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Good morning everybody! I am writing this article from my hotel room in Zürich at the Park Hyatt and I have to say it feels so good to jump back in time and enjoy these images we shot during this great L.A trip. I can’t wait to be back in April for Coachella!!! We have definitely been super busy lately, I would even say more than ever and it’s funny how some of you peeps say on Instagram “Do you even have a proper home!??!”. Hahaha! Legit question!

As much as I love home, and I LOVE my bed, my philosophy is to make it home no matter where I go. As long as I am surrounded by people I love, as long as I bring with me my little pyjamas and computer : I can feel at home no matter where life takes me. And I have to say, there’s nothing better than travelling with James, he is just such an incredible person and we’re so on same page. We work our ass off but then we also have SO much fun and laugh like little kids all the time. It is a real blessing.

Now before letting you enjoy this new outfit and the several extraordinary pieces appearing in the following images, there’a a subject I wanted to talk about with you guys. I am planning to do a more detailed article about it since I would love to share all the story, and my personal tips with you but a lot of you folks have noticed lately my body transformation. So first of all : nope, I’m not starving myself nor do I feel “pressured” in any sort of way. I am and have ALWAYS (I hope I’ll always be!!) been completely uninfluenced by the beauty formats and loved my body just the way it was, just the way it is, no matter it’s size. For me rule n°1 is health, rule n°2 is confidence. So if I’m happy and confident about my body, which I’ve pretty much always been, then I don’t need to change a thing.

What happened lately is that I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress. I know, I know it doesn’t seem like… right? I mean the girl is travelling the world wearing pretty clothes and sleeping in 5* hotels. Well think again. To make it all happen, it takes hours of management off screen. Every success, every step we take has been achieved thanks to our time investment, dedication and work. Stress is a bitch. Sorry to be that direct, but it really is!!! My body started to react in a very weird way to stress and it demanded extra care and attention if I didn’t want to exhaust myself and burn all my ressources.

So the best thing I could do to my body is start a super duper healthy lifestyle. Really nourish my body with vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and all these sorts of things. So bye bye alcohol, bye bye fast food, hello kale, avocados and salmon! I am very sad when I see people write under some profiles “guurl just have a pizza”. It is good to indulge! And I love indulging with some sweets like chocolate, or organic peanut butter, even macarons! And you should definitely enjoy a pizza from time to time, but a pizza (depending on how it’s made of course, there are some insane organic pizzas that are just so good for you), we’re talking like Domino fatty pizza here, won’t nourish your body with the nutriments it needs. It will satisfy your hunger yes. But it won’t fulfill your organism’s real hunger in vital minerals. So in the end your body will technically still be physically hungry.

So this is the first thing : I made healthy, smart changes and improvements. Since I’ve been doing it, I feel so much better… It’s pretty bananas (and I love bananas). Even my stress levels lowered, my body is feeling and looking better than ever and I can’t say how much more mentally strong I got thanks to this. I feel like eating healthy is like giving sooooo much delicious luving to my little bod’bod. Really guys, listen to your parents who tell you to eat your spinach. It’s so true and so precious. We have such fast access to food, so take the time to do the good choices, there’s no pressure. And above all, do what”s right for you and be reasonable!

Second thing, I’ve started wondering for quite a few months now if I had an intolerance for gluten. Every time I would eat bread, even like healthy whole wheat bread, my body would just go nuts. My skin would break out, I’d have heavy cramps, my fingers and leg would retain water. Just bad stuff… A couple of weeks ago I got the confirmation that I became gluten intolerant over the time (probably due to stress reasons, a lot of people develop gluten, sometimes also lactose intolerances over the years, it can appear and disappear just as quickly in fact in some situations). It was honestly the most annoying thing to learn, because I am a HUGE fan of cakes and cookies and well even if in L.A it’s very easy to have gluten free sweets, in Europe not so much. So I have to say bye bye to a lot of things (thank god there’s ice cream and chocolate, thank god some macarons don’t have gluten in them!!! otherwise I’d cry myself to sleep every single day). But of course excluding things like pasta or bread from your diet makes a big body difference…

