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Hey loves! So I was supposed to post this article this morning but unfortunately had to run out in town for meetings. Ever since we arrived in Los Angeles exactly one week ago it was a thrill and a bit of race to get all things done. Our incredible collaboration with Piaget ended up this sunday but we decided to extend our stay of two more weeks just to be able to hop on all the meetings we wanted to and of course work on my music : Los Angeles is the best place on earth for that!

It was such an incredible honor to be Piaget’s special guest in LA during this wonderful sunny adventure in the middle of the Oscars season. Not only do I know how picky they are about all their collaboration (probably as much as we are actually!), but I know that if their team trusted me and James for this new project, it means that we truly have built up something special and that together we would create something exceptionally magical, sharing this incredible journey with you.

I have always been such a big admirer of Piaget and their stunning craftsmanship, being from Switzerland, it’s a real honor to have such an international and luxurious brand being a symbol of quality in the entire world. So when the asked me to be their special insider during the Spirit Awards (and independent movie ceremony which they support and sponsor), I couldn’t have been more excited.

The Spirit Awards is a very special initiative that doesn’t just support big blockbuster movies, it’s an award that celebrate the art of independent movies, big and small ones where censorship is less present and allows the director to talk about subjects that really matter and approach them in a unique way, as authentic and true as possible. Among the nominated movies this year were Dallas Buyer’s club and 12 Years a slave, two movies with two very important subjects to talk about.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw all these incredible actors that I look up to so much standing just 5 feet away from… weird feeling. I had to say several times to myself : “play it cool girl, play it cool” but I was actually screaming like a little clam inside. From Brad Pitt to Matthew Mcconaughey, so many amazing personalities and talents in just one room : I was amazed.

Assisting to the awards was such a prestigious opportunity, having the chance to hear these fabulous people discuss their craft was beyond inspiring. From the directors, to the producers and costume designers : everybody had worked months, sometimes years in order to achieve their goals and create the best quality possible. It was amazing. I was so happy for all the winners, I felt like they all deserved a price. And I couldn’t but set notes aside for myself as well, and all the things I’ve heard only pushed me to dream bigger and aime higher, life is so short and it’s so important to make the most out of it. I hope you guys will enjoy discovering these images that we shot and found. It was such a fantastic day, I can’t be more  grateful and honored to have been given this amazing opportunity and share it with you.

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You look gorgeous! What an amazing opportunity – so many famous people!


You look so gorgeous, the make up and hairstyle are impeccable as always and the dress is so glamourous!
Je te souhaite une bonne journée!

Gorgeous, you look incredible in all of these photos!

Beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing event! xx

AMAZING!!! Can’t believe you were at this event!!! The serious Hollywood A listers were there. Did you get star struck at all?
You looked amazing. LOVE this dress on you.



Wow this sounds like such an amazing experience! Xx Elle

Wow wow you were so lucky to meet all these amazing actors!!! Love the beautiful black and white pics. You look stunning!!

xx Mira

Amazing pictures, look like you had an awesome time and you look great! Cool to see all these celebs in real life or not?


omg, that must have been such an amazing experience!!

awesome! I’m jealous! :)

Dann Ch. 5 March 2014 / Reply

YOU’RE SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!


Great post!

It looks totally awesome, love your look! The shoes are super high and nice!


Great work! And great photos :-)

Looks like A LOT of fun and your outfit looked amazing!

The White Studio

Kristina, you look beautiful!
But having photo taken with Jared Leto..I am jealous! :D

You look amazing !!!!
Photos are awesome ! Good job ;D

You look gorgeous, love your clutch !

Love from Paris

Such an amazing experience! So nice you met Jared Leto! And you look perfect as always!!! :*

Hi, Kristina! WOW!!! what an experience to go through! what a gorgeous event to attend! well done! you look like a star, who knows may be one day you will be actress yourself :) to be honest you were the only beautiful girl, sorry, no offense to anybody, but that’s how I felt. Thank you for sharing! <3 xoxo

You look just amazing! Love the hairstyle!

Je te jalouse ! Quelle belle brochette de stars ;) Tu étais ravissante !


Such an elegant outfit! Your makeup is always on point


Ohhhhh! You are so lucky… Besides being beautiful ! Xoxo

OMG Kristina!!!! How lucky you are! I’m so jealous!!! Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Angie..and you look like a Hollywood it!


Oh yes dreams are very important aka the higher your goals the higher you get. Go on!
Btw did you lost some weight? You look much skinnier than one year ago.

Love your outfit, you look super chic and the images are amazing.

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love the pictures and you look great! love your clutch

Amazing photographs! This looks like an amazing experience!

You look so fabulously glamorous!


Ca avait vraiment l’air génial. C’est vrai que les Oscars sont un événement super important aux Etats-Unis avec de très grands films, mais les Spirit Awards en soutenant plus des films à plus petit budget est une super initiative. J’ai vu 12 years a slave, et j’ai vraiment adoré. Un super film poignant.


Love your dress and your hair! :)


Wow!! you look amazing. It’s an indredible opportunity!


Looking super pretty. Love your clutch:) <3

New on

Amazing event !!! Lucky !
You look absolutely gorgeous !!

I can’t believe you met Jared Leto! #Jealous

x Krizia

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Amazing post as always! I would like to invite you all to our style blog and my new article about body tolerance.

CelebritiesAndFashion 5 March 2014 / Reply

Sounds like you had much fun. I totally feel with you when you talk about that weird feeling. The atmosphere must have been amazing. I am always impressed about their work and I think that 12 Years a Slave of course deserved the Oscar. I am happy for you that you get so great opportunities. My best time of the year are always the exciting days and experiences at the filmfestivals. I am totally movie-addicted :D Travel to Hollywood one day would be awesome. So I am sure you will still remember these unique moments for a long time :)
XOXO Hannah

You and Jared Leto look great together!

OceanWind Blog

Unbelievable experience for you! I wish you a lot of success, Kristina! :)

Reneta Kanevska

What an amazing experience! You look absolutely stunning in these pictures btw :)

It seems an amazing experience! =)

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You can be proud of you, looks like an amazing experience !

You’re so lucky to experience the Hollywood lifestyle!

I was so looking forward to this post :)

Oh yes, Angie looks great whilst catching some cheese.



The Fashion panda 5 March 2014 / Reply

Waaw I must have been amazing !! Love the dress :)

Thanks for sharing this experience and pictures! You looked great by the way :) xx

Oh god..all those the same room with you. I’d die.

Erica’s Edition

you look amazing!
so awesome you were there

None of your readers care 6 March 2014 / Reply

None of your readers care about you, your blog or your clothes. They are only commenting to advertise their OWN fashion blogs. You’re kidding yourself if you really think they are your fans.

Daniella 8 March 2014 / Reply

Wow. SO beautiful. Don’t listen to that nasty comment, I look forward to reading your posts EVERYDAY. You are SO beautiful and inspiring Kristina. Looks like you are having the time of your life!

Wow you saw some amazing people there ! You look great !
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Love your hair and make-up, so chic! xo Hanneke

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Amazing! :D
Mens Fashion Blogger from Poland! ;)

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