Before flying to the hot californian sun of Los Angeles, let’s get a little cold with some images that James and I shot during our stay in New York for fashion week. The weather has been definitely harsh on everybody, there were days where it was barely possible to go out because of the bone freezing snow storm : kind of challenging also to look stylish, only if you’re a pro at layering. It’s a whole art indeed!!

That day luckily, the sun showed up, melting some bits of ice here and there, creating such a perfect atmosphere on Park Avenue. The weather was inviting us for a little morning stroll in the city. When temperature is that low, there’s nothing that I like doing better than getting cozy. And that means to me, warm and super comfy clothes (that still look somehow good) and…food.

As soon as a single snow flake shows up, I crave hot teas, soups, cookies and my favorite : scones. All of that while sitting on a cozy couch near a fire place. As I told you, lately I’ve been trying to eat on a different diet. No alcohol, no meat (other than fish) and trying to avoid gluten as well as dairy. Doing baby steps as I would love to try to be vegan one day.

Avoiding sweets is a hard one though but most of them are loaded with sugar, milk and gluten. By luck, I found this incredible little spot near Park Avenue called Alice’s Tea Cup where they serve the best vegan scones I’ve ever tried. This is the kind of thing you might only try in New York. Fluffy, sweet but not too much and super healthy. A must go if you’re in town. The place looks like a little fairy house lost in the middle of the street (might be a little too girly at some point, but honestly worth it), and they’re tea selection is just out of this world : try the almond one. So delicious.

As you’re reading this, we’ll be flying over Europe heading to Los Angeles! Can’t wait to share all the images with you loves :)

Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.005Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.002Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.004Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.006 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.007Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.009 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.001Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.008Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.010 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.011 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.012 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.013 Kristina.Bazan.Kayture.New.York.014



COAT : Zara (Similar Here)

BAG : Chanel

BOOTS : Balenciaga (Similar Here)

PANTS : Mango



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Love the bright and girly lipstick color with the more nude and dark outfit! :)
The hint of pink makes it all a lot more ‘happy’… if that makes sense :D

The White Studio

GORGEOUS photos!! As always. The photos of NYC are so romantic through your eyes. And your outfit…so cozy and appropriate. And super chic and stylish. Just gorgeous!!



You look marvelous!! Love that coat. I have the same one. Have a safe flight!!

xx Mira

Oh, I love New York. Wish I was there. And your coat is stunning!

Nice pics! You look fabulous! You’re really beautiful!^^
Salut, Kera

Coquet élégance

You are flawless! Perfect coat for Winter.
Have a blast in California :)

Beautiful coat…I can’t imagine what it’s been like for all the people living in New York for the past few months…well obviously cold!..;((

Hi, Kristina, such a beautiful post, loved your cozy look, very chic and elegant, the coat is divine. Have great time in LA, I would love to go somewhere nice and warm too and escape constant rains :( <3 Zhanna,

I love the coat. The whole outfit looks like it can with stand the New York weather.


This city looks so cool and beautiful, you are so lucky !

so in love with that beautiful coat!

Nice coat Kayture! you’re lucky to eat these vegan scones, YUMMI!
Feell free to share your thoughts on my Blog

xoxo from Switzerland!

Amazing city and perfect photos. I love this outfit too


Beautiful photos and that biscuit looks delicious, yum!


Wonderful photos! Feels like scenes from a movie :)

State beauty 25 February 2014 / Reply

Amazing city! I would like to go some day!! Soon if it’s possible!


Very nice look :) perfect for a cold day.


Pretty pictures and thanks for the tips

You are so beautiful!

Amazing as always!! Would you ever do a photography post? Also, what lens is James using?



Beautiful outfit and your make up.

I love this coat. This colour is very suits to you! I dream about this coat and bag…mmm


Love the bag!
Jenna ||

Love love love NYC! It’s an amazing city, you look so beautiful and cute. These booties are so cool

J’espère que tu profites de ton expérience à fond !
Bisous <3

wow love the photos. need to check out that place.
But honestly I don’t think a Vegan lifestyle is very heathy. That’s just some crazy trend, that’s currently going around.

You look very cozy indeed. I don’t know how your skin stays so perfect in the cold. Have a nice time in LA!


