Lately, I’ve been having a tremendous, a gigantic and absolutely enormous obsession over… olives (common let’s find more adjectives!!!). No I’m just kidding. I felt I needed to say something completely random to announce the tone of what’s following. Although I do love olives. Okay so yes, lately I’ve been obsessed with…baby blue. As much as I always loved pastels, I feel like I’ve never been that much addicted to a color, even if I have to say that mint has always been one of my favorite colors e-v-e-r. Baby blue is such a light dreamy nuance, it reminds me of the air, volatile and delicate, of the water fluide and calm and of the sky, dreamy and mysterious. Enough for the cheesy talk (sorry it’s the end of the day) : new crush coming though.

Some crazy coincidence always seems to happen to me and no I didn’t match my look to the incredibly modern W hotel in Barcelona, the interior just seemed to match… well my outfit as a matter of fact. You see, I packed this baby blue look with me, hoping we’d find the perfect spot to shoot it. But oh my, I couldn’t have even hoped that the lounge of our hotel would be that perfectly…blue!!! You just can’t even imagine how excited I got… blue here blue there! Blue everywhere!

I feel like I am now in the mood for anything in baby blue, a bag, a pair of shoes, a top, a coat, a nail polish shade. You name it. I even surprised myself looking at pictures of baby blue cars… Mini Cooper seem to be on top of the trend. The craziness goes on. It seems like the different fashion labels passed along the message and so Céline has now a baby blue bag, so does Prada, Burberry and Dior. Is it just to make me loose my mind?! Or am I just being totally manipulated and influenced by this new pastel trend and my brain being forced into

So far so good, and I enjoy it. So guys, if you see any pastel blue anything : send me the link, I need it. Currently on the search for b.b tea cups and plates. Maybe I’ll also color my hair (again joking, ah I feel like I need to go to sleep : jet lag kicking in!). Feels so great to see these images we shot in Barcelona while I’m still in Los Angeles, can’t believe I still have so many pictures to show you guys. Time does really fly.

Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.002Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.001Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.004 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.005 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.006Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.008 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.009 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.010Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.014 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.011Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.007 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.012 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.013Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.015 Kristina.Bazan.Barcelona.016



SWEATER : Topshop

SKIRT : Three Floor (Similar Here)

SHOES : Gianvito Rossi 

BRACELET : Louis Vuitton (Similar Here)



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that blue is so gorgeous!

I love everything about this post

Love this post! I’ve been obsessing over pastels too lately, soft blues & pinks. The sweater in this post really brings out the blue of your eyes! It’s unbelievable how azure they become when you slip on a sweater in the same colour.

The Fashann Monster

Absolutely gorgeous and fluffy sweater!

How do you manage to make a sweater and skirt this stylish and chic!?? You wear everything with so much class and style. Love this baby blue color on you!



You look marvelous. I love this color. The fluffy sweater is too cute :D

xx Mira

Blue always works well for people with blue eyes…..maybe the hotel was fate!

Love the baby-blue color on you! Super cute and chic at the same time! You look gorgeous in these pictures!


I love that jumper and those shoes! Nice picture! Baby blue is such a lovely color!


What a beautiful outfit, love the color and the soft texture!

Obsessed with this outfit! Those shoes are adorable – love that color!


These shoes are so beautiful and baby blue matches your eyes so wonderfully!!! I also love the combo of baby blue and orange (as in the picture with the No Diving sign)..who knew!!!

cool look!!!

xoxo from rome

very pretty with your outfit. You’re like the little blue bird with all the classy and chic beauty ! always stunning Kayture ;)

very nice in baby blue !

Love this look :) the combination of baby blue and white is really cute!


I truly admire your blog, given the fact you´re so young it incredibly exceeds any fashion blog in this world. I even mentioned you at one radio broadcast, where I was because of my own blog. I told everbody I adore Kayture and who wants to see perfection should visit the pages. Thank you for inspiration! Keep on doing what you love and everything will go perfectly! P.S. Love the baby blue, it´s so your colour!

Those pictures are lovely! You look so stunning!

if you’re looking for cute b.b tea cups and plates~ try looking at Cath Kidston! Offering brightly coloured items for the home, cute florals pattern

Super beautiful colour! Love the vibe of the photos, gorgeous hotel!


Love your sweater !

Love from Paris

Stunning post! I love blue color a lot too. Beautiful setting, you look gorgeous in blue since it matches your eyes very well, and those hanging chairs are divine! <3 xoxo

Ah I love this outfit so much, you really suit the baby blue colour you look gorgeous!

Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

I’m in love with this gorgeous look! :-)

loking beautiful! The pics are so lovely..wish you enjoyed in Bcn!!

I love this color too!

amazing shots! you look so beautiful!

Veronika 6 March 2014 / Reply

you are amazing !! lovely outfit and breathtaking pictures :)

Amazing photos! I love pastels and they look so good on you!!

Great Photos as always! Love the shoes

I so love your Gianvito shoes. They are crafted amazingly. Please tell us whether you find them comfortable enough.
I am saving money to buy one pair. :)

I adoreee baby blue!


Love the outfit, I have to agree with you that babyblue is a gorgeous colour :)

love the blue!

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These photos are beautiful, I love the colors and the place.
Moreover, you look gorgeous, your outfit is really cool, especially the sweater.


