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Nothing better than pulling off an ultra chic and sleek look for our arrival at the Mr.C hotel. Beverly Hills is the perfect place to dress up, the weather is cool, the atmosphere is inviting to be a little daring and adventurous! Once we checked in, I changed for this retro inspired check dress from the latest Hugo Boss collection with the matching accessories.

I’ve always been a big lover of retro prints and cuts in general, but at the same time I just adore how modern and sophisticated this outfit looks like. To add a little bit of fun and freshness to it, I paired it with a bright orange lipstick, some big statement sun glasses and of course my new double pearl earrings which are the perfect edgy/chic touch.

I feel like this outfit is a great choice for any “fancy” pantsy occasions where you need to look at your top and pull out the “I’m a classy lady thing”.It just has a certain aura of elegance about it without being too over-the-top snobby, if that makes sense. Don’t miss the feature of this look on Hugo Boss’s e-mag and see you tomorrow for more adventures!

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SUNNIES : Céline


LIPS : M.A.C “Diva”


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Such a modern and chic look, Kristina! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

I LOVE that dress! So chic, I’m in love with that print!! I definitely need those glasses too.. You’re so pretty! xo, Katy :)

That dress is truly wonderful! It fits you like a glove! ^^

You look so skinny and great! please make a post showing us your eatng tips!!!!!!!

What a chic look! Love the dress:)

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The look is stunning, without a doubt. But you should remember that Hugo Boss made all the SS suits during WWII… it’s important to know a brand’s background. And I’m sad to hear you leaving to LA, it’s a great opportunity for you but it’s always so nice to have such a nice team working close to you ! Cheers from the South of France xo

Hannah Aspropoulos 21 April 2014 / Reply

You look so cool, that retro dress is perfect! And I love how you paired it with the fresh orange lipstick!
XOXO Hannah :)

you look amazing in this retro look , i don’t love the sunnies but you are a goddess !

I’m absolutely in love with the outfit! So on point. It is such an elegant and classy look and there’s not one item I don’t love. The shoes are stunning, I’m crazy about the bag and the dress just wow.

Such a nice and elegant outfit

That dress is lovely! And your make up… to die for!

Cool outfit!

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

This dress looks so cute!!!! I love the shape line, sleek and polished!!

This dress looks amazing!

such a classy outfit. This pictures are just amazing, i love james work.

Obsessed with your glasses.
They’re unusual and make your elegant look more playful with it’s shape.

nice sunnies

I LOVE the second-last photo, so super retro!!

Wow, absolutely stunning!

You always looks so stunning. Completely flawless

Oh wow! Who would have thought that grid pattern could be that chic!

Aww super cool and very stylish as always! :)

The heels are perfect and I really love the dress!

such a beautiful dress! the outfit is so classy and stylish!! and the close -up of your face is just stunning!!

x Roos

You look amazing, i love the earrings!

Super chic and sophisticated outfit! You always amaze me with your looks!

Dominique 21 April 2014 / Reply

all these pictures are so gorgeous..


LINSEY SIJMONS 21 April 2014 / Reply

Such a clean, classy and minimalistic look, I’m totally loving it!

xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

Beautiful as always! I love this dress

Love your dress and heels :) Your blog is perfect!

J’adore ces boules d’oreilles Mise en Dior! Elles correspondent totalement à ton style! Délicates avec les perles, et originales de par leur forme de look ethnique!

Lovely photos, this dress looks so nice on you and the bag is amazing!


Kristina what’s the lipstick you’re wearing? It’s not MAC Diva for sure!

Gorgeous look! So elegant and sophisticated! I love how happy you look in California!

Sandrine x

Do you do your own makeup? If so, could you maybe do a post on it? You always look so flawless! :) Loved your outfit in this post!

Wow that dress is beautiful! Gorgeous look xx

I really love your sunglasses!

Tu es vraiment très classe <3
Tes boucles d'oreilles sont très originales mais tu les portes très bien, ça valait la peine de lutter pour les trouver ;)

Wow these shoes are amazing! And I love the sunnies too!

Chic, Sexy, Stunning.

Very official and quite boring… The background compensates :)

Loric Jst 21 April 2014 / Reply

love your dresse

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Très jolie, j’aime l’imprimé de la robe. Simple et chic !

You look AMAZING Kristina!!! I love all of these photos! That dress is so chic <3


great shots and you look amazing!

I’m your newest follower on Facebook & i love catching up with your new posts. This one is so gorgeous and i love your dress. You’re so beautiful!

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Love Emma xx

Such a simple, stylish & clean outfit.

Sophie x

You are one of my favorite bloggers, and I just love your blog. You really show us a world we would usually never se so I’m more then happy to come to your blog and dream a way for few min <3


I don”t know which I love more: the dress, the sunglasses, or your Dior earrings…All look gorgeous on you and work together seamlessly!

<3, A.

KAYTURE, I love this dress and you definitively convinced me to have a similar one !

this outfit is perfect. i cannot get enough. the sunglasses just top it off!
ladies in navy

You are perfect ! <3 I love your style and outfits ! :)
Have a nice day !

oh you re such a beauty,great look,loove the mix between the glasses and the dress,it fits u perfectly

Wow, shoes perfectly fit to dress and bag is absolutely fab!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

You look stunning in that dress! Very lady-like.

Your manicure is always perfect! Love your nail colour

Love the errings! I wrote a note about this Mise en Dior ! :)

j’adore les chaussures…. dommage que ce soit Hugo Boss, ça doit être trop cher pour moi :)
jolies les dernières photos sinon !

You’re the best blogger <3


What a beautiful and classy outfit! Love the dress and am putting those sandals on my wish list. x

I see you have taken a note of my comment concerning the focus on the close-up portrait photos. Great job have you both done! :)

Adore the print if that dress! x



Hi, I wish you wouldn’t became a hanger for all expensive and to majority unreacheable labels, and nothing more. Wach out pls. Wish you luck! Ciao.

Loving your dress and fabulous sunnies!
Whole look is so classy and stylish!
Great job!
Kisses from Russia

Love the pictures so much !

Amazing look, you’re stunning as always =)