Today is a very important and exciting day for me and for Kayture. When opening my blog, there are certain little goals I had in mind, certain dreams I wanted to achieve and of course certains brands I was fascinated by and wanted to create a story about… Yet I never really knew where my passion and this wonderful journey would bring me and if somebody would have told me one day that I’d have the honor to be the very first international blogger to work with Cartier, I definitely wouldn’t have believed it. But this, in fact, just happened.

Cartier for me is one of those brands, that just conveys a mysterious, enchanting and magical message. Not only is it iconic jewelry, it’s above all a story where each precious jewel means something extraordinary to the one who wears it. If we think of the Love bracelet which ties an unbreakable love bond between two people, here I am happy to introduce you to a jewel whose meaning touched me personally so much that I couldn’t have been more happy and honored to make my own interpretation of it. I am very blessed to introduce you to the Amulette by Cartier.

Dreaming has always been extremely important for me, it’s what makes me want to wake up in the morning and fight for what I love. Dreaming is my escape, it’s my sanity in some sort. Without dreaming, there’s no hope, no future probably either. There’s nothing more powerful that believing in a dream and being ready to do anything in order to make this dream come true. Not only do I believe that dreams do come true, but I also do believe in luck, and in the law of attraction. If you set your mind up to something, you’ll naturally start attracting similar elements that’ll help you approach your goal.

I love the idea of wearing a jewel that has a deep emotional meaning to me and what’s so incredible about this Amulette is the whole concept around it which says you can make a wish, and lock it up in the pendant. That way, your dream will be safe and sound near your heart, following you all day and reminding you each second of that little magical something that means so much to you. And by channeling that dream, I have no doubt you’ll be attracting everything that’s needed in order for it to come true.

James and I shot these images in one of my favorite places on earth, Santa Monica right near Shutters on the beach. This place just breathes magic, and I know deep inside, that here is the place where I have the opportunity to make my dreams come true if I fight hard enough. My heart does tell it to me every single day. And I sure locked up a wish in my little pendant… ;)




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Amulette by Cartier

Dress from Mango


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Wow you look marvelous!!! Love that dress and the necklace is to die for!

xx Mira

Amazingly beautiful photos! Congratulations to both you and James for this major project :)

Wonderful photos, the necklace and dress are gorgeous !

Love from Paris

Dominique 25 April 2014 / Reply

absolutely amazing pictures!


Kristina, you are absolutely gorgeous! I have been following you from very early on and your evolution is amazing, congratulations on what you have managed to achieve through your blog, you should be nothing but inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

Kisses, Maria.

These photos are stunning! The necklace and dress are beautiful.

Such a lovely photos, you are looking like a beautiful fairy ;)

Gorgeous dress and superb photos! The backlighting shoot is marvelous !


Can I say again that James is an amazing photographer, WAUW!!! These photos look like they come from a magazine! You can see they are edited (a lot?) but I love this style of photos for a blog!!! And congratulations, so cool you are the first blogger to work with them!! Cartier for sure is an iconic brand and I want a Love bracelet soooo bad (please bf, for our anniversary haha).


Ces photos sont parfaites. Comme toujours ! Bravo.



Please tell James he’s really outdone himself with the photography here. The images are stunning, and definitely makes me want to buy that pendant!

Congratulations on landing Cartier!

I really like what you say, and I believe that, too: make a list of your goals, put a plan in motion to achieve them, and with hard work and a little luck, you can make it happen. All the best, Kristina! Keep us updated on how navigating the music/entertainment business in LA is going! <3

This is soo beautiful. It has reminded me to keep fighting. Thank you Kristina and James x

Love the photos!

also, the deep side-part suits you better than any of your other hairstyles! Maybe incorporate that into more of your looks?? It frames your face so nicely!

You look so fabulous !
And that necklace is so beautigul and elegant !

xo, Lili |

I’m so happy for you!
Lovely pics

congrats to your success I think all of us other bloggers would die for a contract with cartier :-) great for you!!!

Absolutely stunning!

Congratulations. It looks like everything is turning out just fine :)

Sophie x

Congratulation Kristina!

You’re absolutely perfect and you do a really great work so this is so amazing!

Beautiful as usual!

Xo, Giada

Love these photos, you look absolutely stunning!
x Savannah

Wow, that’s amazing that you were able to work with Cartier! I love all the shots! Beautiful!

