Since many years, I’ve heard friends of mine attending what’s supposed to be the best music festival of the year, a music festival I have personally never heard of… Of course, I couldn’t have missed the news for any longer. Each year, Coachella has been the trending topic in all dinner conversations, which obviously got me very curious about it. After checking the line up of the previous years, I realized that I was living under a proper swiss rock because I couldn’t believe I’ve missed it all without even knowing that it existed. I seriously needed to get the tip of my nose out there.

So after craving and looking at everybody’s pictures from the festival last year, it was decided for us : this year we want to do it! And so we did. Thanks to Guess, we had the huge honor and pleasure to attend Coachella as VIP guests of the brand.

Music has always been such an important part of my life. I actually feel like music is a part of all our lives, it’s our living soundtrack. It’s what makes us dance, what gets us running, what makes us sometimes cry. Music is magical, overwhelming, exciting and so empowering. Having the chance to spend three days in such a creative environment, surrounded by incredibly inspirational people sounded like heaven to me. And it ended up being even better than that.

Unfortunately (or luckily) we couldn’t get our camera in the festival, but all I can say is that there was a real magic in the air. The space was infused with freedom and creativity. People were dancing, smoking, kissing, partying, enjoying the times of their lives, not caring about anything, right here, right now, in this moment, than enjoying themselves and giving all they have to the music. It was… truly beautiful and overwhelming to me.

Since it is my first Coachella article I gotta brief you guys a little about my pretty special outfit choices for this season’s festival. I usually don’t like to follow the lead trends, instead I like to play with my rules and create my own dress codes. Maybe that’s just the kind of weird freak I am… but oh well…! So for me it was a big no to fringe, denim or what so ever. I wanted to bring some chic and elegance to Coachella, which actually even got the attention of the Harper’s Bazaar who listed my looks among the top ones of the festival.

That day precisely, I decided to wear this super sexy and light Finders Keepers jumpsuit with my new favorite Guess sunnies, a beautiful Valentino bag from Monnier Frères, in which I put a pair of ballet flats as I wasn’t going to jump in the crowd with my Chloe mules and of course some of my favorite golden jewels by Hoorsenbuhs and Elena Votsi (feel free to check if you’re also a big gold lover like me). Hope you guys will enjoy this set of images! Lots of love x.


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KTR_0825KTR_0730 KTR_0831KTR_0884 KTR_0907 KTR_0976


JUMPSUIT : Finders Keepers

BAG : Valentino from Monnier Frères

SHOES : Chloe

SUNNIES : Guess (Similar Here)

RING & CHAIN BRACELET :  Hoorsenbuhs

CUFF : Elena Votsi



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Lucky you! I’m still living for that day that I’ll be able to go to Coachella! Such a fantastic festival!
You look astonishing!

amazing jumpsuit and place for the shot! I love your style it’s super elegant and glam! the best!

I love this jumpsuit <3

love that you didn’t do something fringed and boho! way to stick to your style! :)
ladies in navy

Always perfect!!! Overalls really fit on you!


These photos are so lovely and your outfit is simply beautiful!

All the pictures are just beautiful! Love the jumpsuit.

Love your shoes and pictures! Amazing style! <3


I love the outfit and the bag is just perfect! <3

Love, Lisette

Oh wow, that jumpsuit is beautiful! And such amazing photos!

Just last night I was thinking that I`d never seen you in any of those hideous Coachella outfits (that’s how we used to dress when we were 14 years old, fcs) and I was wondering how come you had missed this event. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but feel pride that my favorite blogger is a true fashion icon and doesn’t follow trends (everyone’s been posting pictures of them in denim shorts). The fact that you wore something totally yours and didn’t follow the usual dress code is simply inspiring. Your outfit is 100% you and I am glad to see that you still make fashion, you don’t just follow it. Simply inspiring! Lots of love xx

Dominique 22 April 2014 / Reply

you are so pretty!


You look absolutely amazing to say the least, the overall is gorgeous so are your wonderful accessories! <3

One thing is for sure: Next year I’ll be there too!

