After landing in Switzerland last friday, I feel like I couldn’t lay back for a second ever since then! This trip to Los Angeles, gave me SUCH an energy, such a motivation, and I am so excited for everything that’s in process and the direction things are taking.

I definitely am up for a big change this year, and my gosh how great it was to talk about my music with some creative, and super passionate people who did understand my vision at a 100%. Also not to mention that I loved this feeling of freedom and happiness that just floated in the air : it’s all about taking your life in hands and doing what you love, providing yourself with the tools to do what you love and just… well…being happy!

And you know what, during this trip, I just woke up every single morning feeling so grateful, happy and blessed… to the point where I actually had to ask myself wtf was happening!! I am serious… In Europe we always manage to squeeze in some little complaining here and there, I mean generally speaking of course. But in this case, it was just impossible. I am usually such a positive person, but we all have good and bad days, and I can hardly pick one bad or so so day during our stay in L.A

So this goes without saying that James and I are planning to move there, more precisely to pursue my music career and to develop Kayture as we have some very interesting perspectives for it! We’ve been willing to move ever since last year and hopefully this year it’s finally going to happen as it all depends on some formalities that we unfortunately have to go through. But of course, I won’t loose my european touch, I’m a swiss gal by heart (although I feel like the world belongs to all of us, I mean in the end, the world is so small isn’t it?), and I definitely make it a home anywhere I travel.

This whole energy and spirit definitely inspired us so much for the shootings we did worked on while we were there. I am so happy to reveal today our last shoot with Piaget, as we were their special guest during the independent movie awards, The Spirit Awards, in Los Angeles! There were so many exciting events around this big ceremony and of course a lot of absolutely jaw dropping jewelry. I had the chance to choose some of my favorite pieces for this exclusive shooting at the Viceroy hotel, while sipping on a little virgin cocktail (f.y.i I don’t drink, 2014 resolution!) feeling all glam in the cozy lounge area.

Now let’s pause for a sec please… I mean, how gorgeous is this incredible high jewelry necklace? Each stone has been precisely hand picked and selected for this real piece of art, making it such a bold and extravagant statement necklace. Working with Piaget for me represents working with the top quality and with the most refined products. Their knowledge and craftsmanship always blows me away, and having the honor to wear some of their jewels if only for a couple of hours is such a fairytale. I hope you guys will enjoy these images! I want to know what does Piaget inspire you and also tell me, have you every been to Los Angeles? If yes then I want to know all about your experiences and of course if you got any recommendations then bring it on :)

Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.010Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.014Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.017Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.002Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.006Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.008Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.012Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.001Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.018 Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.005Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.007Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.009Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.011Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.013Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.015Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.004 Kristina.Bazan.Piaget.016



JEWELS : Piaget

DRESS : Louis Vuitton 

SHOES : Michael Kors



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Beautiful as always. Love the dress and the stunning jewelry. Wow wish you guys all the best for the move to LA!! The weather so much better there :D

xx Mira

You look incredible!! Stunning jewellery!

This dress is so beautiful, it’s very chic and fantastic, you look like a movie star. These jewerly are so amazing.

Eye Like Fashion 17 March 2014 / Reply

This dress is so gorgeous! And the jewelry is as well. It’s nice to see Piaget make more youthful and whimsical jewelry.
Good luck with the move to LA. I’m sure you will love it here in California!



wow, the jewelry is stunning! So great you guys are going to LA! It’s such a fantastic city!

Wow! A move to LA. You are so lucky to be able to do that and work in the United States. Good luck with that Kristina. Well done you two.

So much to say!
1) I don’t think you should have worn that dress to show off that necklace. The print and colours are so loud, it detracts from the necklace, which ended up just blending into the fabric.
2) your face, hair and makeup are flawless – as usual!
3) sorry, but I really don’t like those shoes. They’re so clunky, no elegance :(
4) I 100% understand what you mean about he positivity of LA, and how here in Europe, people like – and sometimes seem to thrive on – complaining! LA has a floaty, energetic happiness about it, which is unique to it, I think. I’m so excited for you to move there, join in on the journey, and see how your fashion and music endeavors evolve!
5) LA Spots: go surfing in Santa Monica, it’s the bomb, so addictive! Also, try SoulCycle in Santa Monica – very cool, very LA. For lunch in Beverly Hills, go to Villa Blanca. I always struggle to find good food in the US, and this felt like being back in Positano! Plus the decor is very elegant.

Sorry this was long. Let me just finish by saying that your blog truly provides the little escape I need from my very formal, regimented, rigorous academic life, so thank you for that. I love following you on this journey; it’s exciting and motivating! Good luck with everything! :)

Ps. For blog content, could you post more everyday outfits, like what you wore going to get coffee, or going out for lunch or dinner, workout clothes…? Not just sponsored posts (which there have been a lot of recently). Thank you! Xx

You really look sick.
Your head is bigger than your body.
Be careful hun.

