There is something very special about LA… I don’t really know how to describe it properly but all I can say for now is that I’ve rarely been that happy, motivated, excited and just simply not negatively pressured for a very long time. I am in general, a genuinely happy person. I always try to see the positive side of things. But to be totally honest, I’ve just rediscovered a whole new level of happiness (if that even makes sense), one where you are grateful for each and everything you have in your life and yet still let your dreams go as high as possible thanks to the driving energy and passion this city has in it’s air.

You guys might all know that we came to Los Angeles initially as Piaget’s special guests in order to attend the Spirit Awards! Well it turns out we decided to extend our stay of two extra weeks in order to hop on some meetings and move on with our decision : move to the USA in order to pursue the music career and develop Kayture on a whole different level. So far, our daily schedule has been packed but I haven’t felt stressed or tired a single time. I am so excited for this new step in our life and can’t be more than happy to se how things are moving and the direction everything is taking.

We are flying back to Switzerland for a couple of days this Thursday as we have some business to finish in Europe, some meetings to make and of course we also have a couple of very exciting trips coming up which I can’t wait to tell you more about. But one thing is for sure : we’ve been spoiled like little piglets during this stay and working with Piaget was a real dream, we already miss their team so much…!!!

It was such an honor to be able to shoot and discover more closely their high jewelry pieces, which are real treasures of craftsmanship. The fact that the brand has it’s roots in Switzerland makes me so proud to be from a country with such deep quality values. Being able to represent and re-create the essence of the brand through our camera lens in Los Angeles was simply a blast. I hope you’ll enjoy these images we shot in Santa Monica with the Rose and Possession collection from Piaget and what I especially love about these creations in particular is how versatile they are : not only do they look gorgeous with an evening or cocktail dress, I feel like they are also perfect pieces for the day, especially the rings which look so fresh and elegant.

Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.003Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.004Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.005Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.008Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.007Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.002Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.009 Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.010 Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.011 Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.012 Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.006Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.013


SUIT : Louis Vuitton (Similar Here)

SHOES : Valentino

JEWELRY : Piaget Rose / Possession 


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You look cute:) Love the accessories.

You look gorgeous babe ! LA suits you very well :)


Such a beautiful outfit! I love it:) and the shoes are just too pretty!

i love every detail!!

xoxo from rome

Congratullations for this work! The pictures are amazing! And good luck in your new adventure of move to USA.


Marvelous look. Love the beautiful suit and the heels are to die for!

xx Mira

HI, Kristina, the piece that you are wearing is simply stunning, you look absolutely beautiful, wish you great time in LA! <3

The matching suit is so glam. But I guess all your outfits are.

The Fashann Monster

really stunning shots
you look fantastic
love the outfit

looking good in that matching set
those jewelry pieces are so lovely to see

amazing outfit and place! you are sooo beautiful!
new look on my blog!!!

Great look!

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Oh wow! I love this shooting, and I always imagined you living in LA, because of the lifestyle they have there!

Sandrine x

This look is so so cool, amazing mix. These shoes are so beautiful, very chic and all these jewelry are very lovely

oo wow I love the rings on your left hand *-* I dread to think how much they cost though!

You always commit when doing something.
You always give us 100% and I really really love that.
I am in love reading your blog since the first time I look at, it’s hypnotizing and you have that power!
It means you did it! I adore you so much.

Awesome outfit and such an elegant jewelry! I love it!!

Wow what is happening to you is just amazing ! You deserve it so much

Amazing ensemble! The color is beautiful.
And the matching nails are the perfect finishing touch:)


wow I’m amazed <3

This suit looks so beautiful!! The colors!! Amazing:o)
xoxo Kirsten

Wow! The suit is truly amazing! You look absolutely gorgeous! xx

The piaget collection looks amazing!

x Karen

Je suis tellement contente pour vous, que vous déménagiez en Californie! Je crois que c’est le rêve de beaucoup d’européens que de déménager aux USA haha! Mais vous travaillez dur pour ça, finalement tu n’as jamais réellement de vacances puisque tu postes tout le temps sur ton blog, avec toujours un texte et pas simplement la description de ce que tu portes, et des photos hyper soignées… enfin on récolte ce que l’on sème! (d’ailleurs je ne sais pas si c’est que “chez moi” mais lorsque je cliquais sur l’url pour tes lunettes de soleil Dior, le lien ne marchait jamais, peu importe l’article..)
Ce “tailleur” Louis Vuitton est super super beau! Continuez de nous faire rêver comme ça, avec beaucoup d’humilité!

love your dress!
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Sexy outfit, baby! Every time you wear short skirts, your bare legs make my cock so hard! I just wanna put my cock between your legs and fuck your sweet pussy … then cover with my sperma your beautiful face!

so nice print, I love it!!!

j’ adore that suit and in combination with those nude valentino heels … god, i love it! :)

This suit is beautiful, the cut is amazing and the colour really suits you! Beautiful photos.
Good luck with your move to the US, it’s going to be so much fun!