So these are a little bit of the reasons why my body indeed changed over the last couple of months, and I would love to share with you more health tips as I’m becoming kind of an expert in the file huhuhu. I mean I LOVE food SO freaking much. And I want everybody to love it and to enjoy the benefits from it. One thing is for sure, make food your best friend. You need it like you need air. Eat smart, and eat for your stomach, don’t eat for your brain who sometimes messes up with you and pushes you to eat things that won’t actually satisfy your real needs. Educate yourself about what’s really good for you and just stay as healthy and happy as possible. I am for sure happier as ever about my lifestyle, I absolutely don’t restrict myself, there’s nothing I love more than eating good healthy food and indulging with things I love from time to time.

Which leaves us with the pictures of this outfit I wore on a busy day of meetings during our stay in Los Angeles! How adorable are these little print shorts?! This outfit has been one of my favs during our stay in sunny cali, it was just so comfy, sexy and chic at the same time. The perfect combo of print and good basics! Sending you all my love!!!!

KTR_0115KTR_0145 KTR_0152 KTR_0166KTR_0002KTR_0217KTR_0210 KTR_0170KTR_0017KTR_0225KTR_0173Photo 07-03-14 22 47 16KTR_0226 KTR_0244 KTR_0255Photo 08-03-14 01 10 25 KTR_0993Photo 07-03-14 22 48 13Photo 08-03-14 01 09 26



TOP : Zara (Similar Here)

SHORTS : Tolani

BAG : Louis Vuitton

SHOES : Oscar Tiye

BRACELETS : Vita Fede, Piaget

RINGS : Alex Mika, Vite Fede


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Wow you look stunning. Love the cute shorts and heels. Sorry about your gluten intolerance and can’t eat wheat too and it really sucks :D

xx Mira

Looking beautiful today! I love the shorts dear

Great article Kristina !! I’ve never commented on your post even though I’ve been following u for ages!
But there… I just had to!
I’ve seen those stupid comments on Instagram and I’m so glad you reposted so wisely!
You indeed look better than ever, keep going!
I’ll be waiting for the health post !!!

Much love from Geneva, it’s missing you by the way :)

xx Olivia

I love this outfit,youre a huge source of inspiration!kisses

WOW! nice outfit Kayture! Spring in around the corner and I’m excited about it too!

Kristina, just do whatever makes you happy, at the end you have to live with your choices! You look great!

x Karen

Love the print on that shorts! They look so stylish with the stripy sandals and the white shirt!

If you truly want to eat healthy, you have to cook it yourself. Eating out, you never really know what they put in the food. Just because it’s a 5 star hotel or restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best and most healthy food. The reason why you have health problems is because your life is so stressful. Maybe you should say no to a few assignments and spend some ‘normal’ time at home.

You look stunning, love your shorts !

Love from Paris

totally love the outfit and I would def love to hear more on the food topic! I find it incredibly interesting since I am trying to eat healthier as well. However, I just can’t restrain from bread! How do you do that? I just seem to love it to much!

I love those shorts, they have a great summer vibe to them! What a great post and I too have been having this problems with gluten and certain things I eat with my face breaking out and getting bad cramps. I’ve never really known what to eat in these circumstances or which foods are good and healthy for my body. Your post has given great advice of ways that you can change your eating habits for the better!

One of my favourite post today. I love it all! Such a great photos and incredible shorts and heels !


Dominique 20 March 2014 / Reply

you look so pretty!


Wow this look is amazing, you look really stunning. These shorts are so cool and the shirt is perfect. Beautiful handbag and these sandals are my new love. The wall is so chic

Seriously you look AMAZING! And I was really waiting for this post because, ugh this short is so cool and everytime I saw a photo on instagram I was like ‘please please please post the article soon!’ haha. And you have amazing legs. It’s true your body changed, but it is healthy (I don’t know if I should add ‘for now’ because it’s not my place to judge, but please be careful, you are perfect just the way you are). You look simply gorgeous. x

Beautiful look!!!

Good to know that a healthy lifestyle helps you so much! And I am crazy about that outfit!!!