I am so happy for you Krsitina, and so jealous. You are living the dream many, plenty of us would dream to live. You are one lucky girl. Keep working and don´t you never ever forget how blessed you are, because you are one in a million.

I love your website and your posts are always so inspiring! And that dress is just amazing! If you are ever planning to give it away I am volunteering to take it in to my closet! hihihi xoxo Afke

Such a perfect outfit and look. Love the dress & the jewellery is beyond amazing! :)
Hi, from Latvian stylist

You look absolutely gorgeous! Everytime you post you inspire me :)


Loving all theses pictures, happy to hear that you will embark in a new adventure to LA. Wishing all the best.


you look like Amber Heard :)

Love your style. You are a big inspo :)
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Oh babe, you’re so drop dead gorgeous! I freaking love your dress! <3
Have a nice week!



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Wow love the necklace ! Not to mention you’re so lucky to move to LA !

Love from Paris

The jewelry are really cute!


Such a great post again! Impressive jewelery and love the photos !


I wish you all the best in your music career because you’re talented and a very influent fashion blogger. xoxo from Switzerland

You are becoming such an expert in posing in order to display jewelery! I always admire that in your pictures. That and of course James’ high quality pics of you :)

I have been in LA in January this year, for a very short trip. I loved the getty museum the awesome building and view, and the Griffith Observatory is very fun to visit. The campus of UCLA is impressive (and next to the campus, the fraternity houses :)). The prettiest place in LA for me, was definitely the venice canals! As far as food is concerned, I was recommended to find the Kogi food truck who sales tacos with inspiration of Corean food.

My impressions were…mixed. First of all it was awefully challenging to adjust to the jet lag. Then, I was a little bit surprised of how far everything is. I was associating LA with beach, but from were I was staying the beach was 40kms away! I was not able to notice LA as a “whole” city (but in fact it isnt, so it was probably normal), and as a person who is used to take the public transportation to go everywhere I felt confused by all the car trips we had to do.
Food is great, weather is awesome and the people are very cool, outgoing and open minded.
Definitely would like to visit again !

so cool, that you sre moving to LA! I wish you all the best with your music career!

The color of this dress is stunning! I travelled to California with my family two years ago and we toured around for a month. Such a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to go back. I love the healthy way of living there which you previously mentioned you loved too and of course the sun is such a plus! I know its a bit cliche but you should do a stars home tour at some stage as its a fun day out and the views you get to experience over LA are stunning Xx Elle

did you loose weight?

you look amazing!!!
these jewellery pieces are so gorgeous

You look lovely in this set of photos Kristina ^-^
Good luck with the move to LA!

Jewelry is amazing, but the dress not so much..

You are so stunning Kristina! Hope everything will be ok so you can move there and pursue your dreams!

Sandrine x

Oh, that dress and necklace were born to be worn together! Stunning photos…

Anneli x

Ok so I actually did pause for a sec and take in the beauty of that jewelry … Made me feel elegant just looking at them! Sounds like an exciting move to L.A, sometimes the positive energy of a place just bounces off the walls and is undeniable. Look forward to hearing more travel plans :).

You are so lucky :) and you look so perfect and beautiful on these photos!

Beautiful dress and great jewels!

Beautiful jewelries and pretty dress! Wondeerful photos, as always!

Oh, what an absolutely gorgeous and stunning necklace!!!! It’s so so so beautiful!!!!!!! But I also love your dress and shoes. A perfect mix:o)
xoxo Kirsten

love those jewels <3 and that dress is absolut perfection!
love your blog!

Stunning as usual.
Kinda jealous about the LA move, though…

x Krizia

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I like so much your jewels!!!

Lovely jewelry pieces! =)

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The jewelry is absolutely stunning. Super exciting news about LA, I’m sure it’s a decision you’ll not regret. Wishing you and James the absolute best in life.

X Malena

I love your dress…but your make up catched my heart <3

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love your style!! you look amazing!
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wow, you look stunning as always!

I love L.A. My favorite part of it is Santa Monica. I think I would move there if I had a chance. Now I live in San Francisco and I love it here, too. You should visit north California. Love your look a lot in this post. You are so gorgeous.

Those jewels are beautiful! And I wish you luck with your move to LA – sometimes the greatest risks reap the greatest rewards. :) xx

Love the atmosphere of this shoot, so relaxed and glamorous. Love it! xo hanneke

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I cannot say anything else, this jewellery is amazing, it gives every outfit such a classy touch. And Congratulations on your decision about L.A, I think it really suits you, go ahead, you are such a positive person, and L.A. is quite a cheerful place!! I wish someday I could see your videoclip on TV!