Love from Barcelona x

Emma from Electric Soiree

Sexy shoes, baby! I just wanna shoot my sperma on your feet! This will be the second sperm-shot of course, the first goes to your beautiful face, as I said :)!

So beautiful!

You look fantastic!

♥ Oxana

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SO amazing!! SO perfect!! loved the look and all the jewelry ♡



Kristina, don’t give up on Europe! :(

Love your suit !

Love from Paris

this is lovely! the rose gold is so pretty on you
ladies in navy

Tu es carrément déprimante à être aussi belle haha. Ce tailleur va super bien avec tes yeux, je sus fan :)

OMG! Very nice pics! I love your outfit…PERFECT! You’re really beautiful!!!
Have a nice day sweetie!

Coquet élégance

you can't just move wherever you want 12 March 2014 / Reply

You can’t just move to any country you want to. You need a visa you know! you think LA is so great because you were on holidays. And even if you somehow get one for yourself James still needs one too. Guess your career can’t survive without him because you’re such a little baby you can’t do anything on your own. You need your “awesome” James to drive a car for you. Btw why doesn’t he ever smile? Looks so weird.
Yes, even though you were ‘working’ you were still seeing the city through the eyes of a tourist. Real life for real people isn’t so great or fun as you think it is . Btw that shade of fake tan is to orange for you and you have the weirdest legs for a model. Even everybody was commenting on your weird rubbery looking legs on Instagram, although I’m sure you’ve deleted those comments by now.

You look super fabulous in that blue ensemble! I hope to experience the amazing vibe of LA myself in the very near future, i’m sure it’s as great as you describe it.

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Love the gold accessories:)

New on

Amazing look! The green color is so beautiful!

moving to US?? good luck!!1


So amazing and beautiful look!

Kisses from Brasil >

Eye Like Fashion 12 March 2014 / Reply

Beautiful suit. Gorgeous color and fit. I love all the gorgeous jewelry too.



titibuica costel 12 March 2014 / Reply

Daverio sei bellissima .e il tu mado di stile fai vivere e sorridere le persone .a me mi fai stare bene poco dire e una cosa che non resc a scrivere.non sou come sara Elvetia ma sigura mente bellissima per te e per quelo che fai.anche se sono povero e non mi permito a fiageare il posti pui siguramete poso vovere i mometi peace voglia segure te.che le tue momenti sono divis

I really fell in love with that suit. It looks gorgeous on you. Good luck with the moving plans! ^^

WOWWW!!! So happy for you :’) Can’t wait to follow you guys on your awesome journey! Keep working hard <3

Such a gorgeous jewelry pieces and you look amazing! Also, God bless you and James in this new step of your lives, good luck in USA! =)

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What a stunning outfit, the gold details are so amazing! I love all the accessories!

I love the matching shorts and tops. The accessories are the perfect touch to the outfit. I loved seeing your Piaged experience through Instagram!

Erica’s Edition

Love your outfit and the jewellery is so stunning!

Greetings from London,

Really beautiful look! Great hairstyle :) – Love from Munich,


Nice outfit, I really love Piaget jewelry! Good luck!


great matchy pieces! love the contrast with the jewelry!

Hi Kristina, I am such a huge fan of your blog, you have been the only fashion blogger I really admire,

the reason: because your posts are showing the beauty and fashion of Europe, I mean its your life and you have to make your own choices, but as a fan I read your blog because the posts were European influenced, you showcased the beauty of paris, milan, and Swizterland, I think you moving to the usa is not the best choice, your blog will lose its je ne sais quoi , I will still follow your blog of course I wish you luck and I hope that you end up not leaving the roots that made you a star. good luck with everything though :)

I love the accessories and those valentino studded shoes! Love the outfit!


very nice look,love your bijoux
fashion blogger pamela soluri

Possibly my favourite out/ photoshoot of yours.