Well it is no wonder that your look got noticed! I personally found out about Coachella few years back, but I rarely liked what I saw people wearing. I think your outfit is not only completely right for Coachella, but also incredibly chic. I love how you stuck to your style senses; I would have done the same thing. Conforming to trends is just another way to blend in. You stand out oh so perfectly!

I think, everyone is little bit jelaous. Fantastic photos. :)

Love your jumpsuit! Wish one day I could go to Coachella too, you’re so lucky :)

- Maë, xxx

you’re lucky ! i love your jumsuit and you’re beautiful !

I love gold also … :-)

fantastic photos!

xoxo from rome

Wow I love this jumpsuit! And your bag is simply perfect!

i love your blog!! the photos are always so stunning!! the white jumpsuit suits you so well ! i love it :)

Kisses from Amsterdam,

KAYTURE, it’s one of my favorite looks from you. just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S !

Wow..stunning pictures! You look amazing and Coachella seems so cool !!! Hopefully I can visit it next year, because I will live on year in america :)

Greetings from Germany :)

A beautiful breathe of fresh air from the usual bejewelled outfits you see coming out of Coachella! x

You look gorgeous in that jumpsuit & so classy! It sounds like so much fun!


Elegante jusqu’au bout des doigts même à Coachella ^^par contre je ne sais pas comment tu as survécu avec tes talons pendant le festival.

Hannah Aspropoulos 22 April 2014 / Reply

Amazing pictures I can feel the summer here! Love the jumpsuit, I have to check lovegold because golden accessoires are the best!
XOXO Hannah :)

Your photos are always on point, so professional and amazing <3 And love this outfit too, that jumpsuit is seriously pure perfection! You're looking gorgeous like always xx

Standing out in the crowds, indeed! Great choice to avoid repeating what everyone else is wearing, that’s what a good fashion blogger is supposed to do!!!

Very chic look for a desert festival. I hope you managed in those shoes and in that heat. I was there 2 years ago and loved it !

Love your jumpsuit !

Love from Paris

Hi! I love your eye makeup so much. Could you do an updated tutorial on it?

OMG, seriously! this outfit is perfection, just love love love those pool floaties too! your white jumpsuit is chic, and flavorful with a hint of flair! looks like an amazing time, will have to go at least once! definitely on my bucket list!

You are amazing ! I’m so jealous… :D

Marloes Van Damme 22 April 2014 / Reply

I absolutely love this post. Dessert pictures are absolutely one of my favorites and it matches perfectly your look and wavy hair. Your outfit is very young and looks effortless but is still so classy. You did a great job by taking the festival-look to another level. Very original but still not over the top. Lots of love!

This look is very pretty! Gorgeous jumpsuit and shoes!
New post…..PINK SKIRT!

The truth is that you looked amazing, elegant and chic but casual at the same time. It´s great If you don´t feel like following the rules and you prefer to show your style. However… is it really comfortable to wear heels to a music festival? where you are supposed to be dancing moving enjoying.. with that maxi bag? i mean I totally respect and adore your style but sometimes I think that you are a bit too elegannt four your age! I think you would also look amazing in a more much casual and young look! You´re 21 years old right? now is the time to wear jeans and shorts! It´s the same about your music, you have an amazing amazing voice but too clasic style… It´s just an opinion! Huge fan anyway!

you look stunnin in this white jumpsuits and the pictures are wow
love this outift

i don’t think this is the most confortable look for a festival but I think that you look very chic and fabulous. xoxo
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You look very stunning! Hope you had a great time :)

Attending Coachella definitely is on top of my bucket list.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

wonderful photos!!


Perfect outfit and amazing pictures. Really want to go to Coachella next year, it all sounds so great!

You’re so sweet and beautiful! I really love your blog! And i hope one day i will go at Coachella too! Youre so lucky girl!!!! Love you:**

The backdrop is incredible. As is the playsuit – love a v-neck atm.


Not only is that jumpsuit totally amazing, but those chained rings are simply awesome. I wish I knew where they came from! And I have to echo the previous comments — you are appreciated for keeping with your fashion ideals and respected for making all of them work well.

I love that you did your own thing instead of following the typical festival trends, you look awesome!

Awsome Outfit. Love your shoes.

