I am and have always been a big beauty nerd. Since I’m a little girl, I’ve been stealing my mom’s make-up. At first, I didn’t really get what it was for, so I started eating the lipstick tubes and lip glosses (I mean common… when the lipstick is strawberry flavored it can be very confusing for a 3 year old), until I realized when I was something like 4 that it was actually made for painting all over the walls… Luckily it got to me one day that I could use it one my face which would become a blank canvas, a beautiful blank piece of paper ready to welcome new exciting colors. Of course at the time I wasn’t really light handed and I would paint myself a big red lip going from one cheek to another… But oh well, we all go through that, unfortunately my parents always made sure to capture it on camera so that we never forget it.

When I got older, I started saving up money to buy some of those fancy pots of eye liner and little mysterious boxes of glittery eye shadows which I would admire for hours. I’d dispose them nicely on a shelf in my room for everyone to see those new precious gems I acquired. Late at night, after school, I’d put music on and reinvent myself as a performer, on stage, with bright red lips and cat eyes. The make-up of a warrior, the colors of a beautiful artist. Eventually I’d take everything off and go to bed to dream further on.

To this day, my passion for make-up hasn’t gone. I collect lipsticks and admire every little jar as if it was a precious color in my aquarelle. For such a long time, tribus have been using make-up as a belonging symbol. Soldiers have been painting red strikes under their eyes to look more agressive and provoke fear in the eyes of the enemy. Music artists like Kiss created a whole character thanks to their make-up.

I believe make-up is our modern warrior attire, expressed so elegantly through thin lines of shimmer and glossy colors. It makes us somehow feel stronger and becomes one with our personalities. Each woman has it’s favorite colors, I for example have such a hard time leaving the house without grabbing my favorite lipstick with. Once I have it on, I feel like a fresh person. This little touch of color brings so much happiness to my day. I enjoy taking it out of my purse, this clever little stick of color, and putting it on while getting a glimpse it’s delicious fragrance. Having it on, just makes me feel so confident and ready for it all.

It’s not that I’m not confident without make-up, but I do feel different. I love the natural look, I’m all about embracing natural beauty. Again, nothing will compete with confidence or a happy smile, not even the best mascara. But I somehow feel more vulnerable without it. My face is unprotected, and I feel naked. Just like I would feel without any clothes on. I go through the same process of choosing shades and textures when I do my make-up than when I choose my clothes. It’s all about finding the right thing for YOU, what’s going to flatter you the most while creating perfect harmony between shapes and hues. I do now have a routine of course, and I love my daily cat eye SO much, but from time to time I love to experience new colors and see my face like I’ve never seen it before.

I had such a pleasure to make my own interpretation of Dior’s latest make-up products. Dior has always been one of my absolutely favorite make-up labels. I can relate to it so much (I always felt like a Miss Dior chérie somehow!!!) and I can’t be more in love with all these bright colors. For me, the Dior woman is bold, confident, colorful, romantic yet so modern and powerful at the same time. She’s not afraid of wearing extravagant colors, but she’s always chic, healthy and fresh.

I feel like this make-up look is perfect for spring/summer and if having both lips and eyes very bright and colorful feels like it’s a little too much, then you can easily pull off just one of them. This look is super easy to achieve, it took me just around 15 minutes to get it done so let’s get started!

I love the idea of having  just a thin line of blue eye shadow above the lash line. If you have blue eyes, it’ll definitely accentuate the color. I used Dior’s soon to be released 5 color palette called “Atlantique” from their Summer Transat collection (giving out the information early on guys, so make sure to swing by the Dior counter early enough to spot when it comes out! this collection is just in-cre-di-ble). For the face, I simply used some concealer to cover up and highlight then followed up with some Dior Skin Nude Rose Powder (or try this one), to give my skin this soft dewy effect. There goes the Diorskin Nude Tan Matte bronzer to create some dimension to my cheeks and the upcoming Diorskin Transat edition shimmery highlighter to give a little healthy fresh glow. I used it on the tip of my nose, top of my cheekbones and above the cupid’s bow. To end the look, I used the new “it” product, the fluid stick in color “Wonderland”.

Now get your brushes ready and have fun experimenting with your own, wonderful and beautiful blank canvas :)

Kristina.Bazan.Dior.002 Kristina.Bazan.Dior.003


DRESS : BCBG Maxazria

NECKLACE : Patricia Chang NY

LINGERIE : Stella McCartney 


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Beautiful dress and your makeup looks stunning. That vibrant blue is so cool :)

xx Mira

Hmm for me, this look is a bit too strong, like I would do just one of these elements, but I totally agree with you on how makeup and clothes just pull you together and make you feel like “you”. Haha I also used to paint everywhere with makeup!

You’re such a beautiful, smart inspiring young lady! Gorgeous photos!

Incredible! You look gorgeous!

very pretty pics! love your hair like that!

i love your look!!!

xoxo from rome

This is such a lovely look, you look really beautiful ;)

Great photos, that blue dress is so perfect and it fit you so well!

wow very sexy… love the blue it suits you!

I absolutely agree! Maybe it’s strange, but I really feel stronger with some bright lipstick on my lips :)

Amazing beautiful photos, gorgeous colours! :D

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Love your lipstick colour, it’s wonderful!!

You look absolutely stunning in all these pics, also love your necklace !

Love from Paris

You look stunning! Love the make up, it really matches the blue dress!


♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

In love with makeup, gorgeous photos too !


Charmaine 4 April 2014 / Reply

so beautiful (the make up & the article)

You always look stunning! I love the makeup on you :)

lovely spring photo shoot Christina

Love Dior make up, everything is so beautiful and chic with the Dior spirit. You look really amazing in these photos. The blue dress is perfect

I just love how striking this make-up is and it does resemble the make-up of a warrior and really like how the blue tones blend nicely with the dress, so beautiful! <3

Dress is beautiful, l really love royal blue color and your eye-make up is perfect as well!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Perfect make up, definetely going to try!