I’m looking forward to be able to wear shorts! I love them, but it’s still cold here :-( These ones are lovely!

Marie-Aude 20 March 2014 / Reply

Bien dit :)
Quel look, il est magnifique, et j’ai hâte de m’habiller de la sorte lorsqu’il fera plus chaud <3
Tu es radieuse ! Je te souhaite une belle journée de printemps !

Love your outfit combo. Especially the shorts is great and the perfect match for summer.

Ow :( it was probably harsh to learn about this gluten intolerance…
Your text is very interesting. It is amaying that you are so young, yet already so wise ;)
keep going girl !!

I can see that you’re feeling super good in your pictures From outside and inside. So keep going on with your healthy food. You’re doing the right thing .Drinking lots of water, do sports and eat healthy is everything for your body and your brain.
You’re outfit is super cute and I love this shorts on you.

Love Katharina

I’m delighted with the set! The pink wall is gorgeous and the nature photos are amazing…


Le parfait petit short <3


Those shoes indeed are perfect! And so are your legs <3



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These pictures are absolutely amazing !

Cute cute cute shoes!!And I also love the shorts, they look so summery!!! I’m in love with this wall, sometimes I want to go to LA again just to shoot a picture with it in the background…

not grateful 20 March 2014 / Reply

You keep saying how grateful you are but I don’t think you really can be. How can you be when you’ve never had a ‘hard’ life? You just got lucky with the opportunities that landed in your lap. I feel so sorry for you that you are 20 years old living the life of a 30 year old. One day you will wake up and realise your whole childhood is gone. Not going to university and living a simple life, backpacking, not spending tons of money staying in expensive fancy hotels and eating at fancy restaurants. You don’t know what grateful is because you have always had an easy life as a spoilt rich only child.

Your body has always been amazing, but yes, you look great and I’m sure it is because of what you said!
The look is great as well :)

Everything you’ve said about food and healthy lifestyle is so true! I made a resolution to eat healthy too and I feel thousand times better now!

You look absolutely wonderful! <3

Btw, this outfit is really cool! I love the printed shorts! ;)

You look fantastic! And I’d absolutely love to hear some of your health tips.
I also gave up gluten a while back and definitely could see some improvements!

Wow, that text was so inspiring! And the outfit is amazing!!

Sandrine x

I love love that top and those shorts! Very nice outfit! I like the bracelete too!


Beautiful Pictorial, Kristina! And welcome to LA (although you just left, I know you’ll be back soon!) I absolutely LOVE living here in LA and I am so glad you share the excitment of this wonderful city too! I am also gluten-sensitive, however, I do not have celiac disease. I have also experienced ALL of the symptoms you mentioned and then some! :( Fortunately, since I am such a foodie and good cook, I have found so many ways to enjoy the foods I love gluten-free. Like grinding rolled oats into an ‘oat flour’ and making them into healthy, clean-eating pancakes, and even using it to bake CAKE! Yes, CAKE! I also made a youtube video extensively covering the topic of gluten-free eating and its health benefits. I was inspired to make the video in efforts to help reach out to others who may have similar issues but don’t realize they could also have gluten sensitivities as well. (here is the link if you are interested in taking a peek ) You look absolutely stunning, and I am so happy to hear you’re feeling much better! xo

You look so stunning in this outfit! Love everything about it, makes me wish it was summer already!

J’adore ce look, c’est vrai que ce short est sublime. J’ai bien lu ce que tu as mis sur l’importance de la nourriture, saine. Je suis plutôt tendance à manger des aliments pas très sains,étant donné que les légumes et moi font 2. C’est vraiment bête que tu aies développé une intolérance au gluten, j’espère que ce n’est que provisoire.


You look awesome! Thank you so much for this tips, i also love healthy food!

Ces photos sont superbes :)
Et j’ai le même sac que toi en plus gros et c’est un vrai bijoux je l’adore !
Bisous <3

Beautiful photos and the look is amazing!

Kristina, I hope you can solve quickly your problems food intolerances, a big hug

beautiful Kristina, you look stunning and the backdrop is to die for!


Amazing you are!!!!

These shoes are amazing!

you are amazing!
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wow!! you look awesome! lovely shorts and amazing sandals!