Beautiful pictures and a perfect day to day look!!!

hi Kristina,

tell me what size of this beautiful zara coat you have, please :)

I love that little tea shop! And New York, of course :)
I hope you have an amazing time in both NY and LA and keep posting these amazing pictures.
xx, Rosalina

Beautiful pictures! And it is indeed quite difficult to look stylish with cold weather…story of my life!

Gorgeous photo’s of New York! Love your Zara coat, it looks so much more expensive. xo Hanneke

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Kristina, you look absolutely gorgeous!
I really love following your blog and your travel!
It always seems happy and you enjoy it!
I admire how you manage your life, your carrier and your emotion in this early young age!
You are really inspirational and I adore you.
I hope we can meet someday!

You look absolutely beautiful, Kristina! And the coat is such a lovely hue. x

how absolutely delicious!
ladies in navy

Cute coat! Love your ring:) <3

New on

Ta tenue est impeccable, chic et confortable. J’aime beaucoup!
Je te souhaite de jolies aventures à Los Angeles…

That coat looks great on you :)

you look so pretty and girly and happy in those pics, love it! and new york looks stunning, one day i´ll go there that´s sure !

I love your look! Beautiful coat!

looooove so much the 12th photo! james is so talented! ;)

so nice pictures of NYC, I love them!

I love your style, it’s so elegant yet very wearable on a daily basic!


It looks magical, I would love to go there some day! Lovely outfit as usual! Hope you’re having a great time :) x

I always find it hard to dress stylish during the winter, and indeed, the secret is in proper layering ;) Germany can get really cold during winters, but this year we were lucky and the temperatures were mostly positive – no snow and a lot of sunny days, fashion-friendly weather :)
Lovely outfit, I just can’t get enough of looking through your posts <3

Love, Ana

You look so great! So good that you try a healthy lifestyle, i’m doing it as well and avoiding sweets is sooo hard :o

I’m excited to see you work with Piaget! I love the rings in these photos, and how the trench fits to your figure. It’s great so that you can still look stylish in the cold!

Erica’s Edition

very romantic, yet simple. j’adore!

I trully love and miss new york city! I’m looking forward to your posts in Los Angeles :) xx

Very classy outfit – which I like the most :) I really appreciate that you don’t wear these ‘One Brand Only’ outfits like some others started doing now.


Wow… your coat looks super cozy and chic! Love your style! You look adorable! Always an inspiration!


You look pretty amazing!! I ♥ New York! =)

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As always, wonderful <3 I think you're a very talented and elegant girl, Kristina. Definitely, Kayture is my favourite fashion blog.

Kisses from Spain!

Beautiful! What lipstick colour is that?

The vegan banana scone from Alice’s Tea Cup is my favorite scone of all time!! Love! I actually just ordered their cook book as a present for a friend, but am going to take pictures of a lot of the recipes so I can try to recreate them myself! Love these pictures and have an amazing time in LA!

Lots of love,

very nice look! you have a style

love this! classic NYC!

Photos are amazing! Loved everything from your lipstick to the cute tea shop:) Your outfit is so elegant, I liked everything!:) xx

Love the simplicity and sophistication of this outfit! Perfect for going out and roaming around in the cities, while staying chic! And I also love Alice’s Tea Cup as well; so delicious!!
Melody x

You are such a creative inspiration!!! xxxx

Gorgeous photos! Great outfit! Love everything! <3

Lovely post!

p.s. i’m so happy that i met you on MFW!

Hi! What size your Mango pants are? :)

You look amazing! As always!

♥ Oxana
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All of those photos are absolutely stunning! I adore your coat, so chic!


hi Beautiful Kristina nice day gros bisous

Hey Kristina! It was such a pleasure to meet you at Milan Fashion Week. You have been and will continue to be such an inspiration to me! I’m finally getting around to sharing my blog with you. I hope you like what you see, and I would absolutely love to know what you think! Thank you!

Hello,Kristina. Your style is so generous.

you’re so beautiful. in love with these photos:)

Im reading your blog second day and I like it! You are beautiful girl and very interesting person! There is so much kindness on this pages! You are exellent motivation to make ones life chage, to become better and to try to be so open hearted as you! Thank you a lot!)

PS: you articles help me to improve my English, becouse its not my native language!:)