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As much as I love dressing up and being all pampered and colorful, there are days where I need my favorite pair of jeans, a good structured blazer, some sunnies and nothing else. I love pulling out casual but still elegant looks, that’s my fashion rule. No matter how I’ll dress, I always need to have my chic touch! Either through accessories or by adding pieces that will elevate the entire look to another level and completely transform it. Not to mention that make-up and hair can also add this polished effect to a super casual and laid back outfit, imagine some bold red lipstick and a tight pony tail with a ripped boyfriend jeans? Talking about casual chic :)

Being in L.A for me is like being in paradise. This hot air, this energy, this ambiance. It’s my spiritual temple. I don’t need much, just walking in these sunny streets makes me happy. Just happy. And I know how in Los Angeles people don’t walk much, but James and I always managed to squeeze in a little walk somewhere, either after a lunch/dinner or just in order to go grab a coffee, we always tried to walk. Which allowed us to admire and discover the city, while day dreaming about all sorts of things, our goals in life, our passion, the next steps we’re taking with Kayture, with music, with the book I’m currently writing (oh whoops I didn’t say anything) and just life in general.

There’s nothing more fantastic than dreaming. That’s what brings magic in our lives, gives us hope and love, makes us want to fight and go forward every single day. Dreaming is healthy for the body and for the soul. And dreaming is healthy for the environment! I could’ t live without having my head constantly bursting with dreams, ideas and ambitions. That’s what gives me the pleasure to wake up everyday, that’s what makes me feel alive. Is that the world, our life is an endless quest with endless possibilities. And I am fascinated by how our hearts, and guts are capable to indicate us what we are meant to do, what we are truly willing to achieve.

So there I was that day, walking after a delicious lunch at Hinoki & The Bird in Los Angeles, dreaming about so many things, in my blue 7 For All Mankind denim. Being open to the world and enjoying every single breath, every single second, every single sunrise, sunset, every single person I meet, every single simple or complicated thing that comes along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy these images, and don’t forget to share with me your blue dreams by tagging your pictures #dreaminginblue on Instagram to follow the inspirational feed created by the incredible 7 For All Mankind crew, and make sure to check their account (@7FAM_eu) to take part in a very special contest. Sending you all my love x

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SHOES : Valentino 

JEANS : 7 For All Mankind

TOP : Lovers & Friends 

SUNNIES : Céline 

WATCH : Michael Kors 


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Beautiful casual chic. Love the cool jeans and the Valentino’s <3

xx Mira

Your legs look totally amazing i. Those jeans. I am also totally in this kind of style, a nice blazer can completely change an outfit ;) love the power of the blazer. I usually call that a “Robin Sherbatsky look” if you happen to watch How I Met your Mother. And as usual, flawless and perfect pics of a flawless and perfect you ;)

And the BOOK ! Congrats :D cant wait to know more and eventually the result
What you and James are building and achieving is totally amazing! Keep going folks !

These are really great jean…I don’t own a pair of 7 for all mankind….but I think I’ll have to start investing..

Very nice outfit. I like your shoes.

OMG so excited to know more about your book! Lovely outfit! x


♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

beautiful outfit and very nice words you found about dreams! You really expressed yourself well here!

Dominique 3 April 2014 / Reply

i love this looook!

You’re looking amazing!! Also if you ever get bored of those Valentino masterpieces, I know of a good loving home for them ;-)

You look so chic even in a pair of jeans!!

The Fashion Panda 3 April 2014 / Reply

Love this post and I dream of being a little bit like your ! Such inspiration ! :)

Wow love your hair, looks like it was a little bit windy :)

I have never seen such amazing jeans! It perfectly fits to your body O_o
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Loved the outfit, the place is really nice and the shoes are gorgeous!!

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

wow love this look. amazing jeans

Love the shoes and how you manage to dress what would have been a very simple outfit up! Nice!


You always look so wonderful!! You’re a true beauty!

I would describe this jeans as perfect pants! They fit you perfectly!

Love the whole outfit!

such a great, mixed up look. I think combining high-street and high-end you can get a really expensive looking look.

Dannie – Style Honey Mafia

A simple and nice look :)


Great photos and you look stunning! :)
Those Valentino shoes don’t look as nice as some pale ones, maybe because of those creases…

Nice change to see you in jeans! They look incredible on yo u babes.

Sophie x

you could be a jeans model! such a lovely pair
ladies in navy

You look amazing like always :)

Wow, the fit of those jeans is fantastic! I love the simplicity of this shoot.

