I have been asked over the years several questions about my skin care routine and the fact that I can tell you for sure : it is constantly changing and evolving. The routine I had these three years ago absolutely won’t correspond to my skin anymore and won’t feed it’s needs like it did at the time. My skin, your, our skin is constantly changing and adapting to it’s environment, to the temperature and to the damage you are being exposed to. I’ve never been using one product religiously, but have been coming back constantly to the same pots of creams and cleansers when my skin needs this feeling it knows : a feeling of comfort and hydration.

Since I travel a lot, I do go through some drastic changes all the time, which believe it or not will have a big impact on the health and the outlook of my skin. The food, the air, the pollution, even the water you’re using : all of that will impact your skin. Obliging my skin to experience a new climate each time has been very harsh… It would get very inflamed from time to time, tired and stressed out (yes your skin can feel the pressure too you know!). Not to mention that the lack of sleep is v.e.r.y bad for your poor little cells.

So I went on the search for the perfect products that could give me that super fresh, healthy outlook even if I slept only 4 hours that night. I’ve instantly been seduced by some asian cosmetic brands who always seem to have one step ahead on the market and propose incredible textures. During my research, I discovered exactly what I was looking for : Kenzoki.

First of all, the name sounds familiar well because it is indeed the sister cosmetic label of your favorite fashion brand Kenzo! Little did I know that they had such a fantastic skin care line. I went ahead and first started with the “Belle De Jour” moisturizer to finally get progressively the rest of the line : I am so hooked you guys. It really soothes the skin and nourishes it deeply while having this amazing airy subtle scent that makes you feel super zen.

On a daily basis, I’ll use the serum, then the eye cream and the moisturizer. Then on days where I feel like my skin really needs an extra boost I’ll have the mask for the whole night. All the products are from the “Belle de Jour” line, it’s definitely my favorite from Kenzoki. I recommended these goodies to several friends, with very different skin types, who also were very frustrated about the “tired” appearance of their skin and needed a glow boost. They tried it and loved it. It’s very hard to go wrong since it’s adapted for all skin types.

Don’t even get me started on the packaging. Isn’t it just perfect? No guys, I didn’t get the products for the nice pots. Although… I might have been seduced…! I mean I say big yes to a product that works well and look as adorable as this!

Hope this article helps you guys to find out your perfect skin care products. I know how hard it is, there’s so much choice in the shops right now that it can get very overwhelming. I think it’s important we all share our experiences even if all our skin are different. In the end you can never know, if it works for your friend, perhaps it won’t for you?

I of course can’t wait to share with you more of my tips. But always remember, it’s not only about the creams you’ll use, it’s your lifestyle that will make a difference on your general appearance. So make sure to sleep tight, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Oh and above all… to smile! Nothing’s prettier than a smile, it’s the best beauty product you can get on the market ;) xxx

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Sounds great and the packaging is totally cute. I had no idea Kenzo had a beauty line too. Have to check it out asap :D

xx Mira

Eye Like Fashion 26 March 2014 / Reply

Wow. Have never heard of this line before. Thanks for sharing it as you have flawlessly perfect skin. And I love your adorbale freckles.



I have to try these product, they look amazing. You look so natural and beautiful. Great post!

wow love these photos

I love your beauty /hair /skin care articles, pictures are always stunning! Really can’t take my eyes from all those amazing pictures

I’m really interested to try this out! You look incredibly beautiful!

Gorgeous pictures! I have never tried any products from Kenzoki, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it! Sounds really great

X Sara

I need to get my hands on those products now ! Thank you for the post. May I ask you what blusher and lipliner or lipstick you used on those pictures. It looks nice and summery, exactly what I need

the most beautiful accessoire – a beautiful skin

I find you much more attractive without make-up.

Kisses my sweetie



Beautiful photos! Love love love your natural look :)

Kenzoki is an amazing brand. I’ve never used their skincare for the face but I do love their bodyline.

Great post :) Love the photos, and Kenzoki really sounds wonderful :)

James’s photography has evolved so beautifully! He is becoming better and better by the minute and so are you Kristina! ;) This article is so beautiful.

Your skin has a natural glow! very pretty..

I have tried a few products of kenzoki and always love how they smell so good


Incredible photos and great review !


