Hope you guys had a lovely week-end! James and I decided to squeeze in a day off during our stay in Rome as there were so many great things to see and do, more about that to come in our future articles! I’ve been working the whole week-end sorting out last things before our next trips. This week is going to be very exciting and intense as the same time, we’re doing Paris, Zürich and Los Angeles, all in just one week… So bare with us! It’s definitely doing to be a lot of fun :)

I am happy to introduce you guys to a new category on Kayture, the shopping list! I feel like it’s something that has been missing since so many of you have been requesting shopping tips, where to buy this and that, what are the cool online shops and above all the pieces to look out for. Being a huge nerd, I surf online constantly trying to find some interesting designer items (or trying to find the look a like for half the price on Asos or Topshop as a matter of fact hihi) so why not make the job easier for you and make a summary of some my current favorite spring shopping cravings.

I’ve decided to divide the items in three categories as you can see, the first one is all about powder pinks. As you may know, for a long time, I had a “I love you, I hate you” relationship with pink. Just always felt like it made me look too girly. But it turns out I first learned to appreciate it, to now I absolutely need and adore it! Especially during spring season because let’s all admit that it’s the perfect color to go for a late afternoon date while looking at the sunset or having a nice dinner in town with friends. It’s a color pretty easy to pull of, it matches a lot of skin tones and looks insanely good with denim.

The second category is focused on contrasts, bold colors and deep blacks. I’ve been a huge fan of this Saint Laurent lip blouse ever since I saw it and I feel like it’s just such a perfect piece for spring with the perfect red lip and some leather trousers. The weather gets warmer, and you want to get a little more creative with the colors and try some fun color blocking.

Last but not least, Beach Air is essentially about light airy shades that just makes you want to escape the daily routine and land on a beach far away from everybody, sip cocktails all day long, cuddle up in a warm and cozy sweater while listening to “Happy” by Pharrell… Sounds like a perfect plan isn’t it? I hope you guys will enjoy this spring shopping list, make sure to scroll over the images to get all the details and happy shopping! x

Note : If the images don’t show up, you probably use Adblock. Simply switch it off for so you can see the clickable images !


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Those Givenchy sandals are perfect!! Want them!!

xoxo Iren

Perfect shopping tips Kristina! Thank you :)

I love that pink powder version!

your powder pink shopping list! amazing colour for spring <3

I love your powder pink shopping list, the colour is amazing for spring!

Thank you for sharing your ideas! Love the powder pink and the light beach colors! You are always an inspiration for me!


loving that pink colour!
gorgeous picks


♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Such a lovely pieces! Love this new idea:) have a lovely day!

Everything looks amazing. My favorite the Powder Pink list :D

xx Mira

Love your choice. Especially powder pink and beach air!

The shopping list does not seem to work on google chrome :(

Eye like fashion 31 March 2014 / Reply

Love your shopping lists! The powder pink is still an obsession for me. And your picks are such great staples!



Fabulous picks! Love them all!

Jamie W

Thank you so much! This definitely makes it easier for me to make my spring shopping list :) Love your blog!

I love this post. So many great items in each set

Cool items! That’s a great idea of a shopping list! x

Amazing picks ! Makes me want to shop

I LOVE the Happy bag and Miu Miu sunnies! :) Added to my Wishlist!

Hey, I really love this concept! I think its a good idea to include a mix of high/low brands to cater to all budgets :)

Kristina I can’t see any pictures, I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s only an article. I am using a Google Chrome browser.

c’est normal qu’il n’y ait pas de photos ?

As a wedding photographer, I love the pink trend for my clients. Else, I love the beach one :)!

rezounours 1 April 2014 / Reply

Je ne vois pas non plus les images

I really love the design of the blog! (:

-Stephanie Guerrero

I Love this article so much!!:)

Hi Kristina, I just wanted to warn you that people with an AdBlocker can’t see the pictures. So they have to turn it off for a second if they want to see the clothes!


Hi, it’s probably because your Adblock is on! If you turn it off and refresh the page it will work properly.

very nice, but you forget the watch ;)

such a great list ! i like it !!

Una lista muy completa y de mucha ayuda! =) Muchas gracias :)