Andromeda18_ 20 March 2014 / Reply

Personally, I don’t think you need to “have a pizza”. The way I see it you’re not fat, but you’re not skinny either. You actually look quite healthy.

All that matters is that you’re healthy and feel happy about yourself. That seems to be the case so you should keep living your life the way you want to.

Perfect like always ! And your are totally right about all this healthy food. There is no better feeling that change lifestyle and listen your body !

Not only your body is changing but also your face. You seem like became more anile. l don’t know if you’ve noticed this but the nasolabial folds on your face is pretty obvious.It should tell you something.Or maybe too much makeup is the reason… BUT you still look Okay. Anyways, are you planning move to LA? Well, watch out.l live there and the food there is not gonna do much good things to your body, to be honest.

Take care.

You look amazing! I love your bracelets!

The pink background is so great!!! Your outfit as well:o)
Thx for being so honest!!! It’s a real pleasure to sit here on my balcony during lunch break and enjoy reading your article!!! You really have a hand for writing:o)
xoxo Kirsten

I love that you are writing about this! I recently became lactose intolerant and let me tell you it is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. And even before I have had problems eating bread that is not whole wheat or if any kind of pasty is not baked until golden brown my stomach pays the price I would even get sick to the point where it would send me to bed. I also recently started a healthy diet and working out, which I love to workout and it has made an immense difference in my life, I am for sure healthier, not only do i feel strong, but even my skin feels different. And a huge plus for me is my period longevity has lowered to only three day instead of a full whole week…so i cheer you for making this decision to better your body and your health!!!!

Those patterned shorts are exquisite! Perfect setting.

Love these print shorts<3

New on

these are gorgeous heels! glad to hear you’re addressing some health issues in a great way with more nutrients and good food! :) stay well!
ladies in navy

Nice shorts and thanks for your health tips :)


Lovely outfit, those heels are adorable

incredible skin!



Perfect!! Loove this

Eye Like Fashion 20 March 2014 / Reply

Gorgeous look! LOVE these shoes. The heel details is so special and these shorts are adorable!



I love the pics and the look!
best regards from Spain

heartbeat blog

This was just great post! I loved every single word you said and you’re so true! I would love to eat healthy as well, but I can’t because I’ve to say that in Europe as you said it’s not that easy to have gluten free sweets and actually food too. And of course it cost way more than daily products which I can buy at nearest stores in my city. I’m saying that – healthy eating in my house is something impossible; I’ve to eat meat products, bread and pasta products, actually everything that I’ve at home because we can’t afford every single eco vegetable, yogurt, etc. But even it is like it is, I’m trying to eat healthy and post like this really inspires me to do it, to keep going.

Anyway, be strong, I know that it can be hard sometimes to look at all those foodies which isn’t healthy at all but in some ways they’re really tasty. Healthy food is way better than that! You’re great and thank you for this post. <3

Absolutely love this outfit and I am glad you feel confident because you can ! Your body is perfect and having a good diet is also something great. Don’t think that we judge you or think you are superficial because it’s not true.

Is a short amount of time, you have become an inspiration to me. Last month my friend went gluten free for health and personal reasons and I chose to do so as well but only for personal reasons. I have received no support from my friends and very little from my mom who I asked to do so with me. I really appreciated this article because it puts a voice to how I feel about going gluten free and eating healthier. Thanks doll ;)

First of all, your body looks great, you are not “skinny skinny” so you are in no need of a “pizza” to make it look fuller or healthier (which is by no means healthy!) Even if you are perfect, people will find something to say about you. I have been trying to eat as healthy as I can for the last 3 years and it makes a hell of a difference. You really really look great! ^^

