One of the most emblematic places for me in Geneva is definitely the Hotel Des Bergues (also known as the Four Seasons hotel, but the other appellation just sounds much better doesn’t it?). Located right in the city center, this hotel breathes luxury and elegance in such a special way. It is an iconic place here in the city and I was so happy to be able to create this set of images there.

My favorite restaurant in fact is located on the top floor of the hotel, it’s called Izumi and it’s absolutely delicious (yes, my love for good Japanese food remains)!!! So of course when Louis Vuitton informed me that they were re-opening a new space for woman’s wear in Geneva’s gorgeous boutique, I couldn’t have been more excited and we definitely needed to do something about it.

I had the chance to explore the hotel from inside out for two days while I was in the city in between several trips. I feel like I’ve been literally living in hotels these past couple of months. My life is basically a pack, unpack, check-in, check-out, but I somehow manage to make it feel like home no matter where I go. The most important is surrounding yourself with people you love and bringing some things that are close to your heart no matter where you go.
During my stay, I had the big pleasure to wear some beautiful new Louis Vuitton pieces. It just seems like I am very much into the yellow and blue combo! I’ve always loved a little retro inspiration and let me tell you that this dress is an absolute yes. I love how playful and chic it looks, mixed up with these shoes and bag, it seems to be the ideal match. I hope you guys will enjoy discovering the images from this new collaboration we had with maison Vuitton, and don’t wait to discover the new space at the boutique in Geneva, it sure is magical.

Kristina.Bazan.LV.010Kristina.Bazan.LV.003 Kristina.Bazan.LV.004 Kristina.Bazan.LV.005 Kristina.Bazan.LV.006 Kristina.Bazan.LV.007 Kristina.Bazan.LV.001Kristina.Bazan.LV.008Kristina.Bazan.LV.002 Kristina.Bazan.LV.009

 Total look Louis Vuitton


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amazing dress, and amazing place!
new look on my blog!

Love that tweed ensemble and that purse is delightful!


Perfection from top to bottom. Love this total LV look. The dress is marvelous!

xx Mira

Beautiful LV style and look – I also just left Geneva and also had a perfect japanese dinner – but I selected the President Wilson. Such a beautiful city! Love from Verbier,


This dress is amazing !


here you are again, I missed your posts :-) beautiful pictures and of course the louis vuitton bag is amazing!

This is so so so so gorgeous. The photography, you, the clothes, the whole atmosphere. Wauw, breathtaking. It’s always so nice to read your stories Kristina!

With love,

Again amazing pictures! The outfit is flawless! x

Kristina I have not made a comment before but I just want you to know that I have been following you for quite some time now. You are such breath of fresh air! You have such elegant class for a young lady your age! You have such talent in what you do either it being blogging or singing. Your taste is so chic and I always look forward in seeing what you are wearing and what you have been up to for the day. I find that you are always true to your taste which is a timeless elegant chicness which I just love so much and believe me it never goes out of style! Good luck luv in what you are doing in your life and keep up the great work!! XXX Myria

Beautiful pictures as usual. Love the subtlety of the yellow in the outfit.

Marriage Proposals in Seattle’s Chinese Room

Amazing pictures, you look beautiful.. Love the bucket bag!

Looking amazing as always :)

You look amazing!!! I don’t think I would be able to live in hotels for months straight, home sweet home for me haha :) I love the photos, they are so perfect in the details as always!


Ta robe est très originale, avec ces couleurs et cette matière, mais tu portes ça vraiment très bien. En plus c’est le bleu de tes yeux ;)

Photos and outfit are beautiful, as always. I hope one day i will have as good photos as you. You are my inspiration. Thank you for that :)

Beautiful Model with eye catchy accessories. Personally I like her sandal most. Really a cool combination of Colorful clothing with adorable accessories.

Wow! The combination of colors and interior is simply amazing!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

What Sasha Wears 15 April 2014 / Reply

These photos are amazing!!!

Omg what happened to your eyebrows?

Gorgeous pics!

Love mix of blue and yellow. Dress is very beautiful but isn’t it too shot?

Wow this dress is amazing, yellow looks so good on you! But the shoes, sorry, look ridiculous, even if they’re LV :)

Hey Kristina ! Very nice pics and outfit. The first pic made me think of Papoutai a little bit, as you totally look like a doll and the colors are approximately similar.

I wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. What I particularly like about it, is that no matter if the product you talk about is interesting for me, you always tell a story around it. So I will check out the article anyway, even though it is sometimes only to read what you are telling (like for this article). This is a total ++++ to your blog, as almost NO fashion bloggers write so much as you do. Thanks for all your efforts! Stay the best.

I love your bag and the dress is stunning!

such a stunning outfit! i love the pictures, you look so beautiful :)

lots of love,

amazing dress!

Fashion Shores

You look so stunning!!!

So beautiful! The photos and outfit are perfection!

You look stunning, Kristina! These photos have left me speechless

Gorgeous ! I’m currently watch some of your videos and you’re so inspiring !

Why do you buy Facebook likes? Tricking the companies that you work with to pay you more? Making them believe that you have a bigger audience? That’s being a fraud..

i love the shoes and the combo is fantastic !

Love the mule! Awesome pictures as always<3

New on

Awesome look and pictures!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Beautiful pictures. You look stunning!

I like the retro/mysterious vibe in these photos. You look great!

Beautiful outfit, I love it!

great photos so pretty

Beautiful xx Always

Stunning lady!
lovely colors!

Dress To Cook

i love the dress the colours match perfekt :)

In love with this dress!!

Hmm could you tell more about travelling? I mean how do you manage to do sports while travelling and do you pack half of your home to feel at home? I hope you understand what I mean:)

if I’m not wrong, you didn’t post yet pictures from Taj Mahal Palace …..

really love this outfit!

this entire look is beautiful! you look stunning

Amazing look. Gorgeous as always!!

oh this outfit is flawless!♥ love the necklace!:)

Great post!!! I love the color combo, definitely great for you!!
xx, Kirsten

Dominique 15 April 2014 / Reply

amazing pictures…

Love the yellow and blue combination! Looks great on you! Stunning pictures!


Very pretty! =D

Please, check out my blog:


Kristina, you look absolutely amazing! Fantastic outfit!!! <3

Hannah Aspropoulos 15 April 2014 / Reply

I love to discover new hotels and I always enjoy staying there. But it’s important to take personal things with me, I totally agree with you. You are wearing a nice outfit, I love the yellow-blue color combination!
XOXO Hannah :)

You look so pretty these pictures are stunning!

fab colors!

sweetheart 16 April 2014 / Reply

why so much make-up and photoshop…you’re sending the wrong message to young girls

Love your total LV look! :D So elegant! :D

Ericka of

i adore this gorgeous collab!
ladies in navy

marinelle 16 April 2014 / Reply

I have a question:) Did you retouched your thigh? Effects of that are visible on a first photo. This kind of retouch is absolutely unnecessary in your case – because you are so beautiful! I like your photos very much, and I think that you are a great model.

I love the colours in this outfit!
ciao :)
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Totally gorgeous !


I get in love with that amazing Louis Vuitton dress!! The colours are gorgeus, the frame of the dress, everything is perfect in your outfit!

Amazing pictures and you look gorgeous! Love the LV duffel bag

Its really amazing place! I love colors of your outfit, it looks nice and fresh :)

That is a great color for a leather handbag……

Looks awesome

Super cute look, looks great on you!

Those pictures are amazing, you look absolutely stunning !


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