Tamara González 4 April 2014 / Reply

Nice make up and necklace!

You are so beautiful!!!


Hi Kristina, I’m a long time fan of your blog and have noticed that your posts have gotten significantly longer – sometimes it’s just too much! I find myself not engaged with your words because it sounds like you are writing a piece of creative writing. Bolding certain sentences and phrases is also very distracting! I really enjoyed your writing style before you starting writing all these long posts and using all these adjectives and ‘sophisticated words’!

You look so beautiful! Love your blog :)

so beautiful!

Wow these photos are breathtaking! I love the necklace, it’s so unique.

oh wow you look so beautiful

Amazing shots!!
Love Ur makeup !!



Love Dior make-up!

Très Très Beau Make-up! Vraiment super!!!!

Bisous Bisous!!

Elisa / The Candy Blog

You look so beautiful, these pictures are so gorgeous!

Amazing make-up and photos! I love it!

WOW! You look so beautiful, like a wonderful mermaid!


I love your make-up, it’s stunning! The blue and orange look great on you :) Go, warrior!


the dress, the make-up and your story when you were a little girl!



This look is gorgeous!

Gorgeous! That color looks great on you!

Eye Like Fashion 4 April 2014 / Reply

I’ve been using Dior shadows for a while and just love them!!!
Great colors and palettes. You look stunning with perfect make up here!



WOOOOAAAH you look flawless! This make-up look looks gorgeous on you, I especially love the blue eyeliner!

Have an awesome weekend, babe! <3



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spectacular, as always! I´m in love with this dress

Oh my, what an amazing makeup. I love the colors<3

New on

J’aime la façon dont tu considères le maquillage comme un art à part entière. Et ce bleu te va très bien :)

Love that pop of blue on your eyes :)

Saša Rakovec 4 April 2014 / Reply

Beautiful make up!

Beautiful pictures!

I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, performer. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

Beth Fine 4 April 2014 / Reply

Kristina, I laughed at the description of your antics as a 3-year old (eating the flavored lipstick and using it on the wall). In the future, I hope to see pictures of the red lips painted on your face, the blank canvas you had as a child. God has turned a beauty “nerd” into a beauty designer and counselor! How great for you to know your purpose.

I love everything about this, the makeup, the dress, the necklace. Most of all I love the colours <3

A very beautiful post! Love the colors. Especially the blue looks amazing on you! I am a Dior make-up fan for a long time. Their foundation is the best.

I started a fashion blog as well :) but still in the baby face. Please take a look ;)

I love this make up. The red and blue go together so well!!
L x

Wow, these photos are STUNNING! Blue eyeliner looks so good on you. :)


Very beautiful photos Kristina, you look sooo pretty! I too love make-up very much and I never leave the house without my favorite foundation, mascara and lip gloss, I feel like you said, naked. In the same time most people think that I don’t wear any haha good make-up makes wonders! Dior is definitely gorgeous!

Amazing makeup look! Stunning pictures! =)


Wow! These pictures are phenomenal you just look so stunning

Wow the blue eyeliner makes such a difference in bringing out your eyes!

I am obsessed with this necklace!!!

you’re so lucky to have Dior as your sponsor.

you look stunning!

You are one stunning woman!! Loving the make up!

your make up is such beautiful !

Tu es magnifique sur ces photos, très bien maquillée et j’aime beaucoup ta robe !
Je trouve que ton maquillage va très bien avec ta robe et ton collier, tu es très glamour et élégante !!
J’aimerais beaucoup voir la photo de toi petite avec le rouge-à-lèvre ! :D

Daniella 5 April 2014 / Reply


You are so beautiful & just that little bit of blue on your eyes is amazing!

Kirsten x


Love this look so much! You look perfect!

le maquillage est un jeu, une façon de se créer, de se transformer. C’est addicitf, plus on se maquille, plus on a envie de le faire. Mais là où c’est intéressant, c’est si on assume de ne pas se maquiller du tout. Si on arrive plus à sortir de chez soi sans maquillage, c’est qu’à un moment donné, on craint le regard des autres sur notre “vrai” visage. Tu dis te sentir plus vulnérable sans maquillage, c’est là qu’il y a un hic je pense, on ne devrait pas à avoir se sentir plus fragile sans fard.
J’aimerais bien voir un look de toi sans maquillage, sans les sourcils foncés, sans rouge… finalement on ne voit quasiment jamais ton visage, entre les couches de fard et les retouches photo.
Et autre chose… je suis curieuse d’en savoir plus sur l’écriture de ton livre:)
Bonne continuation!

Beautiful make up, enjoy la my dear.

This colorfull makeup looks great on you!

This makeup is amazing! The perfect combination of blue and red.
You look stunning

wow♥ you look gorgeous! I just love your makeup!:)

Awesome honey! This makeup is so amazing on you


wonderful pictures!!!! I love dior… just bought stuff from the Trianon collection :)

bisous de Paris!

Saalaang 7 April 2014 / Reply

Amazing photos and beautiful colors!!!

this time you look like cheap girl for yellow press. so sad.

Love the blue eyeliner! Such a chic way to add some color to your makeup routine!

Jamie W

Wow, this is just stunning Kristina. Your eyes are just amazing <3

Love Katharina

Perfect make-up! U look gorgeous!!

Que bien te sienta el azul en los ojos, y el vestido azul te queda genial!
Son unas fotos maravillosas :)

You look beautiful, those bright colors compliment your features really well! I look forward to trying this new makeup :)


That blue is the spring color. :)

blue is my favorite color and you look great in it.

you look gorgeous!!