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If you guys follow me on Instagram then you must know that even though I love fashion, I am also highly into lifestyle experiences : food, spa, fun sports, concept stores, you name it. Since we travel that much, we had the huge chance to discover some truly amazing places that I couldn’t even dream of in my wildest fantasies. It’s funny because each time my experience of the city gets better and better as I come back and do my home work properly before the trip (hello hours on trip advisor and yelp): in order to find the best place possible with the highest quality, the coolest concept or a unique interior.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and even though you get to follow our experiences on Instagram (we even have this hashtag #kaytureplaces where you can discover some of our favorite picks), I thought like food and lifestyle experiences totally deserve their place on Kayture. Thing is that I know that I personally am interested. So honestly who doesn’t like a good recommendation?

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to a new concept that we’re going to be trying out, the city guides! I am so excited to share with you my addresses, I love discovering and so if you have any other suggestions send it all in! This one is mainly going to be about my fav. food experiences in NY (it would take pages and pages to do a full review so this time let’s just stick to the yummy food).

This is obviously a non exhaustive list, there are so many places I still want to try. But I think there are definitely some spots you guys simply need to look up and go to. You won’t regret it. Now the pictures bellow represent some of the experiences we had but the list you’ll find bellow is what you should really keep in mind! Okay so here we go, here are some of my favorite food spots in NY now in 2014 :

1. Nobu 105 Hudson St

You’ll understand thanks to this list that I am a huge…a HUGE, fan of Japanese food. I do my best to eat healthy, especially since I discovered that I’m slightly gluten + lactose intolerant… which makes Japanese cuisine the best option (especially since I don’t eat meat, only fish). But more than that, I am a huge fan of the food. And Nobu is definitely, hands down, one of my international favs (it’s a chain, you’ll find great Nobus in Milan, Dubai, Malibu)… My personal favorites : black cod of course and rock shrimp tempura… Not very gluten free but so delicious. Careful because the place is so discrete, you can barely see it from the outside as there is no sign or what so ever.

2. Megu 62 Thomas St

Another great Japanese restaurant with an absolutely gorgeous interior and succulent food. Try the black cod there as well and see if you prefer the one from Nobu or this one, very hard choice! It all depends of the cook you’ll get that day but so far they seem to be on the same level. Their miso soup is fantastic, but seriously their fish is beyond everything : sashimis or grilled fillets, you can go for it! At the end of the meal, don’t forget to have some of their mochis, even if you’re not hungry anymore. It’s so fresh and light, perfect little end of the meal treat.

3. Blue Ribbon Sushi bar & Grill 308 W 58th St

Okay so I had to start with three Japanese places. No it’s not going to be a Japanese In NY City Guide, I promise!!! It’s just to show you how much I LOVE it. Blue Ribbon Sushi is juste amaze-zinga. They have several locations in NY but this one is my favorite because of it’s ambiance and the food they serve. Love their fish, for lunch they sometimes have super yummy salads. Again, they have all the classics, but their are just so good, so fresh. The service is very sweet too. Obviously, get the sushis there : you won’t forget them.

4. ABC Kitchen 35 E 18th St

Now if you like to eat healthy, this is your spot. Start with one of their nutrient packed juices, then pick one of their many delicious organic dishes. You really can’t go wrong. The chef, famous Jean-Georges (he has another restaurant by his own name in NY which I am dying to try, much more high cuisine) creates great healthy variations of our favorite dishes, like pizzas or pastas. Make sure to have your reservation a couple of weeks in advance, they are always soooo busy.

5. Hangawi 12 E 32nd St

Okay now this is not another Japanese option like I am sure you could have thought by reading the name. This is actually a vegan Korean restaurant, with some of the most delicious food I’ve e-v-e-r tried. I absolutely love eating vegan. It’s so light, so healthy and delicious. Plus you don’t harm anybody by doing so, which is a win for me, isn’t it? The particularity of this place is that as you walk in, we ask you to take your shoes off and slide in your little bellow ground level table to enjoy a stunning meal in a very traditional ambiance. The service was beyond incredible, so caring and kind. I’ve fallen in love with their tofu dishes and dumplings. They even have a special section in their menu for the ones who avoid gluten in their diet.

6. Barbounia 250 Park Ave S

After Japanese, Mediterranean is probably my second favorite type of cuisine. Just because it’s so fresh, light and healthy, with lots of fish and delicious salads. I definitely suggest you to try their hummus (my personal international favorite, and believe me… I’ve tried many) and greek salad, their feta cheese is truly something. The whole ambiance of the place is just so cozy and festive. Try to go there with a bunch of friends and share one of their pizzas as a starter.