Thank you for your post ! You give me so much positive inspiration. It’s like you spread so many good vibes that I feel like I have to spread some back to you ! You are alright in this article: good food gives you great energy ! The more natural you eat, the better you’ll feel. And I feel like both of us would get along because we kinda have the same relationship to food: healthy eating and sweets-addicted ! The world wouldn’t go round if we couldn’t allow chocolate or any other kind of sweets, right ?! Another thing, I know you’ve wanted for a while to become vegan, and that’s what’s your aiming to become. I feel like it is healthy to be vegan AS LONG AS you pay attention to the things in food you’re not getting anymore and find other yummy food in which there are those things (fer, omega 3,…)! But according to me, you shouldn’t be too restrictive and keep allowing you chocolate macaroons and other sweets if you feel like ! Anyway, I love having deep health conversations about you (even if we’re not talking to each other directly lol), but I felt like I could share these thoughts with you :) take care sweetie, a Swiss follower who’s been following you since the beginning everyyydaaaayy ! Love

The look is just so lovely! And talking about all this you said about eating healthy and everything, I would like if you could make a post about that, cause I’ve been trying to loose 5 kilos since half a year ago or so and still haven’t achieved it. I have already eliminated crisps and those little cakes that you can buy at the supermarket and go inside plastic bags, but nothing has change. If you could give me some advice it would be awesome! ;)

The Fashion Panda 20 March 2014 / Reply

I am so happy to read this post and your body has indeed changed ( but I like it a lot :)
So nice to hear it’s all because of a healthy lifestyle which is so important !

I love those printed shorts! They work effortlessly with the half tucked in shirt!
I’m glad you’re trying out a healthy food diet, it’s absolutely healthier and there is so much more energy provided!

Jeannette 20 March 2014 / Reply

PERFECT Style!!! Love the Shorts so much


You are absolutely stunning and I’m glad you clarified your weight loss because I know a lot of people have been expressing concerns. I’m glad that you’ve chosen a healthy lifestyle and it definitely has shown its results in your stunning, healthy glow.

Also this outfit…I LOVEEEE it!! Keep up the beautiful posts and I wish you the best with James. You guys are definitely a power duo and his photographs are absolutely beautiful.

I don’t mean to market myself, but please check out my blog at I would love your feedback and any constructive criticism. I would love to expand my blog and would love your professional input on it.
Thanks, and stay beautiful, Kristina!

Your talk about healthy food is soooo important! Too many girls out there eat stuff that is just not healthy, and there here comes the result! Keep doin what your doing because it’s great! :)

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Ps: read my article on Studionews24!

You always have so gorgeous make up! Like the heels and bag:)

so in love with this outfit!! your heels and shorts are amazing!!!

I love the shorts! During summer I live in shorts like these hahaha

Kristina, this is a gorgeous post! I think it’s one of your best posts, if you ask me. And don’t listen to the people who say you’re too skinny, they definitely haven’t seen too skinny. You look really beautiful the last time! x

You are so right about how important a good diet is!

I too quit gluten, crap and sugar also, it’s very difficult at first but it pays off in the end! So weird I find that now when I eat sugary things like cake etc it tastes like an artificial sweet instead of a real one (like strawberries for example.) Even when I drink a little bit of alcohol now I can feel it affecting my body, it’s crazy :-) Well done for sticking with it!

Beautiful photos too, Love from Barcelona x

Emma from E L E C T R I C S O I R E E

you look amazing
just amazing

Such beautiful pictures! Love the ones on the pink background!

♥ Oxana
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You look amazing in these photos! The shorts look pretty cool!

Patricia de Block 20 March 2014 / Reply

Hai Kristina,

Superamazing pictures of course (also thanks to mr James)! Really happy you shared your story about gluten intolerance. I think I have the same problem,

Well this shorts are definitely perfect!:) But I have to say that your bag is the most fabulous piece of this outfit!:)

Kisses from poland,

Gorgeous outfit! Love your shirt so much!
Fashion latte with vanilla

I absolutely adore this outfit, especially the bag. Very chic!

I made a video showing a smoothie recipe without ice cream if you wanna check it out :)


I love that pink wall from the Paul Smith building :) You’re wearing such an LA outfit, gorgeous!

You always look gorgeous to me no matter the weight. Your body always seems proportional and you have the perfect amount of curves.
Your change in diet really motivates me to keep on with mine, and I`d really like to see more of your tips.
Keep on being perfect!