You look absolutely stunning, your skin is flawless !

Love from Paris

This sounds really great but I’m sure it’s also very expensive…?!

I never heard about this cosmetic but thanks you for sharing ! I always admire your beautiful skin on photos – it looks just perfect !
And you are right – there are so many product on the market so it is so hard to find THE one :)

I find my skin is always changing from dry to oily with the change of seasons. This skincare brand sounds great and the packaging is very cute too Xx Elle

Oh my god, you are so pretty even without makeup on! Great photos!

Are you sponsored by Kenzoki? I ask because in your last skincare post you said you’re constantly changing between cleansers, creams, serums, etc and don’t like to stick to just one of each.

Lovely post. I have never heard of this brand. Such a shame it is not available in the UK.


Hi Kayture would you recommend this skin care for blemished skin.
Much love

Very helpful post ! Thanks for sharing

I am still looking for the best moisturizer for my dehydrated skin, I might look up these. Thank for a tip, Kristina. James is so great photographer.


Très sympa cet article. Cette ligne de soins m’a vraiment l’air très bien.


Where can you find this products in the commerc? ( In Switzerland ) Thanks ! xx

Sounds like it’s great products! <3

Thanks for the new post about skincare, please tell me where can I buy this product in Russia? Chain stores are selling products Kenzoki ? Good day.)

Have to try this brand. Looking great<3

Great article on the importance of skincare! I love your nails as well :)

– Jamie W

you’re gorgeous !

Omg you are perfect!
Your skin is beautiful !

Oooh i LOVE asian skin products too!! You should totally try my HG stuff right now… By Tatcha. Its formulated by research from geishas in japan. I was really skeptical at first, but as a frequently flyer and as a photographer that works under the sun ALOT, and Im 32, this product line has done WONDERS for my skin which is combination, and sensitive. Although the brand has different lines for different skin types. Its the current rave amongst vogue and other places! :D xo

You are sooo beautiful, Kristina!! Great post! x



I wanted to say, thank you for this post…not just for the product but for the words you’ve written.
It is soooo true, that our skin gets stressed out and a healthy lifestyle will do so much good, even more than the creams. Keep on smiling! :)


so beautiful! love these shots
ladies in navy

OMG you have no idea how tired my skin looks from so much traveling! It’s so dull and everytime I land in a new country, my skin freaks out and starts peeling and ugh it’s just horrible! I’m definitely going to check this out! Thanks girl :)


The packaging is adorable! But I stick to my three-step Clinique cleanser, toner and moisturizer – it’s done wonders for me! I switch it up sometimes and apply some argan oil when my skin is really dry

Sounds interesting, definitely going to read more reviews about this products!

OceanWind Blog

Your skin…Like an angel <3

Hi Kristina!
Very helpful article. I am looking for new skin care options right now. I looked everywhere online for Kenzoki and I can’t seem to find where to buy it. Do you know where I can possibly buy it in the US?

Thanks! :)

Do you still use the philips visa pure with these products?

I would like to try it, but it seems like it is not accessible to the USA. Is there a website for international customers?

You have a nice skin! So you don’t need so much! :)

Living in Fashion


I’m now trying some Clinique’s products to help making disappear some red marks on my face… I hope it’ll work!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Hey Kristina! I don’t know where to start actually but, I’m from a country which you might not have even heard about and sadly I wont be able to use your beautiful fashion inspirations in here I’m 19 years old and Ive been trying to pass the entrance exam of university. I have been experiencing some difficult time but believe me your beautiful way of seeing life ,your motivation , your willingness to chase after your dreams has made me much more optimistic toward life and it’s difficulties sorry for the long comment and my weak English but I just had to thank you and wish you nothing but happiness and health may god bless you
Love from Iran

Your skin looks flawless!! You’re so adorable, you don’t even need make up! Really! You look even better natural!
From now, you’re my beauty inspiration. :)

It sounds amazing! Love the photos :)


tu es magnifique sans maquillage, la crème à l’air super !
Superbe sourire :)


You look amazing without makeup! =)

Please, check out my blog:


These products have an amazing packaging!!


Thanks so much Kristina! These products look amazing, I can’t wait to try them.. I hope to find them in South Africa! xx

I love your nails! But I didn’t read the text cuz it’s just TOO LONG!

