Every time we manage to get some time in Switzerland in between two trips, we always try to squeeze in a little stop by our favorite city, Zürich. We really keep it close to our hearts as so many of our friends are based there and we kind of have this home away from home which welcomes us with wide open arms each time we’re back.

Oh and not to mention that there’s Hiltl!!! Hello best vegan gluten free cookie of all times. Yeah that’s just me, the reason I fall in love with a place is usually due to the food. If my stomach is happy, my brain follows up. That’s as simple as it gets.

So last time we came, we spotted this adorable place with cherry blossom trees and of course we had to stop by to make some pictures. If macarons are particularly photogenic and perfect for Instagram content, I feel like cherry blossom trees are becoming a huge competition (why do I feel like I sound kind of crazy here, comparing the photogenic levels of a tree and a dessert… I really need to take a break from my computer). I’ve been literally on the quest for cherry blossom trees lately, and of course haven’t stopped eating macarons either (if you check out this image, you’ll understand what I’m talking about).

That day I chose a very cozy look, big comfy sweater and denim pants, but with a very chic twist just as I usually like to do with my favorite Valentino pumps and a coat over the shoulders. A lot of you guys ask me why I don’t wear my coat as a healthy minded regular person and instead put it over the shoulders, well the reason is simple guys : structure! Plus I like to imagine my coat being a super hero cape. No but in all honesty, I feel like wearing it like that makes it so cozy, you just want to wrap yourself around it in the textile as if it was a blanket. At the same time with weather like this when it’s not too cold, you want to feel the little fresh air on your arms without struggling to bend them because of the multi layering. Try it! You’ll forget your coat even had sleeves to put your arms in!

Kayture.Gucci.001Kayture.Gucci.007Kayture.Gucci.017Kayture.Gucci.004Kayture.Gucci.015Kayture.Gucci.012Kayture.Gucci.009Kayture.Gucci.010Kayture.Gucci.003 Kayture.Gucci.005Kayture.Gucci.006Kayture.Gucci.011Kayture.Gucci.008Kayture.Gucci.019Kayture.Gucci.014Kayture.Gucci.016 Kayture.Gucci.002 Kayture.Gucci.018



PANTS : Rag & Bone

SHOES : Valentino

COAT : Zara (Similar Here)

SWEATER : Helmut Lang

RINGS : Elizabeth & James thanks to Revolve 

EARRING : Shay Accessories

BAG : 3.1 Phillip Lim 


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You look adorable. Love the coat and the heels! I would love to try the vegan gluten free cookies too :D

xx Mira

This is such a lovely look! You look beautiful;)

Beautiful photos, this look is so cute and very chic. The white coat is very elegant and these Valentino sandals are amazing, an icon, my love love because they are perfect! You look gorgeous. The handbag is lovely

Impressive first photo. Gorgeous and smart outfit too ! Love the heels!


Eye Like Fashion 9 April 2014 / Reply

This entire look is sooooo chic. And it is absolutely effortlessly done. You are transforming into the California girl!! This bag is absolutely my favorite!!



Beautiful look! The next time your in Zurich we have to get a drink together ;)

you look fabulous! love the white clothes <3

Love the coat and that jumper! You nail polish is very cute and the flowers in the shots are gorgeous!


You look gorgeous! Love the shoes and the bag!

The Fashion Brook

Classic, ellegant and gorgeous! Love the bag!

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

Beautiful photos. I love your outfit too, especially these Valentino pumps !


You look stunning, love that coat !

Love from Paris

Amazing pictures! Gorgeous bag and heels! x

Des photos magnifiques de vous et de Zürich!

Nice look :) the sweater is beautiful and the bag too.


amazing outfit, lovely shoes!
new look on my blog, with skirt made by me!

I love your sweater! You should do a post about how you take care of your hair too!

Hi Kristina,

I love how you mix higher end brands and a Zara piece in this case. You always manage to blow me away with your outfits and your charisma, which totally can be seen in your pictures. I complement James on that, too!


love the sweater!!

Stunning pictures! You look adorable! Love your heels! Super chic and effortless look!


Amazing photos, love your look

Wooow you look fabulous! Really love the coat and the shoes are amazing!


I love the way you wear your coat! This outfit is amazing :)
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Tamara González 9 April 2014 / Reply

Fall in love with those shoes <3

I also knew I needed a 3.1 Philip Lim bag, but somehow this post made me need it NOW. OMG seriously can’t wait till i’ve saved enough for this baby. Perfection.. Sigh

Beautiful pics!!!!! I’m in love with Zürich as well:o) All that water there and the cozy little old streets….so beautiful!!!!
xx, Kirsten

Your hair is absolutely stunning that way

Kristina and James, you are an incredible team! Thank you for always giving us the best quality posts and for all of the effort you put into this amazing blog! I am a big fan all the way from sunny South Africa. If you ever want to visit South Africa, let me know and I will show you around :) Love Beans xx

Gorgeous outfit, I love cherry blossom trees aswell.

It is effortless chic look! Love it!

New on

You look truly amazing! Love the sweater and awesome location! xx

Looking soooo good! I’m going to Zurich in 2 days time too! Love your style! (:


Love this effortless look! I think a coat over the shoulders is a chic and a new way to wear it. You look stunning!

I love the outfit! Really classy and chic, yet comfortable! And these Valentino pumps and Phillip Lim bag are my biggest love!


Guapisima, me encanta el abrigo y el bolso es lo mas! =)

Love this outfit! And the bag is super cute!

Jamie W

Love this outfit ! You are so cute ;)


Loving the coat and the bag (of course).

