As if being in Los Angeles wasn’t good enough… We seriously had the best time e-v-e-r at Coachella listening to some of the most amazing music out there, having the most delicious L.A food you can get, coconuts for me and beer for James all day long and of course, hair in the air, hot sandy wind and ear-gasms every hour. Call it perfection? I do.

I decided I wanted to play the game with my rules and bring my own personal style to the festival instead of adapting to it like a chameleon. As much as I love denim shorts and casual looking outfits, I felt more like wearing my long black dress made of this incredibly light material perfect for a hot day, paired with my fav. Balenciaga boots (which are by the way probably the most comfy pair I own). And I’ll say this to you, these boots do have a heel, but I jumped my way through Calvin Harris during the whole thing and didn’t complain a single time about how my feet hurt simply because they didn’t. Magic boots, I tell you!

I was all about channeling my inner bohemian matrix chic music festival gal (if that even makes sense) and seriously am still obsessed with this all black look. My favorite detail is adding that little lace detail thanks to the Stella McCartney lingerie I wear, I love how you can use it as a fashion accessory too and make it stand out on purpose. Oh and of course, belt it up if you want to add a little structure! Hope you’ll enjoy these images.

KTR_0120KTR_0131KTR_0141KTR_0136 KTR_0147 KTR_0194 KTR_0216KTR_0078KTR_0184


DRESS : Sam & Lavi 

SHOES : Balenciaga (Similar Here)

LINGERIE : Stella McCartney 

BELT : Mango 

BAG : Jimmy Choo


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Wow you look so stunning. Love that dress so much!

xx Mira

Said it for the previous Coachella outfit as well: great choice to not go with the flow!!!Amazing dress :)

Sound so good and looks gorgeous, too! Great dress! Love,


I just adore you in this dress you look amazing!!!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Perfect! I love how you’ve taken coachella completely for your own. You always stick true to your style and it looks fantastic! x

Love the last picture – such a beautiful place.

Sophie x

You look wonderful!!! Gorgeous photos!

beautiful pictures!

Great pics, you look amazing!
Have a nice week end

Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

Nice alternative to the daisy dukes!

Love that dress :) You look absolutely stunning :)

Really cool look Kristina :)

This is not the usual coachella outfit and you did great chaining and creating your own style :)

Perfect as usual :)

Xo, Giada

Very nice and you look amazing as always.

Love the way the belt emphasizes your perfect waist and it looks absolutely gorgeous with the ‘comfy’ and stylish shoes.

This black maxi dress is stunning!

love! beautiful bag!

I love this look! So chic and perfect for the occasion!


Stunning! You look incredible as always!

Such a nice dress, gorgeous!


Amazing photos !

Love from Paris

nice look lovely dress and amazing light!

Gorgeous outfit, love how you’re always staying true to yourself when it comes to styling!

You look beautiful, and so stylish. The dress is absolutely lovely <3

Beautiful look, love the total black! I will join Coachella too one day, I just NEED it! :D

elegant and beautiful! so simplistic but it works so well against the famous L.A sunset

Hannah Aspropoulos 26 April 2014 / Reply

Love the location, surrounded by these beautiful palms :) You look so cool, simple an chic. And I am especially fascinated by the magical light on the pictures!
Have a nice day , Hannah :)

Absolutely love the dress and golden accessories!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Beautiful dress, love it that you put your personal touch! Xx

Love that you stayed with your style! The detail of lingerie makes it casual, sexy and stylish at the same time.
Really like it! <3

AWESOME look! As and every time!!
Cool, Stylish, Gorgeous!!!

Welcome to

Nice pictures, not a look I would personally wear to Coachella but suits you!
With Love,

Cool but still elegant outfit! Love this black look on you! Stunning!


Love that you stuck to your own personal style rather than just following ‘festival trends’. If everyone did that, then it would just become boring! And i love this dress, that’s definitely something I would wear too. Wish we could see these magic booties a bit better in the pictures!

Omg stunning outfit!!! I’m such a big fan Kristina! :)


Lovely photos, Coachella is beautiful!

xoxo, Diana

J’aime beaucoup la manière que tu as de rester toi-même quelles que soient les circonstances :) et tu as bien raison !!

Stop saying “play the game with my rules and bring my own personal style to the festival instead of adapting to it like a chameleon”. You’re so up yourself! You may have your own style, but Coachella has its particular style. Fit in or back off! l tell you!

Love the dress so much <3 You look beautiful



both outfits are great ! But I have a little crush for the first 1 ! ♥

Benedetta 27 April 2014 / Reply

You look so beautiful!!!
Be Happy with Fashion

I really like the fact that you didn’t alter your style while at Coachella to fit with all the denim and hippie vibe going on. You looked fabulous !!

Stunning dress! Sumochka prosto klass! Privet is Scotland! :)

Tatyana @Secret little Stars

Very elegant festive look, I like the dress but would prefer brighter color..

Lauren Yu 29 April 2014 / Reply

Love this! What’s your sunglasses’ brand? I have looked for this shape for a long time!!!

Stunning outfit! Looks really elegant.