Never knew Kenzo had a beauty line! The packaging is amazing :)


Thanks for the article!
You’re so pretty, a natural beauty:)

Great photos, very nice

You’re sooo cute without much make up on! We can even see your freckles in these photos and I think you look beautiful and adorable even without your make up. You’re a true beauty, and your skin always looks flawless. Mine tends to be really try and needs a lot of hydration.


You are seriously so naturally beautiful and your skin is flawless! Love the products!

Anthony V 27 March 2014 / Reply

Sorry to say this but your skin look not the way it should be.
I can’t believe you are only 20 just looking at these pictures. I can tell that you weakened the light to make your skin look mild in these close-ups but the flaws on your skin are still obvious. In the picture you are smiling, the skin around you canthus all wrinkled up. And your hand skin also look :(
But these pictures are beautiful and nice taken. I have to say your boyfriend is very talented. Just put your makeup on and contiune rocking your life gal. People can’t tell if you have nice skin or not as long as you wear makeups :)

Love your Post. Where do you get Kenzoki? Is it available in Switzerland?

Sounds interesting, but it seems those products not available in my country..
Anyway.. you look amazing and the bathroom is so perfect!

Your skin is flawless ! I love the products that you use. I am sure living in Switzerland with the clean air helps.

love this! so pretty! xx

Helloo, can i ask wich nail polish are you using?? Thanks :)

Really nice pictures, with a wonderful lifestyle approach that I love!

You’re just such a natural beauty!

I didn’t know Kenzo did beauty products, loveee!

You are looking beautiful. Amazing pictures <3

Tu es ravissante sur ces photos, au naturel et ça te va tellement bien ! :)
Je trouve que ta peau est de plus en plus jolie, elle es resplendissante sur ces photos !
Je connais très bien les produits Kenzoki, et quand je vois ta peau j’ai envie de les réutiliser !!

Looks amazing and exapensive!
L x

So beautiful and natural pictures! Looks great and so does the cosmetic! Love it!


Nice seeing you with natural skin like that!

Wow! Good to know that Kenzo has its own skincare products. Thanks, Kristina! You look great!

Check out my recent post:

Je suis très tentée par Kenzoki, mais à chaque fois que je veux prendre un de leur produit, j’achète autre chose, bon la prochaine fois j’essayerais :)


Great post and beautiful pictures!!!
Could you add a post ab out haircare,too?
And how you are styling your hair normally?

Greetings Form Germany

You are such a natural beauty!

xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

You look gorgeous wearing less make-up. Such a natural beauty! Love these pics!


Your skin is flawless!! So pretty:)
Really nice post!


Alexis Lazar 31 March 2014 / Reply

You look absolutely stunning!

J’ai entendu dire que tu sortais un livre… Est-ce vrai ? Quand ce dernier sort-il ?
Que va-t-il contenir ?

Magnifiques photos !
J’adore ta manucure :)


You’re so beautiful & love your nail colour!

Kirsten x

You are looking so beautiful and the pics are amazing <3

Dear Kristina, you did not mention the wonderful Smell that Belle du Jour has. It really makes you happy. You can be sad, angry, stressed out, but smelling Belle du Jour will make you peaceful and happy in an instant. It’s pure magic.

i want to ask you a question , is it a sponsored article , honestly ?

Hi Kristina, next time if certain beauty products sponsor you, could you please mention it? You’re not beauty blogger so I also don’t expect to see you do step by step skincare routines (there’re lots of beauty bloggers/youtubers done that) since what I see is simple those flawless quality of of your photos. At early 20′s you have tired looking skin and already have crowfeet around your eyes while I know several women around 30′s (no makeup, no botox, and thanks to their genes) have wrinkle-free skins. I believe that you’re naturally pretty, please don’t let the chemical makeups and skincare (no matter how expensive they are) ruin your skin. Here are simple secrets for you, if you depend on skincare/makeup products, let your skin chemical free for one day of a week, just warm compress on your face, and massage your face gently 2-3 minutes with fingertips.

I love Kenzoki products, they’re great and the smell is so good


¿Te va bien esa crema? Si te va bien es menester probarla! =)