I was anticipating this post ever since I saw the look on your Instagram. Baby blue is my favorite trend this season. Perfectly combined outfit! The skirt – amazing! My favorite item – the shoes of course :)
I made an inspirational post about the color trend a while back, you’re in it with another outfit:
L’extravagance: Blue

OMG!!! I’ve been obsessed with baby blue too, so as you can imagine this look is SO PERFECT for me ♡


So beautiful your pics!!! All this color harmony…wonderful….
xoxo Kirsten

I confess I have been going through a blue period myself as well, but it’s not quite the baby blue that’s been doin’ it for me, it is quite specific hue of dusty light blue, hard to describe… but it’s been doin’ my head in!!

Love this blue, you are so beautiful !


This blue color gives me a summer feeling…
Love the way you started this post : “olives”!
it just caught my attention :)

totally gorgeous pics and the hotel is amazing!

love the outfit and the pictures are so pretty

Marie Solveg 6 March 2014 / Reply

Very beautiful. I love your outfit.
Just perfekt for my blond hair, love babyblue:-)

Its great photos, all of them, you are very beautiful and stilish.

marie from

Pretty as always, very lady like!! Beautiful pics!


mmm baby blue is my favorite color ever! Such a beautiful outfit!


This pictures are awesome!!! Your eyes look totally amazing on the 4th picture. And the shades of blue everywhere are incredible !!!

Wow! Very cool pics and you look awsome! I like this shoes and skirt!
Have a nice day!
Salut, Kera

Coquet élégance

perfect outfit!

btw since your site changed I think newsletter by email got stopped sending in too?
it was so good to see updates right away everytime in my email but oh well still love all your outfit shots :)

The baby blue is so pretty:) <3

New on

I love the whole baby blue outfit! It fits you perfectly! ♥

wonderful pictures, my dear (as always :)), truly adore that topshop sweater and skirt :) love the pastel combination!

Such a gorgeous look and love the color of your shoes and sweater

love these photos! everything… the outfit…the blueeeee!!! I just missed a sea photo…;)


Great work guys, loved the skirt and the shoes!

OceanWind Blog

amazing photos as always!

Gorgeous photos!! Baby blue is one of my favourite shades too :)

For me, blue is my favorite color, so anything blue I see: I WANT IT. LOL. I remember seeing this outfit on your social sites and loving it! I was wondering when you were going to post it. It’s by far my favorite!

Gorgeous pictures again, you look so beautiful! Your face looks even better and prettier since you´ve lost some weight! x

The pics are stunning! I love the baby blue fluffy sweater.. it’s so cuteee!

CelebritiesAndFashion 6 March 2014 / Reply

Finally your amazing baby blue combination! Love that color so much, just bought a light blue coat from Zara. You look very pretty with the sweater and Barcelona is a great location :)
XOXO Hannah

Beautiful look! Love this shade of blue! =D

Please, check out my blog


Gorgeous outfit! The blue shades go perfectly with your blue eyes :)

loving the outfit!! :)

Blue is so your color, these are stunning shots!

The prestige book 6 March 2014 / Reply

Love youg blog your so chic you look like a parisenne girl!
Kiss from Paris

The colour does fit you… Ohh and those shoes, Barbie 100%, but Barbie in a good way.

The White Studio

Baby blue is absolutely beautiful on you, it makes your eyes pop. A definite good obsession!

Erica’s Edition

Baby blue looks incredible on you! And love that skirt so much…and your blog post was hilarious. You totally got me with the olives.

Oh my gosh! I am in love with what you are wearing! Love the sweater and skirt like a lot! Check out my blog

absolutely gorgeous photos!
ladies in navy

I love your sweater! and the colour of course ;)

This blue ! So beautiful on you, suits your eyes and make it pop !

wow love these photos

Oh my god, you’re so right. Blue everywhere – I just LOVE it. Last week I found myself standing in the changing room with A LOT of blue stuff hanging over my arm waiting for me to try it on. Blue will definitely be my colour this spring, too.
The places where you shot your outfit couldn’t have been more perfect. I just love it and your outfit is perfect. Especially the golden details .. Simply amazing! xx

Love the color schedule! So pretty and you look gorgeous❤️ blue!!! It’s suits you so well! And the photos are so beautiful!!! I can’t stop watching them!


love your style ♥

You’re amazing woman ! Your style is fantastic and look pretty. Greetings from Poland :)

This color looks so flattering on you!

Wow… These pictures are gorgeous… Beautiful color, beautiful you!
Best wishes from my blog!

Daniella 8 March 2014 / Reply

love the sweater! on my list!

Oh my.. you’re not the only one obsessed with this color ! I just bought me a new gorgeous baby blue polish nail from Dior ! ^^


love this color ! you’re beautiful kristana!
xoxo from belgium

So love this look, baby blue is my favorite color to right now. Those heels are absolutely to die for! xo Hanneke

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Wow! The sweater looks super comfy, but the mohair adds some glam and sophistication! The white skirt is modern and cute at the same time, while the baby blue pointed pumps match perfectly! Like you said, baby blue really is a lovely color, but sometimes it can be hard to wear. But it is absolutely stunning here! Gorgeous!
Melody x

I’m also obsessed with baby blue lately! I need everything in this color. And I’m in love with your heels. They’re perfect!

The Best Your Look!

The best ur look! Great :)

The baby blue shoes are so pretty.

So beautiful :) This color is perfect for you.

Radka from