We actually think the same things, haha! great pictures :)

Brenda Ludmila 20 March 2014 / Reply

Cmon K, we know and you know that this healthy life style is more of a choice to become thinner, you cant deny that in the industry you “work” in it is something extremely important. And I think that the word stress is too big of a word for you, its a word more for people who have real problems, not like for not knowing what disegner clothes to wear or where to shoot nice pictures..

Hello Kristina!!
You are looking so great lately so keep it up!
I visit your blog daily and I absolutely love every outfit you share with us!
I was wondering if you would ever consider organising competitions for your readers or perhaps selling off some of the bags shoes clothes… You no longer wear :) I think it would be a great idea
Best wishes!
Olga x

Pretty and elegant look! =D

Please, check out my blog:


These photo’s are sick and you look amazing! I love silk sorts!

Love this look! It’s halfway between tribal and classy. The shorts are super colorful and fun, and paired with this breezy white blouse, it is the ideal sun-kissed attire. Plus, nothing screams “perfection!” better than comfortable, flimsy shorts! Paired with the black handbag, it creates a more sophisticated vibe. The shoes are an absolute stunner; instead of the traditional back covering heel design, they went with a whimsical wing, which is absolutely adorable. Gorgeous!
Melody x

I am in love with the whole outfit especially those shorts! Love it!

To James : amazing pictures !!
To Kristina : adorable look and your attitude towards life is really inspiring :)


Kristina, you look great! Just don’t forget eat) Love your looks. And hello from Russia)

You look simply amazing! you`re such a beauty,,plus an amazing fashion sense and brains..that`s a 10+

Wonderful photos and amazing outfit!
I too started eating only healthy food and doing sports every day and I’m loosing weight without starving and I even have more power and I feel better! And I absolutely understand you, because I love food so much :D I made a rule eating whatever I want just once a week, because if I tell myself I’d never eat pizza or ice cream again.. I couldn’t live in such stress :D

Photography at sunset is so flattering! Kristina, you are such a lady and your sense of style is unmatched.


I really loved this post Kristina. I think its great that you’ve started to eat healthy and nourish your body. While pasta and breads are delicious from time to time, when you’re stressed out and working hard your body needs real nutrients! You are looking gorgeous and i’m so glad you are happy and healthy!


I just want to say thank you for your honesty, Kristina! I, too, recognized your body changes lately but in fact I didn’t know you had to cope with so many harsh comments about it. I am very happy that you advocated it here and I believe that you did very well indeed. Also, I’d love to hear more about what you’re eating at the moment and how you prepare it as I wonder all the time: How does she do it? Travel so much and have time to prepare proper food (even gluten-free!)? To me you look better than ever… best regards and xoxo

Right on spot and on point with the food talk. Education is key to a healthy life! Kudos Kristina for the choices you made! Those sandals are incredibly cute! :)

CelebritiesAndFashion 21 March 2014 / Reply

You look so lovely, I am really fascinated by your pretty heels!! :)
XOXO Hannah

I’m in love with your shorts! *_*


Love these look with the printed shorts and the white blouse. Looks so summer.
Also love the pictures with the pink wall. I know the location/shop where that amazing pink wall is and wanna do also some pictures next time when I’m in L.A. Last time I was by myself in L.A. so I had nobody with me where can take’s the pictures :(
I wish you a great sunny day.
xo, Petra

You look great . Love it

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I want summer too! Those shorts are my favourite and all the pieces are perfectly it!


god i luv ur outfit so much!!
it’s so nice to still have a clean and simple style which most of the bloggers don’t.
also ur words make people feel happy when reading
i actually like you more than chiara
hope u surrounded by loving people

It is really interesting and very true what you are saying about the power of food and impact of chosing the right nutriments to feed your body with what it needs, and not the “unhealthy” food you can be craving for. I am also trying to eat more healthy, but it is not always easy to find out how to eat healthy meals with the overdose of information on diets nowadays, where one article is going to prone the virtues of one ingredient and the next website is going to tear it apart and tell you how bad it is for you…So definitely curious to read more about your findings and healthy tips :)

Amazing outfit and pictures! Congrats James ;)

I would love to hear more about yout healthy lifestyle. I’ve been changed my diet as well! And I have a lot of other plans to be healthier and happier about my body and my life :)

Have a nice weekend!


