Dressing up in Los Angeles felt so easy. The sun just seems to smooth everything right? After months of cold weather in Switzerland, and let’s not forget the New York getaway that froze my bones for the next 3 weeks in advance, I was overly tired of the “layering process”. Seriously, what am I some sort of cake to have that many layers on me!?

And the challenge is always : “how to look stylish when it’s -20°”… So people… imagine packing the situation where you literally have to take an entire suitcase just for the coats when you go to fashion week. I mean in winter season the coat is THE center piece of the look, so you need a different one every single day while you’re there…Turns out you show up at the airport with literally five giant luggages full of sweaters and warm boots and of course the customs look at you like you’re some kind of freak trying to import some holy molly merchandising… NO!! I am trying to stay warm and cute here!!

Packing for Los Angeles took a little time but oh gosh, just the idea of taking only shirts, light trousers, shorts and one or two blazers was… Pure heaven! I feel like my life is mainly about packing, un-packing, re-packing and again so having the chance to send less energy on that was so delightful.

I had some reoccurring main pieces that I combined with different colors and styles during the stay : these Valentino shoes (they are my comfy heels, I can walk in them aaall day! plus they match so easily to any look), this incredible Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton bag in navy blue which is definitely my baby love now (you can put so much stuff in it, it’s just insane) and Céline sunglasses. Just because you gotta  protect these little eyes! Hope you guys enjoy this look!

Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton002Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton008Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton005Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton009Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton001 Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton018Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton003Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton016 Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton011 Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton012Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton000 Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton013Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton007 Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton014Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton010 Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton015Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton017Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton019Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton006


TOP : Mango

PANTS : Romwe

BAG : Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton 

SHOES : Valentino 


JEWELRY : Piaget “Possession” collection bracelets, Vita Fede



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Wow super pretty and stylish look. Love the orange pants and the heels.

xx Mira


fantastic outfit!!

xoxo from rome

Eye Like Fashion 19 March 2014 / Reply

Ladylike chic in this look. Casual but polished!



Love the color mix, the orange is the new black this season so this look is so cool. The shirt is cute and these sandals are so beautiful. I want your hair, it’s amazing. The handbag is unique.

Stunning photos! This could easily be like an editorial of some magazine!
Beautiful blouse and pants, great outfit!

stunning look
adore the photos
you have such a beautiful smile

Love the idea of styling this blouse with a pop of colour! I always wear it with a mostly all black outfit so this would be a nice change! :)

The White Studio

amazing outfit! Love the color combination!

Love your outfit, the orange pants are amazing and love the combination with the blue blouse


Nice mix of color, the top is so perfect and it fit you so well!

Hey Kristina! Im a big fan of Kayture, and of your job! I really really really admire you, I mean it! But, however, there is something that has really disappointed me recently… I don´t even think I have the right to tell you anything, because apart from being a blogger, you are a person who has the right to be free and do whatever you want. So instead of saying it as a reproval, because it´s really not how I mean to say it, let me give you (even if I don´t have the right to) a piece of advise. You look stunning, gorgeous, always. What I really liked about you was that you didn´t really care about having the “perfect size” that society makes us think we need to have. You were (and still are) a support for all the girls who have confidence issues because they don´t look like those skinny bloggers everywhere. However, it looks like you have been loosing wight recently…and you look more and more like those other girls. I consider that this thing about wight is so so delicated so I really don´t mean to offend you or anythig!! Each person it´s free to do whatever they want and If you are feeling better now that you are a bit skinnier that´s great! Besides, I consider you a person beyond healthy, so you are a great example to follow! However, I just wanted to tell you that you shouldn´t feel pressured or anything like that, YOU LOOKED GREAT THEN, AND YOU LOOK GREAT NOW. I just hope you keep being yourself, even if it means being a bit more curvy, and not a walking skeleton (thing which I really like If you are naturally skinny, but not If you force it to be). Kisses Kristina! So excited for your new projects! Keep working!!!!

Cristina I love your blog is one of my favorites. Your looks and amazing and always you are so lovely with us. COngratulations and sorry for my english, is so bad


So gorgeous outfit!! Love the mix of the colors :D

Love your pants !

Love from Paris

I love the blouse!!
Great look, lady.

I love warm weather! I can’t wait for spring/summer. Here I The Netherlands, we also have to dress in layers and coats because it is cold. I am getting sick of my coats and I want to wear my sandals and flipflops so bad!

Looking beautiful as always Kristina, so so inspirational!