Style by Joules

Nother more gorgeous than a good pair of jeans and some kick-ass heels!

X Sara

I am following your blog almost since the very beginning and today I finally had to leave a comment :)

First of all, your change in lifestyle (probably food-wise) suits you sooooo well. Such a transformation <3

And please keep going with outfits like these, in my humble opinion they're the most beautiful.

Love from Frankfurt,
x Ani

Eye Like Fashion 3 April 2014 / Reply

Love this chic and classic look. These jeans got you like a glove


Love this sentence: There’s nothing more fantastic than dreaming! And now I tell you: thanks for make me dream with your posts!!


Amazing look! Love the casual chic! And those jeans are a perfect fit!

Lovely outfit, chic simple yet comfy to walk around. Can’t wait for your book.

Good jeans! Beautiful texture! x

Daydreaming is always a good sign that you are aspiring for more and better. On another note, I really love this casual yet glam outfit. ^^

You always look so stylish , it it admirable

Love this outfit! simple but very glamorous! gorgeous pictures!

This outfit is very nice, so simple yet fantastic, everything is perfect, the valentino shoes are so beautiful!

Trop belle, ça ne change pas :) J’avais lu que tu trouvais tes cheveux trop plats, je ne vois pas pourquoi, moi j’aime beaucoup lisser les miens je trouve que ça fait bien plus classe. Enfin ça n’a rien à voir avec ton post mais j’y pense au passage ^^

Wow I absolutely LOVE those jeans! So chic!

Wow these jeans are so amazing, the look is so easy and chic. These heels from Valentino are very beautiful, like a dream. These photos are so great, you do a perfect work

These jeans fit really well!
L x

I like this pretty outfit. Gorgeous blazer and shoes!

Agustina 3 April 2014 / Reply

Love the look, but no ass at all!

Tamara González 3 April 2014 / Reply

Love your shoes and blazer!

Tu es la preuve qu’on peut porter un jeans et être pour autant très élégante, cette tenue te va à ravir, tu es ravissante !
J’adhère totalement avec ce que tu dis, même en portant une tenue “décontractée” l’ajout d’une touche d’élégance est nécessaire !!

CelebritiesAndFashion 3 April 2014 / Reply

What you say about dreaming is so true, I do the same everyday. Our imganitaion is very important, we have to be creative and express ourselves and of course we have to fight for our dreams. Everything is possible! I totally love the blue jeans on you, it looks perfect and you have definitely a chic touch!
XOXO Hannah

Stunning outfit, I really love your heels


Love this so much! Love the colour blue!

Kirsten x

Woow!! <3

Beautiful look and pictures! Loving those Valentino shoes! =)

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Love a good pair of jeans with a fitted black blazer!


You look gorgeous! I love that you’re appreciating every minute of your life and I cant wait to see what you make of the future :)
Lazy Obsession

I love those shoes, and the jeans of course!

You are beautiful in all colors! <3
I have a new post on my blog. don't hesitate to ckeck it out :)

Daniella 4 April 2014 / Reply


I like this look and also nice pictures!

I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, performer. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

A book? Wow! Go Kristina!!! Tell us more about the book you are writing!

Gorgeous outfit ! These jeans suit you so well

I never thought that I would ever say this in my life, but this is truly the perfect look. To see four of my favorite brands in one outfit is unheard of! Gotta love that 7FAM denim, and H&M has so many wonderous things. Valentino’s shoes are always perfect and Michael Kors (my favorite overall designer) will never fail to provide a classy, chic looking watch without being too harsh on the pocket book (I wear a Michael Kors watch every day).

On another note, Kristina, you are ever the inspirer. Every blog post is super insightful and there’s always at least one thing that just gets the gears turning in my head.

Keep doing you!!


I definitely love a chic but comfortable look!

Your style is simply amazing !

simple outfit but totally chic. love it

omg those jeans look amazing on you!
great look, another perfect post!

I love how simple & elegant this outfit is!!

Guapisima, me encanta el negro y los zapatos son lo mas! :)

You are rocking those jeans!

Bonjour Kristina !

J’espère que tu aura l’occasion de lire ce petit message, voilà plus d’un an que je te suis via les réseaux et je poste pour la première fois !

Je te laisse également le lien vers mon blog qui vient juste d’ouvrir !, même si je doute que tu aies bcp de temps pour passer dessus !

Bon courage