Love this outfit so much! The shirt looks great.

absolutely perfect…

If you’re healthy and happy that;s all that matters!

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I agree with you totally Kay. It is important what we put in our body. You shouldn’t listen to nasty comments. You feel better than before, go girl:) Your outfit is so easy going. I love it!


Great outfit, especially those shorts!!

I agree – feeding your body the right nutrients are the best solution for mood & body regulation. It’s tough to make the initial switch but definitely pays off, especially in the long run for your health

You are looking beautiful Kristina! I totally understand about the gluten intolerant. I’ve been off it for about 2 years now and it works wonders. No more cramps, bloatedness etc. All my best for your health and happiness! Adore your blog xx

Me encanta tu outfit te ves preciosa!!
pero no q1ue mas encanto fueron tus zapatos, estan super lindos.

Always beautiful !


Lovely outfit. Beautiful background.

This is A M A Z I N G. No, really, you look amazing, Kristina. It is both simple and sexy – a perfect combination. I am in love with these shorts. Gonna try to find something like that.

My body reacts the same way as yours. I hate it! My body gains several kg of water if i eat gluten for a couple of days (love some good bread, pasta or cakes), but I love helty food too. So I’ll be super happy if you would like to share some super-tips on what you need to eat every day for taking care of your body, some small meal- tips, and some recipes.
Im starting this weekend taking a two month long only-helty-food-trip (no gluten or sugar) to see what happens to my body and my mind. So please share your thought and ideas, cause this article really inspierd me to do something I’ve been thinking of doing for so long…

- Maja, Norway

I love the pictures and the outfit so much ! Gorgeous !

Hi sweetie!
OMG! Very nice pics and fabulous outfit! This shoes is very very pretty! I want it! :)
Have a nice day! Salut.

Coquet élégance

My recommendation would be for you to proof read your posts. They are riddled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

I do not agree with everything you said on your post but I sincerely congratule you for your sincerity and spontaneity :) !

These pictures are wonderful, the lightning is amazing ! I love the high quality of your pictures, they look like the most perfect editorials to me. Keep going Kristina !

You know I am a fan of yours, Kristina. You look healthy and gorgeous, and the outfit is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

I am glad you are not letting the hater’s comment get to you and upset you. You are such a little angel xx

You look gorgeous Kristina, and you have such a healthy glow about you – beautiful!

Elizabeth x |

This is one of my all time favourite looks of yours ever! My perfect style!

Kirsten x

I love the purse & blouse. So lucky you’re going to Coachella! A lot of my friends are going.

Shea Schaaf 23 March 2014 / Reply

Kristina, you are always beautiful no matter what…and I love the new transformation! I’m sorry you can’t have gluten anymore :( but you can still eat delicious things!! I admire your strength and perseverance…keep it up!

Also, l.o.v.e the outfit! So pretty!

Gorgeous print shorts! Yes, I agree, health comes first! x

Hi kristina, i liked very much your latest post and would love to read more about how to eat healthy like you :) see you in instragram @bacana85

I LOVE the outfit- especially the bag.

Gluten intolerance – or coeliac disease – is not something that comes and goes. It’s an immunologic dysfunction, a serious condition. Real gluten intolerants have crazy stomach pain, diarrhea with sometimes blood in it, important weight loss and family history.
To diagnosis it, you need to find two antibodies in your blood sample and to proceed a gut biopsy that shows epithelial destruction and lymphocytes invasion. Did you do all of this with a doctor? Are those tests positive for you?
If it’s not the case, go enjoy your bread and pasta girl. It’s an awful disease that makes concerned people very sad, not a crazy new fashion diet non-sense

LOVE IT! You look incredible!

Anything Else

The perfect shortst! <3

I love so much!