I have never worn anything from Piaget, I got acquainted with the brand through your blog, but I have to say their pieces are spectacular. I think that they would inspire a woman to be more feminine and act in a more sophisticated manner. I love the dress, by the way. ^^

you look fantastic
stunning shots
flawless make up
adore the nail polish detailing

These pictures are beautiful!! Congrats on the move! That is very exciting! LA is amazing!


You must be the classiest blogger out there ;) The dress looks really, really good on you! Lovely photos.

First of all…I’m so happy for you. Moving to America is such an awesome experience you’ll never regret. I lived for 3 months in America and what can I say… I loved it. This feeling of “everything can happens” is everywhere. So I know what are you feeling when you’re there. Last week I was invited to visit LA, but unfortunately I can’t be there because I have lots of Meetings here :(. My biggest dream is, to visit LA and NY someday. And maybe someday I can meet you in Person ;)

Love, Katharina

Fabulous dress! Everything is so perfect in these pictures! You’re stunning! x

Love the dress and the accessories:)

New on

I love so much these pictures!

Kisses >

The Fashion Panda 17 March 2014 / Reply

The jewelry looks amazing and I am so happy for you ! It sounds great and can’t wait to here more about your plans moving to Usa :)

LOVE the photos, you’re doing some great work

CelebritiesAndFashion 17 March 2014 / Reply

The color of the dress looks so great on you, I love the necklace it’s gorgeous! Your plan to go to L.A. sounds awesome, I wish you all the best :)
XOXO Hannah :)

You are an inspiration to me! I love everything on Kayture :)

Love these incredibly elegant pieces. The plaid dress is so summery and fresh, with a super flattering neckline, which the statement necklace goes perfectly with, as the aquamarine jewels seem to be screaming “the beach!”, and the red gems adding to the summer campfire. The roses fluttering everywhere, are so delicate and soft, a huge contrast to the previously mentioned pieces, but somehow, are excellent complements to each other because of the chic touches mingling with the more classical side. Stunning!
Melody x

wow! lovely outfit and you are so beautiful!

You look so lovely!

♥ Oxana
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Beautiful series, really enjoyed seeing the detail of the jewellery showcased. Best of luck with the move x

In love with your dress and that necklace fits perfect with the outfit!
Loving so much all the shooting, you look gorgeous,
best wishes from

L.A is definitely doing something good in you, you look soo gorgeous in all the photos you’ve made there! Really! I’ve always preferred NY than L.A (not that I have been in either places, just from what I heard) but you’re making me doubt speaking so good about L.A. Btw, it would be awesome if you moved there! I’ve always preferred summer looks than winter looks, although I will only have “be warm while staying cool” inspiration when you travel around Europe or NY in winter… Hahahhaha

omg you’re so beautiful,you look so good in every single photo.i’ve been following your for a while and you are such an inspiration from all points of view.kisses

So beautiful, the jewellery is stunning!

Kirsten x

You’re such a good and positive example! Each girl should have your passion :)

Great job and good luck for the future!

Xo, Giada

Such a gorgeous look! Love your dress, pumps and necklace. Oh it’s exciting and sad at the same time that you’re moving to LA. Europe will definitely miss you! But good luck with everything, and I hope you continue to share your outfit and lifestyle with us! :)

Beautiful photography, and the jewellery is simply stunning! <3 xoxo

I know how you feel. I’m going through some changes too at this moment, and I’m really happy. Doing what you love is happiness.


You look stuning! and this dress looks amazing with the necklace! :)

Mexico is four hours away so you should try and make that move because you will be close! nothing like actual mexican food :)
However, in LA you can have great mexican food, go to mexicali tacos! simce you are healthy you can order a quesadilla :)
but DEFINITELY go to urth caffe, the MOCA( museum of contemporary art), Casa Sanches, the Hollywood trail for some hiking, venice beach, santa monica, catalina island, melrose blvd for some vintage shopping (they have an amazing flee fair on saturdays and sundays!) and i’ll post another comment as soon as I think of more recommendations :)

I really love all the pieces, they’re all so delicate yet they add a certain element to the outfit!

Good luck with LA, moving is fun but it can get difficult!

A move to LA? Sounds crazy!!! Good luck!

D’humeur à porter des carreaux verts en ce moment on dirait :)
Tes bijoux sont justes magnifiques, j’aime particulièrement tes bagues, elles sont très belles.

Tu as tellement de chance !
Bisous <3

You beauty! Stunning…you inspire me! Thanks for that :)

Awesome colours and style! But.. where did you miss shoes detail pic, ha? :)

These pictures are just amazing ! You’re so beautiful, the jewelry are beautiful, the dress is perfect, the heels are amazing, everything is perfect really ! And I’m so happy for you that you’ll make your dreams come true thanks to Kayture, you really deserve it, you worked so hard !! I wish you and James all the best =)


The dress looks amazing, totally suit your beautiful eyes. The jewels look so damn amazing!