7. Candle 79 154 E 79th St

My favorite vegan spot in town so far. Amazing selection of cocktails, the coolest things you could ever think of : you can get your juices with coconut water, chia seeds, açai, hemp, with all sorts of fruits and vegetables you want and can possibly think of. Their menu is full of traditional dishes with of course a vegan twist. We tried their raviolis and I honestly thought they were better than the regular ones. So fresh, light and… creamy! A must, without any doubt.

8. Blossom 187 9th Ave

Another one of my favorite vegan restaurants. You can try both Candle 79 and compare the two of them to decide which one you prefer. I definitely prefer the drinks menu at Candle but the dishes at Blossom are super elaborate and have an incredible variety of flavors which I really enjoyed discovering. If you’re into vegan cuisine, then you definitely have to try it out. Anything from the menu is delicious, and it’s great because they crew has such good knowledge of nutrition and can talk hours about the products and ingredients they use in their dishes.

9. Bergdorf Goodman’s high tea 754 5th Ave

Okay so this isn’t the healthy option, neither is it the gluten free/dairy free one. So even if I get cramps  afterwards, it’s totally worth it because their high tea is really, really yummy. But to be totally honest, I like to go there more for the ambiance as I feel like a fancy little New Yorker when I sit there, which is always very funny. Their lunch menu is very goo though, they have delicious salads and many different options to satisfy everybody. It’s a perfect spot for a food break in the middle of a shopping spree!

10. Alice’s teacup 156 E 64th St

I discovered this place as we were walking around near Park Avenue. Being a huge fan of scones, I’ve heard a lot about this place from different people, some rumors being told that they do the best scones in the city… I definitely wanted to learn more about it. Turns out not only do they have the best VEGAN scones I’ve ever tried, they also have the most amazing teas. I’ve had the almond one and I just couldn’t stop. Seriously so good.

11. Standart Grill 848 Washington St

The perfect place for brunch. Enjoy a fun day of shopping at Owen, Scoop and Jeffrey before heading to the Standart! Get your dose of granola or their classic eggs Benedict! I usually like to take an egg white omelette with spinach and a side of berries. I love how they are super flexible and can easily make something special if you just ask for it! What I love the most about this place is obviously the ambiance, it’s so pretty and so typically New York.

12. Anywhere at the Chelsea Market

My favorite thing to do when I am in NY, is to head to the Chelsea market, begin the fun with a little stop at Anthropology before trying all of their food places. So we kick it off with a short stop by Eleni’s to get some of their super fun cookies, and maybe try their gluten free red velvet mini cupcake, then we go to the brownie shop, to One Lucky Duck to get a green juice or some vegan sweets, we might finish it all with some ice cream. Plan a couple of hours in front of you to really enjoy the place and try all they have to offer. You can also enjoy one of their restaurants for a nice brunch!

13. Juice Generation (find the closest one to you!)

My go-to place for a quick healthy fix! I am obsessed with their Aloha Green Juice, their Açai bowls are super good, but also their salads and all the cute little snacks they sell. James also tried the protein smoothies and he said they were delicious! And you can see them juice it up right in front of you so you don’t have any bad surprises.

14. The Shop, Andaz hotel 485 5th Ave

Another great place for brunch. I personally fell in love with this spot because of it’s gorgeous interior. So chic, sleek and modern. Plus their menu is full of very nice dishes that you can have fun discovering. I know for sure that I want to go back to try more things because I loved it that much. Their coffee too is very nice and you’ll definitely be treated and pampered during the whole meal.

16. Nerai 55 E 54th St 

Another one of my fav Mediterranean restaurants in NY. Not far from the 5th Av. this little restaurant doesn’t look like anything special from the outside but is a real treasure gem. The service there must be one of the best ones out of all this list : they are so kind, friendly and careful about every single detail, I’ve rarely seen that. Plus the quality and freshness of the food and ingredients is outstanding. Again, try their Greek Salad : incredible feta cheese.

17. Eleven Madison Park 11 Madison Ave

To be totally fair with you, I’ll tell you this : this place and the experience I’ve had there, has probably been one of best food journeys I’ve ever experienced. Why? Because it’s more than just eating. It’s a real food quest discovering new flavors, textures and ingredients you might have never tried before. Proper to it’s name, Eleven Madison park serves you 11 courses, so nope you don’t get to order “A La Carte” what your dish is going to be : you get served the 11 mini sized creations of the chef. So many surprises along the way, but definitely plan 4 hours in front of you to fully enjoy the experience. Oh and make sure to have a reservation several months in advance, it is extremely hard to get it so plan it for a very special occasion ;)

18. JG Melon 1291 3rd Ave

Now we do need to finish this list with a proper NY pick : the best burger of the city. And yes there is a lot of speculation going on and yes every restaurant in town say they have the best burger… But you know what : it’s not true. Because JG Melon seriously do have the best burger! James, who is a HUGE fan of burgers confirms that. You have to get their cheeseburger in medium rare. Now don’t expect too much from the place itself, it’s a very traditional old pub, very noisy and crowded : you can’t make a reservation or pay by credit. But oh lord do they know how to make burgers and fries.