Helo Müller

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wow these shorts are so stylish!♥ lovely look as always!:)

Ton sac :O je ne comprends pas comment tu fais pour porter tous les jours des talons pareils, surtout que tu dois cavaler pas mal, ne serait-ce que pour trouver le lieu du shoot… Mystère… ;)

Really nice article, thanks for sharing! Nourishing yourself is super important, and you’re totally right that healthy food is a key element! You look absolutely amazing, gorgeous outfit:)

Much love

J’adore les shorts!!! They are too cute! Reminds me that summer is right around the corner!

you look amazing! great photos!


-Stephanie Guerrero

Serena Elizabeth 24 March 2014 / Reply

To the people saying that Kristina is a “spoilt rich only child”, and is wasting her life away not doing university:

1. Please leave your unconventional mindset behind, let her do whatever she feels like doing at the moment. Surely in such a modern age, going to university and getting a degree isn’t the ONLY thing a person can do to be successful in life. It’s her life, and if she LOVES what she’s doing and is making money out of it, why is there a need to attack her this way?

2. I’ve followed her blog since the start and personally in my opinion she has worked hard for everything she has now. Yes, her career may not be as stressful as that of a doctor’s or lawyer’s but there IS a legit amount of stress involved and you can’t degrade it or insult everything she’s put into her blogging by saying that it’s nothing. It’s not easy to make it in the blogging industry. Again, stop thinking so conventionally, be a little more open-minded.

You’re absolutely right, body and mind do work better with a healthy diet…unfortunately for me it’s very difficult to not indulge with “bad” food, it’s just too delicious! :P
However you actually gave me the input to try starting a healthier diet! :D Thank you for your detailed info!

Your photo’s and looks keep getting better and better!! Think this is my favorite post so far, so gorgeous! xo Hanneke

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Thank you for this post Kristina! I really enjoyed reading it. I think it’s good that you explained your transformation. You look amazing though!

I also love every single piece of your outfit. The shoes, the shorts and the pieces of jewellery are stunning. The pictures are outstanding as well. This is probably one of my favourite posts on Kayture :)

I would really love to meet you one day, because you’re such a big inspiration. Maybe I’ll run into you when you’re in Zurich again, because I study at University of Zurich.

Have a lovely day!
Love, Selina

Bon je sais pas si mon anglais est mauvais ou si tu as vraiment été mal informée. L’intolérance au gluten, la vraie, c’est à dire la maladie cœliaque, n’est pas quelque chose qui va et vient comme a cause du stress, à vrai dire tu nais intolérant au gluten. Le stresse est peut être un facteur qui a eu des répercussions sur ton ventre mais il ne peut en aucun cas modifier ta génétique. Il existe plusieurs sortes d’intolérance c’est à dire de faible (qqn qui peut manger une pizza chaque semaine avec peu de répercussions) a très grave (évanouissement des que traces de gluten). Le blé a été modifié de génération en génération pour être toujours plus résistants à la cuisson donc il est évident que résistant veut aussi dire difficile à digérer. Lorsque tu es atteints de la maladie cœliaque une régime stricte de minimum 6 mois pour que les villosités de ton estomac se refasse est juste obligatoire et il ne s’agit pas que de pains et de pâte, tu en trouve dans les bouillons, la sauce soja et j’en passe. Et après t’en être désintoxiquer tu peux essayer de retrouver un juste dosage de gluten à inclure dans ta vie. L’intolérance au gluten est un régime super à la mode du coup beaucoup de gens l’adoptent sans vraiment savoir de quoi il s’agit alors que pour les vrais intolérant il est juste impensable que des personnes puissent prétendre l’être puis qu’ils s’envoi des pizzas à tout va par la suite en supposant être guéri! L’intolérance au gluten c’est régime à VIE, je regrette que tu n’ai pas été mieux informé surtout sachant que ce que tu dis peut avoir de l’influence. Bref, je reste à ta disposition éventuellement

Thank you so much for this article. I always love learning about other people’s experience and it motivates me through my own journey to be healthy.

Keep up the great work. And I can’t wait to read your health article.

Love from New York!

- Adina

I agree with Healthy
But it is good to see you are still trying even in your busy schedule.
But yeah, maybe once you see your health suffering… it is a good indicator that it is time for a vacation

Very nice and classy!

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The shorts are really nice and they look great with the white shirt, perfect combination.

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Kisses from Rüga

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