Style by Joules

Nice post!
+ I love your shoes! <3

Love this look. it’s absolutely gorgeous. The sweater is my favorite, it really makes the entire outfit.

omg,you look so beautiful in this this casual outfit

Yes, I love wearing my coats/jackets like that too because of the structure it gives to the entire outfit! And also sometimes I’m way too lazy to put my arms into/out of the sleeves haha!

CelebritiesAndFashion 9 April 2014 / Reply

These pictures are so beautiful! Love the location, atmosphere and the lovely flowers. You look great in this outfit, your hairstyle is perfect and your bag is cute :)
XOXO Hannah

James’s photos never cease to amaze me as well as your style. These location shots are absolutely stunning and it matches your outfit perfect!

Love this comfy chic look, so pretty and the earrings are stunning!

You look very elegant! Stunning pictures, love those cherry blossoms trees! =D

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Not cherry blossoms 9 April 2014 / Reply

Umm… Those flowers are Not cherry blossoms.

Gorgeous images! And the outfit is perfect: simple, a bit of tomboy but with that effortless chicness and femininity.
A bit off topic, but which camera do you and your team use for the pictures? They’re stunning! :)

Le gris te va à merveille!

Beautiful look Kristina, I love those studded Valentino heels and the Philip Lim is gorgeous.

Elizabeth x |

You look great. I don’t get why people ask you such questions, but when worn like this, the coat looks even more fabulous. ^^

Every time I come accross your blog I feel so inspired! I want to go to Zurich now – and every other place there is on this blog for that matter -. Congrats on the awesome content you guys make every day!

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

Ohhhhh yeahhhh I wear my coat like that, all the time. Its soooo amazing cozy.
And omg that are the most comfy shoes ever! I just love these valentinos!!! I wish they would be just a bit higher

And Kristina, can you believe it or not my life motto is also: VEGAN GLUTEN DETOX CALORY FREE wouhouhhhh


Great look and the flowers are sooo beautiful! :)

Ericka of

Hello you look so gorgeous! I was also thinking about getting a 3.1 Phillip Lim mini satchel and your pictures definitely convinced me! However I can’t decide between blue, green and red. Any suggestions? Thank you!

pretty! love the bag! xx

Beautiful location! And outfit, so simple but georgeous.

Gofuckyourself 10 April 2014 / Reply

Stupid ugly bitch. I’m so sick of you. You think you’re pretty aren’t you? Well, you’re just a stupid bitch with nothing but chubby crus and huge forehead.

A M A Z I N G ♡ Perfect look!!! LOVED IT!!


Great pictures as usual!

x Krizia

P.S.: There’s a € 100 give away on my blog to spend at ASOS.

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

it is true that is effortless chic!! You look gorgeous ;)

Quand je pense que pour toi ça c’est une tenue cozy ;)
Très belle tenue, tes escarpins sont magnifiques (c’est probablement la millième fois que je le dis mais bon ^^).

Love this look, especially that jacket!!

Do you actually walk around in those shoes all day long??

That one but last picture is perfect, can’t stop looking at it. And you are as photogenic as the macaroons and blossom trees combined ;)

Love Imke

I love this outfit. James does such a wonderful job at capturing everything in photos and you do such a stellar job at styling beautiful and edgy pieces in such a classic way :-)


That’s awesome! You have an amazing life. I hope my blog will be as good as yours! xo, Katy

White is amazing in that edition x

This outfit is just PERFECT! I love the light colors and the grey sweater, and the gorgeous Valentino’s only make this look better than it already is!
You look stunning! The pictures are gorgeous as always

X Sara

Stunning. I love everything about your outfit. And I know what you mean with wearing “SUPER HERO CAPE”:) coats like this. It feels so comfy and looks gorgeous, by the way.


You are so beautiful!You are a style icon for me and you inspired me to start blogging!You are doing a great job,always a pleasure to read your thoughts and see your amazing pictures! Kisses

lovely post ! very interesting ! I’m making my new fresh start ! Join me:

Kristina, how did u managed to grew out your hair that long ? Hair care tips please !

Great post and stunning location!

Ocean Wind blog

perfectly as always!

Beautiful jewelry! And bag.. and shoes :)

i love your bag so much !! you’re so flawless kristina, as usual !

Absolutely adore the ambiance and your outfit:) I will be travelling to Zurich and Geneva over the summer for the first time !!! Very excited about it but in order to make the journey memorable, is there any places to eat and to go you would recommend?

You´ve got an amazing look! *-*


You are so beautiful and elegant. Love that you combine higher end brands with Zara for instance. Thank you James for the brilliant photography work!


Wow you look amazing! Love the bag :)


Very good blog :))

omg you are so pretty! gorgeous outfit! the pics are really awesome! :)))

Super awesome if we could follow each other :)))

Perfect as usual!
Love this look!

You’re stunning ! Perfect outfit, hairstyle and makeup ^^

And the pictures are amazing, as always ;-)


Please visit my blog, love xx

Por favor visiten mi blog, con amor.

I have blossom trees everywhere here! I LOVE them so much! I love your Valentino shoes though, they are gorgeous and great Phillip Lim Pashli! I have one too!

Raindrops of Sapphire

Would you please take a look at my blog? Thank you

I just wrote my travel log to Zurich too! Loving Zurich! and you look amazing! Just like the city!


Beautiful look and high quality photos. So awesome what you established!! Really appreciate the quality of work and personal touch!

Aw Kristina, such a nice outfit…your rockstud heels are major!! :)


You are forever and always a stunner!

Lil Miss Bianca