I love that jumpsuit!! You wear it amazingly! You are so pretty! I aspire to be successful like you! xo

You looked absolutely breathtaking and what a dream like opportunity to attend Coachella as a VIP.

You’re so Lucky! Amazing look !


Love the outfit!! I’m not sure I would have worn that to a music festival but it looks amazing! The pictures are perfect

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

looks so amazing!
i cannot wait to go one year

Beautiful pictures! And I love the jumpsuit, it’s very different! Was it okay to wear something white in the desert??

These photos are amazing!! I love Coachella and the surrounding areas, it’s like an oasis in the desert.

xoxo, Diana

Super cute outfit! I don’t know how practical it was to wear and attend concerts in 90 degree weather at Coachella but it’s such a fabulous outfit! Love your romper!

Stand Out, Above the Crowd

Love so much this look, the jumpsuit is so beautiful and very very chic. You look amazing in the desert, the perfect place for the shooting, love Coachella!. This handbag is on of my favorite ever, fancy heels. The party was so cool

Love your style!

-Cali Love

Perfect jumpsuit, amazing photos! Kisses from Sydney!

I’m in love with your jumpsuit!

This jumpsuit is really amazing!

everything looks perfect :D

You look stunning, love the all white jumpsuit! xo

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Beautiful jumpsuit! Hope to attend Coachella next year.

Jumpsuits were made for you.. I look so bad in them :( bdw great photos, desert has its special spirit :)

Gorgeous look and location! *_*


The jumpsuit is perfect for Coachella:)

New on

Such a nice landscape!

And you are just made for this country :D


Fabolous outfit and amazing journey

Kisses from Russia

Stunning pictures! Love your jumpsuit! You are such a beauty!


beautiful !
visit my fashion & lifestyle blog by kate vrbica from berlin !

I am obsessed with these photos! They are just beyond stunning. I can’t stop looking at your outfit. Pure chic! I live in Seattle, WA. LA is just 2 hr flight away. I would love to meet you someday!

Benedetta 23 April 2014 / Reply

You’re always perfect!!
Be Happy with Fashion

Wow how cool did u see any famous people (robert pattinson)??

That’s one STUNNING jumpsuit!!


Love from Amsterdam!

So jealous you got to go to Coachella! Sounds like so much fun between that and the Guess parties <3 I'm in love with that chain ring set and that beautiful white jumpsuit! I need to buy some jumpsuits for the spring/summer, i've been getting major jumpsuit envy and I feel that my closet is too!!


Absolutely loved your Coachella look! Very simple and chic. :)

Sublime ! J’adore ce total look white :)

Des bisous.

These pictures are simply amazing ! I love the look so much !

Love this so much! X

You looked so beautiful and I really love that you brought elegance in this festival and didn’t follow the trends, just your own fashion and style rules! The white jumpsuit is so chic!

Wow you look absolutely stunning in this white jumpsuit. Love how you style it with the shoes, bag and jewelery. Looks amazing and the pictures are incredible. I would love to go to this festival someday. You really live a dream. Little bit jealous definitely. Would love to have such an amazing life where travelling around the world and go to L.A. in september. Really lucky girl.
wish you a wonderful day.
xo, Petra

Perfect clothes and make-up !!

Beautiful!! Love the handbag and the jumpsuit.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

Great article, great pictures, as always, more thks

I’ve never been to Coachella but I hope I can make it to the Sziget Festival in Budapest this summer! ♥
Love your look ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Love your outfit choice Kristina! You sure stood out from the crowd, and it was refreshing indeed to see something apart from denim cut-offs and fringe. Well done!

Totally love it! you rock white again. Just wondering if it was comfy ?

This white outfit looks particularly beautiful in this landscape !

OMG! <3 this is perfect ! i am little jealous of you haha :D i want to go there som much !

Your shoes look strange and so as your huge face. Did anyone ever told you you’ve got a huge alien-kinda-like forehead? And no tits…

Really nice photos about the festival and about you of course pretty like always !!

I’m so in love with this jumpsuit!

I love the way you think, you’re always so unique in your looks ! This jumpsuit is amazing, and the pictures too.


what is the name of the model?