Hannah Aspropoulos 25 April 2014 / Reply

WOW! The pictures are amazing, these colors are so dreamy and magical. And I am in love with your dress. Cartier is such a famous brand I love their jewellry and it’s of course a reason to feel honored. The little Amulette looks lovely. As I read your article I stopped at the words law of attraction. It’s funny because as I began to use it everything seems different, everything became great again. I started blogging and living my dreams. I am happy to read that you use this too. I totally understand that you love Santa Monica it looks awesome. I hope that you’ll achieve any goal you have!
Have a nice day & Best Wishes from Germany, Hannah :)

Woow! This is amazing news! Congratulations! You are the perfect person for this project! The amulette is really beautiful and love it’s meaning, story so much! The photos on the beach, in sunset, in this pretty dress are wonderful!

Very beautiful photos you tender them splendid

OMG This dress is so delicate and you look really amazing, like a angel. Beautiful photos in a magic place. Love the necklace

Such a beautiful dress and the pictures are stunning too:)

Congratulations on Cartier! You are such an amazing inspiration to women everywhere and I can’t wait to see where else your exciting life will take you :)

Wow Kristina these pictures are so amazing!!! Cartier is a wonderful brand and this necklace is pure magic, congrats! You look so pretty on all photos!

Such beautiful pics!!!! You are getting better and better:o)
xoxo Kirsten

You look soo gorgeous here omg. <3

You look stunning, I’m so happy for you. A great kiss and hope that you will have the chance to work with other great brands!

very beautiful and dramatic pics!

That is such a big honor! You definitely deserve it.. So happy for you

Those pictures are absolutely beyond amazing

oh my god congrats! this is a gorgeous necklace. i covet cartier!
ladies in navy

Ask and you shall receive, such a positive message and beautiful photos as always.

Sophie x

Love the necklace! so pretty and such a cute story behind it!

Incroyables ces photos, vraiment c’est superbe. Bonne continuation !

Gorgeouse images Kristina, they trully make the pendant stand out! Congratulations!


These images are stunning! Beautiful photographs and congrats on such an amazing experience!

Love from London x


Lovely dress and the necklace is so pretty!

You are georgeous! Such a wonderful jewellry piece of beauty!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

I love the post, it’s amazing


WONDERFUL necklace! Nice dress choice and this sunset is just magic!

Oh my gosh wow!!!!! Congratulations!! That’s amazing to be able to work with Cartier!! xo

You and James made a great for with this photoshoot!

Ocean Wind blog

These photos are wonderful and they embrace that mysterious effect you were going for. I am happy that your dreams are coming true. That is an inspiration for all of us. ^^

The Fashion Panda 25 April 2014 / Reply

Love the necklace and the pics are just amazing !

congratulations!! amazing pics!!!

Wow! You can be a model, because you’re so beautiful! This session is so magical. I love it! Your photograph make really good photos! Good job! :)
Klaudia :)

You look so ethereal ! I adore the light of the photos ! Congrats for this big achievement !

best wishes

Sara Constance

Wow you are incredible beautiful.
I love your blog and you are such an inspiration for me.
I think about you that way for a long time – and I wonder why I didn’t tell you that earlier!
Kisses from Vienna

I love this brand. Congratulations, an other big dream you achieved. The power of will is unbreakable. Félicitations pour tout ce dur travail qui est récompensé.

Congratulations for this amazing collaboration ! The photos are awesome !


Les photos sont toutes plus magnifiques les unes que les autres… et toutes mes félicitations ;)

Wow! Félicitations ma belle, ces photos sont tout simplement dingues! Tu es magnifique


Amazing photos! Love the dress and the necklace<3

Congrats Kristina and Kayture team! Lovely necklace and dress. James did an amazing job with those photos! =)

Please, check out my blog!


Congratulations Kristina! What an honour – that you absolutely deserve! The photos look incredible. You and James are such an amazing team, keep up the hard work! xxx

Congratulation Kristina!

Those pictures against light are really great!

❤ The diary of a fashion designer ❤

Magic. Everything about every picture is just perfect. Textures, lights… Beautiful, love how you write about every project! This is what fashion bloggers should do instead of posting selfies wearing endless brands. Choose a unique piece and make it all about it! Congrats Kristina, keep up the amazing work!

Wow congrats! That is so impressive :) And I love that dress you look so stunning!