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Beautiful photos! Thank you for that nice city guide!

Great NYC guide!! I would love to check all these places out if I ever get there :D

xx Mira

Very nice pics! I love Tea, too.
Have a nice day sweetie.

Coquet élégance

The most glamours city guide ever ! Thank you so much for sharing this Cristina !
XX Luba


ahahah “barbounia” is the Greek word for red mullets!

I love this!
I’m saving up to go to New York next year, so thanks for the tips :)
And you are so beautiful!!

Love, Karolien

aah I love NY and I’m very happy you did this post!

Love, Farah

amazing pics and very nice idea!

Wonderful post! I’m too really keen on the lifestyle and I love restaurants! If I visit NY one day I’ll definitely visit some of these places!

Great post! Thanks for the tips!

Woohoo I love barbounia – the actual fish though (red mullet)

Gorgeous photos and great post ! Such a great place to be there !


Love this type of text! Can you please do one for Los Ageles as well? I’m going there on summer vacation :)
Also love your blog and your sense of fashion, you’re so inspiring!
Hugs and kisses from Norway

Hi Kristina, I am glad to see you posting tips like these.,. I want to try all the places you have on the list,., although I am a little confused about which photo it is,.,. I hope you put PHOTOS ON every DESCRIPTION of places on the list so we will have an idea how the place looks like and what foods they are serving. (^-^) PLEASE PLEASE post more of these type of articles.. it is very helpful. Thanks a lot!

I absolutely love New York. Last time I found it so hard finding good restaurants with reasonable prices. I’ll keep this list in mind next time I go there

Wow! Amazing photos! I will definitely use these tips when I go to New York!! Thanks you gorgeous! xx

New York is a dream! Lovely pictures and you look so cute! x

Thanks so much for the great list! It will help when we travel to New York!

“un peu intolérante au gluten” hm, soit tu l’es, soit tu l’es pas.
Pareil pour le “je suis végétalienne”, alors que tu n’es même pas déjà végétarienne. Pour info : les végétariens ne mangent pas de viande NI poisson, les végétaliens en plus ne mangent pas d’oeufs, de miel, de lait.
J’ai vraiment l’impression que tu veux te donner un style plus qu’autre chose, c’est bien dommage.

Et puis sinon, ce serait bien de donner des restaurants un peu abordables pour tes lecteurs non ? On est pas tous ultra pétés de thunes comme toi et James. Ce serait sympa de penser aux lecteurs un peu…
à bon entendeur, salut !

love this pics!

Awesome post! =D

Please, check out my blog:


I can only dream of going to NY and these post made me want it even more :D

Thank you so much for sharing these places, I am going to NYC soon and will have to refer to this post!

Love from Barcelona x

Electric Soiree

WOW! That’s an amazing guide! Thanks for sharing!


Good choices on the rest. Amazing photos:) <3

New on

fabulus post, I love New York, and I love to go to good restaurants. I enjoy them so much.. :)

I will save this list for future trips! Thank you for the inspiration and I think this new post idea is a great one!

Have a lovely week,

Alena | meet me stylish

I have been hearing about Nobu so much, can’t wait to go there one day!!


Oh you are so lucky to can do all these amazing trips like this one. NY is so beautiful and fantastic. You look so cute

The Fashion Panda 11 March 2014 / Reply

Beautiful post!

love this post! do more for travel!!??

The pictures of the food are so good and you look gorgeous as always. How do you manage to travel so much and look fabulous all the time ?

Eye Like Fashion 11 March 2014 / Reply

Cool list! I’ve been to several on your list. You’re right about NYC list of places to try is extremely hard to narrow down. There are so many. That’s why I love that city!



NYC is amazing like that – there are so many different restaurants that you can always find something that’s convenient for your budget or diet. Can’t wait to go back!!!

You actually visited all the restaurants? Hmm now the only thing I need is ticket to NY :)

great guide! will surely use it, when I go to NY :)


Te ves divinaaa me encantan tus fotosss!,,

These are great! thank you so much for sharing

Applaus Kristina, now I’m hungry ;D. Nice guide. Now I only need to visit NY :).
Thanks for work so hard to describe the details :-*.

Love Katharina

These pictures make me want so many things hahaha

These pictures make me want so many things! Hahaha

Wow love your look at breakfast, such a beauty!

Wonderful post, so many amazing places to choose from! I wish I could try them all out!

Kirsten x

Love these pics, the food looks amazing!

Greetings from London,

You look so beautiful on these photos! I love the new idea for the guide! To bad I live across the world :/

I love New York so much! Nobu is also my favorite and Bergdorf Goodman’s!

