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Some of you who follow Kayture loyally since a while know that James and I have been planning to move to Los Angeles since last year. The very first time I visited, I clicked perfectly with the atmosphere and I knew it was my place to be. A place where creativity has it’s freedom in any form of expression. A place that gives me the motivation of all thunders! This goes without saying that I was telling many people about our soon move in the U.S! And guess what the common feedback I’ve heard was : “That’s so awesome!!!! But please don’t become a California girl”. Hmmm…. now what is that suppose to mean???

You know what : L.A has indeed a sort of an aura that makes you want to wear demin ripped shorts, and plain white t-shirts… So if that’s the definition of a perfect cali gal then I might admit that I’m a little in danger… You get in Cali wearing your little cardigans and high boots, you get out with a slight tan, voluminous hair, cozy comfy sweaters and leather jackets on the shoulders. Whoopsies doopsies!

So I’ve made a promise to myself that no matter where I go, I’ll always stay true to my style : chic, modern, sleek and casually elegant. Oh and above all : the higher the heel, the closer to the stars (muehe, guess you won’t see me in flats very often no matter where I live)!!

Although, isn’t it wonderful to be influenced by your surrounding? Isn’t it wonderful to come back from travel and having your clothes scented with the perfume of hot air coming from the place you just visited (my favorite is the scent of sun screen after a summer vacay, the best). Bringing back new inspirations from a foreign destination is exactly what makes personal style evolve. So that’s totally alright if yes you do pick up some trends from a different country you’re visiting (in Paris, I just always wanted to dress up like Emmanuelle Alt… while in Milan I just look at Anna Dello Russo and go cray-zay for her looks : give me some prints!), as long as the soul of your look stays true to who you really are, that’s what really matters.

That day, as we were walking on Robertson in between several meetings (so much temptation on this street, absolutely terrible… you have to check out the boutique Curve, one of the best clothing, accessories, jewelry selection ever!) I decided to go for an all black look. Something, I don’t do much often for the very simple reason that I feel like a pop of colors always look so great in pictures. But black is so chic, black is so timeless, we all love black don’t we?

I sure do!

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BLAZER : H&M (Similar Here)

SHOES : Valentino

BAG : Roberto Cavalli 

SKIRT : Marciano (Similar Here)

TOP : Zara (Similar Here)


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Beautiful and chic total black look (yes I looove black). The bag is super cute and the Valentino’s to die for. I’m glad you’ll stay true to your style although you’re going to move to LA.

xx Mira

You look stunning in these pictures! Always love your style and totally agree with you – when in Rome! :)


Eye Like Fashion 18 March 2014 / Reply

Very relaxed but polished chic in this all black look! Love every piece of this! You hair is gorgeous too!



Beautiful outfit! I love LA too. Visited once and I want to go back so badly! But it is sooo expensive to visit from where I live.. Guess I’ll have to be patient.


So nice you want to move to LA! You should go for it :) Love these pictures, with the golden light! You are so pretty..

Wow this total black look is amazing, these Valentino heels are so beautiful and very very chic. Love the handbag and the place is perfect. Your hair looks fantastic

Always gorgeous as usual! love your outfit
xoxo from Switzerland!

beautiful look
stunning photos
your blog never stop inspiring me

this looks so cool!!

xoxo from rome


Definitely staying true to yourself in this outfit! Gorgeous, feminine and sophisticated!

Great elegant outfit! I love the pop of flowery pattern on your bag!

There’s a real turquoise theme on your blog atm! Stunning shots.

Sophie x

Dominique 18 March 2014 / Reply

gosh why do you look so perfect!


you can never go wrong with all black! love the hair!

from – The Lion’s Den

You look stunning !

Love from Paris

Great outfit, love the fact you’re wearing something from the H & M as it’s more attainable for the most of us


Peu importe où on vit l’important c’est d’être fidèle à soi-même :)
A part ça, toujours aussi classe. Tu as toujours les plus beaux bijoux, cette fois c’est pour ton earcuff que je craque complètement !

Really nice look, I like these shoes !


I’ve been lusting after these Valentino heels for too long… The most gorgeous shoe ever created!

Anneli x

Love the bag!!! The location is top!!! wow!


LOVE THIS LOOK! And tell James, gorgeous pictures!
I’m so excited for your move to LA – it’s my favorite place in the world, and now I’ll get a daily dose of it! But yes, please keep your beautiful, chic, elegant, feminine style! You don’t want to be like everyone else in LA, wearing shredded daisy dukes and crop tops with timberlands and plaid…!

Love these black look. It is really classic and chic. The pictures are amazing too. I really understand why you want to move to L.A. it is just a magical city. I visit the city of angels 7 times and I’m so in love with this city. I miss it really when I’m mot there and everytime I’m coming back is like I’m coming home. Its so special. I’m so jealous that you moving in my favorite place every but I wish you all the best for that new jorney.
xo from Liechtenstein

amazing look! Love your bag and the pics are so beautiful!

Impressive photos at the first time ! Gorgeous outfit and lovely heels.


Lov ethe photo’s background! Nice look :) the bag is really cute.


I love the little bag!! And your pics got me thinking how blondes look good in almost all colours….

Beautiful outfit! I love all black outfits too, it’s very elegant and you can’t look more sophisticated!

Sandrine x

These pics are great!!!! and you are adorable!!!!and I love LA!
XXX lara

amazing outfit, love shoes and bag! I love EEUU!!!
New look on my blog!

Love this pretty outfit! You look sooo gorgeous!
New post…Ancient Feeling

Wow, you’re looking gorgeous in black. And yes, I love black too, because it’s timeless and you can wear it everywhere. I believe in you and you’re going to do the right thing. And when I read your articles, I know that you’re going to be you. Don’t matter where you are. So reach for the stars….everything is possible :-*.