You’re absolutely beautiful!! I lov ur pictures

I just love those pics! Kristina, you look phenomenal and after the Cartier exhibition in Paris, I totally agree with your admiration for the brand!

This is such an amazing achievement. I’m so happy That Cartier stepped up their campaigns and added a wonderful blogger to their list of models. This Amulette by Cartier is just an unique piece of jewelry and will be well exposed by Kristina. Congrats to Cartier and Kristina for being the first on this new endeavor into the world of Cartier adverstising!

Congratulations for your cooperation! You are really the best blogger representing Cartier! You are such an elegant beauty!!!


Beautiful pictures and great dress in the light at the beach! Love it! <3


Congrats! Cartier is wonderful to work with (from experience) and i am so glad you had some magical time with them and the jewelry.
hope to see more coming soon!


Wow! Kristina, I’m blown away! What breath-taking images and your interpretation is so perfect because it’s just for you. What a beautiful and meaningful post!

I have to say… I am extremely impressed by you guys! And by that I don’t mean impressed by James mad photography skills or Kristina’s undeniable beauty, which is something clear to every sane being out there… Rather, what much impresses and inspires me every time I come see you here is your endless drive, courage, discipline and ability to believe in yourself as you relentlessly go after each and every one of your wildest dreams… The world needs more people like you two; people who are not afraid to imagine, create and more importantly, inspire other hearts to pursue their innermost passions along the way… <3



soooo beautiful and breathtaking pictures! <3

Georgina Martínez 25 April 2014 / Reply

Congratulations, what a wonderful photography work.

love your dress!! you look amazing!
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those shots are amazing, you are amazing! i’d love to buy the dress but can’t find it in this colour on the website. :’(

oh my god, this is amazing! Congratulations xx

this is by far one of the most beautiful posts EVER from Kayture~ you are absolutely stunning and so are these photos!

OMG, you’re so beautiful and the necklace is beautiful too! :)

Ericka of

Your boyfriend really takes very good pictures. And you, I must say, are his very beautiful model. Two perfect combinations.

You must be so excited! Congrats!

X Malena

Congrats on the collaboration! That’s amazing!

And the pendant is so cute – who doesn’t love a special piece of jewelry like that?

This is a fabulous photo shoot! Stunning model, stunning dress, stunning piece of jewellery! Cartier was very wise in choosing you!

such a nice peach colour x

These photos are magical.

Great post and photoshoot! Gorgeous dress! Love it! :) xoxo

You look soo amazing! These pics are awesome!
Kisses from Italy

Those photos are seriously amazing! The light is simply wow and you are gorgeous. Congrats to James for those wonderful pictures, and to you for this super nice partnership x

These shots are amazing James! The lighting and the setting are breathtaking! The amulette looks like a pokeball from pokemon haha! xo

Ces photos sont juste sublimes ! Une vraie beauté :)


Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment! & You look FABULOUS in these photos!

Stand Out, Above the Crowd

Congrats! And you look marvelous!!

Magical photos. And congratulations to this amazing project. :)

Congratulations Kay! That is truly great!

Katherine 29 April 2014 / Reply

What a beautiful and breath taking photoshoot.

You look absolutely beautiful and so does the necklace! I really love the concept behind it! x

Love your dress! And the necklace is gorgeous!

Jamie W

I always love your personal texts, Kristina. You come across as very honest and real, I love that about you :) The photos are more stunning even than usual, especially when the dress is twirling around you :)

Congratulations Kristina! And what a lovely photos! The dress looks amazing in all of the pictures

First a big compliment: You’re blog is getting better and better!!! I extremely adored the last blogs you posted! You’re writing is amazing and the photos could be in Vouge!!! James is soooo talented! Thank you for your inspiration! :) You’re starting to get really high fashion and slowly overtaking Chiara Ferragni’s place! <3 Best wishes for you two!

These pictures are beautiful!!!! wow, you wer born to do this

I would love to have another piece of Cartier jewelry, especially because I only have rings and my watch and because I LOVE tiny chains! So that one could be the perfect pendent ♥ Love, love , love!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

You’re breathtaking.. there is no other word to describe this photoshoot than outstanding, amazing, mesmerizing ! I love everything about it, you’re the best.


hi , love your makeup :) could you make a tutorial or tell us how you did it ? have a party in two weeks and this looks great <3

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