There is definitely something very special about LA that’s unique to it. Glad you were able to energize from your trip!

You’re right the jewellry is absolutely amazing and fits also perfectly to your outfit of the day.
I keep my fingers crossed for you that you’ll find a great place to live for your big plans of moving to the USA. xx

God I love your suit! It looks amazing on you! and good luck with all your plans, I’m excited to follow your adventures :)

Love the flower ring and necklace. You look fab! <3

Très belle tenue, j’aime beaucoup l’imprimé.

Loving your hair like this.
And you look fab as usual!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

You are styling your hair lately in such a pretty way!!!! I love it!!! Plus, you look pretty in every picture hahah!

btw I have a fashion blog, would you check it out? :) Thanks!

Rafaella Nicoletti
Fashion Blogger

Ces photos sont magnifiques et je trouve qu’on ressent vraiment que tu es apaisée, heureuse et à l’aise !
Les bijoux que tu portes ici sont magnifiques et j’adore tes escarpins Valentino !
Los Angeles te va bien et j’espère vraiment que tu vas pouvoir vivre aux États-Unis et réaliser tous tes rêves !!

Ces bijoux sont magnifiques, élégants, raffinés, wahou !

Bises !

your hair looks amazing, so natural!! Lovely outfit :)

Wow, I love the color and pattern of your LV suit! It’s a great color for your hair

X Sara

You look amazing Kristina! I’m really happy for you, and wish you the best for this new adventure, I’m pretty sure you’ll get your goal!

Have a safe trip back to Europe.

You look very good in blue :)

wow congratulations on you guys’ big move, what an exciting journey about to come, wishing you all the best!


These colors look amazing on you. Love the scenery, too. Adorable as usual :)



Estas preciosa, me encanta tu blog y tu forma de ver la moda. Besos

I love how your outfit kinda matches your nails and eyes! So pretty!

wow amazing photos

i lije the jewelry so much ! and your nails are perfect !

The prestige book 14 March 2014 / Reply

I loving follow your travel on instagram! Good job continue!

You’re soooo beautiful!!! *.*
Love these photos!

>> The Annelicious

I absolutely adore your outfit! Great color! :)

Beautiful outfit! Really love the jewelry and the heels

In this photos you are really beautiful <33 love your style

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Wow! Beautiful look! Love this suit and jewelry! Do you know, where can I buy similar suit (apart of your proposition)? :)

How lovely this jewelry from Piaget is <3. Those rings and this bracelet are just awesome. And Kristina, I see really happiness in your eyes. Wish you only the best :-* and I'm excited about the next "stations" in your life.
Hugs from Germany


You look so amaizing. I love it.

That teal colour looks gorgeous on you!
Beautiful jewellery xo

Stunning pictures! I love your jewelry! You look gorgeous!


You’re such a positive example! You do always a great job with passion and love!

I wish you all the best for the next experiences and hope I’ll meet you one day !

Good Luck,


your pictures look just amazing like always!

Me encanta tu blog =)
Ese color te sienta muy bien y vas guapisima como siempre ;)

Love the gold accessories! And those shoes! Love them!

Kristina Bazan 17 March 2014 / Reply

Oh wow guys… Thank you so much.
Your words mean a lot to me and it’s soo awesome you liked these images!!!!!

Sending you a lot of love :)

Perfection! Congrats on all your projects :)


this outfit suits you so well,you look so beautiful and the jewels.kisses

Love this turquoise color paired with the gold accessories. The tiny, tiny flower dots is such an exquisite detailing, and really adds to the vintage feel. The spikes on the nude heels give it a toughness, that seems to contrast nicely with the overall elegance. Gorgeous!
Melody x

You look gorgeous, Kristina! This dress doesn’t look easy to pull off, but you did it spectacularly! And the colour looks amazing on you.

Btw, I hope you don’t get upset (even though it would be hard not to) by some of the nasty comments that haters left here. Try and take it as a compliment to your popularity. Those people must be really unhappy with themselves and their pity lives. You just carry on doing what you do and “leaving a trail” ;)


Love your look,jewels are gorgeous.Your dress is charming.Good luck to you!

Hope everything goes well with the singing career!

I looove the unique colors! And the shoes are an absolute stunner!!!

Tamara González 1 April 2014 / Reply

The necklace is very nice, I like it very much.

i like the necklace.

looking good in that matching set
those jewelry pieces are so lovely to see