Love, Katharina

Gorgeous pictures the lighting is amazing

Really love your style! And good luck ,
I’m sure you’re be yourself everywhere you will be!

Xo, Giada

Beautiful outfit. I like your bag.

Love this outfit, the bag really completes it!

Love this outfit, the bag really completes it by adding a little colour!

That’s so exciting! I lived in LA two years ago and it’s the best place ever, I felt so free and inspired every single day and life was amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, you will be so happy there and I am looking forward to following your adventure xx


I love this outfit! It´s stunning, and the pictures are so beautiful with the sunset light

Love the all black look:)

New on

Oh your bag is so beautiful!!!! And the light in the pics is awesome!!! Love it:o) You look like you belong there:o)
xoxo Kirsten

The Fashion Panda 18 March 2014 / Reply

Black is always a good idea !
You are so lucky to move to LA, can’t wait to see your new adventures :)

Stunning photos! Loving the all black!

Kristina, you look so fab, elegant, and cool here!
I wish you still being European Girl!! I always support you!
For most of us, we see that european girl is elegant, high fashion, and untouchable.
I admire you. :)

Amazing outfit!Very chic and elegant, and the blazer looks amazing with this outfit :)

love the look, especially those valentino pumps :)

I guess you will always be YOU – I also love to life there for a while! Great pictures!
All the best from Munich,


So cool that you guys are gonna move to L.A. I do hope you’ll still visit Switzerland often as well, I loved watching it through James’ lens! Gorgeous snaps as always :) Maya – Archistas

love this look so much! those valentinos are the best

Your hair looks amazing! and the bag is so cool! btw i really can’t imagine you in just denim cut off shorts and a plain white t-shirt… I can’t! hahahaha

wow! in love with this look! amazing shots!

You look flawless! And what amazing light!…


CelebritiesAndFashion 18 March 2014 / Reply

You look so gorgeous, love the light and location! I am totally obsessed with your lovely floral bag! :)
XOXO Hannah

I don’t think that being a Cali girl would be a bad thing. I mean look at Chriselle Lim and Aimee Song. They are both Cali girls and dress fabulously. There is a tendency, however, among other bloggers to give in to the weather and wear repetitive outfits (denim shorts and white tank tops – which even if they look good, they are not fashion. It’s just a pair of denim shorts with a tank top. End.) What do want to stress is that if you do happen to move, do not deprive us from your gorgeous winter looks! Keep traveling so we can see you wearing chic coats and adorable knits!

I really love the look and the pictures taken by the sunset. So lovely!

Lovely Patricia

Dammmmn you’re just amazing ! tu es magnifique, je suis jalouse tellement tu es belle (pourquoi toujours les autres gâtés par la nature :( ça me rend triste). Ta tenue est d’une beauté je l’adore. T’es tenues sont une réelles inspirations (ma carte bleue est beaucoup moins inspiré) Toujours au top et ce sac j’adore *o*. Bonne continuation à toi, continue de nous faire rêver ;)


so soo beautiful!!


Awesome pictures!
Loving your manicure and bag.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

You are so beautiful! I have always loved your style….but….you look dramatically thinner all of a sudden. Is it because you are photoshopping your pictures now? Or is it just the camera angles? Ahh, please don’t cave to the body pressure when you go to LA! I always admired you because you rock your own authentic style on your body, without doing crazy diets or trying to look like a twig, and that is so encouraging for real girls like me. Please don’t change!

Beautiful pictures. The purse is the perfect addition to the an all-black outfit

Love black, great outfit!


You look amazing as always!! You make me fall in love with my city of Los Angeles all over again!! What type of camera does James use to capture these beautiful pictures??

This look is amazing! And James is letting me speechless with these pictures :) xx

Great look! =D

Please, check out my blog:


There are no words, this outfit is just incredible! And the photo’s with that lighting are just breath-taking!

Kirsten x

Amazing shoes

Kiss kiss.*Jo

“the higher the heel, the closer to the stars” that’s why I love you haha :D

I have to agree with you 100%! The beauty of style is that it does change, depending on where we are, who we are with and what we’re inspired by. So long as we’re true to ourselves and our ‘soul’, I think this is such a wonderful thing. Ain’t nothing wrong with ripped denim and a white tee!


I am loving your heels!
I agree with your friends, stay true to you style! I love the elegant look you have, but a few photos of you in some Cali girl outfits would be lovely too! You’d work great with everything


so stunning, love everything! xx

HI, Kristina! What a gorgeous elegant and super chic look!

you’re looking so thin lately! hope you’re well!

Absolutely love this look! It’s hardcore weaved into elegance, and the perfect prop of all time: the golden sunset! It really accentuates your gorgeous hair, a nice contrast to al the black. Plus, the subtle flowers on the back bag is a delicate and soft statement to signify spring is on its way. Stunner!
Melody x

Beautiful pictures as always!

Oh yes! I much prefer your style than the usual cali-girl style. Please stay true to your style, even if you move to LA. Loved these pics by the way. Black is always a good idea! :)

Always amazing! Great style and great photos!

Born and raised California girl here, and there’s nothing wrong with that! We’re just a little more laid back out here

It’s just a black outfit! But so amazing! I am a big your fan and you are my inspiration, thank you!


I love the outfit! Black is my favorite colour, and just every picture is beautiful and oh my god, I love this shoes!
Amazing Look! And amazing fashionwebsite!!
kisses from Germany!

Black is always elegant, chic, I love wear it ! You are so beautiful !

There are no words, this outfit is just wonderful!
You are amazing!

Tamara González 1 April 2014 / Reply

Love this outfit!

p.s. there’s a giveaway on my blog today!