Can’t wait to see the rest of the looks,


Such a gorgeous and chic look! Loving the pop of colour with the bright orange pants.

Love from Munich, L


Pure perfection !

This bag is probably the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag ever

That bag is way too gorgeous… VIVA!


Valentino Rockstuds were made for you! :) Great photo diary, I love LA!

I LOVE your outfit and these photos! They’re just amazing! What lens did you use? *.*


You look beyond lovely! Those heels are just to die for <3

Love the outfit. Especially the Valentino shoes! You look stunning as always!

xx Kajol

Lovely top!
Amazing total outfit:)


Love the orange pants!!!! You look so pretty!


Love the color combiantion :)


Impressive post today. Gorgeous photos and perfect outfit!


Beatifull look…

Toujours aussi magnifique tes tenues, LA me donne envie de soleil, j’adore :)


love the pants!

Love the mango shirt<3

New on

beautiful look! I really love your blouse and your heels

love this post! gorgeous top!
ladies in navy

love your photos

love this! those pants are too amazing! xx

so beautiful!

Very nice and simple outfit:o) Love the color of your trousers and your bag:o)
xx, Kirsten

Lovely Cali-Look – so fresh and beautiful as always! Have fun and take care! <3
All the best from Munich,


Ce look est sublime Kristina ;)
Bisous <3

woah i like this look xx

Love your pants and your shoes!

I like how you combine the colours blue and orange :)

Love your outfi! blue is a perfekt match to orange.

Vistit my blogg

Loving the bag, it’s to die for!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

California weather seems very similar to the weather right here. Great look! =D

Please, check out my blog:


You are so gorgeous !!!! awesome outfit and beautiful pics <3

I love CALI too, it has that “something” that other places doesn’t have… some kind of magic… and you look amazing Kristina!

I really love the simplicity of this outfit. Orange is definitely your color! ^^

Wow, this is the perfect outfit as a fashionable, yet professional look! The striped button-down really brings out the business-esque attitude, but the orange trousers pop for that spring color, and screams “fashionista!” Nude heels go well with everything, but the spikes add some dimension and toughness! Gorgeous!
Melody x

Really nice look with perfect match and love photos, like always !!

Sa change des chignons toujours bien tiré.
En tout cas sympas ce look ♥
jolie photo du ciel ♥

This outfit fits perfectly! I love it :)

During summer I live in trousers like these hahah!
That dog is the cutest!!

Super stylish and lovely look! Lovin these pants! You look amazing!!!

I really love the orange color of these pants. I need to get a few pieces in orange for Spring/Summer Xx Elle

It is a long time that I follow you and I love your style, always so chic and perfect!
Congrats for your blog!
Kisses from Italy

Hi, Kristina! I can see the sunshine of LA has already reflected in your beautiful outfit, the orange pants do it all!!!! FAB! FAB! FAB!

Love the pairings with the complimentary colors! It’s definitely an outfit that stands out and is an eye catcher

You always look perfect!:)

Perfect perfect shoes

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Wow, such a fresh outfit! Great for spring or summer :-)

When I first saw this look on instagram, I was looking for the article that went along with the look. I loved the tailored chic vibe that this look gave. SO thank you for the inspiration!

i really like those pants they are different, great post.


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I’m in love with all your LA looks!!!

louis Martin 20 March 2014 / Reply

Not so impressed. Btw l don’t think LA suits you. You should live in countries like Dubai.

Unexpected yet beautiful outfit! I can’t get enough of the Valentino Rockstuds you have on!

I love the bright orange pants! They really add to the outfit this LA kind of touch! ;)


Kristina I can´t tell you how much I love this look and your blog in general.
Since you travel so much I was wondering if you would tell how you pack. For me, when traveling it is always the most stressful thing to make sure that after arriving my bags and shoes stay in form and that the closthes be wrinkel-free.
Best wishes from Germany

Love the orange pants and the gorgeous shirt!:)

oh i wish we could have some L.A weather here in Paris!

I just discovered your blog and really love your outfits! you are such a pretty girl! :)

Greetings from Paris!

Amazing outfit, especially those pants, they’re such a beautiful colour

It’s funny to hear you complain about dressing for -20 weather because that’s what it’s like most of the year in Montreal, and it is challenging indeed.

Stunning! :)

Your boyfriend has superb photography skills honestly. Everything looks like it came out from a high-end fashion magazine! I noticed you used a blue and orange which fits the color theory :D Good job!

Tamara González 1 April 2014 / Reply

Fall in love with those shoes <3