Simply amazing. I can’t wait to try out these tasty spots next time i’m in NYC. Thank you for the lovely posts, keep it up.


what a beautiful tea time :)
ahya, let me tell u if i’m sushi lover as well…..keep it up Kay u looks elegant as the days goes by…

I just ate at Candle 79 over the weekend- I had the crepe with wild mushroom and butternut squash off of the brunch menu. It was amazing. Great collection of spots!

mayako oyama 12 March 2014 / Reply

Hello. I’m Japanese girl.
I’m pleased to hear that you are a huge fan of Japanese food.
I hope you will come back to Japan again someday.

Oh I love city guides! What a great guide Kristina, I’m definitely going to save this on my laptop :)

X Sara

Hi lovely,

Have been following you on Instagram and so know what a manic and wonderful time you have been having. Luck you :) Will have to check these places out next time I hit NYC.

Sophie x

Wow, huge elbrows…

nice photos!! and nice list, I hope use it someday in a near future!!


titibuica costel 12 March 2014 / Reply

:) davvero un posto incredibile .

Awesome guide, thank you! :)

kristina doesn't pay for anything 12 March 2014 / Reply

everything sponsored. You eat there, write a nice review (because we all know you love EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.. never a bad word to say about your sponsors, right?) Btw it’s so dumb you are advertising for Uber. Aren’t you a taxi/chauffered limousine girl? Why would ou be using a car sharing service from a complete stranger? You’d promote anything where you’d get paid, that is so sad.

Once you have to pay your own rent in LA (and not mummy and daddy) you’ll see that life is not so easy. You cannot live off free clothes. You need to pay for many things yourself. Grow up. Life is not a fairytale like you think it is. Normal people do not stay in 5 star hotels every day of their lives.

I feel Nobu is a little overrated! The food is good but, especially in NYC, you can get very good quality japanese for a third of the price!
I really like the mercer kitchen, really good food at a beautiful location!
The Beauty Break

Yummi, thanks for the delicious hints XX

Visit my Swiss Fashion Blog at

I think the city guide idea is amazing! One day, when I’ll visit NYC, I’m definitely trying to check out the places you recommended here :)
I’d love a city guide article for Geneva, since I’m going there this summer!

Ce look est divin sur toi !
Bisous <3

Beautiful photos, I just love the food and city, you also look incredible! <3

This will definitely be handy if I ever visit NY ;)

Okay the first picture your eye makeup is perfection. The cat eye – you nailed it. Obsessed.

ce sont de bons conseils que tu donnes, je suis definitivement fan de ton blog kristina !
kiss from belgium

Loved it!Thank you for this wonderful post and guide Kristina! <3

Beautiful pictures! And thank you for a lovely guide

Ahaha ton article m’a bien rappelé mon séjour à New-York l’été dernier…D’ailleurs j’en avais aussi fait un article :P ( Et je peux que confirmer, les meilleurs hamburgers sont chez JG Melon, et les New Yorkais même le disent :) Et le PB Acai Bowl chez Juice Generation comme petit-dej, on pouvait pas me rendre plus heureuse. Si tu as l’occasion, va chez Clinton St. Baking Co, la légende veut qu’on y savoure “the best pancakes downtown” (Et ce n’est pas un mythe urbain, d’après mes papilles ahah) Et si tu es fan du Chelsea Market alors n’hésite pas à tester Smorgasburg, aka the Brooklyn Flea Food Market ( Simplement, le Nirvana :D

Merci pour les bonnes adresses, je prends note pour la prochaine fois !


I love NY and these cakes… And i love your style! You are the last one!

Love this post! Really nice to read about some hotspots in New York:)
Lovely pictures! The food looks amazing.

Good night!

In your Face 17 March 2014 / Reply

Wow Really amazing post! Exactly, what the world was missing so far, another blog of another filthy rich girl, who takes pictures of her shopping and food tours! I believe you genuinely enrich this world soo much with your truly amazing indications of daily eating and shopping! You really bring so much new value to this world and all the people on it! Chapeau to just another pretty and yet highly useless blogs without any intellectual or social benefit!

You need to try social house in Soho! Their concept and the ambiance are great but make sure to book 2weeks before.

Thank you for the good addresses!I will try some next time I’ll got o NYC :)

Valentine 5 April 2014 / Reply

Je suis bien d’accord avec toi… Et une vegétalienne ne se tartinerait pas la face avec des produits contenant sûrement des produits d’origine animale et testé en masse sur eux.
Bref, les gens sont remplis de contradictions.

hey kristina! Question: shouldn’t this be tagged under your ‘City Guides’ category?

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Madison Bradshaw 5 December 2015 / Reply

I completely agree! I have been to Nerai and it really is a little gem in the city. Amazing food, interior and service :)

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