How did you lose so much of weight? Do you exercise a lot or diet? I always see you eating ice cream and sweets lol so I would love to know your secret!

Absolutely stunning, you are a goddess of style. xo

the sunglasses are perfection!!!


Ton manteau c’est une pur tuerie !
Il faudra que tu m’expliques comment tu arrives à gérer la pression face aux journalistes ;)
Les photos sont une fois de plus sublimes :P
Bisous <3

In love with your pastel colored outfit! Your coat and those pumps are stunning!

jackie garcia 25 February 2014 / Reply


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Lovely look, just like always:-) I like your glasses!!!:-)

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So agree with you Mira, the coat is to die for!

OceanWind Blog

Great look, loved so much this white tights, they made your whole outfit so feminine and royal! Didn’t like the bag though I think it’s too bulky for this look!

OceanWind Blog

Best outfit you’ve lately pulled off.

daniella 2 March 2014 / Reply


I would really like to know if these Gianvito Rossi shoes are comfy. Has anyone got the same model, any experiences?

I love the Dior glasses! I just did a post of them on my blog! Come take a look: